Equation Leopard Car: Leopard 5 is expected to be launched in November, and the price information circulating on the Internet is not true.

On October 12th, BYD’s Equation Leopard Automobile issued a message through the official Weibo yesterday evening, replying to some users’ recent "most concerned" questions about the first model Leopard 5.

According to the official, Leopard 5 benefits from the space utilization rate of DMO super hybrid off-road platform, and the rear seat space and head space "far exceed the same level products", which supports the rear seat to be put down.We have developed suitable mattresses and airbags, the maximum length of which can exceed 1.9 meters and the width is close to 1.4 meters, which can lie down for two people..

Regarding the delivery of new cars, the official response said that the first batch of stores in China opened for trial operation at the end of October.Leopard 5 real cars will also arrive in the store one after another, and the first batch of exhibition cars will be the Feiyun version.. The new car is expected to be officially launched in November, and the orders are arranged in order. However, in terms of selling price, Equation Leopard only responded that "the official selling price has not been released".None of the information circulated on the Internet is true, and the official selling price will be announced at the time of listing..

In terms of configuration, Leopard 5 will launch three versions: Exploratory Edition, Pilot Edition and Yunqi Ultimate Edition. Different versions will "have a certain degree of functions and experience focusing on configuration to better meet the diverse needs of different consumers".

IT House previously reported that the first production car of Equation Leopard 5 was officially launched on September 28th. According to the officially released configuration information, the new car will launch three models: the exploration version, the pilot version and the Yunqi flagship version, with the length, width and height of 4890 (including the spare tire) *1970*1920mm and the wheelbase of 2800 mm.

In terms of power, Leopard 5 is equipped with BYD’s new hybrid platform DMO and Yunqi -p intelligent body control system. It uses 1.5T+dual motor power, as well as a classic off-road combination of three locks, and it is also a vertical engine.

Relying on the DMO platform, the comprehensive maximum output of this model can reach 505 kW, the peak torque is 760N?m, the zero acceleration time is 4.8s, and the CLTC battery life is 125 km.

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The first production car of BYD Equation Leopard "Leopard 5" is officially off the assembly line: three models will be launched and expected to be delivered within this year.

Suzhou area krypton 007 is on sale! The lowest price is 229,900, and the promotion is limited.

In the promotion channel in Suzhou, car home, preferential activities are being carried out, and consumers in Suzhou can enjoy a maximum discount of 10,000 yuan. The minimum starting price of this model is 229,900 yuan. If you want to know more preferential information, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


The design of Krypton 007 is very futuristic, the front face design is simple and atmospheric, and the air intake grille is closed, which shows its identity as a new energy vehicle. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is fashionable and dynamic, which shows the sense of science and technology of Krypton 007. The front of the car adopts a unique split headlight design, which is unique in shape and highly recognizable. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the hub adopts a multi-spoke design, which adds a sense of movement. At the rear of the car, Krypton 007 adopts a unique through taillight design, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also improves the recognition. Generally speaking, the design of Krypton 007 is excellent, which fully shows its sense of science and technology and sports, which is impressive.


Extreme Krypton 007 is a medium and large SUV with a size of 4865*1900*1450, with a wheelbase of 2928mm, a front track of 1635mm and a rear track of 1650 mm. The lines on the side of the car are smooth and simple, showing the sense of fashion and movement of Krypton 007. Tyre size is 245/45 R19, and the front and rear wheels all adopt the same specifications, which provides more stable driving performance for the vehicle. The rim adopts black multi-spoke design, which highlights the sports style of Krypton 007. Generally speaking, Krypton 007 is a medium and large SUV with both fashion and sports, with excellent driving performance and stable driving experience.


The interior design of Krypton 007 is very fashionable and full of science and technology. The 15.05-inch central control screen is large and clear, equipped with voice recognition control system, which can control multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning functions, making drivers more convenient. The steering wheel made of leather feels comfortable, and the electric up and down+front and rear adjustment function allows the driver to adjust according to his own needs. There are two Type-C and USB interfaces in the front and rear rows, which is convenient for charging. The front seats are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions, and both the driver’s seat and the co-pilot seat have electric seat memory functions. The backrest of the second row of seats can be adjusted, and the rear seats support proportional reclining, which is very practical. In short, the interior configuration of Krypton 007 is rich, which allows people to enjoy a comfortable ride experience while driving.

Extreme Krypton 007 is equipped with a powerful engine, with a maximum power of 310 kW and a maximum torque of 440 N m. This makes the vehicle perform well when accelerating, and can quickly reach high speed and maintain stability. In addition, the engine also has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which provides excellent handling performance and driving experience for drivers. Whether on urban roads or highways, Krypton 007 can easily cope with all kinds of road conditions, showing excellent performance.

In the word-of-mouth evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he is full of praise for the interior design of Krypton 007. He especially likes the use of oval steering wheel and big screen, and thinks they are very beautiful and silky. In addition, the fur-turning decoration near the roof and door handle also makes him feel very advanced. He also believes that the black sports seat is not only outstanding in appearance, but also first-class in comfort. The owner believes that the exquisiteness of Krypton 007 is much higher than that of BBA model, and the price is much cheaper. It can be seen that Krypton 007 has brought a very good experience to the owner in the interior design.

Guangzhou Automobile released all-solid-state battery and no-map pure visual intelligent driving system

Business News (Reporter Guo Yuxi) Recently, 2024 Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day was held in Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute. On Science and Technology Day, GAC officially launched the industry-leading all-solid-state power battery. It adopts the solid-state anode technology with high surface capacity and the third generation sponge silicon negative plate technology, and the all-solid-state anode can reach a high surface capacity of more than 5mAh/cm2, thus achieving an energy density of more than 400Wh/kg. Compared with the most advanced liquid lithium-ion battery at present, its volume energy density and mass energy density are increased by more than 50%, and the cruising range of the whole vehicle can exceed 1000km.

Guangzhou Automobile No Map Pure Vision Intelligent Driving System was launched simultaneously. Compared with the current mainstream technology route, it not only does not need high-precision maps, but also does not rely on lidar. Instead, it combines visual sensors and industry-leading AI algorithms to perceive the world like a human being, and can achieve a wider coverage with a simpler hardware system. Intelligent driving brings users a richer, more free and full-scene driving experience. Both technologies are planned to be loaded in 2026.

Huawei Zhang Wenlin: Digital technology accelerates the transformation and upgrading of media industry.

  On May 20th, the 2021 China International Intelligent Communication Forum, with the theme of "Intelligent Communication in the New Era", hosted by the Central Radio and Television General Station and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, kicked off in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Vice Minister Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Shen Haixiong, Deputy Secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee and Governor Wu Zhenglong attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered speeches. Huang Qin, secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, and Du Xiaogang, deputy secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and mayor, delivered a keynote speech. A number of industry experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and representatives of Chinese and foreign media gathered in Wuxi to talk about the new future of intelligent communication. Zhang Wenlin, President of Huawei’s Strategy Department, attended the main forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Digital Technology Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Media Industry".

  Zhang Wenlin, President of Huawei’s Strategy Department, delivered a keynote speech on "Digital Technology Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Media Industry" in the main forum.

  First, the era of ultra-high-definition video has arrived, and it is accelerating towards 4K/8K and richer experiences.

  On March 1, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television and the Central Radio and Television General Station jointly issued the Action Plan for the Development of Ultra HD Video Industry (2019— 2022). The overall goal of the action plan is to vigorously promote the development of ultra-high-definition video industry and its application in related fields in accordance with the overall technical route of "4K first and 8K second". In September, 2020, HDRVivid, the key technical standard of ultra-high definition video industry in China, was officially announced. In the Spring Festival Evening of 2021, the world’s first 8K ultra-high-definition TV live screen was fresh in memory. The era of ultra-high definition is coming. The penetration rate of family 4K TV in China has exceeded 70%, and the number of families with 4K receiving ability has reached 200 million.

  Technological changes have driven the development of the industry, and the requirements for efficiency, quality and computing power in film and television production have been greatly improved. Driven by the demand for accelerated remote collaboration in the epidemic, it is accelerating the overall cloud. Taking film and television works as an example, from Avatar in 2009 to Alita in 2019, the number of special effects shots doubled, and the requirements for calculation and storage increased by more than four times; There are also super variety shows, the number of shots is increased by 10 times, the quality is required to start at 4K, the production time is required to be shortened, and the parallel computing is required to be improved by 10 times. Starting from supporting the efficient production of content, AI will completely change the future creation and production mode, from the production end to the consumption end. There are a lot of pain points that need to be solved by AI intelligence in the whole process of current content production, and the changes in the future film and television industry need innovative technical support.

  Second, the ultra-high-definition industry will be scaled up to promote technological innovation and industrial transformation.

  Throughout the 14 th Five-Year Plan, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating, and the deep integration of virtual reality technology and digital technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G is having a profound and extensive impact on the economic and social development process. In recent years, the policies and plans of the General Administration of Radio and Television and the Film Bureau have clearly put forward the requirements for technology and industrial development, and the core points to four aspects: open innovation, deepening development, all-round promotion and industrial upgrading.

  Huawei is deeply involved in video media technology and continues to innovate: In the past 25 years, from multimedia communication to video products serving radio and television/operators, it has gradually built the video development capability of the whole process and industry, and through in-depth and comprehensive research on audio and video basic technologies, it has been actively contributing to and promoting the formulation of open and innovative industrial standards and international standards with innovative technologies, and promoting industrial upgrading.

  The key basic technology of ultra-high-definition video is firstly HDR. Since the release of the HDR standard by the Ultra-high-definition Alliance, the HDRVivid industry has become increasingly mature: commercial products in all sectors of the industry have been fully launched, and all mainstream manufacturers in all sectors will launch products and contents supporting this technical standard during the year, greatly enhancing the visual experience of consumers; Then there is DRM, the key guarantee technology of ultra-high-definition industry: multilateral enterprises in the industrial chain jointly build a trust center DTA, creating an open standard, transparent and credible service model for global multilateral cooperation; Domestic and foreign manufacturers have participated in it, and the ecosystem has become increasingly mature, escorting the security of ultra-high-definition content.

  At CCTV main station ‘ 5G+4K/8K+AI’ Driven by the strategy, the whole industry is accelerating the comprehensive technological upgrading and transformation such as IP and cloud. The ultra-high-definition video production and broadcasting platform built by CCTV will form an ultra-high-definition program production capacity with an annual output of 10,000 hours (including new media and TV terminals), which will greatly promote the large-scale application of ultra-high-definition content, and then promote new business models such as live broadcast of ultra-high-definition TV theaters, support unified distribution for various end users, and accelerate the development of industrial integration.

  Three, industrial change to stimulate technological breakthroughs, business innovation chain reaction

  With the advent of the 5G era, the audio and video industry will realize digitalization, networking and intelligent upgrade. The access of 5G technology will bring new changes to film and television shooting. Media shooting can be made directly on the cloud. Since the National Day military parade of CCTV in 2019, the technology of 5G back transmission after shooting has taken the lead. At present, the technology has gradually matured. Huawei can provide more than 500M of stable bandwidth through 5G super uplink capability, and at the same time, it can provide 1G uplink capability next year, which can be widely used in all kinds of media shooting and live event scenes. By shooting the production scheme on the cloud through live broadcast, the cost of single live broadcast can be reduced by 60%. At the same time, because the live shooting brought by 5G jumps into the cloud, virtual shooting will redefine the shooting mode: by constructing a three-dimensional digital twin space of film and television content, the background of the calculated content can be combined with the physical image of the real shot, which will greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency in the early and late shooting. AI drives motion capture/voice/digital twins/light/spatial positioning and other functions to comprehensively improve the efficiency and quality of film and television content creation.

  The key to upgrading the 4K/8K content production and broadcasting is IP transformation. The media matrix will lead the IP transformation of TV station production and broadcasting, and support 2000 channels of 4K/8K content production and broadcasting in the traditional SDI mode, which requires 32 cabinets and 4 tons of heavy copper cable. The MediaFabric jointly innovated by Huawei and CCTV can complete the same task with two cabinets and about 100 kilograms of optical fiber, and support flexibility and scalability, and support future-oriented evolution.

  The application of technologies such as 5G, IP, cloud and AI in the process of ultra-high definition has contributed to the chemical reaction of business innovation. For example, the free viewing angle in the ultra-high-definition field is becoming a bright spot and hot spot in the industry. The Spring Festival Evening "Heroes of Heaven and Earth" has a high-quality image quality and a full-time 4K free viewing angle, bringing a new viewing experience and rich application scenarios.

  Fourth, cloud-based technologies and services have brought about changes in production, processing and distribution models.

  There will be three revolutionary services on Huawei Cloud:First, digital content is fully produced on the cloud, and various tools such as modeling interaction are efficiently scheduled and operated on the cloud through large-scale flexible computing power; Huawei and its eco-partners are steadily advancing the innovation of cloud production process services, which were officially released together with their partners at the Shanghai Film Festival in June this year. The second is the production on the 4K variety cloud. Based on the production practice of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", Huawei Cloud can realize the simultaneous editing and processing of hundreds of video streams through mature technologies such as real-time processing of proxy files and original files, which greatly accelerates the production efficiency in the later stage of variety. Third, making real-time generation services on the digital people cloud, which will produce film-and-television digital people with anthropomorphic characteristics and real digital twin figures, will be applied to the field of TV variety for the first time, and more innovative scenes such as lifelike digital twin program hosts will greatly enrich the content creation mode. There will be a famous host’s digital twin in the year, so please look forward to it.

  The mature services on Huawei Cloud are also constantly innovating and promoting the development of ultra-HD industry;Intelligent repair function, with accurate AI algorithm to help high-quality, efficient content repair and quality improvement, while improving video quality, enhance users’ willingness to watch. More than 500 films and videos have been restored.

  Explore a new mode of publishing on the cloud;Support the film distribution field to quickly enter the digital service era from the hard disk mailing era. In the field of distribution, there are still many difficult problems in the distribution of the film industry. At present, the distribution for urban cinemas still adopts the mode of hard disk delivery, which is high in cost, easy to damage, low in security and unable to be flexibly scheduled. The cloud service based on timely error correction and security guarantee of Huawei Cloud greatly improves the flexibility, timeliness and security of film distribution.

  5. New market space: integrating innovation and providing the ultimate experience for more users in a timely manner.

  The second live mode is about to provide services in a normal and large scale. It is expected to provide users with more and better enjoyment in cinemas, theaters and various venues that can provide the ultimate experience of film and television content.

  The new home theater will create the second largest cinema market. Through revolutionary experience upgrading, convenient and flexible installation and civilian price, it provides a brand-new video business experience for home users. The AiMax business operation practice of Huawei video and smart screen proves that high-quality home theater experience will stimulate three times the viewing volume, increase the willingness to pay by two times, and incite huge commercial value.

  Generally speaking, under the general trend of the accelerated development of ultra-high-definition industry, various technologies have been iteratively developed, which has spawned various business innovations and business model innovations, and constantly opened up new markets. This will promote the chain reaction of innovation in all aspects of the industry, which requires the joint efforts of the entire industrial ecological partners and the government to provide necessary conditions and convenience for the cluster development of the industry. In this process, Huawei will focus on technological innovation, join hands with partners, actively promote the development of ultra-high-definition technology and industry, and create full-process technological innovation with the support value of 5G, IP, cloud and AI to help the digital transformation and industrial upgrading of the film and television industry in the ultra-high-definition era.

Screen hot search! Hua Xizi is "crazy"? The comment section exploded …

On the afternoon of September 26th, Weibo, the official of Hua Xizi, wrote, "I, Hua Xizi, 6 and a half years old, have a dream to be a high-end brand based on the local market and going global."

Text with pictures:

A good attitude determines Huaxizi’s life.


Hua Xizi’s "Crazy Literature" looks silly to many netizens.

Subsequently, @ 京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京201

One of them wrote: "China brand, each generation has its mission! My generation is going to fight in the international market with high-end potential! It doesn’t matter if I am ridiculed or ridiculed. I have been neighbors with LV and Gucci by the West Lake, and I will be opposite Chanel in Isetan, Japan’s top department store, and then I will go to France, Dubai and the United States. Wait for me. "

In response to the price issue, @ 京京京京京京京京京京 commented: "Does anyone really take grams to measure the value of eyebrow pencil? When people went to the stationery store to buy pencils when they were young, between 2B pencils and mechanical pencil, did you finally buy mechanical pencil because the refill was heavy? But why does 2B pencil cost only a few cents, while mechanical pencil costs several dollars? Why is this? Did you ever think about this question when you were young? No, you won’t. "

Business newspaper jun is not exaggerating the facts.

It is indeed a "high-density" brush screen follow-up review. ……

If there are too many, I won’t list them one by one.

In a word, after some operation.

It takes a long time for n hot searches.


But after the release,

Hua Xizi’s comment area overturned,

Some netizens directly said that it was "crazy literature".

Others pointed to Hua Xizi’s concept of stealing.

Most netizens said that they couldn’t understand this wave of operation.

Playing the fool?

Some netizens were puzzled by Hua Xizi’s remarks in the comment area, saying, "It’s better for me to do this operation." @ 京京京京京京京京京京京京京京: You can go to a recruitment platform to see if there is a position suitable for you.

Some netizens discovered the "unusual" mental state of Hua Xizi Xiaobian, and @ Hua Xizi Florasis responded: "How can people not be crazy, just hold on?"

Subsequently, these remarks also boarded the hot search.


The whole story of Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil incident

A few days ago, when Li Jiaqi, the anchor of Taobao, introduced a Huaxizi eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan during a live broadcast, some netizens left a message saying that it was getting more and more expensive. As a result, Li Jiaqi himself directly "opened the door" to consumers, and related remarks caused extensive discussion on the Internet.

On September 19th, Hua Xizi published a "belated" open letter in the official Weibo, giving a positive response and apologizing for the first time. However, this open letter is considered "flashy" by many people. Some netizens said, "Having said so much, I feel as if I haven’t said a word."

On September 20, according to Zhongxin Jingwei, it was learned from people familiar with the matter that the open letter was not written by the company’s public relations department, and employees of the public relations department had voluntarily resigned. It is also known that there are still several employees in Huaxizi Public Relations Department, but they also tend to leave or have decided to leave.

According to beijing business today news, in the direct employment of BOSS, Hua Xizi newly released the recruitment notices of the person in charge of scientific communication research and the person in charge of media planting grass within five days, all of whom are responsible for brand promotion and other work. The former salary is 20-35K, with 14 salaries, and the annual salary is as high as 490,000 yuan; The latter’s salary is 23-40K, 14 salaries, and the annual salary is as high as 560,000 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the continuous public opinion directly affects the sales of Hua Xizi.

According to the data of the e-commerce platform, before September 10, the sales of the official flagship store of Huaxizi was between 1 million and 2.5 million yuan; After September 11th, the sales of official flagship store of Huaxi Zi fell to 75,000-100,000 yuan, a drop of over 90%.

According to the data of cicada mother, in August this year, under the category of beauty and skin care, the sales of Huaxizi brand ranked fourth, second only to Kans, L ‘Oreal and Polaiya, and the sales in August exceeded 100 million yuan. However, the latest data show that since September this year, before September 11th, the daily sales of Hua Xizi in Tik Tok were basically more than 2.5 million yuan, and the daily sales on September 7th even exceeded 10 million yuan. However, after Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks, from September 11th to 18th, Hua Xizi’s sales in Tik Tok dropped sharply, and the single-day sales did not exceed 1 million yuan.

Source Reading Creation/Shenzhen Business Daily Comprehensive Self-Flower Xizi Official Weibo, Zhongxin Jingwei, beijing business today, Securities Times, etc.

Editor Xin Jiayi

Original title: "Screen hot search! Hua Xizi is "crazy"? The comment area exploded … "

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Revealing the live broadcast with goods in close encounter of mahjong! Brush flow with rhythm routines.

  "There is so much meat in it, and the meat pieces are big. It’s really great value." In the live broadcast room, a female anchor gulped a fast food product at the camera; In the comment area, fans also brushed out praises and prepared to place orders; Outside the live broadcast room, zhangxin (pseudonym), a commodity operator, was extremely excited, expecting to sell out 60,000 products prepared through this live broadcast.

  But contrary to expectations, the live broadcast only sold less than 1500 items. Tens of thousands of yuan in membership fees and 60,000 pieces of stock, zhangxin paid nearly 900,000 yuan. After this campaign, he lost confidence in the live broadcast.

  Recently, a number of stars live broadcast goods "overturned", and it was revealed that after charging high fees, the goods sold were pitiful. Zhangxin is the epitome of many merchants who are looking for live broadcast to bring goods, hoping to sell goods through live broadcast. However, in the end, it is not a sharp increase in sales, but a big pit of data fraud, rhythm of billing, membership fees, high sales volume and high return rate.

  Pay first

  A membership fee of 100,000 yuan does not guarantee sales.

  Holding a mobile phone to pay attention to the live delivery of goods on multiple platforms has now become the norm in zhangxin. The competing products sold nearly 9,000 items in the lively live broadcast, which once again stimulated zhangxin’s nerves. "Our products are more real than their materials, and the visual impact in the live broadcast will be even greater. I think it is definitely better than competing products, so I want to take a chance."

  Zhangxin found a number of e-commerce companies, many of which listed their experiences of cooperating with many big anchors, and told him that "the strength of the company need not be worried".

  In zhangxin’s view, the selection of the big anchor will certainly be very strict, and how to get the goods directly into the live broadcast room is his most concerned issue.

  "These are small things. In a word, if you give me the product, we can let them broadcast it." A staff member of a new media company doing live broadcast said. However, before the live broadcast, you need to pay a certain fee to become a senior member of the company. The annual membership fee is 100,000 yuan. After becoming a member, you can receive the big anchor.

  Several anchors listed by the staff made zhangxin excited, and his mind dreamed of the scene that the goods were sold out. The staff further said that many brands now find live broadcast companies, which is to sell a large amount of products. The purpose is to let dealers see the sales volume of products, or to attract the attention of the capital side, and then get financing.

  "The strength of our company is here, you have to believe us." When zhangxin asked whether the docking head anchor and the guarantee of a certain sales volume would be written into the contract, the reply he got brought him back to reality. "I almost took out 100,000 yuan, but trust and distrust are not a concept in the contract."

  The reporter contacted two small-scale live broadcast companies, all of which signed a number of anchors to broadcast live on different platforms. Instead of membership fees, they charged "pit fees" ranging from two to three thousand yuan. The reporter said that there are goods that need to be sold by live broadcast. After many times of communication, a live delivery company said that after paying the pit fee, it can carry out live delivery in its company account, and designed the development path of the goods for the reporter. "Live broadcast can’t be anxious. You can do live broadcast for half a year in the live broadcast room. After accumulation and word of mouth, when the brand is almost done, you can sell the brand. Then find the next outlet and make the next brand. How happy you will be then. "

  A merchant who used to bring goods in this way said that two or three thousand yuan is not much, which is nine Niu Yi hairs compared with the expenses of many big anchors, which often cost hundreds of thousands. "But after paying the pit fee, I found that I couldn’t sell the goods at all."

  Low sales volume

  Stock 60 thousand pieces and sell 1500 pieces

  After many searches, zhangxin thought he had found a reliable live delivery company. After doing market research, the live delivery company believes that there are inconveniences in the goods. This fast food product needs containers to eat, but it is not provided in the goods.

  The staff said that products can be sold through the company’s large size, and they should be warmed up first, but don’t expect a sharp increase in product sales. After the sales volume is good and the fans approve it, all the products will be sold through other accounts of the company. Zhangxin approved of this arrangement, and after finalizing the 60,000 yuan fee and some details, he brought two boxes of goods to the live broadcast company.

  Two hours before the broadcast, zhangxin fidgeted and kept brushing the live room of her mobile phone. "Many large anchors were broadcast live that night. I was under great pressure and worried that fans would be diverted."

  It was not until five minutes before the broadcast that Zhang Xin knew that his product was the last one in the live broadcast, and the company had promised him that it would be broadcast live in prime time. "Everyone spent all their money before, and at the end of the day, there was no money in their pockets, so they bought my products. This is not prime time. "

  Although very helpless, zhangxin has been unable to change. After the broadcast, he has been paying attention to the live broadcast content and found that four or five competing products appeared in this live broadcast room at the same time that day.

  More than two hours after the broadcast, the anchor took out the products from zhangxin and began to recommend them. He jumped up from his chair, applauded and shouted: "There are 20,000 people in the live broadcast room, come on."

  "There is a lot of meat and big chunks, which is too cost-effective." The anchor is eating his product and evaluating it. The comments in the live broadcast room were gradually brushed up. zhangxin became more and more excited outside the live broadcast room, gnashing his teeth and shouting: "Traffic, why can’t it be rushed?"

  The anchor began to count down to "3, 2, 1, on the shelf." 639 pieces and 763 pieces … … Until 1000 pieces, the final product sales were fixed at 1478 pieces. After the live broadcast, zhangxin sighed, and he prepared 60,000 items for the live broadcast. And he has invested nearly 900 thousand yuan in the process of finding live broadcast and stocking. "The live broadcast can’t be taken out. These goods are enough for my family to eat for ten years."

  Zhangxin’s experience is the epitome of many businesses looking for live delivery. Mr. Liu also carried goods through 9 anchors of 7 live delivery companies, but sold more than 60 goods in total. "For half a day, not only didn’t sell much goods, but also took a lot of ‘ Pit position fee ’ . From the beginning of self-confidence, I am exhausted now, and I don’t have so much hope for live broadcast. "

  There are many routines

  Comments with rhythm, brush the bill first and then return it.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, many live delivery companies have indicated that they can "create an atmosphere" in the live broadcast room. Control multiple mobile phones through a computer, and use many accounts to brush comments in the live broadcast room with rhythm. "After the fans entered the live broadcast room, they saw that the live broadcast room was so lively, and many fans had herd mentality, which would lead to large-scale purchases."

  A staff member of a live delivery company said that in the live broadcast, you can not only brush the comments with rhythm, but also drive fans through purchase behavior. As soon as the product is put into the live broadcast room, it will show how many people are buying, and this information display can also be operated. "Now some consumers don’t care whether the product is good or not, but only look at temporary needs and the price is right. When they see someone buying it, they will follow suit. These people are ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  It is not only fans who are regarded as "leeks", but also businesses looking for live broadcasts.

  In some live broadcast agreements, the number of goods sold in a live broadcast will be guaranteed after paying membership fees and pit fees. After meeting the sales volume, you can get this fee in full. Some companies will also sign a commission sharing agreement with merchants, which will be divided according to the amount of goods carried by the anchor. The higher the sales volume, the more it will be divided.

  However, during this period, there will often be a reversal of the plot, and many buyers will return the goods and refund them before, during and after delivery.

  "Some refunds can reach 40% or even more of sales. Among them, there are fans who are impulsive, and there are also bills brushed by live broadcast companies. At this time, the membership fee or pit fee has entered the pocket of the live broadcast company. " An industry insider who is familiar with live delivery said that merchants can only accept a certain return rate. The live delivery company received commissions and membership fees and completed the harvest of the enterprise. "If this industry goes on like this, no merchants are willing to find anchors to bring goods, and they don’t want to be harvested ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  Zhangxin has lost confidence in the fiery live delivery. After more than three months’ tossing, he found that there were many close encounter of mahjong in the live delivery. Live broadcast with goods is not the excitement in the live broadcast room, and the pit behind the false prosperity will engulf the merchants at any time. In the face of the goods prepared for live broadcast in the warehouse, zhangxin smiled helplessly. "Through this period of tossing, I also found out their routines. In the next step, I also plan to transform and become a live broadcast company." (Reporter Zhao Xibin Illustration Song Xi)

Yu Chengdong said that the M7 hanged a million-level class, and He Xiaopeng wanted to throw shoes.

May 28th, the first day of Shenzhen Auto Show.

In the afternoon, at the "Pioneer Dialogue on Future Automobile Innovation and Integration" officially held by the auto show, there was probably the most intriguing scene of this auto show:

If it is in committee of 100, Lao Yu said, it is estimated that there will be a lot of shoes thrown up below; Just now, Lao Yu said so, and I kind of want to throw a shoe up.」。

This passage comes from He Xiaopeng, and "Lao Yu" is Yu Chengdong.


When He Xiaopeng said that he wanted to throw Yu Chengdong shoes, he meant that Yu Chengdong had repeatedly "set up the flag" during his speech, or made very exciting speeches by diss traditional car companies and suppliers, such as ".The M7 will completely surpass millions of luxury cars such as Toyota Erffa and Lexus LM.」。

In fact, He Xiaopeng’s speech this afternoon was not peaceful. It was also a roar of gunfire, and traditional car companies, new cars and autonomous driving technology companies were all within his firepower.

Look at the car at the auto show, but the auto show is not just about cars. Today, let’s take a look at how the two giants in the field of smart cars portray the general trend of competition in the new automobile era in words.

This is the core evaluation given by Yu Chengdong to the M7, which will debut in June and be delivered in July.

He said that the goal of the M5 project is to benchmark millions of luxury cars, and when it comes to M7, it will naturally become ".Beyond the million-class luxury car」。

Are there any specific competitors? Yes,Toyota Erffa, Lexus LM.

These two models almost dominate the market of luxury MPVs above one million. It can be said that AITO is very confident-but wait, these two models seem to be MPVs?

Yu Chengdong explained that M7, as an SUV, will surpass all luxury SUVs in the million-class and luxury MPV. Moreover, the M7 will not be positioned as a large SUV.Its appearance is very compact, and its interior space is very large. It is a six-seat SUV and very comfortable.」。

How comfortable is it? His exact words were ".We have many new functions, which are the first in the world for leaders and bosses to rest comfortably, even surpassing all luxury SUVs and MPVs.

In addition, Yu Chengdong also officially announced the launch date of the M5 pure electric version: September, "trying to let everyone drive this car during the National Day".

In addition to preheating M7 and promoting M5, Yu Chengdong also talked about many stories related to the world, and the smart car industry.

First of all, he said that his M5 had been in Shenzhen for so long that he "didn’t refuel once" because both the company and the home can recharge. However, he came back from his hometown for more than 1,400 kilometers during the Chinese New Year. He said that the M5 ran farther than all pure trams, "because I can refuel".

Mentioned, Yu Chengdong stressed that "eating alone" is definitely not the idea of entering the automobile industry. "If it were this idea, we would not have been killed by the United States, and we would have been ruined by others. When making chips, I believed in the global division of labor too much, but there is no regret medicine to sell in the world. "

Secondly, when talking about HUAWEI Inside and Zhixuan, Yu Chengdong said that these two cars were not "made".

Bound M5


However, compared with HI, Zhixuan belongs to deeper cooperation. From the aspects of exterior design, interior design, intelligent cockpit, electric drive system and even sales, Zhixuan partners can cooperate with them.

When talking about "cooperation", Yu Chengdong mentioned that he once drove a car made by his partner. After driving,"Ten thousand alpacas are running in my heart, and I want to swear. It’s a trick design."So which partner will be here?

Finally, regarding smart cars, Yu Chengdong believes that most traditional car companies will eventually die like mobile phones, and a number of new car companies will rise, even though many people can’t imagine this day at all.



Just like who would have thought that Nokia, whose revenue and profit were equivalent to the sum of the last few, would disappear quickly.

As for the reason of driving the wave, Yu Chengdong mentioned a point: At present, the R&D expenses of new car companies (and) are not big, but the software is an important part of the R&D expenses.

There are 10,000 ways to interpret the shoe that He Xiaopeng wanted to throw to Yu Chengdong, but what remains unchanged is that he did say this sentence, and the content of this sentence is indeed "I want to throw shoes to Yu Chengdong".


By the way, He Xiaopeng was throwing shoes almost all the time.

For example, throw it to autopilot technology companies.

He Xiaopeng said that he always believed that L2 to L4 was a gradual process. He made an analogy:"Today, many L4 companies can shoot it in a video, which looks cool. In the second year, you will find that it is still the same, and it will be the same in another year. 」

He believes that a major prerequisite for realizing autonomous driving should actually be "full scene."

On the way to realize the whole scene, it is equivalent to completing the gradual progress from L2 to L4:"Can you open a few roads in the city? Can it be opened in the whole city? Can we open it in the suburbs? Can you cross this city and China to open overseas? 」

In addition to no geographical restrictions, He Xiaopeng also firmly stated that true autonomous driving should have no environmental restrictions. look like"Without GPS, no signal, you can drive in glaciers and snow, and you must drive in the whole area before you can drive automatically.".



Apart from the level of autonomous driving, He Xiaopeng feels that many autonomous driving companies ignore safety.

He said that the car safety factor was designed according to the occurrence of a serious accident in the fifth hour of 10, and then he calmly "killed people": "If you have driven a car, you will know that the fifth power of 10 is not enough at all, because the drivers are uncontrollable and the roads are changing every day. 」

Or, for example, throw it into a pit that you have stepped on in the past.

He Xiaopeng mentioned that he was "cheated" by public opinion at that time: when Tucki was just founded, many people said, "When will you achieve 100,000 vehicles in Tucki?".

He said that at that time, he thought that after accumulating 100,000 vehicles, it proved that this car company already had a good scale and ability. But it was only after he really achieved it that he discovered that 100,000 vehicles were only one of the small milestones, "just one pass".


Finally, mention a number: 30 billion.

He Xiaopeng said that when he said that he wanted to build a car and sell it, he needed at least 20 billion yuan. Now, Tucki has started to go to sea, and he said that going to sea needs at least an extra 30 billion yuan.

In other words, Xpeng Motors needs 50 billion yuan to realize He Xiaopeng’s dream of internationalization.

Do you think it’s much?

In the past decades or twenty years, the atmosphere in the automobile industry was not like this.

Many people have seen the video of BMW spoofing dieter zetsche’s retirement. After returning home in an S-class, dieter zetsche excitedly drove a BMW out of the street-this is already the most intense "diss" in the traditional automobile industry, not even a diss.

Comparing the level of advertising copy is that the way of "arguing" in the automobile industry in the past is completely different from the way of "losing shoes" at every turn.

Why? Because the order is not stable, because the table is being shuffled, it is not known which player will be eliminated, and there is no dealer like Toyota Volkswagen BBA. And because the new era of automobiles is socialized and labeled,

So be sure to talk about the topic, be sure to be hot, and be sure to compare others; So we must fight, not lose, let alone lose.

Debate among Confucianism, in a sense, also represents a hundred schools of thought contend.

Author: Yu Fei, source:Electric planet News (ID:glxsl2017), the original title: "Yu Chengdong said that the M7 hanged a million, and He Xiaopeng wanted to throw shoes."

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Aauto Quicker’s listing in Hong Kong ignites a new economic boom.

  Xinhua News Agency, Hongkong, February 5th (Reporter Wang Xi) "Bang!" With the sound of the online "gong gong", Aauto Quicker Science and Technology officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the 5th. Aauto Quicker Science and Technology, with the stock code of 1024, offered an opening price of HK$ 338.

  When the epidemic in COVID-19 pressed the "pause button" for economic life, short videos and live broadcasts went against the wind.

  Affected by industry dividends, Aauto Quicker has developed rapidly in recent years, becoming one of the social platforms widely used in the Mainland, with an average daily active users of applications and applets exceeding 300 million.

  According to the prospectus, the share price of Aauto Quicker Technology ranges from HK$ 105 to HK$ 115, and the number of shares for initial public offering worldwide is 365,218,600. Within a few days of the public offering, the part of the sale has been oversubscribed by more than a thousand times, and the market frozen capital has exceeded one trillion yuan.

  "Aauto Quicker is the first global listing of a large short video social platform. For investors, this innovative enterprise in the mainland is in a period of high growth, which is very attractive. Coupled with the lack of scarcity of similar companies, it has aroused great enthusiasm from investors. " Yang Yuchuan, a visiting professor in hong kong financial services institute, said.

  Not only large institutions are concerned, but also many retail investors are fond of Aauto Quicker.

  Liu Hui, a Hong Kong citizen, also made a "new" Aauto Quicker in the IPO. She said: "There are many people in the Mainland who use short videos now. I believe that advertising revenue and cargo revenue will increase greatly, and there will be a lot of room for online economy development after the epidemic. I am very optimistic."

  As a typical representative of the new economy, Aauto Quicker’s main product is short video, a popular mobile phone application in mainland China in recent years. Earlier, iResearch predicted that the short video market revenue in the Mainland would reach 211 billion yuan in 2020.

  Liao qun, chief economist of China CITIC Bank (International), said that Aauto Quicker was only one of the listed companies in, and the reason why he was so popular was that investors were optimistic about China’s economy and the development of emerging industries in China.

  "North water flows south, and China Stock Exchange returns, which not only promotes the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong’s stock market, but also prompts Hong Kong to transform into a new economy." Liao qun said.

Release of M9 official map: The design was inspired by Kun Peng and equipped with Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system.

According to the latest news, AITO, a brand owned by Huawei, will officially release the flagship SUV M9 at the end of this year. Today, the official map of the car was released, and its design concept was explained in detail.

The design inspiration of the M9 in Wen Jie comes from Kun Peng, a god beast in Zhuangzi’s Happy Wandering. It adopts a brand-new family design language and is called "Kun Peng spreads its wings". The design adopts a highly integrated ALL IN ONE design method, and the front face modeling integrates the functions of daytime running lights, far and near headlights, intelligent interactive lights and air intake ducts into the same element. The overall appearance takes the horizontal line as the visual center of gravity, extending a semi-open outline, creating a visual tension like Kunpeng spreading its wings. The integrated spoiler tail complements the design of penetrating taillights and headlights, making the overall appearance more harmonious and unified.

The design idea of the M9 is different from that of most new power vehicles. It abandons the common design of "squint+split light group" and adopts an integrated design. This unique design style may make people feel a little uncomfortable. Similar design ideas are adopted in the whole series of vehicles, which is in sharp contrast with the similar schemes of other new power vehicles. This car is considered as a heavyweight product of Huawei this year. It is equipped with Huawei ADS advanced intelligent driving system and will adopt HarmonyOS 4.0 intelligent cockpit. Internal innovation and highlights are very prominent. All models are equipped with air suspension and CDC electromagnetic damping system as standard.

According to the application information, the size of the M9 is 5230/1999/1800mm, and the wheelbase is 3110mm, so it is located in a large SUV. The models are divided into extended range version and pure electric version, both equipped with front and rear dual motors, and the maximum power of the system is 365 kW (496 HP).

In terms of battery, the extended-range model uses Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s 40-degree battery, with a pure electric cruising range of 175 kilometers; The pure electric version uses 4C Kirin battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, with a capacity of 97 degrees and a cruising range of 630 kilometers, and supports 800V ultra-fast charging technology.

Let the same level call can’t catch up! The three black technologies of M9 show a far-reaching lead.

The consumption concept of new energy vehicles is quietly changing. According to the newly released report "Insight into the Consumption of New Energy Vehicles in China in 2023", people expect networking to bring more freshness and sense of technology. It can be said that the level of intelligence is gradually becoming the core competitiveness.

Starting from this trend, it is obvious that M9 is leading the new trend of science and technology in the field of new energy vehicles. With the layers of mystery unveiled, many scientific and technological attributes and characteristics of M9 in the world are continuously known by the industry and consumers.

In recent days, two patent drawings of black technology of M9 were released, including sound painting AI complex (guess name) and retractable triple screen (guess name). At the same time, Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights, a black technology, also have more new information exposure. With the deep empowerment of Huawei, the three black technologies are the pioneers in the world, which not only realizes the revolutionary advancement of the owner’s experience, but also makes it difficult for other car companies to catch up with it with a far-reaching posture.

Huawei is deeply empowered! The three major black technologies show their advantages.

With the approaching of the official listing date, the news about M9 continues to increase and quickly becomes a hot topic. For example, some time ago, the measured video of Huawei smart headlights carried by the M9 was screened on major platforms. In recent days, the three major black technologies in the world have once again become hot spots.

Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights, which have been familiar to people, once again show their multiple characteristics. The unique advantage of Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights is the high-pixel module blessing+precise control algorithm, which not only takes into account lighting safety, but also brings multiple interests. To put it simply, Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights can easily bring practical value to each scene, regardless of safety assistance functions, pedestrian interaction and entertainment atmosphere scenes.

The sound painting AI complex is also a "must" in the black technology matrix. From the patent drawing, the sound painting AI complex integrates light and shadow aesthetics, acoustic technology and AI wisdom, and is expected to realize the symbiosis of "sound, painting and wisdom". For example, in terms of "sound", passengers in all locations can experience the shocking auditory enjoyment brought by HUAWEI SOUND 2.0.

In the aspect of "painting", under the catalysis of crystal and electric light source, it reflects beautifully, creating a bright and beautiful visual feast; In terms of "wisdom", Xiaoyi’s intelligent assistant jumped out of the screen for the first time and became a digital virtual "housekeeper" who knows you and knows you. The trinity of "sound, painting and wisdom" makes the sound-painting AI complex become the core of the cockpit.

The retractable triple screen is the focus of this exposure. It is reported that this set of new patents can make the central control panel show longitudinal telescopic effect. You know, triple screen is the mainstream at the moment. It is foreseeable that the display effect of the retractable triple screen will far exceed that of the same level. More importantly, the retractable triple screen should be able to realize multiple functions such as multi-screen interaction and multi-screen simultaneous display, so that the more intelligent, convenient and smooth interactive experience of the extremely intelligent cockpit can really land.

It is not difficult to find that the three major black technologies of this exposure all show their respective advantages and characteristics. The cornerstone and source of these advantages comes from Huawei’s deep empowerment. Huawei’s technology accumulation and profound accumulation have truly turned into a valuable black technology and applied it to the M9.

For example, Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights have benefited from Huawei’s intensive cultivation and continuous progress in the field of optical communication for more than 30 years. Today, Huawei has deployed a large number of optical patents and standards in this field. Based on the technical accumulation in space optics, laser light source, optical algorithm, optical perception and other aspects, Huawei has integrated optical technology with the automobile industry with innovative thinking, and then produced Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights.

Huawei’s bottomless accumulation is far more than that. To sum it up briefly, Huawei not only has the autonomous controllable capabilities of HarmonyOS, AOS and VOS, but also has the "smart ceiling" capabilities in four fields: intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent vehicle control and intelligent network connection! It can be seen that Huawei is already in the leading position in the technical field of new energy vehicles.

Far ahead! Experience revolutionary advancement,identical sizeDifficult to catch up with

"China New Energy Vehicle Consumption Insight 2023" also mentioned that new energy vehicle manufacturers should aim at the demand side and improve the intelligent level of vehicles to cater to consumers’ consumption preferences. In addition, the competition pattern of the new energy vehicle market is also undergoing major changes, and the pattern differentiation is increasingly disparity.

This also means that new energy automobile manufacturers should find the key to breaking the game-both resonating with consumers’ preferences on the same frequency and being left behind by competitors. Obviously, based on the three major black technologies, the M9 in the world has a far-ahead advantage in both the owner experience and the comparison at the same level.

In terms of car owner experience, Wenjie M9 realizes the revolutionary advancement of experience with three black technologies. Taking the AI complex of sound and painting as an example, it not only realizes "both listening and painting", but also has "great wisdom". For the car owner, the sound painting AI complex is like a "peerless fairy" who is always around to open a gorgeous world, making the daily use experience always comfortable, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. At the same time, compared with other models in the same class, it is possible to truly realize a more uniform distribution of sound, ensuring the consistency of the whole car’s hearing. And with the help of HUAWEI SOUND 2.0, the M9 will also support the spatial audio function. Different from the panoramic sound and immersion sound solutions provided by other models in the same class, Huawei Space Audio provides complete services based on the ecological advantages of content sources, car operating systems and audio equipment, and the depth adjustment of software and hardware can give full play to the immersion listening effect of cockpit advantages.

Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights can bring advanced novel experience-in static state, it can project holiday wishes, music, weather, etc., while in dynamic state, it can realize many functions such as curve light carpet lighting, distance warning, narrow road width indication, lane change warning, lane safety guidance, and courtesy to pedestrians. It can be said that Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights are not only safe enough, but also interesting enough, and the humanized feeling is full. Its strength is beyond doubt, and it is even more difficult for other models to catch up. This is because the high-pixel module blessing+precise control algorithm of Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights is one generation ahead of the industry. At the same time, Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights adopt the industry-leading self-developed dual-lamp fusion algorithm, which breaks through the industry’s imagination of the use function of smart headlights.

The expected experience of the retractable triple screen is the welcoming effect of the triple screen with a great sense of ceremony and the multi-screen and multi-angle view of the triple screen cinema. With the excellent image quality, the ultimate silky and intelligent interconnection, it is expected that the experience will really take a new stage. In addition to properly arranging the LCD instrument panel, the central control large screen and the passenger entertainment screen, it is also possible to lead the same level in screen size. It is conceivable that the retractable triple screen can realize the cooperation between the screens and solve the problem of separation between the triple screen schemes of other models.

Far ahead! With the three major black technologies as the vanguard, although the M9 in the world has not been listed, it has already given people a series of surprises, and this is far from over. You know, Huawei definitely has more black technologies to carry on this important model, the M9. For example, HUAWEI AR-HUD, which can present a large display area, and a smart chassis that makes driving feel more comfortable. This also makes consumers look forward to asking how wonderful and grand science and technology drama M9 will bring after it is officially listed!