Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker unpacking evaluation, you will know whether to buy it after reading it

  Author: The Snail Who Loves Drinking Coke

  Since the smart products in my home are all Xiaomi brands, I have bought a lot of Xiaomi products one after another. When I was shopping, I happened to see this Xiaomi stereo, smart speaker ", which is essentially a speaker, but its intelligent function is more prominent, and it has now become an entrance device for smart homes, so let me give you a review.

  First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance. The top is designed with a dome, which is inspired by the theater. It is very elegant and atmospheric, and successfully hides the microphone. There are volume buttons and play pause buttons on the top, as well as an NFC sensing area. At the bottom is a hidden power supply and AUX in interface.

  Let’s take a look at the lighting again. This set of bodies called Galaxy Ambient Light is surrounded by colorful LED lamp beads, which can follow the music to display the ups and downs in real time, and the light and shade changes. Of course, you can also intelligently sense the position of the human body. Through audio computing technology and visual effects, it feels as if the music is really alive, which is very emotional.

  Of course, good-looking appearance is important, but strong performance is even more important. Sound Pro has 7 sound units, which is the most among all Xiaoai speakers. Of these 7 units, 3 units are full-range units, 3 units are passive radiators, and then 1 subwoofer unit. The maximum power of the subwoofer unit reaches 40W, the minimum response frequency is 45Hz, and the diameter reaches 4 inches. It is comparable to the 104mm large-diameter woofer unit installed on the HD, ensuring the expressive power of the bass. The configuration of 3 full-range units plus 3 passive radiators also determines that the sound is 360 ° omni-directional, and it has excellent sound quality performance no matter which position it is in. At the same time, the sound pressure has also reached 91 dB, making it very convenient to listen to a small tune in the living room or a song in the room.

  In terms of connectivity, Sound Pro supports Xiaomi Miaobo, supports NFC music wireless relay, supports Bluetooth 5.1, supports A2DP music playback, supports AirPlay2, and also retains the AUX in the hardware. WiFi supports 2.4GHz/5GHz, supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n protocol, and is very playable. It can meet the needs of young people for technology. A smart speaker is really unique.

  I tried out piano music, violin music, and popular songs, and concluded that Sound Pro’s bass performance is excellent, so it can create a good sound atmosphere and shocking feeling. The mid-range part is rich in detail, and the performance is still relatively good, but the treble part is slightly dull. I guess it is related to the lack of a dedicated treble unit. Therefore, if you use DSP to properly enhance the treble or use Crystalizer and other sound effects, the performance can be improved. The room for improvement is still quite large. Looking forward to its optimization.

  In addition, I found a hidden function, the light effect of Xiaomi Sound Pro also supports ambient wallpaper, through white noise with light effect, to achieve a more comprehensive and appropriate atmosphere perception, currently supports "fire, waves, forest, travel and rain", just say "Xiao Ai classmate, play the white noise of the fire", sound and light double effect, very fun.

  Overall, the Xiaomi Sound Pro this time is an absolute flagship in terms of acoustic configuration. In terms of intelligence, AUX in, Bluetooth, AirPlay, NFC music relay and other rich connection methods plus the latest Xiao Ai features, especially the blessing of practical functions such as whole-house playback and home sound transmission, I think its performance is on the rise. So what do you think of Tieba bosses? Leave me a message in the comment area.

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Will Jackie Chan’s latest masterpiece be the next "Taking Tiger Mountain"?


The sun in the west is about to set.
It was quiet on Weishan Lake.
Play my beloved earth lute,
Sing that moving song…

– "Play My Beloved Earth Pipa"

    1905 movie network feature This song sung all over the country for decades of the theme song once again in the cinema, from the mouth of the railway guerrillas to every Chinese heart, through the whole of Jackie Chan’s new "Railway Flying Tiger".

    As the poster above presents the beauty of the wind, several protagonists in the film "Railway Flying Tiger" appear in the frozen frame of the superheroes in the comics, from Jackie Chan’s role as the captain of the railway guerrillas Ma Yuan, to Huang Zitao’s role as the little tailor Hai Hai, to Wang Kai’s role as the sharpshooter Fan Chuan, and Wang Continental’s role as the Eighth Route Army Renguo, as well as the hidden protagonist Rui Ge, etc. In addition to giving a strong visual impact, it makes people feel vaguely: these ordinary little people may be the superheroes of China.

Jackie Chan, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Wang Continental’s comic poster

    This visual style ranges from the Flying Tigers’ windproof glasses, gloves, berets, armed belts, and other accessories, to clothing colors such as red, yellow, and blue, and then to the influence of train styling and station design. Compared with previous anti-Japanese dramas and anti-Japanese war films, it is more in line with modern aesthetics, providing more possibilities for red classic films.

    When it comes to red classics, the Tsui Hark version released on the same day two years ago was a great success, and its flashbacks echoed at the beginning and end were also borrowed from "Flying Tiger of Railway", showing the inheritance of the spirit of "Flying Tiger" and bringing out the latter’s biggest easter egg.

    Compared with the unique skills of the Eight King Kong of Tiger Mountain, the railway guerrillas also have their own strengths, and they all seem to be able to find corresponding characters in the American superheroes – the calm command of the guerrilla leader Jackie Chan, which corresponds to Captain America in the Reunion; the scissors stabbing of the little tailor Huang Zidao, which corresponds to the assassin Black Widow in the Reunion; the sharpshooter Wang Kai’s Hundred Steps Through the Yang, which corresponds to the eagle’s eye in the Reunion; the power of Sangping, which corresponds to the Hulk in the Reunion; and the hidden protagonist "Wang Sledgehammer", who is proficient in machinery and hammer dancing, which corresponds to the Iron Man in the Reunion…

    Therefore, our familiar red classics became the Chinese folk superhero anti-Japanese legend – fortunately not the anti-Japanese drama that tore the crotch of the devil to hide thunder, but the convincing setting that just fits the character image, so their housekeeping skills are not as against the sky as the Reunion, which allows them to face the well-organized and fierce Japanese army with just a few people. They still need to be constantly smart and strengthen the team to complete the ultimate task of destroying the Japanese railway transportation step by step.

    Since it is the ultimate mission, it cannot be achieved overnight. The film is divided into five interlocking and reversing chapters – train hijacking, rescuing the wounded, making explosives, jacking prison carts and blowing up bridges. It transforms the entire theater into a speeding train on the plains, transporting the audience to the days full of war and feelings.

    Next, let’s talk about the outstanding stars – Jackie Chan’s big brother is more simple and honest in the portrayal of characters, which is more in line with the image of Shandong Han, and his signature of kung fu comedy naturally makes this film a constant laughing stock –

    Huang Zitao, who made his screen debut, almost acted as a tailor-made literary and passionate young man, with an unexpectedly natural performance and smooth movements –

    The heroic Wang Kai can be called a representative of the guerrilla’s appearance and arrogance. Every appearance is worth the ticket price of the female audience, especially the scene of riding a horse and chasing a car to save people, which reminds people of the hero Zorro –

    Although the special actor Wang Continental has the shortcoming of Mandarin, the scene of charging with the Eighth Route Army at the last moment is really exciting –

    As for Ikeuchi Hiroyuki and Zhang Lanxin, who play the villain chief of the Japanese military police, they also vividly and naturally interpret the wretched and arrogant respectively, and there is no sense of discord in the comedy section –

    And from then to then, Ding Qian’s works have always been hard-core and humorous with a gloomy and a sigh, until this sunny and romantic "Flying Tiger on Railways" makes Ding Sheng also complete a "clearing the clouds and seeing the sun" in art.

    In fact, this is the third collaboration between Ding Sheng and Jackie Chan. Among the many roles Jackie Chan plays, the most similar in spirit to Ma Yuan, the guerrilla leader in "Flying Tiger", is Liang Dabing in 2010’s "Little Soldier" – both low-level little people have plain pastoral dreams, both have hesitations that they will regret if they don’t do big things, and both have the responsibility of "the world rises and falls, and everyone is responsible".

Jackie Chan in "Young Soldier"

    Even in the "Flying Tiger" movie, Jackie Chan sang the song from "Young Soldier" directly after singing the verse part of "Play My Beloved Earth Pipa" with everyone –

A big road leads to my house,

My family lives at the foot of Yoliang Yaliang Mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, there are five acres of fertile land,

Five acres of fertile land, what to plant…

    Indeed, the same story that happened in Shandong makes this chaotic entry feel incongruous.

    Therefore, we should rejoice that today, with the decline of individual heroism, we have finally come to this "Hero Song" that has crossed the millennium and echoed in Liangshanbo and Weishan Lake.

    We should be grateful that two years after Xu Hark led the Northeast bandit suppression heroes to outsmart Tiger Mountain, we finally came to this song of praise for the children of Shandong heroes who dedicated their actions to their mothers.

    We should be grateful that at the moment when the anti-Japanese drama was dragged into the water by the anti-Japanese drama, we have finally waited for such a masterpiece worth going to the cinema to enjoy and enjoy together.

    We should be grateful that in the era of imaginative American superheroes on the big screen, we can finally see in the cinema the little people from China who have written history and belong to our big heroes.

Andy Lau announced the official launch of the Care Action, focusing on orphans in the disaster area

  Andy Lau announced the official launch of the Care Action

  The Sichuan earthquake has touched the hearts of every Chinese son and daughter. Yesterday, a special group of film crew members went to Mianyang. They aimed the camera at the hesitant but innocent cheeks. The injured children and infant babies were their subjects. They are the special team of "512 Care Action in the Performing Arts Industry" from Hong Kong. This visit to Sichuan is to bring the live images of this group back to Hong Kong. These images will also appear at the largest charity show in Hong Kong on June 1, which will gather hundreds of artists from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan to hold a marathon performance. And around the 28th of this month, Andy Lau, Cheng Xiuwen, Tam Yonglin and others will also go to Sichuan to visit the people in the disaster area.

  Sichuan, children need everyone’s help

  Yesterday morning, the special team of "512 Care Action for the Performing Arts Industry" from Hong Kong went to Mianyang. At the resettlement site of Jiuzhou Gymnasium in Mianyang, the film crew recorded the children’s words and deeds with cameras: a little girl reading a book in the corner, no matter what others ask her, she only stares at the pictures on the books; in the tent school, the children look at all kinds of donated books, and these children burst into tears when they mention their hometown; in the corner of the classroom, there are children’s paintings, each one is "shocking"… The staff on the side introduced that the children here have psychological problems to some extent, so more professionals are needed for psychological counseling. According to the film crew Mr. Chan, because children are the most seriously injured group in this disaster, they want to bring these scenes back to Hong Kong to edit into short films. It is reported that on the 28th of this month, the Hong Kong Performers Association and nine major affiliates plan to form a team, led by President Tam Wing-lin Lau Dehua, Joey Yung, Cheng Xiuwen and other people to visit the disaster area. The organizer of the event, Andy Lau, pointed out that the reconstruction of the Sichuan disaster area needs continuous attention. Such as orphan support, school reconstruction and education projects are the main support projects of the "512 Care Action in the performing arts industry".

  Hong Kong will hold a marathon benefit performance on June 1

  Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Andy Lau also called a press conference for the entertainment industry yesterday. Zhang Guoli, Ren Xianqi, Cheng Xiuwen and other celebrities attended. At the meeting, Andy announced the official launch of the "512 Care Action in the Performing Industry". In the Care Action, the largest charity show in Hong Kong’s history will be held at the venue of Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Central World on June 1. It will gather hundreds of artists to perform marathon performances to raise money for disaster relief. It is reported that the show will start from 2.30pm to 10pm on the same day. The minimum donation amount for audience admission is HK $20. All proceeds from the day will be donated to six international charities including UNICEF and Oxfam.

  The choice of June 1 also has a special meaning. Andy Lau said that reconstruction takes a long time and cannot be completed in one or two years. Therefore, this caring action mainly focuses on orphans, education, and the reconstruction of schools. This is a commitment to them. Therefore, the choice of June 1 is also a gift for children. It is reported that the "512 Care Action for the Performing Arts" has set a seven-year disaster relief plan. The performing arts industry will work with the Hong Kong children who participated in the event for seven consecutive years to contribute to the people in the disaster area. The event consists of artists giving related gifts to the children in Hong Kong every year for seven consecutive years. The children donate money to donate love every year. By the seventh year, they can piece together the seven gifts into a complete item, which is very meaningful.

  Reporter Ma Dan

Editor in charge: Li Dan

How does Xiao Ai connect to the mobile phone, and how does Xiao Ai connect to the mobile phone [Detailed explanation]

  Xiao Ai is a smart speaker that many friends use at home today, which can bring a lot of convenience to our lives. But many friends don’t know how Xiao Ai connects to the mobile phone. Let’s take a look with the editor!

  Xiao Ai bound mobile phone tutorial introduction

  1. Open the Xiaoai Speaker app and log in to your Xiaomi account, and find Add Speaker from the My section.

  2. Press and hold the pause/play button on the speaker for five seconds to enter the network distribution mode.

  3. Enter the wifi and password to complete the connection.

"Qingyu Nian Season 2" ended, Xinli continued to write a national popular IP

Adapted from China Literature Limited’s starting point reading writer’s cat-like novel "Celebration of More Than Years", produced by CCTV, Tencent Video, Yuewen Film and Television, and Xinli TV, produced by Xinli TV, written by Wang Tie, directed by Sun Hao, starring Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin, and starring Chen Daoming, the legendary ancient costume drama "Celebration of More Than Years" ushered in the finale.

The second season of "Qingyu Nian" continues the story and spiritual core of the first season, telling the story of the protagonist Fan Xian who, in the face of unprecedented pressure and complex situations, relies on his wisdom and courage to overcome the crisis step by step and practice his mother Ye Qingmei’s ideal of personal dreams and social justice. It is the first male-frequency IP adaptation sequel created by the return of the original team in the industry. The producer and producer Xinli Media also control the details in all aspects of script development and filming, and strive to create a series of high-quality works. The plot is not only full of ups and downs of suspense and reversals, but also integrates elements of modern thinking and family feelings, promoting the fine tradition of the Chinese nation to help the weak and the long-standing traditional Chinese culture.

Popular IP continues to be written, breaking multiple viewing records

Since the second season of the TV series "Qingyu Nian" went LIVE on May 16, the audience ratings and popularity have exploded. The drama not only achieved 18 consecutive days of real-time audience rating TOP1 for all channels across the country in CCTV-8, 18 consecutive days of cool cloud national simultaneous audience rating TOP1, 18 consecutive days of Huanwang national real-time live audience rating TOP1, a strong leader in the same period of the market episodes, but also set a record of Tencent video in-app popularity record 34389, pre-broadcast reservations 18.19 million refresh the highest record in Tencent video drama history, the first pre-broadcast popularity in Tencent video history broke 21000 records, the first go LIVE day in Tencent video history entered the popular club episodes, breaking multiple records.

In addition, the second season of "Qingyu Nian" continues to lead the real-time hot list of episodes on Weibo, Douyin, and Douban platforms.

It is worth mentioning that the drama has also been broadcast in Singapore and other overseas regions, and has become the most popular Chinese mainland drama on the Disney streaming platform Disney +, which strongly demonstrates the charm of Chinese stories and Chinese culture on the international stage and plays a benchmark role for the international development of Chinese TV dramas.

A work of ingenuity and quality, the feelings of home and country ignite enthusiasm

In the narrative of "The Second Season of the Year of Celebration", the protagonist Fan Xian, with his unique modern thinking, is committed to the just concept of "the world advances together and the wealth is hidden from the people", and strives to advocate for the right and dignity of ordinary people to enjoy survival. He pursues social fairness and justice, conveys the positive energy that hard work will eventually pay off, and also promotes the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to help the needy and help others. Fan Xian is the epitome of thousands of ordinary people in the world, showing the spirit of persistent pursuit of dreams and unremitting struggle in human nature, and is a spiritual doppelganger that can be projected by the majority of audiences.

The special adaptation of "Network Sense" is an important part of the popular formula of the second season of Qingyu Nian. The youthful blood and humorous play stalks are intertwined. These rich and diverse elements are cleverly integrated, making the content of the series more rich, vivid and interesting.

The story of "Qing Yu Nian Season 2" is not a simple cool narrative, and the core value behind it has also aroused the audience’s resonance and thinking. Screenwriter Wang Tie’s 5-year dormant adaptation contains the producer Xinli Media’s emphasis on Qing Yu Nian’s IP ingenuity. From ancient times to the present, it is full of profound thinking about reality and the pursuit of idealism, which is also the reason why many audiences have long recognized this work.

The successful quarterly broadcast of male-frequency IP adaptation is expected to usher in strong growth in the future

From the current results, "Qingyu Nian Season 2" has continued the spiritual core of "Qingyu Nian 1" five years ago through the form of seasonal broadcasting, and has also gained the recognition of the audience and the market.

From an industry perspective, the significance of "Qingyu Nian" lies not only in the success of the series, but also in the production of Xinli Media and the creators’ love for the story, through the strategy of high-quality, serialization, and seasonal broadcast, it has broken the previous dilemma of male-frequency IP adaptation, providing more diverse and innovative topics for the series market. After "Qingyu Nian Season 2", it has also been demonstrated that on the basis of respecting the core of the original novel, the original novel of millions of words can be effectively dismantled through seasonal creation, and the value of IP can be amplified through film and television.

After the success of "Qingyu Nian 1", Xinli Media also launched popular IP adaptations such as "Fatty Son-in-law" and "Sword in the Snow" according to different IP characteristics. The two works also broke a number of records on the broadcast platform, and also received market recognition.

At present, with the success of "Qingyu Nian", there are more film and television adaptations of male-frequency IP on the market. It is understood that the follow-up Xinli Media will also continue to cultivate in this track. The follow-up production and development works include "Dafeng Dangmen" and "Fatty Son-in-law Season 2" adapted from China Literature Limited’s Tencent animation IP. The movie "Under Inhumans" adapted from China Literature Limited’s Tencent animation IP will also be released this year.

Liberation of this decade: using innovation to polish national automobile brands

  From now on, FAW Liberation will launch a series of reports on "Endeavour for a New Journey, Liberation in the Decade", which will showcase the historic achievements of FAW Liberation since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in an all-round and multi-level manner. Firmly grasp the valuable experience of building a world-class enterprise, building a century-old national brand, and realizing high-quality development of liberation in the new era. Further consolidate the strength of forge ahead and bravely assume the mission of strengthening the country. Welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical actions.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, FAW Jiefang has regarded innovation as the first driving force for development, adhered to innovation-driven, technology-leading, and industry-leading, and comprehensively created the core competitive advantage of its products. FAW Jiefang has placed independent innovation in a more prominent position and made significant progress in key core technology fields. Entering the new era, innovation has made the base color of "Jiefang", a national automobile brand, brighter.

  Based on the market, product leadership

  Products are the bedrock of an enterprise’s foothold. Over the years, FAW Jiefang has adhered to "one generation of production, one generation of research and development, and one generation of reserve". In 2017, with the merger of the Commercial Vehicle Development Institute, the enterprise’s R & D capabilities were further enhanced, and the business fields of "research, production, supply, and sales" were further connected. The transformation from "what is developed and produced" to "market to market" was realized, and the sales share continued to increase.


  FAW Jiefang product pedigree

  Over the past ten years, FAW Jiefang has accurately grasped market changes and user requests, increased R & D investment year by year, and quickly produced products and good products. It has successively launched a series of replacement products and key models, and created 12 product platforms covering heavy, medium and light trucks and buses. In the field of heavy trucks, J7, as the benchmark model of high-end heavy trucks in China, has a market share of 49%. It has won awards such as the first prize of China’s truck of the year in 2019 and the first prize of China’s automotive industry’s scientific and technological progress in 2020. As the latest high-end heavy truck of Jiefang, Yingtu has become a highlight of the industry with high-reliability power chain and intelligent home experience, and is sought after by the market. As a Jiefang knock-out product, J6P has continuously improved its family pedigree and expanded its market coverage. J6V focuses on customer value pain points and is committed to providing the best operation solutions for TCO. In the mid-card field, J6L, JK6, and Long V continue to build product competitiveness with customers as the center. Cargo products have continuously maintained the first market share in recent years. In the light truck field, we adhere to the efficient and lightweight strategy, vigorously promote the improvement of product portfolio and product competitiveness, and achieve rapid growth in the share of Lingtu, J6F, and Tiger V. In the bus field, the third-generation new energy smart bus has been put into the bus market in batches, and the Snow Eagle luxury off-road RV is about to be launched, which is highly anticipated by the market.

  Over the past ten years, FAW Jiefang has continued to upgrade its product technology. In 2015, it took the lead in launching world-class warranty standards such as "three major assemblies 100,000 kilometers long oil change, wheel end 500,000 kilometers maintenance-free, and 3 years long quality assurance regardless of mileage". At the same time, it has also created a series of core technologies such as system fuel saving, independent electronic control, independent post-processing, lightweight, high reliability, low wind resistance, low rolling resistance, vehicle energy management, gas drive urea system, and high-efficiency post-processing technology, establishing an absolute leading advantage in technology. On this basis, through adaptive product development and improvement, FAW Jiefang has successively launched a series of new products such as Pilot Edition, Honor Edition, Quality Edition, Northern Edition, Southern Edition, Plateau Edition, Green Edition, and Express Edition, which have been widely welcomed by the market with their differentiated competitive advantage.

  Over the past ten years, FAW Jiefang has adhered to the independent development of the three major assemblies. With the mission of creating low-carbon, digital intelligence, and high-reliability power, engine products have vigorously promoted Product Research & Development to create three heavy-duty, high-efficiency and energy-saving power platforms for diesel engines and natural gas for commercial vehicles M/V/X. The comprehensive competitiveness of the products is leading in the industry. Box bridge products have worked together to improve high-quality, lightweight, and low-TCO key technologies to fully meet market demand. They have successively launched a series of new products such as 12-speed manual transmission, automatic transmission, 435, and 465 drive axles, and continued to consolidate their independent competitive advantage.

  Facing the future and accelerating transformation

  In recent years, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution is on the rise, and the "New Four Modernizations" wave characterized by new energy and intelligent networking has swept the entire automotive industry. As a traditional manufacturing enterprise, FAW Jiefang aims to accelerate its own transformation in the direction of industrial development. On the basis of strengthening traditional models, it pays greater attention to and invests in new technologies and new formats. Product innovation and business innovation have achieved a series of results.


  In September 2021, FAW Jiefang released the "15333" new energy strategy

  FAW Jiefang actively implements the national "double carbon" strategy. In September 2021, it released the "15333" new energy strategy, sounding the "charge" of the transition to new energy. By building three major vehicle technology platforms of pure electricity, hybrid and combustion power, and three core assembly technology platforms of electric drive, power battery and fuel cell, it has successively developed a new high-safety and long-life hybrid battery system, fuel cell system integration technology, domestic first EPB hydraulic brake + E-Park, light independent coaxial integrated electric drive bridge and a series of products. On June 8, 2022, the independent hydrogen direct injection engine was successfully ignited, indicating that the thermal efficiency exceeded 55% and reached the international leading level. FAW Jiefang actively plans the strategic layout of new energy and builds a "sustainable and positive cycle" new energy ecosystem. Starting from the landing pilot in Shijiazhuang during the Jiefang era, it actively innovates the business and marketing model to create three exclusive services: vehicle and electricity separation, vehicle leasing and capacity undertaking, used car and battery recycling, and fully realizes a breakthrough in the new energy market. So far, a total of 141 new energy products have been launched, achieving industry leadership in the new energy track.


  FAW Jiefang unmanned port vehicle is put into operation in Shandong Rizhao Port

  In the field of smart vehicles, FAW Jiefang has also achieved fruitful results. In 2017, FAW Jiefang completed the first commercial vehicle driverless demonstration in China, and in 2018, completed the L4 series of smart vehicle product release demonstrations. In recent years, by comprehensively breaking through the core technology of intelligent network connection and building a leading intelligent network technology platform in China, FAW Jiefang has focused on key operation scenarios such as trunk logistics, sanitation, and ports to create 14 intelligent network connected commercial vehicle products and achieve the first sales volume in China, achieving comprehensive leadership in technology and products. The world’s first mass-produced L2-level and L3-level trunk logistics intelligent tractor, J7 super truck has accumulated 2.38 million kilometers of operation, and the first L4-level autonomous urban sanitation product based on 5G-V2X. It was the first to demonstrate operation in Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town, and has operated safely without accidents for more than 100,000 kilometers. The first car, port, cloud trinity driverless port vehicle operation system, the first in Rizhao port business operations, cumulative loading and unloading containers over 70,000 TEU.

  In terms of vehicle to everything and ecology, the "vehicle to everything" vehicle to everything product has deepened the transformation of digital intelligence, completed the construction of vehicle to everything infrastructure, realized the standard configuration of all models vehicle to everything, and reached new highs in new formats. At present, more than 1.50 million commercial vehicles have been linked, and the accumulated mileage data exceeds 200 billion kilometers. Through vehicle to everything data, the APP provides users with vehicle information query, driving behavior analysis, one-click service and other functions, all of which have reached the industry’s leading level. FAW Jiefang also focuses on the core scene of the aftermarket, cross-border cooperation, and customized the development of the "Four Musketeers" ecological services of refueling, insurance, ETC, and fleet management. At the same time, it provides users with in-vehicle WIFI services to help the ecological services bloom in an all-round way.

  Innovation leads, brave the trend

  In recent years, FAW Jiefang has deepened the branding of "liberation and leadership" technology, and created three independent innovation technology routes: "Jiefang Zhitu", "Jiefang Lantu" and "Jiefang Yitu", focusing on the main direction of "four modernizations and one high" (informatization, intelligence, low carbon, electrification, high quality) technology. The number of technological development and resource investment have increased by more than 50% annually, and a number of key core technologies have made major breakthroughs. The company has successively won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of the China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Progress Award.


  In September 2020, the first science and technology conference of FAW Liberation was successfully held

  In 2020, FAW Jiefang successfully held the first science and technology conference and released the "Outline of FAW Jiefang Science and Technology Development Plan (2021-2030) ", which fully established the "13586" development plan. Taking technological innovation as the banner, FAW Jiefang has identified three "main channels" for technological development. Traditional vehicles lead the system to save energy and attack zero-carbon fuels. New energy vehicles realize the electrification of traditional vehicles in stages, the intelligence of core assemblies, and the exclusivity of vehicle platforms. Intelligent network pilot automatic driving and mining vehicles to everything. On this basis, a complete application technology and forward-looking technology layout have been further formed, setting the development direction for near and long-term technology leadership and product leadership. In recent years, FAW Jiefang has established R & D institutions in Suzhou, Nanjing, Foshan, Steyr, Austria, Munich, Germany, Japan and other places, forming a "four countries and nine places" R & D layout, making full use of the advantages of high-level talents in various places, and pooling global wisdom to enhance innovation capabilities.

  In recent years, FAW Jiefang has actively expanded production-university-research cooperation and collaboratively carried out new technology research. It has strengthened cooperation with the Society of Automotive Engineering, academic organizations such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Jilin University, Wuhan University of Technology, and colleges and universities. Through the establishment of innovation platforms, research centers, innovation centers or laboratories, etc., it has accelerated the solution of industry technical problems, promoted the transformation and application of achievements, and made leapfrog progress in basic technology and forward-looking technology research, laying a solid foundation for technological leadership and product leadership.

  At the same time, FAW Jiefang comprehensively optimized the technical project management procedures, constructed and implemented a scientific and technological innovation reward mechanism, and rewarded scientific and technological innovation projects, papers and authorized patents. From 2018 to 2021, 81 scientific and technological innovation projects, 67 scientific and technological papers, and 1,327 authorized patents were rewarded, with a total reward of 6.469 million yuan, benefiting 2,373 people. It won 1 second-class national scientific and technological progress award, 15 provincial and industry scientific and technological progress awards, and 40 group company scientific and technological progress awards. In 2022, it organized and completed 79 company-level scientific and technological innovation project applications and reviews, 30 recommended group scientific and technological innovation awards, 9 provincial-level awards, and 13 industry-level awards. Since 2020, the company has held the "Liberation and Innovation Technology Achievement Exhibition", "’3310′ Core Technology Achievement Exhibition" and "New Energy Vehicle and Assembly Technology Exhibition", fully demonstrating its innovation achievements and R & D strength.

  In the future, FAW Liberation will thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of the Supreme Leader General Secretary’s inspection of FAW, unswervingly follow the path of independent development, open cooperation, adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, and strive to play a greater role in promoting high-level scientific and technological self-reliance in the field of national commercial vehicles.

138,700 on sale! Geely Galaxy L7 listed, hybrid market volume intensified

The daily economic news reports that the mixed market has welcomed another challenger.

On May 31, Geely Galaxy L7 was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 5 models. The official guide price was 138,700~ 173,700 yuan, which was lower than market expectations. And many netizens also called "Zhenxiang" "Hybrid car price has been shot down" "Independent real cow" and so on.

In fact, the "price war" launched by the car market this year has spread to the new car market, which can be seen from the hybrid ace products of the independent Three Musketeers. On May 15, Haval Xiaolong MAX was officially launched, with a total of 3 models, priced at 159,800~ 179,800 yuan; on May 25, BYD’s new Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition was officially launched, and the new car released a total of 4 models, continuing the tradition of "the same price of oil and electricity" and guiding the price 135,800~ 159,800 yuan.

From the above data, it can be seen that Geely Galaxy L7, Haval Xiaolong MAX and BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition have a high degree of overlap in the price range of these two models, which will form a frontal competition.

Picture source: Every reporter, Sun Tongtong, photo

"The recent listing of autonomous hybrid products is not priced high, which is conducive to full competition in the new energy vehicle market. It can also enhance product competitiveness and achieve replacement for oil vehicles. At the same time, it will further reduce the general price of hybrid models." Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said in an interview with the Daily Economic News reporter.

In fact, the above-mentioned models are not just about price, but also compete in various aspects such as new car performance configuration, intelligent technology, and user service.

As the first model of the Galaxy product series, Geely Galaxy L7 is equipped with a "new generation Raytheon Hybrid 8848" power system, with a thermal efficiency of 44.26%, a fuel consumption of 5.23L (NEDC 4.4L) for 100 kilometers of power loss, and a comprehensive cruising range of 1370km under CLTC conditions. In addition, the new car is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip as standard, and the Keyword Spotting speed is only 0.5 seconds. It supports full scene visibility, four-tone zone recognition, and deep continuous dialogue.

It is worth noting that the battery safety is also regarded as a brand life infra by Geely Galaxy. It is understood that Geely Galaxy L7 is equipped with the "Aegis battery safety system" for the first time. Not long ago, the new car completed the vehicle-level safety test at the China Automotive Research and Automotive Safety Technology Center, and passed the vehicle speed 40km/h forward scraping, the vehicle speed 7km/h rear scraping, the vehicle 20km/h negative impact and the vehicle bottom support four vehicle-level battery safety tests.

The Haval Xiaolong MAX, which was listed first, was also highly expected by Great Wall Motors. It is reported that the Haval Xiaolong MAX is the first model equipped with the Great Wall’s new hybrid architecture Hi4 intelligent electric hybrid four-wheel drive system, carrying the important mission of the Haval brand’s transformation to new energy.

Image source: Photo by Fan Wenqing, a reporter

It is worth noting that in the field of new energy vehicles, both Geely Galaxy and Great Wall Haval are trying to catch up with BYD in front. Data show that BYD’s cumulative sales in 2022 exceeded 1.86 million new cars, an increase of more than 150% year-on-year. In the first quarter of this year, BYD’s cumulative sales exceeded 552,000 vehicles, an increase of 92.81% year-on-year, and its share in the domestic new energy vehicle market increased by 13 percentage points.

It is worth mentioning that BYD has taken the lead in the hybrid market. The cumulative sales of hybrid models last year were 946,000, an increase of 246.7% year-on-year. Among them, the Song PLUS DM-i won the championship of the SUV model sales list in 2022 with more than 380,000 sales. The BYD Song PLUS DM-i is already a model released two years ago, and is expected to be released in the middle of this year. Industry experts speculate that the mid-term change will also be like the series of championship models launched by BYD Dynasty Network this year, with multi-faceted upgrades in configuration, but the price will be reduced.

In the context of the launch of a number of new cars, the hybrid market also shows great growth potential. According to the data of the Passenger Federation, from January to April this year, the retail sales of plug-in hybrid models increased by 92.1% year-on-year, and the retail sales of pure electric models increased by 19.9% year-on-year. It is argued that in addition to BYD, Geely and Great Wall, more brands will join the "hybrid war", and this market segment will also be more "involution".

Original title: 138,700 on sale! Geely Galaxy L7 listed, hybrid market volume intensified

Editor: Li Zhoufang

Editor in Charge: Liao Yi

Review: Feng Fei

The Shanghai Film Festival Tencent Animation Special Sharing Session ended successfully, witnessing the stars and the sea of the country

  The Shanghai International Film Festival, co-hosted by the China Central Radio and Television Station and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, has opened in full swing. As the representative of the national manga, the popular IP of Tencent Animation has teamed up for the Shanghai International Film Festival for the first time. On July 27th, the "National Manga Series Sharing Session" hosted by the Shanghai Main Station of the main station ended successfully. Works such as "Fox Demon Little Matchmaker", "Qin Xia" and "Song of the Final Key" appeared one by one, bringing fans a wonderful dimensional journey.

  At the Shanghai International Film Festival’s "Breaking Through Dimensions, National Manga Unbounded" Tencent animation special sharing session, fans from all over the world gathered at Shanghai International Media Port to witness the stars and seas of national manga accompanied by "Fox Demon Matchmaker", "Qin Xia" and "The Song of the Final Key".

  This special animation sharing session is one of the highlights of the 2020 Shanghai Film Festival. With the rise of Guoman, more and more Guoman works, movies and TV dramas have appeared on the stage of international film festivals. Tencent Animation, as a leading platform for Chinese animation, has launched a series of classic IPs, which have won the support of countless fans. At this special sharing session of "Breaking Through Dimensions, Guoman Unbounded", fans gathered together. The opening mix of Tencent Animation Series IPs on the big screen made the audience and fans squatting in the live stream watch the blood boil, and the waves of support went up! Fans who cannot come to the scene can also watch the live broadcast through the CCTV news client side and the CCTV news Weibo account, directly hitting the event on the spot.

  The animation special sharing session opened the door to "breaking the dimension" for fans. The creators of "Fox Demon Matchmaker", "Qin Xia" and "Song of the Final Key" appeared in turn, and they all sent out the benefits of love for everyone.

  "Fox Demon Little Matchmaker" animated dubbing director A Jie, dubbing actor Yang Tianxiang, and crooked creative interviews allowed fans to learn more about the story behind the fox demon. In the face of netizens’ funny message questions, the three saw the tricks and dealt with them easily. At present, "Fox Demon Little Matchmaker" "Golden Chenxi" is being exclusively broadcast on Tencent Video, and the three dubbing teachers also shared the dubbing experience of this season; the live fox demon dubbing show allowed everyone to see the strength of China’s top voice actors.

  The concept theme song "Wind of Time" sung by Fang Xiaodong, the star judge, resounded through Shanghai International Media Port, and the song was clear and melodious, awakening everyone’s memories of thousands of rivers and mountains.

  The original incubation project "Qin Xia" of Tencent Animation perfectly integrates ancient and modern culture, and the Chinese style is full of texture. The animation not only inherits the philosophy of Mohist, but also reflects the continuation of traditional culture in the creation of national manga. At the sharing meeting, the animated interlude clips were exposed for the first time, and the song was recorded in Budapest, which was jointly completed by the Budapest Festival Symphony Orchestra and the Hungarian National Choir.

  At the sharing meeting, animation dubbing director Teng Xin and dubbing actor Li Qingyang brought a poem recitation depicting Xiang Yu to fans with a thick voice. The image of Chu Bawang was instantly three-dimensional and vivid, and the sense of historical vicissitudes came to the face, so that fans were intoxicated. The two also shared their understanding of this work, as well as their dubbing skills and interesting behind-the-scenes stories. In order to make the work better, director Teng Xin asked the dubbing actor to dub off script, and the dubbing actor’s control of the lines and understanding of the content were also more in-depth.

  "Song of the Final Key" is an open and co-created large-scale sci-fi IP planned and created by Tencent Animation. Its novel creative model has injected pioneering genes into this IP. The live broadcast of PV allows everyone to glimpse the true face of "Song of the Final Key", which is full of sci-fi sense. The first single of IP, "Prelude to the Final Key", also performed offline under the interpretation of Zhao Chaofan, Fang Xiaodong, Xu Badou, and Wang Yushu, with a magnificent momentum.

  In addition to the four singers, the scene also invited two heavy guests – Li Xiaoting, director of Tencent Animation IP Development Center, and Chen Duofan, a well-known science fiction writer, to be interviewed as the main representative of "The Song of the Final Key", and to explain the creative concept and future development direction of "The Song of the Final Key".

  Tencent Animation has always been committed to high-quality IP incubation, so it chose an open co-creation large-scale science fiction IP with advanced awareness and long-term perception of users – "Song of the Final Key" for in-depth development. The co-creation of the work is also divided into two dimensions. On the one hand, Tencent Animation plans to carry out multi-line content development, and "Song of the Final Key" will be built into a diverse IP including novels, comics, animation, music, movies and games; on the other hand, Tencent Animation’s main creative team has introduced the country’s top science fiction writers and user creative groups to provide content supplements. At the beginning of the work planning, more than 100 fans have been introduced to polish the world view together, and jointly imagine the human millennium history from 2100 to 3100.

  From "Under One Man", which landed on "China Movie Night" yesterday, to "Fox Demon Matchmaker", "Qin Xia" and "Song of the Final Key" shared with you today, Tencent Animation still has many excellent works that cannot be introduced to you one by one on the spot, and more excellent works will be born in the future. Li Xiaoting, director of Tencent Animation IP Development Center, also explained Tencent Animation’s persistence and continuous innovation in the development of manga. In the future, it will carry out industrial and systematic planning for more IPs, try various possibilities, and develop more animation works that have market potential and are loved by audiences.

  This is a glorious night for Chinese anime, and it is not only the excellent national anime IP that participates in the rise of the road, but also the countless fans who have always adhered to and supported for love. The future of national anime is the stars and the sea, and Tencent anime invites you to join the stars and sail away.

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

  With the growth of Toshiba Air Conditioning, Toshiba Air Conditioning’s high-tech production base has taken root in China. The reporter walked into Toshiba Air Conditioning China Smart Factory (hereinafter referred to as "TCAC") to interview the Chinese market, technological innovation, process quality control, and product quality.

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

 TCAC President and Tian Honger: Localized production will create an exclusive "Hangzhou brand" of Toshiba air conditioners

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

TCAC President and Tian Hongji

  Toshiba Air Conditioning’s new Hangzhou base was officially launched in June last year. This base integrates R & D and production. It is a high-efficiency and high-quality smart factory. In the future, it will greatly enhance the speed of Product Research & Development and commodity competitiveness in the Chinese market.

  In order to better meet the expanding Chinese market demand, TCAC has strengthened the function and positioning of "local production, local sales", said TCAC president and Tian Hongji.

  For the Chinese market, especially the home multi-connection market, in the face of increasingly fierce competition, Wada Hongji feels that TCAC has achieved significant growth with the support of Toshiba Carrier Air Conditioning Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.’s strong sales team. Under the strong growth trend, Toshiba Air Conditioning Headquarters also believes that the Chinese market is a huge market with sustainable growth potential. Wada Hongji said: TCAC’s R & D and manufacturing strength can be further improved, thanks to the headquarters to increase investment, so that the new base can play an important role in accelerating product development and expanding production capacity supply. He believes that the growth of TCAC will be even stronger in the future.

  Since TCAC is established in China, it must be adapted to local conditions. Wada Hiroji emphasizes: Only by grasping the real needs of customers can it be called local conditions. Establishing a base in China allows you to feel the needs of customers firsthand, which is the biggest advantage. In addition, in terms of production, under the recognition of the quality management system, the adoption of local Chinese parts that meet the requirements will be further promoted.

  TCAC is of milestone significance, and Wada is full of confidence in Toshiba air conditioners in the future: TCAC will create unique products and create Toshiba air conditioners "Hangzhou brand" through intelligent manufacturing.

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

TCAC real picture

  TCAC Design Center General Manager Gu Jieshengmei: Domestic innovative technology can produce high-quality products at the same level as Japan

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

Gu Jieshengmei, General Manager of TCAC Design Center

  TCAC adopts the same production management system and quality inspection and testing standards as the parent company’s Fuji factory in Japan to ensure that the product quality is consistent with the original imported products, and at the same time of technological innovation, it has developed energy-saving products that meet the goal of carbon neutrality, making positive contributions to China’s environmental protection cause.

  Japanese craftsmanship is widely known, but whether domestic production will be different from local production in Japan will inevitably become a concern for the public. Katsumi Ku, general manager of TCAC Design Center, said: Usually, in the product development stage, it is necessary to complete important nodes such as technical review, product safety evaluation, and reliability evaluation with senior technical experts in Japan, and then TCAC strengthens the detailed design and sells it to the Chinese market. The products produced in China not only have the same technical level as those produced in Japan, but in the new base, we also have high-end testing equipment, which can help us develop new products independently. TCAC can fully produce products that can make customers feel at ease, safe, and satisfied.

  Regarding the high-end laboratories set up by TCAC, Gu Jieshengmei said that by effectively using these laboratories, we can provide customers with high-quality products that can effectively meet their diverse needs with heat pump technology as the core, contribute to the protection of society and even the earth’s environment, develop energy-saving products that meet the goal of carbon neutrality, and provide a series of products such as "cold and warm feng shui" to meet market demand. The construction of TCAC’s high-end laboratories plays an important and positive role in the development of technological innovation.

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

Noise Lab

  In addition, a good factory needs to have more high-end technical talents. TCAC has truly stimulated the potential of technical talents and helped technical employees to further grow. Gu Jieshengmei said: In the product development stage, in order to better help domestic technical personnel to improve their own level, TCAC provides the opportunity to go to the Japanese technical department for training and study. In the development stage, designing new products makes technical personnel constantly face challenges in their work, which can stimulate the potential of technical personnel, continuously consolidate the technical foundation, gain technical experience, and achieve personal growth.

  TCAC general manager Masato Okuda: cell production, artificial intelligence intervention, standardized operations, process quality control and upgrading

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

Masato Okuda, General Manager of TCAC

  Every employee on the TCAC production line is not only the "manufacturer" of the product, but also the person responsible for the quality of the product. In addition, with the support of IT tools, the process quality control will be upgraded again.

  Masato Okuda, general manager of TCAC, said in an interview: The traditional assembly line production method cannot give full play to the personal ability of the operator, especially the slow work pace of the newcomer will affect the overall production progress. Cell production can give full play to personal ability, shorten the production cycle and increase production capacity. Moreover, customers can easily switch production models when they temporarily request expedited shipments, which has the advantage of being able to produce various models at the same time.

  The process quality control of products is an important link in the production of Toshiba air conditioners. Masato Okuda believes that TCAC does a good job in process quality control, and the following links are required: In the main assembly process, a production line inspector is equipped to conduct a full inspection. In order to prevent ingredient errors, some processes are checked by QR code and image recognition technology. When poor quality occurs in the process, countermeasures to prevent recurrence should be implemented immediately, and regular quality inspections should be carried out to determine whether to continue to implement the countermeasures. In addition, product quality traceability should be strengthened through the process history sheet, as well as the data collected by the tablet computers and test devices installed at each assembly station.

  TCAC has also undergone great changes after artificial intelligence intervention. Okuda Masato concluded: Before the AGV automatic handling robot was put into use, there were more than 40 material truck transporters in the assembly area of the indoor machine alone, walking tens of thousands of steps every day. There have also been cases where people wait for materials due to untimely delivery of materials by transporters. By introducing AGV, we removed manual handling and eliminated the loss of man-hours for people and other materials.

  The production method in the intelligent mode has improved production efficiency and also increased the requirements for TCAC employees. Masato Okuda said: With the increase in production, new operators have also increased. In addition to continuing to implement basic requirements such as safety KYT, 5S, and TPM, operators are also required to be proficient in processes and standardize operations as soon as possible. Proficiency in processes and standardized operations does not depend solely on the operators themselves, but can also be supported by tools such as IT.

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

test tower

  In the future, the quality control of the TCAC process will be upgraded again. Okuda Masato requires that while strengthening the traceability management of the manufacturing process, the loss and waste in the process should also be strengthened. On the premise of "people can make mistakes" to avoid operational mistakes, and improve the system that allows operators to realize mistakes.

  Hiroyuki Takeuchi, the person in charge of TCAC quality: Toshiba air conditioners have strong hard power, and all products have "high quality"

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

Hiroyuki Takeuchi, TCAC Quality Manager

  TCAC has always strictly controlled the production management standards, earnestly fulfilled the user’s quality requirements for the product, and truly achieved "even after the product warranty period, it can be used with confidence for a long time without failure".

  For air conditioners, the most lethal quality defect is "refrigerant leakage". TCAC will conduct welding skills training for welding operators, set up a welding operation judge system, etc., and strive to maintain a high level of skills for welding operators. Takeuchi Hiroyuki, the responsible person for TCAC quality supervision, said: In order to prevent "refrigerant leakage", in the manufacturing line, helium detection and refrigerant sniffer will be used for leakage detection. In addition, for outdoor units, after the product is offline, after a certain period of standing time, it will be confirmed again whether the refrigerant is leaking. Through these inspections and confirmations, the problem of refrigerant leakage in the production process of the product can be solved.

  Takeuchi Hiroyuki emphasized: TCAC’s development quality evaluation during new product development and manufacturing quality management during product production basically use the same management benchmarks as in Japan. And, according to the unique situation of the Chinese market, we will more strictly control the evaluation management benchmarks. By strictly controlling the quality and then putting it into production, we can ensure that the product quality is consistent with that of Japan, and strive to solve customers’ quality concerns about domestic production.

  Users feel good is a really good product. Takeuchi Hiroyuki believes that customers will only choose to buy if they recognize the quality of our products. And emphasized the quality requirements of Toshiba air conditioning products: even after the product warranty period, it can be used with confidence for a long time without failure. Only in this way can we proudly say that the characteristics of Toshiba air conditioners are high-quality across the board.

  Now that Toshiba air conditioners are developing rapidly in China, it is natural that countless Toshiba fans are looking forward to new products and new breakthroughs. Hiroyuki Takeuchi said: The new base has high-tech testing equipment to promote product development. These equipment can support TCAC’s independent product development work, providing users with more powerful and more in line with social needs. Of course, these new products will also be "high-quality" products.

  This in-depth interview with Toshiba Air Conditioning China Smart Factory allowed everyone to better understand Toshiba Air Conditioning from the four aspects of the Chinese market, technological innovation, process quality control, and product quality. I believe that in the future, Toshiba Air Conditioning will rely on high-quality and high-quality cutting-edge technology products to create Toshiba Air Conditioning with Chinese characteristics in the Chinese market. With the support of advanced technology and technology, Toshiba Air Conditioning, which has the ability to control the hard core process quality, will continue to win public praise. Good product users have the final say. Toshiba Air Conditioning, mission must be achieved!

Enter Toshiba Air Conditioning "Ingenuity Educating, Intelligent Technology" Hangzhou Characteristic Production Base

Didi price adjustment day-one experience: a small increase in the morning peak, a slight decrease in the peak period

  July 11 was the first day that Didi’s ride-hailing prices rose during peak hours in some areas of Beijing. The reporter conducted an experience in three routes and found that there was no "crowded" call from the city center during the evening rush hour. Even if there was no carpooling, the waiting number was only 5 to 6 people. However, the reporter found that because Didi did not actively prompt the price adjustment on the homepage of the App, many passengers did not notice the price increase during peak hours.


  After get off work, the driver will take the order after a short wait.

  During the peak period yesterday night, the reporters were divided into three routes and experienced the ride-hailing situation on the first day of the price increase, but they did not find the situation of "crowded people".

  At 5 pm, the first reporter called Didi Express from Dongdan to Shuangjing Carrefour. Without carpooling, the system showed that there were 5 people in line in front. If you choose carpooling, you don’t need to queue up. At 5:11, the reporter got on the bus smoothly, 4.7 kilometers away, and the final price was 27.85 yuan.

  Also at 5:00 pm, the second reporter called Didi Express from Dongdan to Shichahai, Xicheng District. The reporter first used the "Didi Chuxing Mini Program" in WeChat to call the express car, and waited for 6.5 minutes, but no driver answered. Then, the reporter opened the mobile phone app, and the waiting situation was not serious. If you don’t carpool, there are 6 people in line in front of you, and if you carpool, you only need to queue up 1 person. Finally, the reporter arrived in Shichahai from Dongdan under the condition of carpooling, a distance of 4.9 kilometers, and the total cost after carpooling was 32.44 yuan.

  At 6:20 pm, the third reporter called Didi Express from Guang’anmen Bridge to Panjiayuan in the East Third Ring Road. After only 2 minutes, a driver took the order. According to the estimated price given by the system, the total mileage of this trip is 13.7 kilometers, and the total cost is 46.05 yuan, of which the starting price is 14 yuan, the mileage fee is 16.05 yuan, and the duration fee is 16 yuan.

  settle accounts

  Morning and evening peak fares rose slightly

  According to the price adjustment instructions previously released by Didi, starting from July 11, Didi will divide Beijing into five regions, each of which adopts different billing standards.

  Taking Didi Express in the six districts of the city as an example, after the adjustment, the starting price will increase from 13 yuan to 14 yuan during the morning peak period from 6:00 am to 10:00 am on weekdays, and the mileage fee will increase from 1.6 yuan/kilometer to 1.8 yuan/kilometer. The duration fee will remain unchanged at 0.8 yuan/minute; during the peak period from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, the starting price will remain unchanged at 13 yuan, the mileage fee will decrease from 1.6 yuan/kilometer to 1.45 yuan/kilometer, and the duration fee will decrease from 0.5 yuan/minute to 0.4 yuan/minute; during the evening peak period from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the starting price will increase from 13 yuan to 14 yuan, and the mileage fee will decrease from 1.6 yuan/kilometer to 1.5 yuan/kilometer. The duration fee will remain unchanged at 0.8 yuan/minute; at 9:00 pm During the night hours at 6 a.m. the next day, the starting price will increase from 13 yuan to 14 yuan, the mileage fee will increase from 1.6 yuan/kilometer to 2.15 yuan/kilometer, and the duration fee will decrease from 1 yuan/minute to 0.8 yuan/minute.

  With a 10-kilometer mileage and a duration of 20 minutes, if you call Didi Express at 7 am without carpooling, the total cost will change from 32.2 yuan to 34.6 yuan, an increase of about 7.5%; if you call Didi Express at 12 noon, the total cost will change from 29.2 yuan to 27.15 yuan, a decrease of about 7%; if you call Didi Express at 5 pm, the total cost will change from 32.2 yuan to 32.5 yuan, which is almost unchanged; if you call Didi Express at 10 pm, the total cost will change from 34.2 yuan to 37.05 yuan, an increase of about 8.3%. Overall, after the price adjustment, the price of Didi Express will increase slightly during the morning peak and night hours, and the price will decrease slightly during the peak hours.


  If you can accept a short-distance increase of three or five yuan.

  Internet users talked a lot about Didi’s price hikes during peak hours, with some accusing Didi of being "unkind," some calling out their emotional collapse, and some saying they would switch to public transportation. However, in on-site interviews, reporters found that the reaction of passengers was mostly calm and rational.

  Mr. Tai, a passenger who shares a ride with reporters, expressed understanding of the price increase. Mr. Tai told reporters that he calls Didi more than 40 times a month on average, and is a customer of Didi’s platform to prioritize orders. The commuting cost is about 1,000 yuan. "The taxi fee accounts for about 1/10 of my monthly income, so as long as the increase is within 10%, I can accept it."

  Miss Qi, a passenger who chooses to carpool on the Didi Express, said that she did not notice any price increase prompts on the mobile app when she called for a ride after get off work, and only noticed the price increase after listening to the reporter. "If it’s a short journey, you can just pay three or five yuan more. If it’s a long journey, then go take the subway." Miss Qi said with a smile. The reporter immediately opened the app and found that the price adjustment notice was not actively pushed to passengers in the first place.

  Although the price has gone up, it is still not easy to call a car during the hot hours in hot areas. At 10:30 last night, the reporter tried to locate the call to Didi Express in the Sanlitun area in the mobile app. The system showed "127 people in line, expected to wait 46 minutes."


  The price increase has no impact on passenger traffic

  There is no special reminder of the price adjustment on the Didi driver’s app page, but the charging page is a little different. "No one mentioned this today, and many passengers didn’t know about it." Master Bai, a full-time Didi driver, said that the first day after the price adjustment did not have much impact on his work, and it was still an ordinary day. After he left the house at 6am, he was busy sending orders to pick up passengers according to the platform. During peak periods, there were still many people waiting in line. "The platform also told drivers a few days ago that they don’t need to pay attention to price changes."

  Master Shu, a Didi driver who belongs to the "night owl" type, has no actual experience of the first morning peak after the price increase because he leaves the car at 3 pm and picks it up at 4 am every day, but he is optimistic about this matter, "The increase is not big, I feel that the number of customers will not decrease, so our driver’s income will increase a little, which is a good thing."