The first quarter rumor hot list: refuse the routine! Uncover the true face of rumors

  People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 16 (Xiao Jinbo, Wang Yajing) The first quarter of 2018 has passed. Have you been "routine" by rumors? "Seeking Truth" column and Baidu rumor platform jointly launched the top ten rumors inventory of Baidu search in the first quarter, exploring the routines behind rumors and uncovering the true face of rumors.

  1. Strictly investigate the chess room nationwide. The number of arrests and searches for people under 60 years old is 91.71 million. The heat of the incident ★★★★★★★★★

  [rumor]CCTV news reported that since the new regulations began on February 25th, all mahjong halls will be investigated and dealt with (including in the community). Anyone under 60 will be arrested and detained for 5 days and fined 500-1000 yuan.

  [Truth]Since February 25, network police in Sichuan, Shanxi and other places have rumored that the information is an out-and-out rumor, which first appeared in 2014. In recent years, this rumor has repeatedly appeared with the "small holiday". The network police said: all the mahjong parlors investigated by the police are suspected of gambling, and the mahjong parlors for entertainment and leisure will not be investigated. I hope you don’t believe in online rumors.

  [routine]Rumors spread under the guise of CCTV news reports, taking advantage of the people’s trust in authoritative news media. The communication time coincides with holidays, which is the time when people’s leisure and entertainment activities are carried out frequently, so it is easier to catch people’s attention and trigger people to forward them. In recent years, many rumors have been widely spread under the guise of authoritative official names. When you see such news, you should verify it before forwarding it, so don’t be the disseminator of rumors.

  2.70-year-old people over the age of 70 must open a health certificate to fly. The number of searches is 67.76 million. Event fever ★★★★★★★★

  [rumor]A "warm reminder" appeared in the circle of friends, saying that people over 70 years old (including 70 years old) — — Old people under the age of 80 must provide the original health certificate of the third-class first-class hospital or above, otherwise the airport will not release them. The contents of the certificate include: electrocardiogram, blood pressure and respiratory tract.

  [Truth]On February 11, Changzhou network police rumored that the news was inaccurate. According to China Civil Aviation Passenger and Luggage Domestic Transportation Rules, there is no special age limit for the elderly to fly. In fact, the regulations of airlines are different. Before the elderly choose to travel by plane, they need to take the initiative to inquire about the relevant requirements of airlines and make preparations before traveling.

  [routine]On the surface, it is a "warm reminder", but in fact, it is to take different airlines’ regulations on the flight of the elderly out of context and substitute flowers for trees to spread rumors. This kind of absolute "reminder" of the words "must", "must" and "all" should not be trusted, or it is necessary to analyze specific problems and ask relevant departments for verification according to their actual situation before acting.

  3. The little boy’s rabies attack learned the number of times the dog barked. 47.43 million event heat ★★★★★

  [rumor]A video circulating on the Internet said that after a boy was bitten by a dog in Yingde, Guangdong Province, rabies broke out and barked like a dog. In the video, the boy with rabies was firmly controlled by three people and kept barking like a dog.

  [Truth]On March 2nd, Weibo, a network policeman from Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, published an article to refute the rumor that the rumor was a rumor, and the local epidemic prevention department had not received any reports of rabies recently. Subsequently, the network police in many places across the country rumored this matter, saying that the video did not happen locally. On March 8th, Weibo "The Ministry of Public Security cracked down on the four evils", and pointed out that experts in epidemic prevention departments said that rabies patients would have symptoms such as fear of water, fear of light, headache, fatigue and pharyngeal muscle spasm at the initial stage of attack, and eventually died of respiratory or circulatory failure, but they would not stick out their tongues and bark like dogs.

  [routine]People know about rabies, but they don’t know enough about what symptoms will appear after being infected with rabies. The lack of professional knowledge leads to the emergence of "looking at the text to make sense", thinking that if you get rabies, you will bark like a dog. The boy in the video is in a very painful state, and the rumor spreads by taking advantage of people’s sympathy and fear of rabies, and it becomes a huge whirlpool, which makes more people believe it. When news involving medical, scientific and technological expertise appears, don’t easily judge whether it is true or not, and avoid spreading it around.

  4. The number of searches for "floating cars" in Gannan area 41.11 million event heat ★★★★★

  [rumor]The online video shows that two cars suddenly floated when passing through a section of road. It is reported that "the strange phenomenon happened in Gannan yesterday morning. In the afternoon, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences were present, and the armed police blocked the area of 5 kilometers in Fiona Fang. "

  [Truth]On February 5th, Jiangsu network police denied the rumor through Weibo. After investigation, there were only two Gannan regions in China, namely Gansu and Heilongjiang, but there were no similar incidents in Gannan regions of the two places recently. Experts pointed out that the disappearance of zebra crossings, telephone poles like air, tires as thin as paper and other loopholes in the video revealed that the video was made in the later stage.

  [routine]Images and pictures will increase credibility, and people tend to "see is believing". If they pay too much attention to the "facts" they see, they will easily ignore the truth and details behind things. The "floating car" does not conform to the principle of gravity. With the development of modern technology, it is not difficult to create special effects in video images. If there are unreasonable things in life, it is better to keep a little doubt, pay attention to the truth behind the incident, and don’t deceive the so-called facts.

  5. There is snow melting agent in the snow, and the number of searches for eyes injured by playing with snow is 16.48 million. Event heat ★★★★★

  [rumor]Parents are requested to tell their children that when playing with snow these days, don’t sprinkle snow on each other’s faces, especially on the side of the road. There will be snow melting agent sprinkled by the sanitation department in the snow, which is harmful to the eyes! Those who have children must pay attention!

  [Truth]On January 4th, Jiangsu network police rumored that "confirmed by many environmental sanitation departments, the special environment-friendly snow melting agent is currently used, which contains special protective agent, and is basically harmless to roads, plants and public facilities, and is mainly scattered in urban trunk roads, parks, communities and slow lanes."

  [routine]This kind of "well-meaning rumor" is more confusing and will make families with children panic. I’d rather believe that it’s not credible, so that parents will take the initiative to forward relevant comments. In the face of such rumors, relevant departments should not only promptly dispel rumors, but also find out the source and punish them according to law, and relevant departments should also popularize common sense in snow melting agents and other aspects to avoid rumors spreading wider and wider.

  6. During the free passage period, ETC vehicles will be charged the search times if they don’t get out of the special passage. 16.32 million event heat ★★★★

  [rumor]During the high-speed free passage of minibus during the Spring Festival, if you enter the high-speed through the ETC channel, you must take the ETC channel to exit the high-speed, otherwise the system will assume that the car has been on the high-speed, and the whole toll will be charged.

  [Truth]Guilin network police prompt: During the free period, if the vehicle takes the ETC passage entrance to the expressway, but gets off the expressway through the manual passage, the ETC system will not be able to complete a complete transaction, and the owner will not be charged any fees for this passage. When the owner gets on the expressway next time, whether through the ETC lane or the manual lane, the entry information of the current time will be re-entered for the owner’s ETC card, and the last information will be automatically overwritten, and the driving information will be recorded separately.

  [routine]Old rumors put on new coats, and they came out to fool people by the reason of high-speed free passage on holidays. Rumors related to holidays or seasonality like this are always revived, and they have to "re-emerge" once a year, which is related to personal interests. Every time, some people will believe that netizens should keep their eyes open and don’t be cheated again.

  7. Adding water to white wine without turbidity is the event heat of fake wine search times of 13.01 million ★★★

  [rumor]A short video on "How to judge the turbidity of liquor with water and fake liquor" was widely reprinted on the Internet. The video showed that a man compared a bottle of liquor with two other well-known brands, and observed the turbidity phenomenon after adding water, pointing out that "turbid liquor" is grain liquor, and "non-turbid liquor" is "fake liquor, chemical liquor, industrial liquor and alcoholic liquor", while drinking non-grain liquor will lead to headaches and headaches.

  [Truth]As early as April 2017, the Liquor Professional Committee of China Food Industry Association issued a document denying that "adding water is turbid" is not a scientific method to test the quality of liquor and a standard to judge whether liquor is true or false. If a certain amount of higher fatty acid ethyl ester is added to pure alcohol (or liquor blended with edible alcohol as the main body), it will also be turbid if water is added to reduce the degree. Therefore, the turbidity of the finished wine after adding water is related to the original wine and production technology used in blending.

  [routine]The two different states produced by simple experiments jump to conclusions. Such rumors are exactly the same as those of "plastic laver" and "cotton floss" that happened before. The rumors are covered with the cloak of "counterfeiting", and the headlines often use inflammatory words to give people psychological hints, mislead netizens, and spread by people’s sense of justice, which is even more confusing.

  8. WeChat payment code screenshot Stealing property search times 9.39 million event heat ★★

  [rumor]An article "Urgent! A screenshot of WeChat can brush up your bank card! The article "Tell your family quickly" is widely circulated on the Internet. In this paper, the swindler maliciously deducts money by defrauding the "payment code". To put it simply, this scam is: the scammer asks you to cut a picture of the WeChat payment interface and send it to him. After the scammer gets the screenshot of the payment code, he can immediately spend it.

  [Truth]On February 23, WeChat "rumor filter" rumored that the news was inconsistent with the facts. As early as 2016, WeChat had cut off the possibility of "sending screenshots of payment codes to others and being stolen" through technical means. Since WeChat was updated to iOS version iOS6.3.22 and Android version 6.3.23 in the second half of 2016, once the payment code is screened, the user will receive a security prompt and the payment code will be invalid immediately. This means that the QR code taken by the user can no longer be brushed, and the scammers have no chance to take advantage of it. Remind users to keep in mind the payment code safety tips, and don’t easily send the payment code of WeChat payment to others in any form, including barcode, QR code and 18-digit code. If you encounter fraud or suspected fraud, you can report it to the public security organ at the first time and report it through the complaint function of WeChat.

  [routine]The rise of online payment makes people’s transactions more convenient, and it also provides another possibility for swindlers to cheat. This rumor takes advantage of people’s misunderstanding of online payment, and only tells an extreme result. The headline will cause serious consequences, but it does not mention all kinds of preventive measures introduced by relevant payment platforms, exaggerating the danger of online payment, but actually spreading rumors under the banner of reminding. Although the rumor is not credible, it should not be taken lightly. Be wary of those who ask you for passwords and identity information.

  9. Shanghai bus 50-year-old man beat 8-year-old children 6.25 million times. Event fever ★★

  [rumor]Post "The bad guys are getting old! A 50-year-old man beat up an 8-year-old child on a bus in Shanghai! ! Mom, the police station fought back! "It’s popular on the Internet.

  [Truth]On January 17, the Shanghai police issued a notice saying that the content of the post was purely a rumor, and the criminal suspect Jiang, who fabricated the rumor, had been criminally detained according to law. After investigation, Jiang, a 33-year-old Shanghai netizen, posted a message about "an 8-year-old elementary school student was severely beaten by a bus" in a WeChat group of more than 400 people on January 8, and then the chat record was forwarded to the fence network and other online forums. According to Jiang’s account, for the purpose of attracting people’s attention in the circle of friends, he fabricated and compiled false information that an 8-year-old elementary school student was beaten and seriously injured by a bus. The content of the post was completely false, and Jiang confessed to his illegal behavior.

  [routine]If individuals want to win the attention of others, they will use small things or rumors around them to embellish things they are familiar with, and make up sensational so-called "facts" with emotional titles to arouse public anger or sympathy for communication. For those who deliberately fabricate rumors and spread them, they must be severely punished according to law and sound an alarm to other people who spread rumors and rumors.

  10 junior high school students set up anti-second child alliance search times 5.49 million event heat ★

  [rumor]A picture was posted on the Internet, claiming that "recently, a group of junior two students from a middle school in Wuhan formed a ‘ Anti-Second Child Alliance ’ At present, there are 108 members in the alliance, with 50% men and 50% women. Every member can join the club and pay the 200 yuan membership fee … … At present, a large number of single primary and secondary school students want to join the organization. "

  [Truth]As early as January 20th, 2016, a Weibo account named @ Onion Daily published this picture. In the self-introduction of the Weibo account, it is stated that "our news is fake news anyway". The rumor of the so-called "Wuhan Middle School Students’ Anti-Second Child Alliance" is an "onion news" that has been published (fake news concocted with humor). This spoof old news was once again "fried cold rice" this year.

  [routine]It was originally a spoof, but it was spread more and more and became a ridiculous rumor, and because the content was related to national policies, it attracted people to believe it. Three people make a tiger, and the more people say fake things, the more "credible" they are. The public must pay attention to careful screening when transmitting information, and then spread it after verification. Don’t spread it blindly to avoid "rumors confusing the public."