Sweden’s City of Industrial Innovation: Gothenburg, the World’s Major City for Studying Abroad

  Original title: What a wonderful world Gothenburg | Take you into the city of industrial innovation in Sweden.

  Starting from the "city", the world’s major cities for studying abroad come into view. College information, food, clothing, housing and transportation, and all kinds of knowledge of study abroad destinations include the heart. Europe, Asia, America and Australia-The lens of Study Abroad magazine travels around the world, "The world is really wonderful", searching and exploring, and enjoying the world of studying abroad with you. The wonderful column of the world, one city per issue, will lead you into Gothenburg, the city of industrial innovation in Sweden.

  The first impression of Gothenburg

  Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, as a pearl on the west coast of Sweden, is also a small and beautiful industrial science and technology city in Sweden, shining with the light of innovation everywhere.

  Gothenburg is a famous Nordic city with a long history. In 1619, King Gustav Adolphus of Sweden ordered the construction of Gothenburg as an important military fortress against Denmark. The unique geographical advantages make Gothenburg the largest port in Sweden. In 1732, the first merchant ship of the Swedish East India Company went to China for business, and set sail from Gothenburg. In the following 75 years, Sweden and China completed 129 maritime trade.

  The long history has not stopped Gothenburg’s industrial development and technological innovation. As the leading industrial city in Sweden, Gothenburg is the base camp of many well-known international enterprises. The headquarters of Volvo, Ericsson, Hasselblad camera and SKF bearing are all in Gothenburg. At present, Gothenburg’s new city plan is under way. Through the expansion and development of the outer suburbs of the city, Gothenburg will become a fertile ground for more innovative technologies and enterprise development.

  Gothenburg is a multifaceted city, which is quiet and gentle and exudes the charm of northern European cities; At the same time, it is full of vitality and strives for innovation.

  Learning in Gothenburg Education

  Gothenburg has two famous universities-chalmers university of technology and the University of Gothenburg. Both famous universities offer undergraduate and master programs in English. Chalmers university of technology is a well-known institute of technology in Europe and even the world, while Goethe-Borg University is a prestigious comprehensive research university in Sweden.

  chalmers university of technology

  Chalmers university of technology, founded in 1829, is a polytechnic university focusing on engineering technology, natural science and architecture. Its popularity is second only to the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology. About 40% of engineers and architects in Sweden graduated from Chalmers University, which is also the university with the highest employment rate in Sweden. Chalmers University has 17 colleges with 10,000 registered students and more than 3,000 faculty members.

  Chalmers university of technology has outstanding scientific research strength, and has made outstanding achievements in eight fields, namely, built environment, energy and power system, information and communication technology, life science engineering, new material science and nanotechnology, industrial production and automation, vehicles and transportation. Chalmers university of technology has two campuses, one is Johanneberg’s main campus in the city center, and the other is Lindholmen’s campus on Hinsingen Island. Among them, Lindholmen campus is located in Gothenburg IT Park, adjacent to many well-known companies such as Volvo and Ericsson.

  With the in-depth cooperation between China and China in automobile manufacturing R&D and communication engineering, the employment prospects of science and engineering students studying in Gothenburg are getting better and better, and more China students choose to study in chalmers university of technology.

  University of Gothenburg

  As a well-known comprehensive university in Sweden, Gothenburg University is second only to Uppsala University and Lund University in Sweden. The predecessor of the University of Gothenburg is the University College of Gothenburg, which was founded in 1891. After a hundred years’ development, the University of Gothenburg has developed from an initial college into a comprehensive university that includes natural science, humanities, social science, business law, education, medical science, information technology, design and art. At present, the University of Gothenburg has 8 colleges and 57 disciplines, with a wide range of specialties.

  The medical school of Gothenburg University is very famous, and its dental specialty has always been in the leading position. The School of Business Economics and Law of the University of Gothenburg is one of the well-known business schools in Europe. The school has established cooperative relations with many advanced universities in the world, and both undergraduate and master students can get rich exchange opportunities. At present, international students in China can apply for Volvo Scholarship set up by Gothenburg University and Volvo Group, and students who have won this scholarship also have the opportunity to enter Volvo for internship.

  The colleges of Gothenburg University are scattered in different areas of the city, and it is a city university without walls. At present, the school has 47,000 registered students and 6,000 faculty members, of which 59% are women, which reflects the Swedish values of gender equality.

  Gothenburg on the tip of her tongue gourmet pian

  When it comes to Swedish food, IKEA meatballs with mashed potatoes have become Sweden’s "national dish" in everyone’s eyes. In fact, there are many interesting food cultures and rich foods in this Nordic country.

  No FIKA, no Sweden

  Fika is a unique word in Sweden, which is generally used to describe the coffee break. As the third largest coffee consumer in the world, Swedes have two fixed Fika hours every day-10 am and 4 pm. During these two periods, whether office workers or students, everyone will put down their work and make themselves a cup of coffee and eat a snack.

  There are chocolates, cakes, coconut towers, almond cakes, etc. in the dessert period of Fika, but cinnamon rolls are definitely the stars of Fika dessert industry. This sweet roll with butter, sugar and cinnamon powder is a favorite of Swedes. According to statistics, the average Swede eats 312 cinnamon rolls a year. The Swedes also designate October 4th every year as "cinnamon roll day", which shows the position of this bun in the hearts of Swedes. If you have a chance to visit Gothenburg, you must go to Café Husaren in Haga Old Town and try a cinnamon roll that is "bigger than your face". At the same time, don’t forget to order a cup of moderately roasted coffee, which is popular among Swedish people, and enjoy Fika slow time with family and friends.

  It turns out that Swedes also love crayfish.

  The second Thursday of August every year is the "Crayfish Festival" in Sweden. Eating crayfish is a ritual activity in Sweden. First of all, the place to eat crayfish must be outdoors and close to nature; Secondly, everyone should wear peaked party hats to create a happy atmosphere for eating shrimp. Of course, eating crayfish is indispensable for spirits. For Swedes, a bite of shrimp and a bite of wine is what a crayfish party should look like. If you think this is the whole ceremony for Swedes to eat crayfish, you are wrong, because stubborn Swedes also have a set of cooking secrets for crayfish, and Strindberg, a great Swedish writer, also described the cooking and eating methods of crayfish in his works.

  Gothenburg, as a coastal city, is rich in sea prawns. Unlike freshwater crayfish, this kind of seawater crayfish has a long fishing period. Even if you visit Gothenburg in months other than August, you can still taste sea crayfish. Next time you come to Gothenburg, you can visit the Fish Church, which was founded in 1874, where you can buy all kinds of seafood and taste delicious snacks. If you love sunshine as much as Swedes, you must drink beer and eat seafood outdoors when the weather is fine.

  Canned herring challenge

  At the end of August every year, a group of "brave Swedes" gather by the stream to launch the canned herring challenge. Although smelly herring is a traditional food in Sweden, not all Swedes can accept this stinking food.

  The canned herring in Sweden uses the small herring in the Baltic Sea. The small herring caught will be pickled and fermented in an ancient way. In the later stage of fermentation, with the accumulation of time, both ends of the can will begin to swell. In order to avoid excessive pressure and "charming" smell when opening, the can of herring must be opened underwater, which is why the challenge must be held by the stream.

  Although smelly herring has a strong smell, its unique and exciting taste can’t be given up for those who love it. In Sweden, people will put the eviscerated herring on thin bread with butter and eat it with cooked potatoes and chopped onions.

  Visit Gothenburg and Scenic Spots

  As a famous Nordic city with a long history, the buildings and streets in downtown Gothenburg have a strong historical atmosphere. Compared with the Grand Palace in Stockholm, the historical buildings in Gothenburg have a unique style, which is very exquisite and simple. On the other hand, Gothenburg is an industrial city in Sweden, and the science and technology park built across the sea reflects the city’s innovative temperament to the fullest.

  Stroll along Haga Old Street.

  Haga Old Street is the most charming ancient block in Gothenburg. The cobblestone streets are lined with quaint wooden houses. Here, you can find design shops, antique shops, cafes and furniture stores. Many storefronts still retain the style of houses in the 19th century. No wonder some people say that walking in Haga block is like coming to a Nordic fairy tale town. If you want to buy some gifts with Swedish characteristics, you can look at Haga Tr?toffelfabrik Wooden Shoe Store on Haga Old Street. You can buy handmade wooden shoes and leather products with Nordic characteristics.

  If you visit Gothenburg in spring, you can walk along Haga Old Street to Haga Cathedral, which is the most beautiful spring lawn in the whole city. If the sun is just right, it is better to sit on the floor like the Swedes and enjoy the bright and warm sun.

  The largest amusement park in northern Europe

  As the largest amusement park in northern Europe, Liseberg is the most popular tourist attraction in Sweden, and about 3 million people come here every year. At present, Risebon has 35 different amusement facilities, and there is also the largest three-dimensional cinema in Northern Europe.

  Amusement parks plan theme activities for some festivals every year. For example, Easter in spring and Christmas in winter. Among them, the Christmas market in winter is the most popular. Hand-made jam, traditional cheese, onion herring, deer meat and other holiday products that are necessary for Christmas can be found. Many stores also offer tasting, so everyone can have a good time while playing. If you are a music lover, Risebon Amusement Park is also worth a visit. Many European and American music stars will choose to hold concerts here, and pop music, heavy metal or opera can be heard here.

  Volvo museum

  If you are a car enthusiast, don’t miss the Volvo Car Museum. It shows the development process of Volvo car brand in all directions. The museum’s physical exhibitions include Volvo’s first V40 car in 1972 to the newly designed model car. Here, you can also see buses, trucks and aircraft engines designed by Volvo. If you are a car history enthusiast, you can also see the entrepreneurial scenes of Volvo founders Brisson and Larsson.

  As the birthplace of Volvo cars, you can not only visit the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, but also experience Volvo buses at any time and feel the comfortable ride experience brought by new energy buses.

  Lindholmen science and technology park

  Lindholmen Science Park in Hinsingen is the most popular innovation base in Gothenburg, and well-known enterprises such as Volvo Group, Ericsson and SKF all have office buildings in the park. Different from the historical sense of the old city across the river, Lindholmen shows the enthusiasm and vitality of Gothenburg. The most eye-catching thing in the park is the library of Chalmers University. This colorful building is a representative work of new Nordic design. The exterior wall of the building can be changed in color, and the electricity of the whole building is supplied by sustainable energy.

  If you are interested in the urban development of Gothenburg, you must visit the urban exhibition hall in the park. The sand table in the exhibition hall shows the urban development plan for the next five years, and the on-site staff will also introduce the planning concept to you in English, which is very interesting. Lindholmen Science and Technology Park has convenient transportation, the ferry to the city center runs every five minutes, and there are two expressways connecting other areas of the city.

  Feel Gothenburg Climate

  Gothenburg, located on the southern coast of Sweden, has a typical maritime climate. Compared with Stockholm, the capital near the north, its climate is more livable, and the winter temperature is obviously higher than that of most cities in Sweden. Gothenburg, as a coastal city, is often affected by the sea breeze, and the rainy season is long. It is recommended that you take rain gear and take precautions against wind when traveling.

  Every year from June to September is the best tourist season in Gothenburg. At this time, Gothenburg has enough light and the daytime can reach more than 12 hours. It is a veritable "city where the sun never sets". The temperature in Gothenburg can climb to 25 degrees in summer, which is the best time to travel.

  Walking through Gothenburg, Traffic

  Trams, buses and ferry boats are the main means of transportation in Gothenburg. Among them, trams are the most distinctive, and many lines still have historical models that need to ring the bell to stop. Long lines and slow running are the characteristics of Gothenburg trams. Almost all the routes pass through the main roads and scenic spots in the city center. If you want to "roam" the city, trams must be the first choice. Because there are many water systems in the whole city and many islands are distributed around it, ferry boats are also the characteristic traffic in Gothenburg. When the weather is fine, the ferry is the first choice for many citizens, and everyone can fully enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine.

  Gothenburg, located on the southern coast of Sweden, has a typical maritime climate. Compared with Stockholm, the capital near the north, its climate is more livable, and the winter temperature is obviously higher than that of most cities in Sweden. Gothenburg, as a coastal city, is often affected by the sea breeze, and the rainy season is long. It is recommended that you take rain gear and take precautions against wind when traveling.

  Every year from June to September is the best tourist season in Gothenburg. At this time, Gothenburg has enough light and the daytime can reach more than 12 hours. It is a veritable "city where the sun never sets". The temperature in Gothenburg can climb to 25 degrees in summer, which is the best time to travel.

  Like many European cities, Gothenburg is built near a mountain. There are many ramps in the city, and the roads are mainly gravel roads. For tourists and international students, walking and cycling are not convenient, so it is particularly important to get a bus card. There are many kinds of bus cards in Gothenburg, including three-day tickets, five-day tickets, monthly tickets and quarterly tickets. Students can also enjoy discounts with their student ID cards. For details, you can consult at large transportation hubs and convenience stores.

  Gothenburg, a vibrant Nordic city. Here you can experience the slow-paced life in Sweden, and you can also feel the concept of sustainable development of the city. It seems that influenced by the warm ocean monsoon, people here are more open and friendly. Gothenburg, whether it is its history, its academic atmosphere or its life atmosphere, is worth your personal visit.

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The pre-sale price is 90,000 yuan, and the Great Wall King Kong cannon is officially opened for pre-sale.

A few days ago, its brand-new model, King Kong Gun, officially opened for pre-sale, and the pre-sale price range of the new car was 90,000-120,000 yuan. The new car is positioned in a fashion business pickup truck, which looks more beautiful and fashionable on the whole, and continues to be equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine and a 2.0T diesel engine.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the King Kong cannon adopts a blasting-launched honeycomb mesh, with rough chrome decoration around it, and the overall design is very domineering. The matrix headlights on both sides are also integrated with the China Net, and the super-large design looks very harmonious, which makes the front face of the whole vehicle highly recognizable.

On the side, the waistline design of King Kong Gun looks very sharp, and the unique design makes it look more three-dimensional. In addition, the wheel hub design is also very cool. The two-color wheel hub with internal color-changing calipers has a strong sense of movement visually, just like a sports pickup truck. As for the rear part, the new car adopts U-shaped double magnetic stereo taillights, and the protruding double U-shaped taillights are matched with penetrating lines, which is more stereoscopic and more integrated.

In terms of power, the new car will continue to provide two kinds of power: a 2.0T gasoline engine and a 2.0T diesel engine. Among them, the maximum power of the 2.0T gasoline engine is 145kW and the maximum speed is 170 km/h; The maximum power of 2.0T diesel engine is 122kW and the maximum speed is 160km/h.. In addition, the company will also provide two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, as well as three container forms: standard container, long container and flat-bottomed container, so as to meet the diverse needs of users.

Investors and analysts are cautiously optimistic about the listing of extreme US stocks seeking a valuation equivalent to Weilai Automobile.

  China’s rapidly rising new car-making companies are in the fiercest market competition, which makes them more motivated to seek rapid landing in the capital market. The latest one is Krypton, which has just been established for two years.

  If the IPO is successful, Krypton will be the fastest start-up car company established and listed. At present, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has confirmed the filing information of Krypton’s listing outside the United States, and Krypton also started a roadshow three weeks ago to test investors’ reaction.

  If it goes well, this IPO with a financing scale of over US$ 1 billion will become the largest IPO of China companies in the United States since Didi raised US$ 4.4 billion in mid-2021.

  A number of investors told the interface news that there is a great possibility of successful listing.Even when the capital is the most active, it takes the shortest time to build a car.It also took four years.

  A person close to the investor of Krypton roadshow told the interface news that Krypton has not yet negotiated with domestic and Hong Kong investment institutions, and the focus is still on overseas investors. As of the beginning of September, Krypton has held water testing meetings with some investment institutions in Singapore and Europe.

  Judging from the preliminary negotiation results, Krypton hopes to get a valuation of $18 billion, which is equivalent to the current US stock market value of Auto, whose latest market value has reached $18.274 billion.

  Several industry investors told Interface News that this valuation was higher than expected. For reference, the acquisition of shares of Volkswagen GroupThe latest market value after the stock price soared was $15.8 billion. In February this year, the post-investment valuation of Krypton Pre-A financing was $13 billion.

  Considering that it is still in the early stage of intentional communication, there will still be room for downward adjustment in the offer to investors.

  In recent years, more and more traditional automobile manufacturers in China have established brand-new electric brands, launched independent teams and new products equipped with the latest technology. They are eager to occupy the global pure electric vehicle market and pursue success in the long-term capital market.

  Extreme krypton isIts pure electric brand is also one of the new brands of traditional automobile companies that are closest to IPO at present. At the same time, it is reported that Ai ‘an, a sub-brand of GAC, may be listed before the end of the year.

  Krypton is likely to become another China automobile company to land in the US stock market. It has been three years since Tucki was successfully listed on the NYSE, and it is the last new China car-making force to land on the US stock market.

  It must be admitted that at present, Krypton wants to get a market valuation equivalent to the next "Wei Xiaoli", and the difficulty coefficient doubles.The environment in which it is listed in the US stock market is completely different from the active period of the capital market, and the enthusiasm of investors for the reform of the automobile industry has gradually cooled down.

  The craze for China companies to go public in the United States began in the 1990s, and the China electric vehicle startup "Wei Xiaoli" with Internet genes also relied on the east wind at that time.After ringing the bell, it gradually grew into China’s headCar company.

  This close capital cooperation relationship between China and the United States changed at the end of 2020. Subject to enhanced regulatory review, extremely high inflation and risingIn the past two years, the number of Chinese stocks listed on the US stock market and the scale of fund-raising have dropped sharply.

  The closure of the listing window in the United States has limited the financing of some start-up electric vehicle brands to some extent, but it has not prevented the China automobile industry from completing the alternation of the old and new order. At present, about one car in every three cars sold in China is a car, except for thisExcept, all the other best-selling models are China brands.

  The new force of making cars is no longer the only protagonist in the automobile market. Traditional automobile manufacturers in China have hatched brand-new electric brands one after another, and participated in the competition with the mentality and urgency of start-up companies and the talent structure similar to that of technology companies.

  These new energy sub-brands also hope to win the favor of investors. This can not only ensure that it has sufficient funds to cope with the subsequent market competition, but also reduce the cost burden of the parent company in the transformation of new energy.

  After the financing fever of electric vehicle start-ups peaked in 2021, the Federal Reserve continued to raise interest rates to fight inflation in 2022, and the borrowing cost rose sharply. Wall StreetIssuance, bond financing and corporate merger have all slowed down to almost exhaustion.

  Although the rising cost of capital is also impacting speculative enterprises in other fields, capital-intensive electric vehicle startups have been hit harder.

  The cost of establishing a new automobile manufacturing enterprise is high in the early stage, and it will take several years to make a profit. Investors are willing to pay a premium for potential high returns in the era of hot money, but those days are gone forever.

  Investment bankers, lawyers and investors believe that although there have been signs of recovery this year and the market has gradually rebounded, it is unlikely that the US IPO market will return to the level of 2020 and 2021. Start-ups need to re-adapt to the new investor mentality, that is, pay attention to the potential of start-ups to achieve profitability, rather than the ability to achieve rapid growth.

  Gui Lingfeng, director of Kearney Consulting, told Interface News that the US capital market still has reservations about emerging projects such as China Stock Exchange, including Krypton, and vehicle manufacturers that only provide pure electric vehicles.

  "The layout of Krypton in Europe is not easy, especially in German-speaking areas. The core is to enhance the sense of existence in front of overseas investors as soon as possible. From this perspective, they themselves realize that overseas investors are more conservative about their own business models, products and prospects. "

  Judging from the valuation model, Krypton is still regarded by investors as a technology-based enterprise, not a traditional automobile manufacturer.An industry insider who asked for anonymity pointed out in an interview with Interface News that the current valuation of krypton in the industry is based on 2 to 3 times the sales rate.

  "From the perspective of open market information, the sales rate of 2 to 3 times has actually been placed in the’ first echelon’, and the valuation prospects are more promising." After the extrusion of the high valuation bubble, the marketing rate of "Wei Xiaoli" has also dropped from the high level of more than 20 times in the past to 2 to 4 times.

  In contrast, the median sales-to-sales ratio of auto companies listed in the US stock market is 0.81. Traditional automobile manufacturers Toyota, Honda, Stellantis and Krypton’s parent company all have sales rates below 1 times.

  Market-to-sales ratio (PS) is often used to measure the valuation of unprofitable high-growth start-ups, which refers to how much investors are willing to pay for the company’s revenue of one yuan.

  For the unprofitable extreme krypton and new car-making forces, the core of investors’ evaluation of market value is not the income from car sales, but largely depends on the future software charges with higher marginal benefits, technology output and imaginative autonomous driving market prospects.

  The particularity of Krypton lies in that it is a China electric vehicle brand that is separated from the traditional automobile company and seeks independent listing.Although the capital market prefers completely independent new brands without burdens, relying on it, Krypton will amortize the platform R&D investment and capital expenditure together with other Geely brands. This is an extremely advantageous advantage, or let the polar krypton present.The data is optimistic.

  It is worth noting that Geely Group has the largest number of sub-brands in the world.

  "Investors will look at it rationally, and whether the R&D and supply and procurement costs of extreme krypton can be reflected in the gross profit of the financial report through the scale advantage of Geely Automobile.Statistically. "

  Gui Lingfeng told the interface news, including how exclusive the vast architecture of SEA can be, and the strategic investors.How much support is given to Krypton will affect the final valuation of Krypton.

  If Krypton chooses to postpone its listing for one to two years, it will be more likely to obtain a larger financing amount and valuation.The above-mentioned insiders believe that as the Fed starts to cut interest rates again in the next 1-2 years, it will drive the secondary market to increase its enthusiasm. From the market fundamentals, the volatility of the US stock market declined, inflation eased, and investors began to speculate again.

  Considering its own financial situation and subsequent development, Krypton hopes to seize the market recovery period as soon as possible and rebound with the market trend.In the first half of this year, the net loss of krypton reached 809 million yuan, which continued to expand compared with the loss of 759 million yuan in the same period of last year. From the construction of offline channels to the completion of the cockpit and the short board of intelligent driving, it is necessary to continue to invest money.

  Including from within Geely Group, there is a growing demand for Krypton’s self-financing and independence. Due to the pressure on profitability in the early stage of new energy transformation and the related investment in the start-up business of extremely high-end smart electric vehicles, global rating agenciesandThe credit outlook of Geely Holding Company and Geely Automobile has been adjusted from stable to negative.

  During the quiet period of the capital market, many start-ups were forced to do things that seemed unimaginable two years ago: continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, with profitability as the core benchmark. Some start-ups that failed to get external financing support in time, with the passage of time, their cash reserves are decreasing day by day, and eventually they will go bankrupt or be acquired.

  Compared with the competition for customers, automobile manufacturing is more a competition for capital, especially in the initial stage.Compared with other traditional automobile companies’ sub-brands, Krypton is one of the few companies that have the mature conditions for listing.

  At present, Krypton has initially taken shape. Last year, the annual sales volume of 70,000 single-model vehicles was enough to tell the next story to the capital market. the year of 2020At the time of listing, the annual delivery volume was 32,600 vehicles.

  Another factor that is easily overlooked is that Geely Automobile, the parent company, may be the most adept at capital operation in China, and its experience in dealing with foreign investment institutions for many years has laid the foundation for the listing of US stocks today. Krypton considered Hong Kong as the first listing place, but finally chose new york, which also reflected its confidence and ambition-hoping to get a higher valuation in the world’s largest capital market.

  In 2010, Geely Automobile succeeded fromThe acquisition of Volvo in the hands staged a classic of "snake swallowing elephant" in the history of automobiles.The case also made Geely Automobile go to the world. After that, the investment portfolio of Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, also includes a part of the equity of aston martin, a sports car brand, and a dominant interest in electric vehicle start-up brands such as Polar Star and Lotus Technology.

  Before the successful listing of Krypton, Li Shufu had been listed for several subsidiaries in the past two years. Volvo in Stockholm, Sweden in 2021The exchange made a public offering, followed by Polar Star and Yijiatong. Lotus Technology also reported this year that it will be listed on the US stock market through SPAC.

  The investment institutions involved in the above-mentioned listing actions are very likely to appear in the extremely kryptonian investor list. Thanks to the close contact between the parent company and global investment institutions, Krypton at least does not need to introduce where he comes from when negotiating with foreign investors.

  Some people commented to the interface news that Geely Automobile will not make an uncertain listing plan. Except for the listing of ants in 2021, Geely Automobile withdrew its listing in science and technology innovation board, and all other listing targets were successfully achieved.

  Investors’ concern about Krypton is how to achieve the goal of selling 650,000 vehicles in 2025 while ensuring their independence.In investment, platform sharing andandIn terms of the supply of scarce parts, there will inevitably be conflicts of interest between Krypton and other high-end electric vehicle brands under Geely.

  Extreme Krypton, Volvo, Polar Star, Lotus Technology and Geely andThe jointly launched Extreme Vietnam is striving for the same customers, and some of the models they developed are based on the common vast SEA architecture, and even some models are produced in parallel.

  The Wall Street Journal quoted investor analysis as saying that Geely Automobile’s listing of its subsidiary, rather than the holding company itself, may make the governance challenge of brand competition more difficult: any hint that Li Shufu prefers a subsidiary is a minority.Will be very important for everyone.

Square lines/strong sense of design Jietu traveler’s interior starts

  [car home New Car Launches] On April 13th, the (|) model ushered in its debut. This time, the interior of the new car was also unveiled. As a hard-core off-road product, how did it perform at the design level? Let’s take a look together!

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of appearance, Jetway Traveler was designed by former Porsche design director Hakan Saracoglu, and the appearance was designed in a tough body style. Among them, the net is equipped with the "JETOUR" brand logo and connected with the headlights. The distinctive headlight group style is impressive. The posture of the whole vehicle is vigorous, with sharp lines and full profile coexisting. Judging from some configurations released this time, the new car adopts Kunpeng Power and XWD intelligent four-wheel drive system, and is equipped with Qualcomm 8155 chip platform. Can provide a better cockpit intelligent experience.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  On the side of the car body, the wheel eyebrows of the real car protrude outward, and it is equipped with large-size tires. The window frame shows a hard-core style and adopts a suspended roof design. The tail of the vehicle is a classic small schoolbag assembly, and the vertical taillights are wrapped in a black frame, showing off-road temperament.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The interior of the new car adopts T-shaped flat layout, with sharp edges and corners, simple and powerful, exquisite interior materials and large-size suspended central control screen. Jietu travelers will have more outstanding performance in "travel+"ecological services, intelligent driving, healthy cockpit and so on. Compared with the traditional hard-core off-road SUV products, travelers have adopted a more concise and fashionable design, and the large central control screen is very eye-catching. At the same time, the color matching in the car has also adopted a younger idea, and the overall atmosphere is more active.

Home of the car

  In terms of power, our C-DM is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine and a motor, and the transmission system is matched with a 3-speed DHT gearbox. (Text/car home Duandi)

Symposium on "Sino-Russian Civil Aviation Cooperation and Financial Support" Held in Beijing

  CCTV News:The symposium on "Sino-Russian Civil Aviation Cooperation and Financial Support", a series of seminars on "Sino-Russian Industrial Investment Cooperation" jointly sponsored by Silk Road Planning Research Center, CITIC Reform and Development Research Foundation, China Russian Friendship Association and Qinhuangdao Municipal People’s Government, was successfully held in Beijing yesterday. More than 220 guests from more than 130 units of Chinese and Russian industrial and commercial circles gathered together. Chen Yuan, Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of Silk Road Planning and Research Center and President of Russian Friendship Association in China, delivered a keynote speech. Dmitry fyodorovich Mezentsev, member of the Russian House of Lords, president of the Russian China Friendship Association and former Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, attended the seminar and delivered a speech.


  Chen Yuan first expressed warm congratulations on the success of the seminar and extended warm welcome and cordial greetings to all the guests present. He said that in the past 20 years, Sino-Russian relations have become increasingly close, and friendly and extensive cooperation has been carried out in many economic fields such as energy industry, equipment industry, commerce and trade, light industry, agriculture, etc., and a good trend of promoting each other and learning from each other’s strengths has been achieved. Russian aviation industry has long been an important force in the world aviation industry. In recent years, the establishment of United Aviation Manufacturing Group indicates that Russian aviation industry has returned to the normal road of orderly development, new products are constantly emerging, and foreign cooperation has also achieved fruitful results, trying to return to the first group in the world aviation manufacturing industry. These are all reliable foundations for future cooperation between China and Russia in civil aircraft industry.


  Chen Yuan emphasized that looking forward to the future development prospect of Sino-Russian cooperation, on the basis of continuing to develop the traditional energy economy such as oil and natural gas, China and Russia need to increase cooperation and promote common development in the field of non-energy economy. Under the pattern of cooperation in the field of non-energy economy, it is the best way to select specific industries for complementary development. The most prominent and urgently needed complementary advantages between China and Russia are in the field of civil aviation industry, joint research and development and joint manufacturing of major aircraft projects. At present, China and Russia have begun to promote large-scale wide-body passenger aircraft and heavy helicopters in the field of civil aviation industry. The joint development of civil aviation industry between China and Russia is a natural complementary pattern, and the basic industrial conditions can form a mutually beneficial pattern.

  Chen Yuan believes that China’s civil aircraft industry is currently facing an industrial leap from single-aisle passenger aircraft to wide-body passenger aircraft, and China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. C919 will complete its first flight in 2017 and move towards the engineering development stage of airworthiness and evidence collection. The Sino-Russian joint working team of C929 is being set up, and the planning of engineering development has begun. China’s cooperation and promotion model in the field of civil aircraft industry can refer to and draw lessons from the historical successful experience of the establishment and development of EADS, a European Airbus Group, with clear strategic objectives. At the same time, it can take the lead in making innovative breakthroughs from financial support and support Sino-Russian cooperative enterprises to jointly develop a number of aviation branch technologies. With incubation and investment, we will guide the potential supplier enterprises of China and Russia to quickly match the models and parts of products with wide-body passenger aircraft and heavy-duty helicopter projects. We hope that both China and Russia can follow the pattern of joint development of airframe composite materials of Airbus in Europe and establish priority financial support projects for cooperation between Chinese and Russian enterprises.

  Mezentsev highly agreed with Chairman Chen Yuan’s speech and conveyed Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Manturov’s concern and support for this seminar. He hoped that the seminar could start from the aspects of trade, equipment and civil aviation, and strive to reach the plan to be implemented in cooperation, forming new achievements and new standards for cooperation between the two sides.


  Emelianov Sergey Fraki milovic, Director of Aviation Industry Department of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Lobov Ollego Gennadiyevich, Director of International Cooperation Department of United Aviation Manufacturing Corporation, Petrov Victor Fraki milovic, Head of Aviation Integrated Facilities of Russian National Technology Corporation, Parkin Vladimir Anatolievich, General Manager Advisor of baranov Central Aeroengine Research Institute, and other representatives of Russian enterprises spoke at the plenary meeting in the morning.

  He Dongfeng, Vice Chairman, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., Pang Zhen, Minister of Civil Aircraft Industry of aviation industry corporation of china, Gong Haiping, Director of Civil Aircraft Office of China Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd., and leaders and experts from leading Chinese civil aircraft manufacturing enterprises spoke at the conference. Yang Yu, Vice President of CITIC Bank, and Si Xinbo, Deputy General Manager of Silk Road Fund delivered speeches on behalf of financial institutions. Jiang Zhigang, vice chairman of Silk Road Planning and Research Center, presided over the morning meeting.


  In addition, more than 50 important leaders and well-known experts from the political, business, financial and academic circles of China and Russia, as the main speakers, expressed their unique opinions at the group discussion in the afternoon to discuss major issues such as Sino-Russian civil aviation cooperation and financial support.

Revealing the live broadcast with goods in close encounter of mahjong! Brush flow with rhythm routines.

  "There is so much meat in it, and the meat pieces are big. It’s really great value." In the live broadcast room, a female anchor gulped a fast food product at the camera; In the comment area, fans also brushed out praises and prepared to place orders; Outside the live broadcast room, zhangxin (pseudonym), a commodity operator, was extremely excited, expecting to sell out 60,000 products prepared through this live broadcast.

  But contrary to expectations, the live broadcast only sold less than 1500 items. Tens of thousands of yuan in membership fees and 60,000 pieces of stock, zhangxin paid nearly 900,000 yuan. After this campaign, he lost confidence in the live broadcast.

  Recently, a number of stars live broadcast goods "overturned", and it was revealed that after charging high fees, the goods sold were pitiful. Zhangxin is the epitome of many merchants who are looking for live broadcast to bring goods, hoping to sell goods through live broadcast. However, in the end, it is not a sharp increase in sales, but a big pit of data fraud, rhythm of billing, membership fees, high sales volume and high return rate.

  Pay first

  A membership fee of 100,000 yuan does not guarantee sales.

  Holding a mobile phone to pay attention to the live delivery of goods on multiple platforms has now become the norm in zhangxin. The competing products sold nearly 9,000 items in the lively live broadcast, which once again stimulated zhangxin’s nerves. "Our products are more real than their materials, and the visual impact in the live broadcast will be even greater. I think it is definitely better than competing products, so I want to take a chance."

  Zhangxin found a number of e-commerce companies, many of which listed their experiences of cooperating with many big anchors, and told him that "the strength of the company need not be worried".

  In zhangxin’s view, the selection of the big anchor will certainly be very strict, and how to get the goods directly into the live broadcast room is his most concerned issue.

  "These are small things. In a word, if you give me the product, we can let them broadcast it." A staff member of a new media company doing live broadcast said. However, before the live broadcast, you need to pay a certain fee to become a senior member of the company. The annual membership fee is 100,000 yuan. After becoming a member, you can receive the big anchor.

  Several anchors listed by the staff made zhangxin excited, and his mind dreamed of the scene that the goods were sold out. The staff further said that many brands now find live broadcast companies, which is to sell a large amount of products. The purpose is to let dealers see the sales volume of products, or to attract the attention of the capital side, and then get financing.

  "The strength of our company is here, you have to believe us." When zhangxin asked whether the docking head anchor and the guarantee of a certain sales volume would be written into the contract, the reply he got brought him back to reality. "I almost took out 100,000 yuan, but trust and distrust are not a concept in the contract."

  The reporter contacted two small-scale live broadcast companies, all of which signed a number of anchors to broadcast live on different platforms. Instead of membership fees, they charged "pit fees" ranging from two to three thousand yuan. The reporter said that there are goods that need to be sold by live broadcast. After many times of communication, a live delivery company said that after paying the pit fee, it can carry out live delivery in its company account, and designed the development path of the goods for the reporter. "Live broadcast can’t be anxious. You can do live broadcast for half a year in the live broadcast room. After accumulation and word of mouth, when the brand is almost done, you can sell the brand. Then find the next outlet and make the next brand. How happy you will be then. "

  A merchant who used to bring goods in this way said that two or three thousand yuan is not much, which is nine Niu Yi hairs compared with the expenses of many big anchors, which often cost hundreds of thousands. "But after paying the pit fee, I found that I couldn’t sell the goods at all."

  Low sales volume

  Stock 60 thousand pieces and sell 1500 pieces

  After many searches, zhangxin thought he had found a reliable live delivery company. After doing market research, the live delivery company believes that there are inconveniences in the goods. This fast food product needs containers to eat, but it is not provided in the goods.

  The staff said that products can be sold through the company’s large size, and they should be warmed up first, but don’t expect a sharp increase in product sales. After the sales volume is good and the fans approve it, all the products will be sold through other accounts of the company. Zhangxin approved of this arrangement, and after finalizing the 60,000 yuan fee and some details, he brought two boxes of goods to the live broadcast company.

  Two hours before the broadcast, zhangxin fidgeted and kept brushing the live room of her mobile phone. "Many large anchors were broadcast live that night. I was under great pressure and worried that fans would be diverted."

  It was not until five minutes before the broadcast that Zhang Xin knew that his product was the last one in the live broadcast, and the company had promised him that it would be broadcast live in prime time. "Everyone spent all their money before, and at the end of the day, there was no money in their pockets, so they bought my products. This is not prime time. "

  Although very helpless, zhangxin has been unable to change. After the broadcast, he has been paying attention to the live broadcast content and found that four or five competing products appeared in this live broadcast room at the same time that day.

  More than two hours after the broadcast, the anchor took out the products from zhangxin and began to recommend them. He jumped up from his chair, applauded and shouted: "There are 20,000 people in the live broadcast room, come on."

  "There is a lot of meat and big chunks, which is too cost-effective." The anchor is eating his product and evaluating it. The comments in the live broadcast room were gradually brushed up. zhangxin became more and more excited outside the live broadcast room, gnashing his teeth and shouting: "Traffic, why can’t it be rushed?"

  The anchor began to count down to "3, 2, 1, on the shelf." 639 pieces and 763 pieces … … Until 1000 pieces, the final product sales were fixed at 1478 pieces. After the live broadcast, zhangxin sighed, and he prepared 60,000 items for the live broadcast. And he has invested nearly 900 thousand yuan in the process of finding live broadcast and stocking. "The live broadcast can’t be taken out. These goods are enough for my family to eat for ten years."

  Zhangxin’s experience is the epitome of many businesses looking for live delivery. Mr. Liu also carried goods through 9 anchors of 7 live delivery companies, but sold more than 60 goods in total. "For half a day, not only didn’t sell much goods, but also took a lot of ‘ Pit position fee ’ . From the beginning of self-confidence, I am exhausted now, and I don’t have so much hope for live broadcast. "

  There are many routines

  Comments with rhythm, brush the bill first and then return it.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, many live delivery companies have indicated that they can "create an atmosphere" in the live broadcast room. Control multiple mobile phones through a computer, and use many accounts to brush comments in the live broadcast room with rhythm. "After the fans entered the live broadcast room, they saw that the live broadcast room was so lively, and many fans had herd mentality, which would lead to large-scale purchases."

  A staff member of a live delivery company said that in the live broadcast, you can not only brush the comments with rhythm, but also drive fans through purchase behavior. As soon as the product is put into the live broadcast room, it will show how many people are buying, and this information display can also be operated. "Now some consumers don’t care whether the product is good or not, but only look at temporary needs and the price is right. When they see someone buying it, they will follow suit. These people are ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  It is not only fans who are regarded as "leeks", but also businesses looking for live broadcasts.

  In some live broadcast agreements, the number of goods sold in a live broadcast will be guaranteed after paying membership fees and pit fees. After meeting the sales volume, you can get this fee in full. Some companies will also sign a commission sharing agreement with merchants, which will be divided according to the amount of goods carried by the anchor. The higher the sales volume, the more it will be divided.

  However, during this period, there will often be a reversal of the plot, and many buyers will return the goods and refund them before, during and after delivery.

  "Some refunds can reach 40% or even more of sales. Among them, there are fans who are impulsive, and there are also bills brushed by live broadcast companies. At this time, the membership fee or pit fee has entered the pocket of the live broadcast company. " An industry insider who is familiar with live delivery said that merchants can only accept a certain return rate. The live delivery company received commissions and membership fees and completed the harvest of the enterprise. "If this industry goes on like this, no merchants are willing to find anchors to bring goods, and they don’t want to be harvested ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  Zhangxin has lost confidence in the fiery live delivery. After more than three months’ tossing, he found that there were many close encounter of mahjong in the live delivery. Live broadcast with goods is not the excitement in the live broadcast room, and the pit behind the false prosperity will engulf the merchants at any time. In the face of the goods prepared for live broadcast in the warehouse, zhangxin smiled helplessly. "Through this period of tossing, I also found out their routines. In the next step, I also plan to transform and become a live broadcast company." (Reporter Zhao Xibin Illustration Song Xi)

AITO asks M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the brand-new factory of Sailis automobile unveils mystery.

  Recently, the high-profile AITO industry M9 officially announced the design, and many media people in the car circle shouted, "Gone forever are the days when foreign luxury car brands could price whatever they wanted in China!" Although this statement sounds a little more modest than Yu Chengdong’s statement of "the best SUV within 10 million", just announcing the appearance can arouse such multimedia attention and market discussion, which fully shows how much the market pays attention to and expects this model, which is jointly built by Cyrus Automobile and Huawei and positioned as the flagship SUV of panoramic wisdom. The industry is also looking forward to whether this car can bring new changes to China’s new energy vehicle industry and even the entire automobile industry. According to the official announcement, this car will be officially launched at the end of the year, when it will achieve the same level of leadership in platform advancement, high-level intelligent driving ability and technical content.

AITO asks the M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the new factory of Sailis Automobile unveils the mystery _fororder_image001

  At the same time that AITO asked M9 to attract the attention of the whole industry, the Celestial Auto Super Factory, which is about to "make this model intelligently", also unveiled the mystery. In the recent Chongqing news broadcast, we also got a glimpse of its true colors. As can be seen from the name, compared with Tesla’s super factory, the local super factory built by Cyrus Auto has the ambition to lead the new changes in China’s new energy vehicle industry. If you are ambitious, you should have strength.

AITO asks the M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the new factory of Sailis Automobile unveils the mystery _fororder_image002

  It is understood that the Celestial Auto Super Factory is a cooperative project between Celestial Auto and Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. It is driven by digitalization and intelligence, combined with technologies such as big data and Internet of Things, and built by digital twin technology. It not only adopts advanced production technology and technical equipment in the industry, but also ensures the quality of vehicles through cutting-edge technologies such as digital total quality testing, and proactively applies environmentally-friendly technologies to ensure energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole production process. At present, the factory is accelerating construction, and when it is completed, it will be one of the largest intelligent manufacturing bases of new energy vehicles in the world.

AITO asks the M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the new factory of Sailis Automobile unveils the mystery _fororder_image003

  For a long time, as the leader of high-end brand of new energy steam, Sailis Automobile has been expanding the extension of industry model and technical level: the strong alliance with Huawei has become an industry model; The AITO series models jointly designed and built have become the industry benchmark. Recently, the new M7 has only been on the market for more than a month, and the large order has exceeded 6W. The two smart factories built with digitalization, intelligence and Internet of Things as the core represent the leading technical level of the new energy vehicle industry at present. The brand-new Celestial Super Factory, which is about to be put into production, is bound to lead the digital transformation of China’s new energy industry. (Photo: provided by Cyrus)

The supercomputer "Shenwei Taihu Light" is the fastest in the world.

  On June 19th, at the Global Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, China’s "Shenwei Taihu Light" topped the list of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. Since it came out in June 2016, this is the third time that it has been awarded the "fastest supercomputer in the world", thus achieving "three consecutive championships".

  "Shenwei Light of Taihu Lake" was developed by National Parallel Computer Engineering Technology Research Center, using China’s own chip. In the field of supercomputers known as "the heavyweight of the country", "Shenwei" indicates that China’s supercomputing technology has made many key breakthroughs, providing technical means for solving a series of major challenges such as economic and social governance, and has strategic significance for enhancing comprehensive national strength.

  How fast is Shenwei? It has three "world first" indicators: the peak performance of the system is 1.25 billion times per second, the continuous performance is 930 million times per second, and the performance-power ratio is 6.05 billion times per watt. It is understood that its one-minute computing power is equivalent to 7.2 billion people around the world using calculators for 32 years without interruption.

  Why is this so? It uses 40 computing cabinets and 8 network cabinets for "system operations". Pushing open a cabinet slightly larger than a household double-door refrigerator, four groups of super nodes consisting of 32 computing plug-ins contain 1024 high-performance processors; Each processor is equivalent to the computing power of more than 20 commonly used laptops. The whole "Shenwei Taihu Light" has a total of 40,960 processors, and the speed can be imagined.

  More importantly, the central processing unit "Shenwei 26010" of "Shenwei" was designed and produced by China independently, and the whole system realized full localization of the core components. In the past, foreign countries crowded out surveillance and restricted the sale of core parts for China supercomputer research. Nowadays, there are 260 computing cores, billions of transistors and more than 3 trillion calculations per second … … The 25-square-centimeter "Shenwei 26010" has not only become the fastest supercomputer "heart" in the world, but also broke the 30-year foreign core technology blockade and opened the "China Core" era with completely independent and controllable software and hardware.

  The speed is ahead of the world, and the application ability is also accelerating. The speed advantage of supercomputing is transforming into the application advantage. Last November, based on "Shenwei Taihu Lake Light", the application project of "Ten Million Approved Expansion of Global Atmospheric Dynamics Full Implicit Simulation" won the highest award in the field of international high-performance computing applications — — The "Gordon Bell Award" fills the gap of China’s supercomputing application in this award.

  At a deeper level, "‘ Shenwei Light of Taihu Lake ’ It plays a very important role in China’s scientific and technological innovation and economic development. " Fu Haohuan, deputy director of the National Supercomputing Wuxi Center, said. Relying on the "Shenwei Taihu Light", China completed the numerical simulation of the global 10 km high-resolution earth system with a scale of one million nuclear; Two weeks to complete the routine 10-month calculation of Shanghai drug screening and disease mechanism research … … It is understood that in the past year, "Shenwei" has been involved in 19 application fields such as climate and meteorology, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, high-energy physics, life sciences, etc., supporting hundreds of solving tasks in major national scientific and technological applications, advanced manufacturing and other fields, and completing more than 2 million homework tasks in total.

  Zhang Yue Song Xiaoliang Zhao Zhiran

Mass production in 2024! Is the money ready? Xiaomi automobile obtained production qualification.

Xiaomi has always been a cost-effective existence in the mobile phone industry. Although it is gradually developing in the high-end direction, the famous sentence that Lei Jun said that the diaosi won the world has become an inherent impression of Xiaomi. Lei Jun’s unspeakably swearing attribute is quite in line with the style of the leaders of new forces automobile enterprises.

According to the report of Reuters, Xiaomi has obtained the production qualification of new energy vehicles. Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, also said in May this year that Xiaomi Automobile will be officially listed in the first half of 2024.

According to informed sources, the National Development and Reform Commission approved Xiaomi Company to produce electric vehicles earlier this month. It is reported that Xiaomi Automobile is the fourth enterprise approved by the National Development and Reform Commission since 2017.

As early as August 19th, Lei Jun posted six pictures on social platforms. In one picture, it can be clearly seen that Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, and others are holding banners that read "Fight for Xiaomi Automobile". The IP address where Lei Jun posted this message is shown as Xinjiang, so many netizens also speculated that this is the first model of Xiaomi to be tested in Xinjiang.

As netizens guessed, a few days ago, the spy photos of Xiaomi’s road test in Xinjiang were exposed on the Internet. Although the current model is still closely disguised, it can be seen from the shape of the slip back, the front lip, and the style of the inner lamp group of the headlight that many details of the previously exposed design renderings have been continued.

In the past, there have been many news about Xiaomi making cars. As early as July 5, Changchun FAW Fuwei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. once said on the interactive platform that the company is actively communicating with Xiaomi Automobile, and many companies have entered the purchasing group of Xiaomi Automobile., as ofOn July 4th, the quotation for the first model of Xiaomi was completed.

At the same time, on July 6, Yachuang Electronics said on the interactive platform that it also indirectly carried out business cooperation with Xiaomi Automobile, which is now in a small batch stage. Later, it was reported that Xiaomi Automobile began to screen the delivery center. Xiaomi Automobile requested that the candidate venue "can provide at least 120 parking spaces" and the construction area "cannot be less than 3,000 square meters".

In mid-July, a group of battery pack information carried by the first model of Xiaomi automobile was exposed on the Internet. The exposure picture shows that the rated voltage of the battery pack is 726.7V, the rated capacity is 139Ah, the battery pack capacity is 101kWh, and the weight is 642kg. It can be inferred that the first model of Xiaomi automobile is likely to support 800V high-voltage fast charging. Although Lei Jun made no mention of the progress of Xiaomi Automobile in his annual personal speech, it can be expected that Xiaomi Automobile is indeed getting closer and closer to us.

N Comments: It is an ironclad fact that Xiaomi builds a car, but I don’t know if the future Xiaomi car can be like its mobile phone, but the flagship configuration only sells cabbage prices. If Xiaomi can do it, it is really another company besides Tesla that can knock down the price of new energy vehicles. But building a car is not building a mobile phone, which I deeply doubt. After all, even if it is ergonomics, it takes a long time to adjust the new power cars in the market now, and there are still many things that are not done well. But in any case, the cross-border car-making of mobile phones, Xiaomi, can go faster than Apple!

[News Tracking] A white off-road vehicle was salvaged from the collapse of Zijin Bridge in Guangdong.

       CCTV News:We continue to pay attention to the bridge collapse accident in Heyuan, Guangdong Province. The day before yesterday, at 2: 12 am on June 14th, the Dongjiang Bridge, also known as Zijin Bridge, located on the Dongjiang River in Heyuan, Guangdong Province collapsed, causing two vehicles crossing the bridge to fall into the water, and three people fell into the water. One of them was rescued and the other two were thrown into the search and rescue.

       Yesterday (15th), many rescue forces, such as Nanhai Rescue Bureau, locked the position of the drowning vehicle in the continuous search and rescue of two drowning people. After many efforts, at 13: 05 today, this white off-road vehicle was salvaged ashore, and there was no one inside.


       The reporter saw at the scene that the Dongjiang River was still muddy and the water level dropped by about 30 cm. Two sea patrol search and rescue vessels are preparing to search and rescue the downstream of the bridge again. Members of the Blue Sky Rescue Team took several small boats to search for the collapsed bridge.

       In addition, the salvage team also launched a side-scan sonar to search and rescue. It is understood that the main task at present is to conduct search and rescue. The cause of the bridge collapse is still being identified and analyzed.


       It is understood that the collapsed Dongjiang Bridge is located in the suburb of Heyuan City. It was completed and opened to traffic in 1972 and has a history of 47 years. The bridge spans Dongjiang River and runs from northwest to southeast. It is a six-hole arch bridge and is also called "Zijin Bridge" by local people. Two people fell into the water in this bridge collapse accident, and we will continue to pay attention to the relevant search and rescue progress.

       On June 14th, on the same day that the Dongjiang Bridge in Heyuan, Guangdong collapsed, the traffic police squadron in Longjiang, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province also issued a notice that the local Longjiang Bridge was closed due to settlement. Traffic on roads and waterways at the scene was interrupted.

       Yesterday morning (15th), when the reporter arrived at the Longjiang Bridge in Shunde, Foshan, he saw that both ends of the Longjiang Bridge, which is about 1 km long, had been enclosed. In the middle of the bridge deck, an expansion joint had been dislocated, and the rubber and iron pipes in the joint were exposed, and the dislocation height of the bridge guardrail could put down an adult’s palm. Due to the closure of the bridge, everyone’s travel has been affected a lot.


       According to a staff member of Shunde Highway Administration at the scene, Longjiang Bridge was built earlier. Usually, the Highway Administration will repair and maintain the bridge pavement, but it is the first time for them to encounter such settlement.

       At present, the navigation channel where Longjiang Bridge is located has also been closed. Relevant departments are monitoring and evaluating the structure and safety of the bridge, and the specific situation has not been announced yet. Although it has a certain impact on travel, fortunately, security risks were discovered in time to avoid accidents.