Spy war drama is difficult to do, how to produce explosions one after another?

>A new name-"Rebel" has been added to the spy war drama with more than 8 points.

>It is well known that the creation of spy war dramas is difficult. In the past, high-rated works such as "Hidden" and "Cliff" weighed down on the creator’s mind like mountains, and later, the audience’s high expectations, as well as the high requirements of paying equal attention to the transmission of core values and the rigorous and beautiful story. Compared with costume dramas and urban dramas, the output of spy war dramas in the whole industry is not too high, and good works are rare.

>In 2013, screenwriter Li Xiaoming began to adapt the novel The Rebel. It was not until 2021 that this drama series, which was produced and produced by Xinli Media, met the audience. It took writers, directors and other creative writers eight years to create a spy war drama, which not every film and television company could insist on and complete.

>Looking back at the previous works of Xinli Media, Cliff with a score of 8.5, Kite with a score of 8.8, and Sting, which stands out among a number of new types of spy war dramas, so frequently produce high-quality works in the content field of spy war dramas, perhaps there are more stories and experiences behind Xinli Media.

> Rating of Rebel, Cliff and Kite as of press time

Why can Rebel break through?

>Most of the stories of spy war dramas begin with undercover. Some underground workers with dreams are passing on information under many difficulties, while the audience is watching for victory in the thrills. However, The Rebel is a work that completely subverts the audience’s inherent impression of spy war dramas.

>"The Rebel is more about the story of Lin Nansheng’s growth, choice and belief under the background of the Anti-Japanese War and national survival." The person in charge of Xinli TV told.Yuli studioThe code name "postman" runs through the whole play, but in the end, the audience will find that "postman" is not a specific person, but a belief. All the sacrifices and bloodshed in the play are protecting the postman, as well as protecting the party and protecting their inner pursuit and yearning.

>There is such a sublime intention that "The Rebel" is destined to be different from the previous spy war dramas, because it is no longer just burying suspense, but paying more attention to drama and characterization of characters. "We are more paving the way for the feelings, changes and growth of the characters, as well as his choices in growth."

>Lin Nansheng has no resources and background. He is an excellent student in a special training school. He is born with sensitive insight, calm and introverted personality, and has the qualities that an intelligence officer should have. The Rebel didn’t give the protagonist a lot of golden finger scenes from the beginning, but it was closer to a newcomer who just entered the society in characterization. "Rebel" let the audience see Lin Nansheng’s inexperience, the pain of his choice, and that he eventually became an excellent revolutionary.

>Based on such a leading role, The Rebel is by no means a cool drama, and any character in the play does not depend on the existence of the leading actor. On the contrary, it is these supporting roles that influence the choice of the leading actor, and it is also because of the influence of these characters that Lin Nansheng’s ideological transformation is more natural.

>The innovation of stories and people’s designs needs a suitable actor to present them.Responsible for Xinli TVPeople have a good eye on Zhu Yilong. "Zhu Yilong is different from the idol in the traditional sense. In his previous works, whether he is the protagonist or not, he has strong performance ability, and his temperament conforms to the image of Lin Nansheng."

>Lin Nansheng’s inner play is very difficult. There are many scenes in the play that have no lines, and actors need to perform to show that kind of forbearance, restraint, pain and wandering thoughts. "Zhu Yilong’s eyes can talk and have content, which is very important."

>Plus Zhu Yilong’s literary temperament, "We know that he studied piano and chatted when we met, and he also told us about the movies he had seen, which in itself matched Lin Nansheng’s temperament. The opening song of "Rebel" is "Boat Song in June" played by Lang Lang, and we are also pursuing the literary quality of this work. Such a title song actually reflects the confusion of the characters in that era from the side, but finally found their own direction. " The person in charge of Xinli TV told.Yuli studio.

Respect the law of creation and don’t innovate for the sake of innovation.

>From the audience’s point of view, the Rebel has made many adjustments and innovations in the big category of spy war dramas, but in fact,Responsible for Xinli TVhumanIt seems that its innovation is still based on respecting the direction of content-spy war drama is already a mature theme, and it has its own creative rules to follow.

>"In fact, when we look back at these high-scoring spy war dramas, we will find their common characteristics-they must have a higher spiritual level of conception and pursuit, and faith must be able to stand in the drama. The spiritual core of spy war dramas is the glory of faith and humanity."

>For example, in "Kite", Zheng Yaoxian was still a staunch believer in communism when all his superiors died and no one could prove his identity. The same is true of Cliff. Zhou Yi did not hesitate in the face of life and death. He would rather die than be a traitor. This indomitable core attracted the audience’s spiritual strength. This spiritual power is displayed from the plot and sublimated in the plot. Perhaps after many years, the audience may not remember the specific story, but they will certainly remember people like Zheng Yaoxian and Zhou Yi under the influence of this force.

> Top: Kite, in which Liu Yunlong plays Zheng Yaoxian.

>Next: On the Cliff, Zhang Jiayi plays Zhou Yi.

>From Cliff and Kite to Scare and Rebel, Xinli Media has accumulated a lot of experience in the creation of spy wars.Responsible for Xinli TVhumanIt also summarizes the rules that need to be followed at the level of content production when trading spy war dramas:

>First, respect the audience of spy war dramas. In fact, the cultural level and aesthetic ability of the audience of spy war dramas are relatively high, so the script logic should be rigorous, and it should be developed around the glory of faith and human nature, and the content should be realistic and reductive.

>Second, the production should follow the unity of this type of content, including light and shadow, mirror movement and color, which requires high performance of actors. All actors are under the same performance system, and the performance methods should be unified, with original lines and no dubbing.

>Third, the service of morality and beauty should be unified and restored. Clothing, in particular, must be very strictly restored to what it should look like in the background age of the story, and the format of the clothes cannot be wrong.

>Fourth, choose the right protagonist. The spy war drama has very high requirements for the protagonist’s performance, and the most important representative work of many actors is also the spy war drama. A good spy war drama can make the market and the audience feel the charm of the actors. Similarly, whether the protagonist of a spy war drama is popular because of his role is also one of the criteria for judging the broadcast of a spy war drama.

> rebels, Zhu Yilong, Tanya.

>"The spy war drama can’t be innovated casually. In fact, we have always been creating according to the law, respecting historical facts, telling stories, feelings and spirits seriously. In terms of clothing, music and photography, everything is done according to the law. Don’t mix and match, but be more rigorous."

>Responsible for Xinli TVhumanIt is believed that the script creation of an excellent spy war drama takes at least three years, and it is basically an "orphan". The success of spy war drama lies not in great innovation, but in respecting the law and intention.

Do not follow the trend, there is improvement.

>Although the spy war drama is difficult, it still has its market value. It is what Xinli Media has been doing to tap this value. For spy warfare, having rich creative experience is the greatest advantage. Work hard on the script, high aesthetic standards, proper casting and proper details can add up to the project.

>"Until now, in the creation, we are all very High and very serious. For example, when the poster team comes up with a plan, we will all ask for old photos and historical materials that conform to the time node for reference. What kind of expressions, hats and costumes were worn by the characters at that time, we will restore them through performances and cultural roads. We have never regarded any work as an assembly line product, nor will we deliberately pursue market popularity. Only a good story and a good script will we be willing to pay time for it. "

>Not afraid of slowness is also a feature of Xinli Media. "We can’t speed up, we still have to shoot one work and leave one."Responsible for Xinli TVhumanSaid, "every play of the company has to be revised at least four or five times. We don’t pursue speed, but we demand quality."

> The Rebel, Zhu Yilong

>Cao Huayi, the chairman of Xinli Media, has been working in the publishing field in his early years. This experience has given him content sensitivity and judgment, and also laid the aesthetic benchmark for Xinli Media’s content. In addition to the content, he is also constantly exploring new creative talents to join the creation, and the director Zhou You of The Rebel is an example.

>Zhou You is a serious young director, who has no experience in creating spy war dramas before. However, Cao Huayi and his creative team found that he was very logical. The most important thing was that he was persistent and enthusiastic about stories and works, and he also had a strong grasp of details.

>"Before the boot, after Li Xiaoming, Qin Wen and other screenwriters laid a solid foundation for the script, Director Zhou You took the screenwriter to participate in the creation of the second half of the script, which made the whole story look like today."Responsible for Xinli TVhumanExpress.

> "Rebel" set, Zhu Yilong, Wang Yang

>Using the right people and doing the right things, this methodology is also applicable to Xinli Media’s choice of its own behind-the-scenes team.Responsible for Xinli TVhumanFor example, "Director Sun Hao was a fan of the original book before filming Joy of Life, so when he found a new beauty, his desire to create was already very strong. Love is the first, which is what we value most when building the main creative team. "

>In addition to the persistence in creation, the promotion in publicity is also particularly important. "The promotion of" Rebel "is actually closely following social media. Whether it is the creation of the script or the later announcement, it is closely following and respecting the current social values."

>The spy war drama is not a particularly popular type in the film and television drama market, but it is just needed by the audience. Xinli Media continues to deepen its cultivation in the field of spy war drama, but it is not just doing this category of works. "We are still doing, still insisting, but we are not good at it, so we will study carefully first."

>Willing to invest, but not making ineffective investment; Understand the market, but don’t cater to the market. No one can fully predict the audience’s preferences, but they can ask for their own creative attitude and way.The success of Rebel is not accidental, nor is it a gamble, but a product of Xinli Media based on its own creative experience and strict compliance with creative laws.

>From the end of last year to the present, Xinli Media has gained many explosions in addition to The Rebel, such as My Husband, last romance and Douluo Mainland. It can ensure the success rate of the works on the premise of exploring multiple themes, and perhaps it is also inseparable from Xinli Media’s understanding of the content and its compliance with the creative rules.