Shanghai Auto Show opens "Long Hudou" on the beach by independent and joint venture.

  While the global financial crisis has reduced the scale of top international auto shows, the 13th Shanghai Auto Show will follow the booming China auto market to achieve "overtaking in corners". More than 13 new cars launched in the world are not only the largest in the history of China Auto Show, but also the largest auto show in the world since last year, with about 1,500 companies from 25 countries and regions participating. To this end, the organizers opened 20 indoor and outdoor exhibition halls, covering an area of over 170,000 square meters, an increase of more than 20% over the previous session.

  Since it is an auto show under the new historical background, this Shanghai auto show will naturally present some new highlights.

  First, the auto giants attach great importance to it, and heavy new cars are unveiled. Wang xia, vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade’s Automobile Industry Branch, said that in today’s global economic downturn, China’s automobile market has become a "battleground" for foreign automobile manufacturers. Therefore, automobile giants all participated in the Shanghai Auto Show at the level of international A-class auto show, and brought the latest technology one after another, presenting heavyweight models, starting cars and concept cars at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is understood that the 13 world premiere cars that have been announced are all products brought by auto giants. In addition, multinational companies have also launched hot models that are highly concerned by the market, such as Xinlingyu, Cruze, New Alto and Haorui, through their joint ventures in China. As for the scale of participation, there is no doubt that both German and Japanese companies, and even the three major American auto giants that have been in deep trouble, have expanded their participation scale.

  Second, the scale of independent brands is unprecedented, and they compete with joint ventures. Although the performance of multinational companies is very eye-catching, the local independent brands are more high-profile, and they are likely to compete with foreign capital and joint ventures. Not only have they expanded the scale of participation, but they are ready to launch their own brand cars that have been independently developed or mass-produced, and the number of first-time models has also increased dramatically. Among them, FAW, SAIC, Dongfeng, Chang ‘an, GAC, BAIC and other six major domestic automobile groups also gathered at the Shanghai Auto Show for the first time, and made their collective appearance as a group for the first time.

  Third, new energy vehicles are in full bloom. Today, with the global popularity of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles have become the commanding heights of the future automobile market. The government’s idea of encouraging the development of new energy vehicles and vigorous subsidy measures have made new energy vehicles show a situation of "full bloom". However, unlike foreign capital and joint ventures that mainly promote hybrid or hydrogen energy vehicles, independent brands are betting on electric vehicles because the country may focus on supporting them.

Editor: Wang Jiaolong