Upstream Fashion | Four classic styles popular this year, whoever wears them is fashionable.

Changes in the new year and season,

It deeply affects our choice of clothing.

As Lin Fengjun said:

"When we choose a dress,

We don’t choose the clothes themselves,

But the inner cultural identity and spiritual belonging. "

Clothing is not only an external manifestation,

It also represents your attitude towards life and the world.

In dressing and matching,

butAlways get lost between style and fashion.

Lost self, lost style.

For this,

French fashion editor CamilleCharriere

I once said my own collocation concept:

"Just watch the popular elements at the fashion show.

Then integrate the details into the daily items. "

This may be the best balance between the two,

Substitute popular elements into the details of wearing,

You can follow the fashion on the basis of adhering to the style.


Let’s take a look first.

What are the popular styles this year ~


Lightweight feminine style

Keywords: lace, tassel, sequins, perspective elements.

The light feminine style popular this year,

Can be elegant and elegant in tulle and tassel,

You can also be low-key and luxurious in lace and bead diamonds.

You can also show off your personality in sequins.

Wear this style well,

It can be disassembled in two parts.

//Visual lightness

Throughout the major shows of this spring and summer fashion week,

Fringe element is one of the trends that cannot be ignored.

Dotted on the clothes,

You can achieve the effect of lightness of vision.

With the swaying pace,

Full of freedom and freedom.

//Lightness in material

Light materials such as tulle and lace,

If it is fascinating and fascinating,

You can easily wear a fairy romance.

Sequins, beads and diamonds,

It is also very suitable for deducing the light feminine style.

What it conveys is,

Gorgeous and elegant dress language.

Just put a set of matching

Replace any one with sequins and beads,

There is just the right high-profile fashion.

It should be noted that,

Proper skin exposure can wear a sense of lightness.



Balletcore ballet style

Key words: ballet shoes, pile socks, gauze skirts, straps

Balletcore ballet style,

It is a new style inspired by ballet costumes.

Its elegant style is highly sought after by young people.

It provides an unprecedented new idea for the Z era.

After MiuMiu set ballet shoes on fire in the fashion circle,

Everything about ballet has never left.

The combination of ballet shoes and pile socks,

Become one of the most popular items recently,

Elegant and stylish street feeling.

Overskirt, a ballerina, is also active in the field of vision.

Satin fabric wrapped in overskirt,

Paired with daily OOTD,

Suitable for girls who take the pure route.

After entering daily life from the stage,

Ballet skirts are no longer constrained by "tight" constraints.

Loose and redundant a-shaped version,

Not only retains the essence of Balletcore ballet style,

It is also more comfortable and free to wear.

When ballet elements meet everyday wear,

You can also interpret different styles,

Workplace ballet style and leisure ballet style …

Comfortable and elegant atmosphere of ballet,

Would rather be hugged by girls,

This has naturally become a new fashion trend in the spring and summer of 2023.


Cute and sexy style

Keywords: Y2K Millennium wind, mini skirt, blouse, overalls.

Cute and sexy,

As the name implies, girlish and sexy coexist.

And the cuteness of a girl,

Without losing the sexy of a mature woman,

Perfect combination of these two styles,

Release a different unique temperament.

In AlessandraRich’s 2023 ready-to-wear collection,

Combining girlish style with sexy style,

No matter the details and colors of dreams,

Or a sexy topless blouse,

It reveals a dramatic tension.


Wear a cute and sexy style,

In the choice of color,

Mainly bright and bright colors in spring and summer,

More aging and cute;

In the design of modeling,

Short coat and low waist elements are a highlight.

With fresh colors, details,

You can collide with the cute and sexy wind of contrast.

If you have friends who are worried about your body,

You can also choose wide-leg pants with high waist.


Science fiction futurism

Keywords: Cyberpunk, tough silhouette, metallic texture, functional skirt.

To say that the representative of science fiction futurism,

LV must have a place.

At the just-concluded Paris Fashion Week,

Liu Yifei, Zhou Dongyu, Gu Ailing, etc

All dressed in branded silhouette jackets.

In a rapidly changing era,

Looking back and looking to the future,

It has become the key for us to maintain the "sense of the moment" and "certainty".

LouisVuitton has also been committed to,

Awaken our perception of time through sci-fi futurism.

Use a lot this season

The avant-garde of science fiction has a sense of silhouette, grotesque elements,

And classical leather and heavy industry embroidery.,

Re-juxtapose "future" and "past"


A sense of upright silhouette architecture,

Just as femininity does not need to follow established rules,

It has its inherent vigorous strength.

The exaggerated belt and zipper match it.

Collision with rebellious street temperament,

Break the conventional feminine image.

Changing fashions,

Like a dreamer.

It’s confusing but colorful,

And how to choose and choose becomes.

A mark that distinguishes it from others.

Life is a journey full of unknowns,

Don’t stick to a fixed route,

Maybe in the choice again and again,

Discover more amazing beauty,

Can in the tide change,

Know more about what you want to be.

Have you found your own style? Let’s talk in the comments section!

Editor Peng Mengyao

Editor-in-Chief Li Yiyi

Audit Liu Min

Spy war drama is difficult to do, how to produce explosions one after another?

>A new name-"Rebel" has been added to the spy war drama with more than 8 points.

>It is well known that the creation of spy war dramas is difficult. In the past, high-rated works such as "Hidden" and "Cliff" weighed down on the creator’s mind like mountains, and later, the audience’s high expectations, as well as the high requirements of paying equal attention to the transmission of core values and the rigorous and beautiful story. Compared with costume dramas and urban dramas, the output of spy war dramas in the whole industry is not too high, and good works are rare.

>In 2013, screenwriter Li Xiaoming began to adapt the novel The Rebel. It was not until 2021 that this drama series, which was produced and produced by Xinli Media, met the audience. It took writers, directors and other creative writers eight years to create a spy war drama, which not every film and television company could insist on and complete.

>Looking back at the previous works of Xinli Media, Cliff with a score of 8.5, Kite with a score of 8.8, and Sting, which stands out among a number of new types of spy war dramas, so frequently produce high-quality works in the content field of spy war dramas, perhaps there are more stories and experiences behind Xinli Media.

> Rating of Rebel, Cliff and Kite as of press time

Why can Rebel break through?

>Most of the stories of spy war dramas begin with undercover. Some underground workers with dreams are passing on information under many difficulties, while the audience is watching for victory in the thrills. However, The Rebel is a work that completely subverts the audience’s inherent impression of spy war dramas.

>"The Rebel is more about the story of Lin Nansheng’s growth, choice and belief under the background of the Anti-Japanese War and national survival." The person in charge of Xinli TV told.Yuli studioThe code name "postman" runs through the whole play, but in the end, the audience will find that "postman" is not a specific person, but a belief. All the sacrifices and bloodshed in the play are protecting the postman, as well as protecting the party and protecting their inner pursuit and yearning.

>There is such a sublime intention that "The Rebel" is destined to be different from the previous spy war dramas, because it is no longer just burying suspense, but paying more attention to drama and characterization of characters. "We are more paving the way for the feelings, changes and growth of the characters, as well as his choices in growth."

>Lin Nansheng has no resources and background. He is an excellent student in a special training school. He is born with sensitive insight, calm and introverted personality, and has the qualities that an intelligence officer should have. The Rebel didn’t give the protagonist a lot of golden finger scenes from the beginning, but it was closer to a newcomer who just entered the society in characterization. "Rebel" let the audience see Lin Nansheng’s inexperience, the pain of his choice, and that he eventually became an excellent revolutionary.

>Based on such a leading role, The Rebel is by no means a cool drama, and any character in the play does not depend on the existence of the leading actor. On the contrary, it is these supporting roles that influence the choice of the leading actor, and it is also because of the influence of these characters that Lin Nansheng’s ideological transformation is more natural.

>The innovation of stories and people’s designs needs a suitable actor to present them.Responsible for Xinli TVPeople have a good eye on Zhu Yilong. "Zhu Yilong is different from the idol in the traditional sense. In his previous works, whether he is the protagonist or not, he has strong performance ability, and his temperament conforms to the image of Lin Nansheng."

>Lin Nansheng’s inner play is very difficult. There are many scenes in the play that have no lines, and actors need to perform to show that kind of forbearance, restraint, pain and wandering thoughts. "Zhu Yilong’s eyes can talk and have content, which is very important."

>Plus Zhu Yilong’s literary temperament, "We know that he studied piano and chatted when we met, and he also told us about the movies he had seen, which in itself matched Lin Nansheng’s temperament. The opening song of "Rebel" is "Boat Song in June" played by Lang Lang, and we are also pursuing the literary quality of this work. Such a title song actually reflects the confusion of the characters in that era from the side, but finally found their own direction. " The person in charge of Xinli TV told.Yuli studio.

Respect the law of creation and don’t innovate for the sake of innovation.

>From the audience’s point of view, the Rebel has made many adjustments and innovations in the big category of spy war dramas, but in fact,Responsible for Xinli TVhumanIt seems that its innovation is still based on respecting the direction of content-spy war drama is already a mature theme, and it has its own creative rules to follow.

>"In fact, when we look back at these high-scoring spy war dramas, we will find their common characteristics-they must have a higher spiritual level of conception and pursuit, and faith must be able to stand in the drama. The spiritual core of spy war dramas is the glory of faith and humanity."

>For example, in "Kite", Zheng Yaoxian was still a staunch believer in communism when all his superiors died and no one could prove his identity. The same is true of Cliff. Zhou Yi did not hesitate in the face of life and death. He would rather die than be a traitor. This indomitable core attracted the audience’s spiritual strength. This spiritual power is displayed from the plot and sublimated in the plot. Perhaps after many years, the audience may not remember the specific story, but they will certainly remember people like Zheng Yaoxian and Zhou Yi under the influence of this force.

> Top: Kite, in which Liu Yunlong plays Zheng Yaoxian.

>Next: On the Cliff, Zhang Jiayi plays Zhou Yi.

>From Cliff and Kite to Scare and Rebel, Xinli Media has accumulated a lot of experience in the creation of spy wars.Responsible for Xinli TVhumanIt also summarizes the rules that need to be followed at the level of content production when trading spy war dramas:

>First, respect the audience of spy war dramas. In fact, the cultural level and aesthetic ability of the audience of spy war dramas are relatively high, so the script logic should be rigorous, and it should be developed around the glory of faith and human nature, and the content should be realistic and reductive.

>Second, the production should follow the unity of this type of content, including light and shadow, mirror movement and color, which requires high performance of actors. All actors are under the same performance system, and the performance methods should be unified, with original lines and no dubbing.

>Third, the service of morality and beauty should be unified and restored. Clothing, in particular, must be very strictly restored to what it should look like in the background age of the story, and the format of the clothes cannot be wrong.

>Fourth, choose the right protagonist. The spy war drama has very high requirements for the protagonist’s performance, and the most important representative work of many actors is also the spy war drama. A good spy war drama can make the market and the audience feel the charm of the actors. Similarly, whether the protagonist of a spy war drama is popular because of his role is also one of the criteria for judging the broadcast of a spy war drama.

> rebels, Zhu Yilong, Tanya.

>"The spy war drama can’t be innovated casually. In fact, we have always been creating according to the law, respecting historical facts, telling stories, feelings and spirits seriously. In terms of clothing, music and photography, everything is done according to the law. Don’t mix and match, but be more rigorous."

>Responsible for Xinli TVhumanIt is believed that the script creation of an excellent spy war drama takes at least three years, and it is basically an "orphan". The success of spy war drama lies not in great innovation, but in respecting the law and intention.

Do not follow the trend, there is improvement.

>Although the spy war drama is difficult, it still has its market value. It is what Xinli Media has been doing to tap this value. For spy warfare, having rich creative experience is the greatest advantage. Work hard on the script, high aesthetic standards, proper casting and proper details can add up to the project.

>"Until now, in the creation, we are all very High and very serious. For example, when the poster team comes up with a plan, we will all ask for old photos and historical materials that conform to the time node for reference. What kind of expressions, hats and costumes were worn by the characters at that time, we will restore them through performances and cultural roads. We have never regarded any work as an assembly line product, nor will we deliberately pursue market popularity. Only a good story and a good script will we be willing to pay time for it. "

>Not afraid of slowness is also a feature of Xinli Media. "We can’t speed up, we still have to shoot one work and leave one."Responsible for Xinli TVhumanSaid, "every play of the company has to be revised at least four or five times. We don’t pursue speed, but we demand quality."

> The Rebel, Zhu Yilong

>Cao Huayi, the chairman of Xinli Media, has been working in the publishing field in his early years. This experience has given him content sensitivity and judgment, and also laid the aesthetic benchmark for Xinli Media’s content. In addition to the content, he is also constantly exploring new creative talents to join the creation, and the director Zhou You of The Rebel is an example.

>Zhou You is a serious young director, who has no experience in creating spy war dramas before. However, Cao Huayi and his creative team found that he was very logical. The most important thing was that he was persistent and enthusiastic about stories and works, and he also had a strong grasp of details.

>"Before the boot, after Li Xiaoming, Qin Wen and other screenwriters laid a solid foundation for the script, Director Zhou You took the screenwriter to participate in the creation of the second half of the script, which made the whole story look like today."Responsible for Xinli TVhumanExpress.

> "Rebel" set, Zhu Yilong, Wang Yang

>Using the right people and doing the right things, this methodology is also applicable to Xinli Media’s choice of its own behind-the-scenes team.Responsible for Xinli TVhumanFor example, "Director Sun Hao was a fan of the original book before filming Joy of Life, so when he found a new beauty, his desire to create was already very strong. Love is the first, which is what we value most when building the main creative team. "

>In addition to the persistence in creation, the promotion in publicity is also particularly important. "The promotion of" Rebel "is actually closely following social media. Whether it is the creation of the script or the later announcement, it is closely following and respecting the current social values."

>The spy war drama is not a particularly popular type in the film and television drama market, but it is just needed by the audience. Xinli Media continues to deepen its cultivation in the field of spy war drama, but it is not just doing this category of works. "We are still doing, still insisting, but we are not good at it, so we will study carefully first."

>Willing to invest, but not making ineffective investment; Understand the market, but don’t cater to the market. No one can fully predict the audience’s preferences, but they can ask for their own creative attitude and way.The success of Rebel is not accidental, nor is it a gamble, but a product of Xinli Media based on its own creative experience and strict compliance with creative laws.

>From the end of last year to the present, Xinli Media has gained many explosions in addition to The Rebel, such as My Husband, last romance and Douluo Mainland. It can ensure the success rate of the works on the premise of exploring multiple themes, and perhaps it is also inseparable from Xinli Media’s understanding of the content and its compliance with the creative rules.

Used cars usher in a big market (new economic orientation)

  Not long ago, Mr. Jin, who works in a chemical company in Yangzhou, successfully completed the registration procedures for the transfer of used cars. "I found a joint venture brand car with Qingdao license in 2015 on the second-hand car trading platform, and the hand price was 33,500 yuan." Mr. Jin said that in Jiangsu, from June 17, foreign used cars that meet the national five emission standards can move in normally.

  Mr. Jin is just one of the many beneficiaries of the favorable policy for used cars. On June 22, the executive meeting of the State Council decided that the restrictions on the moving-in of small non-operating used cars will be completely lifted from August 1, and the automobile sales enterprises will implement separate endorsement management and issue temporary license plates when applying for transfer registration from October 1. Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, said that favorable policies will further enliven the used car market, promote the renewal of automobile consumption and release the consumption potential.

  Favorable policies help the market to accelerate development.

  "The circulation of used cars is actually convenient and smooth." Chen Ji, general manager of Suzhou Lexuan UCAR, told the reporter that the company has collected more than 10 used cars with foreign licenses after Jiangsu province lifted the relocation restriction in mid-June. "The cancellation of the relocation restriction not only allows more foreign car sources to enter Suzhou, but also the second-hand cars with the national five emission standards that cannot be digested locally can be sold to various places more conveniently." Chen Ji said.

  Wang Xiaoyu, co-founder of Guazi used car, believes that the cancellation of the relocation restriction policy has opened up the blocking points and card points in the circulation of used cars, which will activate the trading of used cars in different places and drive the continuous growth of the trade scale. "Since June 1, Hebei, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places have successively implemented the policy of canceling the national five emission standards for second-hand cars. The range of optional car sources for users in these places has expanded by about 6 times, and the proportion of off-site car sources on the platform has also increased from the previous 35% to 80%, which has driven the growth of platform car dealers’ sales." Wang Xiaoyu said.

  "The policy of separate endorsement management and issuance of temporary number plates for second-hand car transfer registration implemented nationwide since October 1 is a big plus for second-hand car circulation enterprises in cities with limited purchases." Guo Jian, general manager of the famous car in Beijing No.1 Station, said, "In the past, in order to transfer and register used cars in Beijing, it was necessary to occupy the index of car purchase, and circulation enterprises could only rent number plates. After Beijing promoted the temporary license plate policy in advance, it reduced the company’s operating expenses, and the acquired used cars entered the company’s name, which can be treated as ‘ Inventory goods ’ Accounting has also opened the door to social financing. "

  Feeling the huge development potential of the used car market, SAIC-GM launched a brand-new "Buick officially certified used car" brand last year. "Since 2020, especially since the first half of this year, a series of policies and measures to encourage the development of the used car market have been intensively introduced." Yao Fu, head of marketing department of SAIC-GM Buick, said that the favorable policies cover all aspects, such as encouraging to speed up the elimination and renewal of old vehicles, completely canceling the relocation restriction policy, and lowering the value-added tax rate of used cars. Combined with the implementation of the new policy, the company will open up the new and used car business chain through active car source repurchase, realize the three-dimensional sales model of national circulation, and gradually plan a standardized service system equivalent to the new car type to enhance the service experience of used car owners.

  Branding and digitalization to enhance the transparency of transaction information

  At the beginning of July, Mr. Ju, the owner of a restaurant in Shanghai, bought a Buick Angkewei in 2019 through the "Buick Official Certified Used Car". "I bought a new car with a car age of 3 years in the early 100,000 yuan, and I have been driving for more than 20 days. It feels really good." Mr. Ju said that he considered a new car, ran through the used car market, brokerage companies, and saw the online platform, and finally chose an officially certified used car.

  "Quality and service are the two core competitiveness of used car distribution enterprises, and they are also an important way to build consumer trust and enhance consumer experience." Luo Lei believes that the official certification of used cars by car companies is guaranteed by high-quality first-hand car sources, standardized testing and evaluation processes, original factory warranty, after-sales service, etc., plus the endorsement of car brands, which solves the pain point of information asymmetry of consumers buying used cars.

  In recent years, the booming second-hand car e-commerce platform has also contributed new solutions to improve the transparency of second-hand car trading information.

  "Entering the platform and empowering the platform digitally is an effective way for traditional used car circulation enterprises to enhance their competitiveness." Chen Ji said that platform enterprises can carry out digital and standardized management of used cars in different ways. Consumers can see at a glance whether the vehicles have collided, to what extent, and which side has been painted, which is what most used car circulation enterprises cannot do. In addition, remote delivery, door-to-door delivery, seven-day unreasonable return, etc. are inseparable from the platform enterprises’ strong logistics system, financial support and remote after-sales maintenance.

  "Digital means allow enterprises to reach potential customers nationwide." Wang Yong, general manager of Nanjing Qihang Famous Car, said that today, they have sold local car sources to more than 20 cities outside Nanjing, and the turnover efficiency of car sales has increased by three times.

  Take precautions and standardize the development of new energy used car market

  "In Shanghai, buying new energy used cars is not restricted by licenses, but I gave up after thinking about it again and again." Mr. Ju said that consumers have no way to verify the data related to safety and directly affecting the charging and driving performance of vehicles, such as the number of times of vehicle charging and discharging, the degree of battery attenuation, and whether the batteries are overheated and out of control.

  "Since last year, China’s new energy vehicles have continued to double, and the annual sales volume this year is expected to exceed 5.5 million. How to standardize the development of the new energy used car market has become a problem that the industry must seriously face. " Luo Lei said that last year, the Technical Specification for Appraisal and Evaluation of Second-hand Pure Electric Passenger Cars, which was researched and compiled by china automobile dealers association for three years, was released, providing a set of scientific and practical appraisal and evaluation standards for second-hand cars suitable for new energy vehicles for the domestic market.

  "Since the second half of last year, the market price of pure electric used cars factory in 2017 has almost doubled. This not only shows that the market’s recognition of new energy used cars has greatly increased, but also means that the previously underestimated hedge ratio is returning rationally. " For example, Shen Wenjun, the founder of Beijing Che Yi De New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that the EV150 of Beiqi New Energy, which has a driving range of about 100 kilometers and is six years old, sold for about 10,000 yuan last year, and now it is close to 20,000 yuan.

  The second-hand car industry of new energy not only undertakes the replacement of new cars in the upstream, promotes the sustainable development of the new energy vehicle market, but also connects the cascade utilization and recycling of waste power batteries in the downstream, which is an important link in the whole life cycle management of new energy vehicles. Although the current appraisal and evaluation standards, new testing equipment, etc. have made quality identification no longer a problem, in Shen Wenjun’s view, the sustainable development of the industry is still facing challenges without a breakthrough in traceability management of power batteries.

  All new energy vehicles are equipped with power battery monitoring system, which can monitor and upload key data in use, and even notify the owner in advance before the battery thermal runaway occurs, but this information cannot be shared. "We have been discussing whether to install a set of similar equipment on the used car for sale and record the operation data of the vehicle’s three electric systems." Shen Wenjun said that this move not only improves the safety of vehicles and user stickiness, but also contributes to the later cascade utilization and recycling.

  "The standardized start of the new energy used car market is conducive to the healthy development of the entire used car market." Luo Lei introduced that in 2019, China’s used car trading volume exceeded half of new car sales, and in 2021 it reached 2/3 of new car sales. "With the obvious effect of the policy, in 2025, the transaction volume of used cars will be expected to be the same as that of new cars." Luo Lei said.

Off-line shutdown, on-line transition-the "on-the-cloud" gym is coming.

Reading tips

  With the increasing awareness of residents’ exercise and fitness, many people have developed the habit of staying at home. Especially after the popularity of live fitness broadcast by artist Liu Genghong, more and more fitness enterprises began to try to transform online, and "cloud fitness" began to become a new trend.

  "Finally!" On May 22nd, Fan Peipei, who worked as a fitness coach in Shanghai, stared at the TV news conference and could not help but let out a sigh of emotion.

  On the same day, the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau issued the "Implementation Plan for Shanghai Sports Industry to Restore Normal Production and Life Order in an Orderly Way". The plan requires that the opening of sports venues and sports events be resumed in an orderly manner, following the principle of outdoor first, indoor first, and individual events first.

  Affected by the epidemic, some fitness facilities in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have been operating poorly for some time.

  Although it ushered in the dawn of returning to work, in Fan Peipei’s view, the domestic epidemic has fluctuated repeatedly, and fitness companies must find a "more reasonable business model under the epidemic".

  With the increasing awareness of residents’ exercise and fitness, many people have developed the habit of staying at home for fitness, and the download volume of some fitness apps has been increasing. Especially after the live broadcast of Liu Genghong, an artist, became popular, more and more fitness companies began to try to transform online, and "cloud fitness" began to become a new trend.

  "The most important thing is to survive first."

  "In the past, spring was the peak season for business, but this year the situation is really not optimistic." Yang Lan, manager of Beijing Superman Fitness shaoyaoju Branch, said frankly.

  During the May Day holiday this year, Beijing announced that it would suspend the business activities of indoor sports venues such as gymnasiums throughout the city.

  "Our main source of revenue is private lessons, especially one-on-one membership services. Suspension of offline operations is equivalent to cutting off cash flow, but the rent and labor costs have not decreased." Yang Lan said.

  Generally speaking, the fitness industry belongs to the offline entity industry with heavy assets, and its operating characteristics are large initial investment and high operating costs. However, after the epidemic, the number of people dropped sharply, which also led many fitness enterprises to face debt or even bankruptcy.

  "The passenger flow has been greatly reduced, the store rent is still high, and the higher the operating cost, the greater the impact." Yang Dahao, a partner of Leke Fitness and Hepingli Store, told reporters that compared with small fitness studios with lower operating costs, those fitness institutions located in prosperous business districts often face greater survival tests.

  In desperation, many operators began to strive to reduce operating costs. For example, many businesses in Beijing recently applied for rent reduction. According to the relevant notice issued by Beijing in April, all small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households renting state-owned houses in Beijing can reduce the rent for three months, while the rent for state-owned houses in areas classified as high-risk areas in the epidemic can be reduced for six months.

  In addition, many fitness companies have also launched trendy sports such as frisbee and flag football, which are mostly carried out outdoors, which can effectively reduce the risk of epidemic spread.

  "Take frisbee as an example. People can buy a frisbee for tens of yuan." Yang Haohao introduced that the entry threshold of Frisbee is not high, and the basic rules are simple and easy to understand, so you can learn it easily with or without experience. Frequent and close communication in Frisbee sports also makes Frisbee sports have strong social attributes.

  Of course, many fitness institutions are selling fitness products at reduced prices to survive.

  "The longer the epidemic lasts, the more conservative people’s consumption concept becomes. Although many fitness companies are operating at a loss, it is most important to survive first." Yang Lan said.

  On the test line, there are joys and sorrows.

  A tripod, an iPad and a small microphone … … This is a "three-piece set" taught online by Zhou Qian, the coach of a private fitness studio in Shanghai.

  "Every day, there are two one-on-one private classes and a small class group exercise class, all of which are conducted online." Zhou Qian told reporters.

  It is reported that the online business of testing water during the epidemic has become an important measure for the transformation and development of fitness enterprises. Take Super Orangutan, a sports and fitness brand, as an example. After the current epidemic, the company quickly set up a "online class" topic, including fat burning, shaping and other options. Some companies tried to pre-sell course packages on platforms such as Tik Tok, and launched online one-to-one and one-to-many course teaching.

  Zhou Qian believes that online teaching can help fitness enthusiasts keep fit, and at the same time, it can strengthen the brand effect and lay a good foundation for returning customers after returning to work.

  However, not all members can adapt to the rhythm and atmosphere of online teaching. During the interview, many consumers told reporters that the efficiency of online teaching needs to be improved, and the sense of experience is not as good as offline. "Online teaching can’t be demonstrated in close proximity, which greatly reduces the teaching effect." Xu Weiwei, a fitness enthusiast, said that some fitness enthusiasts around him are not very receptive to online teaching, and many people are unable to carry out online learning because of the limitations of venues, equipment and other factors.

  A good opportunity for coaches to build personal IP

  "Swing your arms and legs up, and the fat around your waist will snap off" and "thin and thin together" … … Artist Liu Genghong’s recent live fitness broadcast on the short video platform quickly became popular.

  After Liu Genghong’s fire spread all over the network, Qin Ye, the coach of Super Orangutan Group’s aerobics class, quickly made a circle in Tik Tok for adapting Liu Genghong’s shuttlecock gymnastics. This attempt made him realize that with the continuous improvement of national health awareness, the online fitness market in China is showing great growth potential.

  The reporter learned that in the online live broadcast of the super gorilla, in addition to the live broadcast of the official platform, many coaches also opened their own live accounts, and they gradually became accustomed to the online live broadcast teaching method, paying more attention to online and offline linkage.

  According to relevant data, in 2021, the market size of fitness industry in China will reach 377.1 billion yuan, including 638 million webcast users in China, and the utilization rate of online live broadcast is as high as 63%. It is generally believed in the industry that fitness coaches have ushered in a good opportunity to build personal IP.

  Qin also told reporters that since the audience of online live broadcast is mostly zero-based "fitness white", the content of the course he arranged should first consider safety and scientificity, and the intensity should not be too great.

  "For the fitness instructor himself, excellent professional ability is only the foundation. The most important thing to get out of the circle is to strengthen your personal style and identify the user base in combination with your own strengths." Tang Huan, founder of a fitness media, said.

  Tang Yuejun, an associate professor at Fudan University School of Management, believes that this is precisely the prerequisite for achieving a win-win situation between fitness coaches and fitness platforms.

  "The coach can’t build personal IP without the promotion and operation of fitness platform. The two are complementary. The coach is responsible for providing high-quality fitness resources, while the enterprise provides platform construction, technology integration and business model construction." Tang Yuejun said, "The key to the sustainability of this model lies in whether fitness enterprises can break through the traditional logic of employment and service between enterprises, employees and customers and evolve into a new type of partner logic."

Bosideng: Writing fashion professionally brings infinite surprises to consumers around the world.

As a world-famous down jacket brand, Bosideng has always won the love of consumers all over the world with its excellent quality and unique design. Bosideng’s recently launched year of the loong series down jackets have brought surprises to consumers all over the world. Bosideng has always regarded professionalism as the core value of its brand. In the field of down jackets, Bosideng has won wide acclaim from consumers for its extreme pursuit of details and strict control of quality. From material selection to production, Bosideng insists on using high-quality materials and creates warm and fashionable down jackets through fine craftsmanship.

In order to ensure the warm performance of down jackets, Bosideng carefully selects high-quality goose down from world-famous goose down producing areas. These goose down have been screened, classified, cooled and dusted, disinfected at high temperature, strictly cleaned and purified, which ensure the purity and high quality of down. At the same time, Bosideng also adopted advanced warm-keeping technology, which made the down jacket still give the wearer a warm and comfortable experience in the cold winter.

In terms of fashion, Bosideng is constantly innovating, breaking the shackles of traditional down jackets and integrating fashion elements into them. Year of the loong series down jackets are Bosideng’s model of combining traditional culture with fashion elements. Inspired by the beginning of heaven and earth, combined with the concepts of Jiachen, Zodiac Dragon and the state of dragons in different seasons in historical allusions, the design concepts of "Hidden Deep" and "Ascending Cloud" are refined as this joint series. By skillfully combining dragon patterns with fashion elements, Bosideng has brought consumers a down jacket with profound cultural heritage and a sense of fashion.

Bosideng not only performs well in design and warmth retention, but also has a sense of science and technology in its production process. In the traditional down jacket production process, the filling process is often full of flying flocs, but the filling room in Bosideng is clean and orderly. This is because Bosideng adopts intelligent filling equipment. By uploading the filling data through the system, the machine will automatically grab the data and complete the filling process. This intelligent production method not only improves the production efficiency, but also ensures the quality of down jackets.

Bosideng’s professional strength has been widely recognized. In the brand value evaluation in 2023, Bosideng was selected as one of the "500 Most Valuable Brands in China" by virtue of its outstanding achievements in brand building and innovative practices in various fields, and its brand value evaluation reached 88.569 billion yuan, ranking 76th. This honor not only reflects Bosideng’s brand strength and influence, but also shows its leading position in the textile and garment industry.

Bosideng’s success can not be separated from its persistent innovative spirit and deep insight into consumer demand. Continue to innovate in down jacket technology, fabrics, styles and other aspects, and promote the transformation of down jackets from a single warm-keeping function to technology and fashion. At the same time, Bosideng also actively participates in various heavyweight brand activities, such as New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, etc., and continuously deepens consumers’ awareness and reputation of Bosideng brand down jacket experts through large-scale brand promotion, visual presentation upgrade, enhanced communication content, and product promotion and sales interaction.

Bosideng down jacket has been leading the market in China for 28 consecutive years, and it has been the only representative of China’s winter clothes to release the fashion trend to the world for 26 consecutive years. Behind these honors and achievements is Bosideng’s ultimate pursuit of quality and constant persistence in innovation.

Bosideng has brought infinite surprises to consumers all over the world with its professional technology and innovative design concept. Bosideng has demonstrated its excellent quality and unique charm in terms of warmth and fashion. In the future, Bosideng will continue to deepen the continuous innovation in the field of down jackets and bring more and better products to consumers.                                         

The first quarter rumor hot list: refuse the routine! Uncover the true face of rumors

  People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 16 (Xiao Jinbo, Wang Yajing) The first quarter of 2018 has passed. Have you been "routine" by rumors? "Seeking Truth" column and Baidu rumor platform jointly launched the top ten rumors inventory of Baidu search in the first quarter, exploring the routines behind rumors and uncovering the true face of rumors.

  1. Strictly investigate the chess room nationwide. The number of arrests and searches for people under 60 years old is 91.71 million. The heat of the incident ★★★★★★★★★

  [rumor]CCTV news reported that since the new regulations began on February 25th, all mahjong halls will be investigated and dealt with (including in the community). Anyone under 60 will be arrested and detained for 5 days and fined 500-1000 yuan.

  [Truth]Since February 25, network police in Sichuan, Shanxi and other places have rumored that the information is an out-and-out rumor, which first appeared in 2014. In recent years, this rumor has repeatedly appeared with the "small holiday". The network police said: all the mahjong parlors investigated by the police are suspected of gambling, and the mahjong parlors for entertainment and leisure will not be investigated. I hope you don’t believe in online rumors.

  [routine]Rumors spread under the guise of CCTV news reports, taking advantage of the people’s trust in authoritative news media. The communication time coincides with holidays, which is the time when people’s leisure and entertainment activities are carried out frequently, so it is easier to catch people’s attention and trigger people to forward them. In recent years, many rumors have been widely spread under the guise of authoritative official names. When you see such news, you should verify it before forwarding it, so don’t be the disseminator of rumors.

  2.70-year-old people over the age of 70 must open a health certificate to fly. The number of searches is 67.76 million. Event fever ★★★★★★★★

  [rumor]A "warm reminder" appeared in the circle of friends, saying that people over 70 years old (including 70 years old) — — Old people under the age of 80 must provide the original health certificate of the third-class first-class hospital or above, otherwise the airport will not release them. The contents of the certificate include: electrocardiogram, blood pressure and respiratory tract.

  [Truth]On February 11, Changzhou network police rumored that the news was inaccurate. According to China Civil Aviation Passenger and Luggage Domestic Transportation Rules, there is no special age limit for the elderly to fly. In fact, the regulations of airlines are different. Before the elderly choose to travel by plane, they need to take the initiative to inquire about the relevant requirements of airlines and make preparations before traveling.

  [routine]On the surface, it is a "warm reminder", but in fact, it is to take different airlines’ regulations on the flight of the elderly out of context and substitute flowers for trees to spread rumors. This kind of absolute "reminder" of the words "must", "must" and "all" should not be trusted, or it is necessary to analyze specific problems and ask relevant departments for verification according to their actual situation before acting.

  3. The little boy’s rabies attack learned the number of times the dog barked. 47.43 million event heat ★★★★★

  [rumor]A video circulating on the Internet said that after a boy was bitten by a dog in Yingde, Guangdong Province, rabies broke out and barked like a dog. In the video, the boy with rabies was firmly controlled by three people and kept barking like a dog.

  [Truth]On March 2nd, Weibo, a network policeman from Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, published an article to refute the rumor that the rumor was a rumor, and the local epidemic prevention department had not received any reports of rabies recently. Subsequently, the network police in many places across the country rumored this matter, saying that the video did not happen locally. On March 8th, Weibo "The Ministry of Public Security cracked down on the four evils", and pointed out that experts in epidemic prevention departments said that rabies patients would have symptoms such as fear of water, fear of light, headache, fatigue and pharyngeal muscle spasm at the initial stage of attack, and eventually died of respiratory or circulatory failure, but they would not stick out their tongues and bark like dogs.

  [routine]People know about rabies, but they don’t know enough about what symptoms will appear after being infected with rabies. The lack of professional knowledge leads to the emergence of "looking at the text to make sense", thinking that if you get rabies, you will bark like a dog. The boy in the video is in a very painful state, and the rumor spreads by taking advantage of people’s sympathy and fear of rabies, and it becomes a huge whirlpool, which makes more people believe it. When news involving medical, scientific and technological expertise appears, don’t easily judge whether it is true or not, and avoid spreading it around.

  4. The number of searches for "floating cars" in Gannan area 41.11 million event heat ★★★★★

  [rumor]The online video shows that two cars suddenly floated when passing through a section of road. It is reported that "the strange phenomenon happened in Gannan yesterday morning. In the afternoon, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences were present, and the armed police blocked the area of 5 kilometers in Fiona Fang. "

  [Truth]On February 5th, Jiangsu network police denied the rumor through Weibo. After investigation, there were only two Gannan regions in China, namely Gansu and Heilongjiang, but there were no similar incidents in Gannan regions of the two places recently. Experts pointed out that the disappearance of zebra crossings, telephone poles like air, tires as thin as paper and other loopholes in the video revealed that the video was made in the later stage.

  [routine]Images and pictures will increase credibility, and people tend to "see is believing". If they pay too much attention to the "facts" they see, they will easily ignore the truth and details behind things. The "floating car" does not conform to the principle of gravity. With the development of modern technology, it is not difficult to create special effects in video images. If there are unreasonable things in life, it is better to keep a little doubt, pay attention to the truth behind the incident, and don’t deceive the so-called facts.

  5. There is snow melting agent in the snow, and the number of searches for eyes injured by playing with snow is 16.48 million. Event heat ★★★★★

  [rumor]Parents are requested to tell their children that when playing with snow these days, don’t sprinkle snow on each other’s faces, especially on the side of the road. There will be snow melting agent sprinkled by the sanitation department in the snow, which is harmful to the eyes! Those who have children must pay attention!

  [Truth]On January 4th, Jiangsu network police rumored that "confirmed by many environmental sanitation departments, the special environment-friendly snow melting agent is currently used, which contains special protective agent, and is basically harmless to roads, plants and public facilities, and is mainly scattered in urban trunk roads, parks, communities and slow lanes."

  [routine]This kind of "well-meaning rumor" is more confusing and will make families with children panic. I’d rather believe that it’s not credible, so that parents will take the initiative to forward relevant comments. In the face of such rumors, relevant departments should not only promptly dispel rumors, but also find out the source and punish them according to law, and relevant departments should also popularize common sense in snow melting agents and other aspects to avoid rumors spreading wider and wider.

  6. During the free passage period, ETC vehicles will be charged the search times if they don’t get out of the special passage. 16.32 million event heat ★★★★

  [rumor]During the high-speed free passage of minibus during the Spring Festival, if you enter the high-speed through the ETC channel, you must take the ETC channel to exit the high-speed, otherwise the system will assume that the car has been on the high-speed, and the whole toll will be charged.

  [Truth]Guilin network police prompt: During the free period, if the vehicle takes the ETC passage entrance to the expressway, but gets off the expressway through the manual passage, the ETC system will not be able to complete a complete transaction, and the owner will not be charged any fees for this passage. When the owner gets on the expressway next time, whether through the ETC lane or the manual lane, the entry information of the current time will be re-entered for the owner’s ETC card, and the last information will be automatically overwritten, and the driving information will be recorded separately.

  [routine]Old rumors put on new coats, and they came out to fool people by the reason of high-speed free passage on holidays. Rumors related to holidays or seasonality like this are always revived, and they have to "re-emerge" once a year, which is related to personal interests. Every time, some people will believe that netizens should keep their eyes open and don’t be cheated again.

  7. Adding water to white wine without turbidity is the event heat of fake wine search times of 13.01 million ★★★

  [rumor]A short video on "How to judge the turbidity of liquor with water and fake liquor" was widely reprinted on the Internet. The video showed that a man compared a bottle of liquor with two other well-known brands, and observed the turbidity phenomenon after adding water, pointing out that "turbid liquor" is grain liquor, and "non-turbid liquor" is "fake liquor, chemical liquor, industrial liquor and alcoholic liquor", while drinking non-grain liquor will lead to headaches and headaches.

  [Truth]As early as April 2017, the Liquor Professional Committee of China Food Industry Association issued a document denying that "adding water is turbid" is not a scientific method to test the quality of liquor and a standard to judge whether liquor is true or false. If a certain amount of higher fatty acid ethyl ester is added to pure alcohol (or liquor blended with edible alcohol as the main body), it will also be turbid if water is added to reduce the degree. Therefore, the turbidity of the finished wine after adding water is related to the original wine and production technology used in blending.

  [routine]The two different states produced by simple experiments jump to conclusions. Such rumors are exactly the same as those of "plastic laver" and "cotton floss" that happened before. The rumors are covered with the cloak of "counterfeiting", and the headlines often use inflammatory words to give people psychological hints, mislead netizens, and spread by people’s sense of justice, which is even more confusing.

  8. WeChat payment code screenshot Stealing property search times 9.39 million event heat ★★

  [rumor]An article "Urgent! A screenshot of WeChat can brush up your bank card! The article "Tell your family quickly" is widely circulated on the Internet. In this paper, the swindler maliciously deducts money by defrauding the "payment code". To put it simply, this scam is: the scammer asks you to cut a picture of the WeChat payment interface and send it to him. After the scammer gets the screenshot of the payment code, he can immediately spend it.

  [Truth]On February 23, WeChat "rumor filter" rumored that the news was inconsistent with the facts. As early as 2016, WeChat had cut off the possibility of "sending screenshots of payment codes to others and being stolen" through technical means. Since WeChat was updated to iOS version iOS6.3.22 and Android version 6.3.23 in the second half of 2016, once the payment code is screened, the user will receive a security prompt and the payment code will be invalid immediately. This means that the QR code taken by the user can no longer be brushed, and the scammers have no chance to take advantage of it. Remind users to keep in mind the payment code safety tips, and don’t easily send the payment code of WeChat payment to others in any form, including barcode, QR code and 18-digit code. If you encounter fraud or suspected fraud, you can report it to the public security organ at the first time and report it through the complaint function of WeChat.

  [routine]The rise of online payment makes people’s transactions more convenient, and it also provides another possibility for swindlers to cheat. This rumor takes advantage of people’s misunderstanding of online payment, and only tells an extreme result. The headline will cause serious consequences, but it does not mention all kinds of preventive measures introduced by relevant payment platforms, exaggerating the danger of online payment, but actually spreading rumors under the banner of reminding. Although the rumor is not credible, it should not be taken lightly. Be wary of those who ask you for passwords and identity information.

  9. Shanghai bus 50-year-old man beat 8-year-old children 6.25 million times. Event fever ★★

  [rumor]Post "The bad guys are getting old! A 50-year-old man beat up an 8-year-old child on a bus in Shanghai! ! Mom, the police station fought back! "It’s popular on the Internet.

  [Truth]On January 17, the Shanghai police issued a notice saying that the content of the post was purely a rumor, and the criminal suspect Jiang, who fabricated the rumor, had been criminally detained according to law. After investigation, Jiang, a 33-year-old Shanghai netizen, posted a message about "an 8-year-old elementary school student was severely beaten by a bus" in a WeChat group of more than 400 people on January 8, and then the chat record was forwarded to the fence network and other online forums. According to Jiang’s account, for the purpose of attracting people’s attention in the circle of friends, he fabricated and compiled false information that an 8-year-old elementary school student was beaten and seriously injured by a bus. The content of the post was completely false, and Jiang confessed to his illegal behavior.

  [routine]If individuals want to win the attention of others, they will use small things or rumors around them to embellish things they are familiar with, and make up sensational so-called "facts" with emotional titles to arouse public anger or sympathy for communication. For those who deliberately fabricate rumors and spread them, they must be severely punished according to law and sound an alarm to other people who spread rumors and rumors.

  10 junior high school students set up anti-second child alliance search times 5.49 million event heat ★

  [rumor]A picture was posted on the Internet, claiming that "recently, a group of junior two students from a middle school in Wuhan formed a ‘ Anti-Second Child Alliance ’ At present, there are 108 members in the alliance, with 50% men and 50% women. Every member can join the club and pay the 200 yuan membership fee … … At present, a large number of single primary and secondary school students want to join the organization. "

  [Truth]As early as January 20th, 2016, a Weibo account named @ Onion Daily published this picture. In the self-introduction of the Weibo account, it is stated that "our news is fake news anyway". The rumor of the so-called "Wuhan Middle School Students’ Anti-Second Child Alliance" is an "onion news" that has been published (fake news concocted with humor). This spoof old news was once again "fried cold rice" this year.

  [routine]It was originally a spoof, but it was spread more and more and became a ridiculous rumor, and because the content was related to national policies, it attracted people to believe it. Three people make a tiger, and the more people say fake things, the more "credible" they are. The public must pay attention to careful screening when transmitting information, and then spread it after verification. Don’t spread it blindly to avoid "rumors confusing the public."

For the first time, China Air Force joined naval air force to participate in international military competition.

Xinhua News Agency, Ryazan, Russia, July 27th (Huang Shubo, Pei Shaohua) Eleven China Air Force and two Navy military aircraft all arrived at Gargilevo Airport in Ryazan, Russia on the 25th, and jointly participated in the "International Military Competition -2019" and "Aviation Darts" for the first time, which became a highlight of China’s military going abroad.

According to Dong Li, Deputy Chief of Staff of China Air Force, the "International Military Competition -2019" and "Aviation Darts" project will be held at the "Du Burovic" shooting range in Ryazan, Russia, and China Air Force will compete in four groups: fighter group, bomber group, long-range aviation group and transport group. Among them, China Air Force Aviation and Navy Aviation participated in the bomber group project competition at the same time, which was the first time that China’s air force and navy competed with other countries’ troops on the international military competition stage.

Dong Li said that with the establishment and improvement of the new pattern of China Military Commission’s general management, theater main battle and service main construction, the exchange activities between services have increased year by year, such as the participation of naval aviation in the air force’s "golden helmet" competitive assessment against air combat and the air force’s participation in the navy’s actual live-fire exercises, and the exchanges between services have gained a lot. This cross-border transition of air and naval aviation formations indicates that the China Army has the ability to organize joint forces of services to go abroad to carry out tasks, and also shows that the level of joint training of air and naval forces has been improved.

"International Military Competition -2019" will be held in early August. Ten countries including Russia, China and Kazakhstan will jointly host 32 events. It is estimated that 216 teams from 34 countries will compete on the same stage. Among them, China’s army will participate in 16 events, and the Air Force will also participate in the "Airborne Platoon" event held at the "Redwood Boat" shooting range in Pskov, Russia.

Looking forward to "responsible AI" from vision to reality

  Liu Haiming (Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Chongqing University)

  This year’s "Government Work Report" of the State Council clearly stated: formulate policies to support the high-quality development of the digital economy and carry out the "artificial intelligence+"action.

  AI technology is empowering various fields, and the resulting economic and social benefits are also considerable. In the iteration of AI technology, no one can accurately predict how much potential of this kind of technology has not been tapped. While AI scientists continue to make agents more "smart", the security issues related to this technology have also become a public topic.

  At the National People’s Congress this year, Qi Xiangdong, a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, paid attention to the innovation and development of "AI+ security", and gave detailed answers on how to deal with information security and cyber security threats in the AI era. Sharla Cheung, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, proposed to strengthen the safe application of artificial intelligence technology, accelerate the legislation of the Artificial Intelligence Law, and build a security barrier for key information infrastructure.

  The suggestions put forward by the deputies for the safety of artificial intelligence applications may rise to the mandatory protection of the safe application of artificial intelligence through legislation. This also shows that a consensus on the safe application of artificial intelligence is taking shape.

  Just last week, Musk filed a lawsuit against altman and OpenAI, accusing the defendant of forgetting the core part of OpenAI’s established mission, that is, developing useful and harmless artificial general intelligence. Facing the accusation, altman promised that OpenAI’s mission was to "ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all mankind".

  The anxiety and anxiety about the application of AI technology coexist at home and abroad, which is the normal consideration of human beings for their own interests and security. People put forward the vision of "responsible AI", which also aims to relieve the worries of applying this technology. As for why such worries are difficult to rule out, it lies in the uncertainty of its future development, which makes more people worry. Some people even think that "from the development of AI, we can see how small human capabilities are, and it is only a matter of time before machines surpass people."

  The biggest hidden danger in the world is ignorance or indifference to risks. When the safety of artificial intelligence has become a global public topic, there are many voices at home and abroad to legislate for the development of artificial intelligence. This sense of hardship is gratifying. Since the sense of urgency has generally awakened, when the whole society holds a "so-called" attitude towards the security of artificial intelligence, why not worry that "responsible AI" will not turn from a vision into a reality?

  To turn "responsible AI" from a vision into a reality, it needs to go through an indispensable trilogy, and gradually implement it from the most basic safety awareness to specific actions in pursuit of safety.

  From vision to reality, "responsible AI" requires human beings to know what true self-love is. Artificial intelligence technology is an invention of human beings, and the value of agents lies in benefiting human beings. The more useful it is to human beings, the more worthy of being loved by human beings. To do this, it is very few scientists who need to love themselves and master the iterative "button" of AI technology. Such "leaders" really know how to love themselves, that is, their inventions deserve to be loved by the world, and they deserve to be loved by others because of their technical contributions.

  Judging from Musk’s legal challenge to altman, the significance of this lawsuit lies in teaching the technical "head" who has mastered the "button" of AI development to learn true self-love. They know true self-love, and the public’s worries about the safety of AI technology are much less.

  From vision to reality, "responsible AI" requires human beings to know what real self-discipline is. Self-love is formed in the process of self-control, and a person who loves himself morally must be a truly self-disciplined person.

  "Responsible AI" has become a global public topic, because people who master the "button" of AI development technology pursue technology iteration in technology research and development, which invisibly ignores the consideration of AI security issues. Without such security considerations, the speed of AI technology has gone up, but this technology may also be out of the moral reins, forgetting that technology is to benefit human society, not to add to human society.

  Self-discipline is the rule that people make for themselves. In the AI technical team with self-discipline, "responsible AI" means that the design of agents must be equipped with heavy security constraints. Once an agent has the possibility and risk of hurting human emotions or interests in operation, it must be able to stop such behavior tendency. This tendency seems to be an agent’s own business, but in fact it can only be an agent designer’s self-discipline problem.

  Only those who create agents are strict with self-discipline, regard the safety of users as their own safety, and "don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you", can they make AI "responsible" first when designing agents.

  From vision to reality, "responsible AI" requires the whole society to have a sense of responsibility.

  Responsibility is a kind of compulsion. Through external legislation and effective litigation, institutions and individuals who do not know how to love themselves in technology research and development gradually learn to love themselves. Through moral consciousness, more researchers of artificial intelligence technology will establish a sense of responsibility for technological development, and more people of insight, including public figures like NPC deputies and CPPCC members, will constantly appeal to scientists, technical experts, entrepreneurs and the whole society to attach great importance to AI security issues. The stronger the sense of responsibility, the safer the future AI will be.

  To make AI "responsible", human beings need to consciously take responsibility first. The vision picture of AI security has been slowly unfolding, and it is not far to expect "responsible AI" to become a reality.

Hot search for myopia surgery in 2022: How long does it take to apply for laser correction in military schools?

       Becoming a soldier is the dream of many students, but taking the military school entrance examination requires not only the results of the college entrance examination, but also the candidates’ health, especially their eyesight. Many parents know that their children’s myopia needs to be improved, but they are not clear about the time needed for myopia surgery and what preparations need to be made. Below, experts will answer your questions.


  First of all, we need to know the requirements for applying for military school vision:

  The farsighted vision of each eye in the military academy is less than 4.5(0.3), the corrected vision is less than 4.9(0.8), and the diopter is above ±6.00DS equivalent spherical lens, which is unqualified.

  The naked-eye farsightedness of each eye is above 4.6(0.4), the corrected vision is above 4.9(0.8), and the diopter is below ±6.00DS equivalent spherical lens. The majors of command, surface warship, submarine, armor, surveying and mapping and radar are qualified. Among them, excimer laser surgery has no complications for more than half a year, except submarine and airborne specialty.

        Enter the military academy in 2022, and do laser myopia surgery as early as possible.

  Whether it is full femtosecond or semi-femtosecond, the postoperative vision recovery is very fast. Normally, you can get good vision the next day after surgery, which will hardly affect your normal work and life. However, you should try to operate as early as possible and reserve enough time for vision recovery.

  1. Myopia surgery can be done without wanting to do it. Many nearsighted friends came to the hospital and told me that I wanted to do all-femtosecond surgery, or other surgical methods. However, after strict preoperative examination, because the eye conditions did not meet, myopia surgery could not be performed. Even if it was found that it was not suitable for myopia surgery, there was enough time to adjust the plan.

  2. Myopia surgery has strict requirements for patients’ eye conditions. If the eye condition does not meet the requirements, even if the corneal thickness is appropriate, the operation can only be performed after the eye condition meets the requirements. For example, it is necessary to stop wearing contact lenses in advance, soft contact lenses for 1 week, hard contact lenses for 2 weeks, and OK lenses for more than 3 months.

  3. There are strict and standardized surgical procedures for myopia surgery. Generally speaking, you should have a preoperative examination before you can make an appointment for the operation. You should also order eye drops for three days before the operation, and it will take about 1 to 3 months for your vision to return to stability after the operation.

  Therefore, experts remind that in order to ensure foolproof, the sooner you apply for myopia surgery in military schools, the better. With sufficient recovery time, you can not only successfully pass the physical examination, but also restore your eye vision to a stable state as soon as possible.

All the pictures in this article have been authorized by the copyright owner.

More than 100 million people play the "jump" game every day to become the next slogan?


  On the 15th, more than 4,000 people gathered in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall for a "jump" on the 2018 WeChat open course PRO. Almost at the same time, UBISOFT and WeChat jointly announced that they would carry out strategic cooperation on small games, and Ubisoft’s Ketchapp would launch several small games on the WeChat platform.

  "Jump" fire

  Exceeding team expectations

  On the morning of 15th, WeChat friends circle began to brush up: Zhang Xiaolong is going to show off a "jump" in front of more than 4,000 people today. The founder of WeChat, known as "the highest record has more than 6,000 points", ended his first jump in 2018 with 967 points in the attention of the audience. In this unique way, Zhang Xiaolong announced the official opening of the 2018 WeChat open course PRO.

  In the opening speech, Zhang Xiaolong said that the game "Jump" was very interesting. I also ridiculed myself that after hitting 6000 points, I got a title called "Becoming a Buddha on the Site" and accidentally became a Buddhist department.

  Regarding the original intention and fiery development of "TiYiTiao", Zhang Xiaolong said that "TiYiTiao" was only used as a Demo at first. It is a very simple game in the new version of WeChat to reflect the power of a platform such as WeChat applets and games.

  After the game was released, its effect exceeded the expectations of the development team. "Because its DAU (daily active users) is about 100 million, but there are many plugins at the same time. I didn’t expect such a small game to have so many plugins. My friends in my circle of friends also scored a particularly high score, but I believe that he did not play it himself. "

  Zhang Xiaolong said that there are about 30 people with more than 3,000 points in the system. "We hope that through an invitation, users who can now hit more than 3,000 points can come to our office and play in front of us, and they can get a very special gift."

  Small game users exceeded 310 million.

  From December 28, 2017, "Jump Jump" came out with the new version of WeChat. The cumulative number of users of "Jump Jump", which has not been online for a full moon, has reached 310 million. As one of the masterpieces of small games, "Tiaotiao" has a user retention rate of 65% the next day and 52% on the seventh day, far exceeding the average level of the mobile game industry.

  Zhang Xiaolong said that the original intention of mini-games is to provide a more relaxed lifestyle, so that users can get away from information and social pressure, and take advantage of fragmented time to relax, which is actually a very serious matter. Small games will continue to be open to enterprise developers and individual developers in the future.

  Applets will not replace traditional apps.

  Since it was officially launched in January last year, the small program that first tried to scream has quietly spawned a brand-new mobile Internet ecosystem. According to the data released by the WeChat team at the conference site, there are currently 170 million daily active users in the applet ecosystem, 580,000 applets have been launched, attracting more than 1 million developers to join and covering 2,300 third-party development platforms.

  In the past 52 weeks, the applet itself has maintained a small-step and fast-running upgrade iteration, and released 32 new capabilities, including store applets, nearby applets, applet development assistants, embedded web pages, custom components, and small games. More than 100 service experiences. At present, innovative applications of applets in various life scenes of China people have blossomed everywhere.

  "Applets represent the future, and everything in the future may contain information, and applets are just such an information carrier and expression." Zhang Xiaolong said in the WeChat open class that applets will not replace traditional apps, but will enrich many scenes of apps.

  Ubisoft and WeChat will cooperate to launch online games.

  In the open class on 15th, UBISOFT and WeChat jointly announced that they would carry out strategic cooperation on small games, and Ubisoft’s Ketchapp would launch several small games on WeChat platform. Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages and provide users with small game products with interesting gameplay, rich content and high quality experience.

  UBISOFT is a leading enterprise in R&D, distribution and sales of interactive entertainment games and services. It has a variety of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Dancing Full, Lehman, Crying Out in a Lonely Island and other best-selling works. Ubisoft’s sales in the fiscal year 2016-2017 were 1.46 billion euros.

  By the end of the third quarter of 2017, the number of monthly active users of WeChat reached 980 million. Since the launch of the applet on January 9, 2017, it has been widely concerned by third-party developers, and the small game is a brand-new category just launched by WeChat applet.

  Our reporter Yang Ye.


  I believe many people have been screened by a game called "Jump" recently. Anyway, when reporters go to restaurants to eat, almost everyone holds their mobile phones, and then they only hear duang~duang~duang~

  A game that can’t make money, what is it to attract the disabled party to fight and fight? The reporter chatted with players and scientists about this topic.

  "Jump" game,

  It’s called decompression, and it’s really "scheming"

  A colleague of the reporter, the highest record is 179 points — — According to the statistics of online celebrity "Bi Dao" (note: Bi Xiaotian, Ph.D. student of Tsinghua University Chemical Engineering Department, who posted the online post "The gap between grabbing and grabbing WeChat red packets first is so big" last Spring Festival), 70% of the "jumping" players failed to score 110 points. Therefore, this colleague’s achievements in jumping out a little bit are very admirable.

  But my colleague told me that her initial motivation was: "When I first played, my circle of friends was always behind someone I didn’t like. I must overtake him and keep a certain distance from him."

  Wearing a decompression coat, but the ranking reveals the scheming.

  So jumping is a decompression game, and probably the first few sets will make you feel relieved of work pressure. As long as you have played a few games, everyone will understand that this game has a ranking. And ranking is the most stressful thing in the world. People are definitely more irritating than people. Forcibly setting the ranking of friends circle is really the biggest trick of this game.

  Li Dan, a master of sociology at Tongji University, told me that one of the important reasons for everyone’s repeated defeats and wars is: "It may have played a social role." Because the scores you "jump out" will participate in the ranking of friends, "ranking means interaction."

  "Being keen on playing this game can be understood as looking for a sense of existence to satisfy your little vanity." Li Dan analysis.

  Why can’t adults play with children? Do you accept these explanations?

  Others found that, judging from the crowd distribution and performance statistics of "Jump" players, it seems that adults can’t play with children. For example, in our editorial department, it is the 8-year-old girl of my colleague’s family who can find the feeling of jumping out of 200 points quickly within ten minutes.

  How to explain this phenomenon? According to the data summarized by online celebrity’s "Bi Dao", you can jump step by step with the time, and your grades will definitely go up. "In addition, when many people are close to their best achievements in history, their mentality will be unstable, and they will be flustered and die." According to the summary of "Bi Dao", from this point of view, children may have higher concentration than adults, and they don’t have too many distractions, and they also play more easily.

  However, Jin Cancan said this — — "The secret is that I found that there will be extra points for staying on each special prop — — Water from the manhole cover flows out, adding 5 points; If the middle layer of the Rubik’s Cube turns positive, you can add 10 points; When the convenience store opens, you can add 15 points and the music box can add 30 points. "

  Adults vomited blood in succession, so why didn’t they sum up such a strategy?

  According to qianjiang evening news


  Zhang Xiaolong, senior executive vice president of Tencent Group and known as the "father of WeChat", said on the 15 th in the 2018 WeChat open class PRO in Guangzhou that the goal of WeChat is to be the best tool on the Internet; Wechat will not go to see the chat record; WeChat WeChat official account APP will be released, and the appreciation function will also be restored; In 2018, WeChat will further explore offline life.

  Wechat doesn’t read chat records

  WeChat official account appreciates that it will resume.

  "For WeChat, we follow the concept of respecting users and individuals." Zhang Xiaolong said that this means that WeChat regards users as friends, that it must provide users with the best products and services, and that it will not look at users’ chat records. "Since the first version of WeChat, the system has been designed like this.".

  For some people who questioned that "WeChat can’t even synchronize chat records in the cloud". Zhang Xiaolong said that from the perspective of protecting users’ privacy, it is safest to have no user chat records in the system, and WeChat will not violate users’ privacy, including never sending harassing messages to users. In addition, Zhang Xiaolong also said that WeChat will explore offline life in the next step. "In 2018, we hope to make some new attempts. Exploring the wonderful life offline is a direction we want to try." He said.

  Wechat WeChat official account will release the APP appreciation function and will return.

  "In the past, there was only a management platform for the WeChat public platform, but in the future, WeChat official account will also have a mobile APP." Zhang Xiaolong said, in fact, I made a WeChat official account APP before, but it has never been released, because I have been wondering whether to transplant the functions on the computer platform or design a better APP for the mobile phone platform.

  "Now this APP has been done almost, and it may be released soon." Zhang Xiaolong said.

  Regarding WeChat official account’s appreciation, Zhang Xiaolong said that after coordination with Apple, everyone has reached some consensus, and will soon restore the "appreciation" function, and will make great changes to turn the previous appreciation of WeChat official account into an appreciation for the author.

  "In the future, in the public platform, you will see that the author is an independent column. You can see the introduction of each author and the articles he has published. An author can contribute different WeChat official account." Zhang Xiaolong said that the next step will be to consider whether there are other ways to make WeChat WeChat official account produce short content.

  Applets need to grow slowly.

  In the past, when we went to some restaurants, we could only queue up to order food. Now, through the corresponding small programs, we have realized scanning code for ordering food and scanning code for checkout. In life, applets have been used in many scenes to facilitate our lives.

  Tencent data shows that the number of daily users of WeChat applets has reached 170 million, of which 30% are in first-tier cities and 31% are in fourth-tier cities and below. The number of online applets has reached 580,000, and the number of enterprises and individual developers of applets has exceeded 1 million.

  But Zhang Xiaolong doesn’t want applets to be "fattened". "Because I think that for some future-oriented infrastructure facilities, it is not that we design its functions well, and users will succeed immediately when they get involved. On the contrary, we need a longer period to pave the way for it and need it to grow up slowly." Zhang Xiaolong said.

  Zhang Xiaolong also said that small programs are not specially prepared for a certain field, which does not mean that e-commerce is now a slogan or for e-commerce; Wechat will not be a centralized diversion portal for applets, and it is hoped that applets will be a larger platform based on decentralization. According to Xinhua News Agency