Hot search for myopia surgery in 2022: How long does it take to apply for laser correction in military schools?

       Becoming a soldier is the dream of many students, but taking the military school entrance examination requires not only the results of the college entrance examination, but also the candidates’ health, especially their eyesight. Many parents know that their children’s myopia needs to be improved, but they are not clear about the time needed for myopia surgery and what preparations need to be made. Below, experts will answer your questions.


  First of all, we need to know the requirements for applying for military school vision:

  The farsighted vision of each eye in the military academy is less than 4.5(0.3), the corrected vision is less than 4.9(0.8), and the diopter is above ±6.00DS equivalent spherical lens, which is unqualified.

  The naked-eye farsightedness of each eye is above 4.6(0.4), the corrected vision is above 4.9(0.8), and the diopter is below ±6.00DS equivalent spherical lens. The majors of command, surface warship, submarine, armor, surveying and mapping and radar are qualified. Among them, excimer laser surgery has no complications for more than half a year, except submarine and airborne specialty.

        Enter the military academy in 2022, and do laser myopia surgery as early as possible.

  Whether it is full femtosecond or semi-femtosecond, the postoperative vision recovery is very fast. Normally, you can get good vision the next day after surgery, which will hardly affect your normal work and life. However, you should try to operate as early as possible and reserve enough time for vision recovery.

  1. Myopia surgery can be done without wanting to do it. Many nearsighted friends came to the hospital and told me that I wanted to do all-femtosecond surgery, or other surgical methods. However, after strict preoperative examination, because the eye conditions did not meet, myopia surgery could not be performed. Even if it was found that it was not suitable for myopia surgery, there was enough time to adjust the plan.

  2. Myopia surgery has strict requirements for patients’ eye conditions. If the eye condition does not meet the requirements, even if the corneal thickness is appropriate, the operation can only be performed after the eye condition meets the requirements. For example, it is necessary to stop wearing contact lenses in advance, soft contact lenses for 1 week, hard contact lenses for 2 weeks, and OK lenses for more than 3 months.

  3. There are strict and standardized surgical procedures for myopia surgery. Generally speaking, you should have a preoperative examination before you can make an appointment for the operation. You should also order eye drops for three days before the operation, and it will take about 1 to 3 months for your vision to return to stability after the operation.

  Therefore, experts remind that in order to ensure foolproof, the sooner you apply for myopia surgery in military schools, the better. With sufficient recovery time, you can not only successfully pass the physical examination, but also restore your eye vision to a stable state as soon as possible.

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