Revealing the live broadcast with goods in close encounter of mahjong! Brush flow with rhythm routines.

  "There is so much meat in it, and the meat pieces are big. It’s really great value." In the live broadcast room, a female anchor gulped a fast food product at the camera; In the comment area, fans also brushed out praises and prepared to place orders; Outside the live broadcast room, zhangxin (pseudonym), a commodity operator, was extremely excited, expecting to sell out 60,000 products prepared through this live broadcast.

  But contrary to expectations, the live broadcast only sold less than 1500 items. Tens of thousands of yuan in membership fees and 60,000 pieces of stock, zhangxin paid nearly 900,000 yuan. After this campaign, he lost confidence in the live broadcast.

  Recently, a number of stars live broadcast goods "overturned", and it was revealed that after charging high fees, the goods sold were pitiful. Zhangxin is the epitome of many merchants who are looking for live broadcast to bring goods, hoping to sell goods through live broadcast. However, in the end, it is not a sharp increase in sales, but a big pit of data fraud, rhythm of billing, membership fees, high sales volume and high return rate.

  Pay first

  A membership fee of 100,000 yuan does not guarantee sales.

  Holding a mobile phone to pay attention to the live delivery of goods on multiple platforms has now become the norm in zhangxin. The competing products sold nearly 9,000 items in the lively live broadcast, which once again stimulated zhangxin’s nerves. "Our products are more real than their materials, and the visual impact in the live broadcast will be even greater. I think it is definitely better than competing products, so I want to take a chance."

  Zhangxin found a number of e-commerce companies, many of which listed their experiences of cooperating with many big anchors, and told him that "the strength of the company need not be worried".

  In zhangxin’s view, the selection of the big anchor will certainly be very strict, and how to get the goods directly into the live broadcast room is his most concerned issue.

  "These are small things. In a word, if you give me the product, we can let them broadcast it." A staff member of a new media company doing live broadcast said. However, before the live broadcast, you need to pay a certain fee to become a senior member of the company. The annual membership fee is 100,000 yuan. After becoming a member, you can receive the big anchor.

  Several anchors listed by the staff made zhangxin excited, and his mind dreamed of the scene that the goods were sold out. The staff further said that many brands now find live broadcast companies, which is to sell a large amount of products. The purpose is to let dealers see the sales volume of products, or to attract the attention of the capital side, and then get financing.

  "The strength of our company is here, you have to believe us." When zhangxin asked whether the docking head anchor and the guarantee of a certain sales volume would be written into the contract, the reply he got brought him back to reality. "I almost took out 100,000 yuan, but trust and distrust are not a concept in the contract."

  The reporter contacted two small-scale live broadcast companies, all of which signed a number of anchors to broadcast live on different platforms. Instead of membership fees, they charged "pit fees" ranging from two to three thousand yuan. The reporter said that there are goods that need to be sold by live broadcast. After many times of communication, a live delivery company said that after paying the pit fee, it can carry out live delivery in its company account, and designed the development path of the goods for the reporter. "Live broadcast can’t be anxious. You can do live broadcast for half a year in the live broadcast room. After accumulation and word of mouth, when the brand is almost done, you can sell the brand. Then find the next outlet and make the next brand. How happy you will be then. "

  A merchant who used to bring goods in this way said that two or three thousand yuan is not much, which is nine Niu Yi hairs compared with the expenses of many big anchors, which often cost hundreds of thousands. "But after paying the pit fee, I found that I couldn’t sell the goods at all."

  Low sales volume

  Stock 60 thousand pieces and sell 1500 pieces

  After many searches, zhangxin thought he had found a reliable live delivery company. After doing market research, the live delivery company believes that there are inconveniences in the goods. This fast food product needs containers to eat, but it is not provided in the goods.

  The staff said that products can be sold through the company’s large size, and they should be warmed up first, but don’t expect a sharp increase in product sales. After the sales volume is good and the fans approve it, all the products will be sold through other accounts of the company. Zhangxin approved of this arrangement, and after finalizing the 60,000 yuan fee and some details, he brought two boxes of goods to the live broadcast company.

  Two hours before the broadcast, zhangxin fidgeted and kept brushing the live room of her mobile phone. "Many large anchors were broadcast live that night. I was under great pressure and worried that fans would be diverted."

  It was not until five minutes before the broadcast that Zhang Xin knew that his product was the last one in the live broadcast, and the company had promised him that it would be broadcast live in prime time. "Everyone spent all their money before, and at the end of the day, there was no money in their pockets, so they bought my products. This is not prime time. "

  Although very helpless, zhangxin has been unable to change. After the broadcast, he has been paying attention to the live broadcast content and found that four or five competing products appeared in this live broadcast room at the same time that day.

  More than two hours after the broadcast, the anchor took out the products from zhangxin and began to recommend them. He jumped up from his chair, applauded and shouted: "There are 20,000 people in the live broadcast room, come on."

  "There is a lot of meat and big chunks, which is too cost-effective." The anchor is eating his product and evaluating it. The comments in the live broadcast room were gradually brushed up. zhangxin became more and more excited outside the live broadcast room, gnashing his teeth and shouting: "Traffic, why can’t it be rushed?"

  The anchor began to count down to "3, 2, 1, on the shelf." 639 pieces and 763 pieces … … Until 1000 pieces, the final product sales were fixed at 1478 pieces. After the live broadcast, zhangxin sighed, and he prepared 60,000 items for the live broadcast. And he has invested nearly 900 thousand yuan in the process of finding live broadcast and stocking. "The live broadcast can’t be taken out. These goods are enough for my family to eat for ten years."

  Zhangxin’s experience is the epitome of many businesses looking for live delivery. Mr. Liu also carried goods through 9 anchors of 7 live delivery companies, but sold more than 60 goods in total. "For half a day, not only didn’t sell much goods, but also took a lot of ‘ Pit position fee ’ . From the beginning of self-confidence, I am exhausted now, and I don’t have so much hope for live broadcast. "

  There are many routines

  Comments with rhythm, brush the bill first and then return it.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, many live delivery companies have indicated that they can "create an atmosphere" in the live broadcast room. Control multiple mobile phones through a computer, and use many accounts to brush comments in the live broadcast room with rhythm. "After the fans entered the live broadcast room, they saw that the live broadcast room was so lively, and many fans had herd mentality, which would lead to large-scale purchases."

  A staff member of a live delivery company said that in the live broadcast, you can not only brush the comments with rhythm, but also drive fans through purchase behavior. As soon as the product is put into the live broadcast room, it will show how many people are buying, and this information display can also be operated. "Now some consumers don’t care whether the product is good or not, but only look at temporary needs and the price is right. When they see someone buying it, they will follow suit. These people are ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  It is not only fans who are regarded as "leeks", but also businesses looking for live broadcasts.

  In some live broadcast agreements, the number of goods sold in a live broadcast will be guaranteed after paying membership fees and pit fees. After meeting the sales volume, you can get this fee in full. Some companies will also sign a commission sharing agreement with merchants, which will be divided according to the amount of goods carried by the anchor. The higher the sales volume, the more it will be divided.

  However, during this period, there will often be a reversal of the plot, and many buyers will return the goods and refund them before, during and after delivery.

  "Some refunds can reach 40% or even more of sales. Among them, there are fans who are impulsive, and there are also bills brushed by live broadcast companies. At this time, the membership fee or pit fee has entered the pocket of the live broadcast company. " An industry insider who is familiar with live delivery said that merchants can only accept a certain return rate. The live delivery company received commissions and membership fees and completed the harvest of the enterprise. "If this industry goes on like this, no merchants are willing to find anchors to bring goods, and they don’t want to be harvested ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  Zhangxin has lost confidence in the fiery live delivery. After more than three months’ tossing, he found that there were many close encounter of mahjong in the live delivery. Live broadcast with goods is not the excitement in the live broadcast room, and the pit behind the false prosperity will engulf the merchants at any time. In the face of the goods prepared for live broadcast in the warehouse, zhangxin smiled helplessly. "Through this period of tossing, I also found out their routines. In the next step, I also plan to transform and become a live broadcast company." (Reporter Zhao Xibin Illustration Song Xi)