Release of M9 official map: The design was inspired by Kun Peng and equipped with Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system.

According to the latest news, AITO, a brand owned by Huawei, will officially release the flagship SUV M9 at the end of this year. Today, the official map of the car was released, and its design concept was explained in detail.

The design inspiration of the M9 in Wen Jie comes from Kun Peng, a god beast in Zhuangzi’s Happy Wandering. It adopts a brand-new family design language and is called "Kun Peng spreads its wings". The design adopts a highly integrated ALL IN ONE design method, and the front face modeling integrates the functions of daytime running lights, far and near headlights, intelligent interactive lights and air intake ducts into the same element. The overall appearance takes the horizontal line as the visual center of gravity, extending a semi-open outline, creating a visual tension like Kunpeng spreading its wings. The integrated spoiler tail complements the design of penetrating taillights and headlights, making the overall appearance more harmonious and unified.

The design idea of the M9 is different from that of most new power vehicles. It abandons the common design of "squint+split light group" and adopts an integrated design. This unique design style may make people feel a little uncomfortable. Similar design ideas are adopted in the whole series of vehicles, which is in sharp contrast with the similar schemes of other new power vehicles. This car is considered as a heavyweight product of Huawei this year. It is equipped with Huawei ADS advanced intelligent driving system and will adopt HarmonyOS 4.0 intelligent cockpit. Internal innovation and highlights are very prominent. All models are equipped with air suspension and CDC electromagnetic damping system as standard.

According to the application information, the size of the M9 is 5230/1999/1800mm, and the wheelbase is 3110mm, so it is located in a large SUV. The models are divided into extended range version and pure electric version, both equipped with front and rear dual motors, and the maximum power of the system is 365 kW (496 HP).

In terms of battery, the extended-range model uses Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s 40-degree battery, with a pure electric cruising range of 175 kilometers; The pure electric version uses 4C Kirin battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, with a capacity of 97 degrees and a cruising range of 630 kilometers, and supports 800V ultra-fast charging technology.