Guangzhou Automobile released all-solid-state battery and no-map pure visual intelligent driving system

Business News (Reporter Guo Yuxi) Recently, 2024 Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day was held in Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute. On Science and Technology Day, GAC officially launched the industry-leading all-solid-state power battery. It adopts the solid-state anode technology with high surface capacity and the third generation sponge silicon negative plate technology, and the all-solid-state anode can reach a high surface capacity of more than 5mAh/cm2, thus achieving an energy density of more than 400Wh/kg. Compared with the most advanced liquid lithium-ion battery at present, its volume energy density and mass energy density are increased by more than 50%, and the cruising range of the whole vehicle can exceed 1000km.

Guangzhou Automobile No Map Pure Vision Intelligent Driving System was launched simultaneously. Compared with the current mainstream technology route, it not only does not need high-precision maps, but also does not rely on lidar. Instead, it combines visual sensors and industry-leading AI algorithms to perceive the world like a human being, and can achieve a wider coverage with a simpler hardware system. Intelligent driving brings users a richer, more free and full-scene driving experience. Both technologies are planned to be loaded in 2026.