Bosideng: Writing fashion professionally brings infinite surprises to consumers around the world.

As a world-famous down jacket brand, Bosideng has always won the love of consumers all over the world with its excellent quality and unique design. Bosideng’s recently launched year of the loong series down jackets have brought surprises to consumers all over the world. Bosideng has always regarded professionalism as the core value of its brand. In the field of down jackets, Bosideng has won wide acclaim from consumers for its extreme pursuit of details and strict control of quality. From material selection to production, Bosideng insists on using high-quality materials and creates warm and fashionable down jackets through fine craftsmanship.

In order to ensure the warm performance of down jackets, Bosideng carefully selects high-quality goose down from world-famous goose down producing areas. These goose down have been screened, classified, cooled and dusted, disinfected at high temperature, strictly cleaned and purified, which ensure the purity and high quality of down. At the same time, Bosideng also adopted advanced warm-keeping technology, which made the down jacket still give the wearer a warm and comfortable experience in the cold winter.

In terms of fashion, Bosideng is constantly innovating, breaking the shackles of traditional down jackets and integrating fashion elements into them. Year of the loong series down jackets are Bosideng’s model of combining traditional culture with fashion elements. Inspired by the beginning of heaven and earth, combined with the concepts of Jiachen, Zodiac Dragon and the state of dragons in different seasons in historical allusions, the design concepts of "Hidden Deep" and "Ascending Cloud" are refined as this joint series. By skillfully combining dragon patterns with fashion elements, Bosideng has brought consumers a down jacket with profound cultural heritage and a sense of fashion.

Bosideng not only performs well in design and warmth retention, but also has a sense of science and technology in its production process. In the traditional down jacket production process, the filling process is often full of flying flocs, but the filling room in Bosideng is clean and orderly. This is because Bosideng adopts intelligent filling equipment. By uploading the filling data through the system, the machine will automatically grab the data and complete the filling process. This intelligent production method not only improves the production efficiency, but also ensures the quality of down jackets.

Bosideng’s professional strength has been widely recognized. In the brand value evaluation in 2023, Bosideng was selected as one of the "500 Most Valuable Brands in China" by virtue of its outstanding achievements in brand building and innovative practices in various fields, and its brand value evaluation reached 88.569 billion yuan, ranking 76th. This honor not only reflects Bosideng’s brand strength and influence, but also shows its leading position in the textile and garment industry.

Bosideng’s success can not be separated from its persistent innovative spirit and deep insight into consumer demand. Continue to innovate in down jacket technology, fabrics, styles and other aspects, and promote the transformation of down jackets from a single warm-keeping function to technology and fashion. At the same time, Bosideng also actively participates in various heavyweight brand activities, such as New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, etc., and continuously deepens consumers’ awareness and reputation of Bosideng brand down jacket experts through large-scale brand promotion, visual presentation upgrade, enhanced communication content, and product promotion and sales interaction.

Bosideng down jacket has been leading the market in China for 28 consecutive years, and it has been the only representative of China’s winter clothes to release the fashion trend to the world for 26 consecutive years. Behind these honors and achievements is Bosideng’s ultimate pursuit of quality and constant persistence in innovation.

Bosideng has brought infinite surprises to consumers all over the world with its professional technology and innovative design concept. Bosideng has demonstrated its excellent quality and unique charm in terms of warmth and fashion. In the future, Bosideng will continue to deepen the continuous innovation in the field of down jackets and bring more and better products to consumers.