Upstream Fashion | Four classic styles popular this year, whoever wears them is fashionable.

Changes in the new year and season,

It deeply affects our choice of clothing.

As Lin Fengjun said:

"When we choose a dress,

We don’t choose the clothes themselves,

But the inner cultural identity and spiritual belonging. "

Clothing is not only an external manifestation,

It also represents your attitude towards life and the world.

In dressing and matching,

butAlways get lost between style and fashion.

Lost self, lost style.

For this,

French fashion editor CamilleCharriere

I once said my own collocation concept:

"Just watch the popular elements at the fashion show.

Then integrate the details into the daily items. "

This may be the best balance between the two,

Substitute popular elements into the details of wearing,

You can follow the fashion on the basis of adhering to the style.


Let’s take a look first.

What are the popular styles this year ~


Lightweight feminine style

Keywords: lace, tassel, sequins, perspective elements.

The light feminine style popular this year,

Can be elegant and elegant in tulle and tassel,

You can also be low-key and luxurious in lace and bead diamonds.

You can also show off your personality in sequins.

Wear this style well,

It can be disassembled in two parts.

//Visual lightness

Throughout the major shows of this spring and summer fashion week,

Fringe element is one of the trends that cannot be ignored.

Dotted on the clothes,

You can achieve the effect of lightness of vision.

With the swaying pace,

Full of freedom and freedom.

//Lightness in material

Light materials such as tulle and lace,

If it is fascinating and fascinating,

You can easily wear a fairy romance.

Sequins, beads and diamonds,

It is also very suitable for deducing the light feminine style.

What it conveys is,

Gorgeous and elegant dress language.

Just put a set of matching

Replace any one with sequins and beads,

There is just the right high-profile fashion.

It should be noted that,

Proper skin exposure can wear a sense of lightness.



Balletcore ballet style

Key words: ballet shoes, pile socks, gauze skirts, straps

Balletcore ballet style,

It is a new style inspired by ballet costumes.

Its elegant style is highly sought after by young people.

It provides an unprecedented new idea for the Z era.

After MiuMiu set ballet shoes on fire in the fashion circle,

Everything about ballet has never left.

The combination of ballet shoes and pile socks,

Become one of the most popular items recently,

Elegant and stylish street feeling.

Overskirt, a ballerina, is also active in the field of vision.

Satin fabric wrapped in overskirt,

Paired with daily OOTD,

Suitable for girls who take the pure route.

After entering daily life from the stage,

Ballet skirts are no longer constrained by "tight" constraints.

Loose and redundant a-shaped version,

Not only retains the essence of Balletcore ballet style,

It is also more comfortable and free to wear.

When ballet elements meet everyday wear,

You can also interpret different styles,

Workplace ballet style and leisure ballet style …

Comfortable and elegant atmosphere of ballet,

Would rather be hugged by girls,

This has naturally become a new fashion trend in the spring and summer of 2023.


Cute and sexy style

Keywords: Y2K Millennium wind, mini skirt, blouse, overalls.

Cute and sexy,

As the name implies, girlish and sexy coexist.

And the cuteness of a girl,

Without losing the sexy of a mature woman,

Perfect combination of these two styles,

Release a different unique temperament.

In AlessandraRich’s 2023 ready-to-wear collection,

Combining girlish style with sexy style,

No matter the details and colors of dreams,

Or a sexy topless blouse,

It reveals a dramatic tension.


Wear a cute and sexy style,

In the choice of color,

Mainly bright and bright colors in spring and summer,

More aging and cute;

In the design of modeling,

Short coat and low waist elements are a highlight.

With fresh colors, details,

You can collide with the cute and sexy wind of contrast.

If you have friends who are worried about your body,

You can also choose wide-leg pants with high waist.


Science fiction futurism

Keywords: Cyberpunk, tough silhouette, metallic texture, functional skirt.

To say that the representative of science fiction futurism,

LV must have a place.

At the just-concluded Paris Fashion Week,

Liu Yifei, Zhou Dongyu, Gu Ailing, etc

All dressed in branded silhouette jackets.

In a rapidly changing era,

Looking back and looking to the future,

It has become the key for us to maintain the "sense of the moment" and "certainty".

LouisVuitton has also been committed to,

Awaken our perception of time through sci-fi futurism.

Use a lot this season

The avant-garde of science fiction has a sense of silhouette, grotesque elements,

And classical leather and heavy industry embroidery.,

Re-juxtapose "future" and "past"


A sense of upright silhouette architecture,

Just as femininity does not need to follow established rules,

It has its inherent vigorous strength.

The exaggerated belt and zipper match it.

Collision with rebellious street temperament,

Break the conventional feminine image.

Changing fashions,

Like a dreamer.

It’s confusing but colorful,

And how to choose and choose becomes.

A mark that distinguishes it from others.

Life is a journey full of unknowns,

Don’t stick to a fixed route,

Maybe in the choice again and again,

Discover more amazing beauty,

Can in the tide change,

Know more about what you want to be.

Have you found your own style? Let’s talk in the comments section!

Editor Peng Mengyao

Editor-in-Chief Li Yiyi

Audit Liu Min