"Qingyu Nian Season 2" ended, Xinli continued to write a national popular IP

Adapted from China Literature Limited’s starting point reading writer’s cat-like novel "Celebration of More Than Years", produced by CCTV, Tencent Video, Yuewen Film and Television, and Xinli TV, produced by Xinli TV, written by Wang Tie, directed by Sun Hao, starring Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin, and starring Chen Daoming, the legendary ancient costume drama "Celebration of More Than Years" ushered in the finale.

The second season of "Qingyu Nian" continues the story and spiritual core of the first season, telling the story of the protagonist Fan Xian who, in the face of unprecedented pressure and complex situations, relies on his wisdom and courage to overcome the crisis step by step and practice his mother Ye Qingmei’s ideal of personal dreams and social justice. It is the first male-frequency IP adaptation sequel created by the return of the original team in the industry. The producer and producer Xinli Media also control the details in all aspects of script development and filming, and strive to create a series of high-quality works. The plot is not only full of ups and downs of suspense and reversals, but also integrates elements of modern thinking and family feelings, promoting the fine tradition of the Chinese nation to help the weak and the long-standing traditional Chinese culture.

Popular IP continues to be written, breaking multiple viewing records

Since the second season of the TV series "Qingyu Nian" went LIVE on May 16, the audience ratings and popularity have exploded. The drama not only achieved 18 consecutive days of real-time audience rating TOP1 for all channels across the country in CCTV-8, 18 consecutive days of cool cloud national simultaneous audience rating TOP1, 18 consecutive days of Huanwang national real-time live audience rating TOP1, a strong leader in the same period of the market episodes, but also set a record of Tencent video in-app popularity record 34389, pre-broadcast reservations 18.19 million refresh the highest record in Tencent video drama history, the first pre-broadcast popularity in Tencent video history broke 21000 records, the first go LIVE day in Tencent video history entered the popular club episodes, breaking multiple records.

In addition, the second season of "Qingyu Nian" continues to lead the real-time hot list of episodes on Weibo, Douyin, and Douban platforms.

It is worth mentioning that the drama has also been broadcast in Singapore and other overseas regions, and has become the most popular Chinese mainland drama on the Disney streaming platform Disney +, which strongly demonstrates the charm of Chinese stories and Chinese culture on the international stage and plays a benchmark role for the international development of Chinese TV dramas.

A work of ingenuity and quality, the feelings of home and country ignite enthusiasm

In the narrative of "The Second Season of the Year of Celebration", the protagonist Fan Xian, with his unique modern thinking, is committed to the just concept of "the world advances together and the wealth is hidden from the people", and strives to advocate for the right and dignity of ordinary people to enjoy survival. He pursues social fairness and justice, conveys the positive energy that hard work will eventually pay off, and also promotes the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to help the needy and help others. Fan Xian is the epitome of thousands of ordinary people in the world, showing the spirit of persistent pursuit of dreams and unremitting struggle in human nature, and is a spiritual doppelganger that can be projected by the majority of audiences.

The special adaptation of "Network Sense" is an important part of the popular formula of the second season of Qingyu Nian. The youthful blood and humorous play stalks are intertwined. These rich and diverse elements are cleverly integrated, making the content of the series more rich, vivid and interesting.

The story of "Qing Yu Nian Season 2" is not a simple cool narrative, and the core value behind it has also aroused the audience’s resonance and thinking. Screenwriter Wang Tie’s 5-year dormant adaptation contains the producer Xinli Media’s emphasis on Qing Yu Nian’s IP ingenuity. From ancient times to the present, it is full of profound thinking about reality and the pursuit of idealism, which is also the reason why many audiences have long recognized this work.

The successful quarterly broadcast of male-frequency IP adaptation is expected to usher in strong growth in the future

From the current results, "Qingyu Nian Season 2" has continued the spiritual core of "Qingyu Nian 1" five years ago through the form of seasonal broadcasting, and has also gained the recognition of the audience and the market.

From an industry perspective, the significance of "Qingyu Nian" lies not only in the success of the series, but also in the production of Xinli Media and the creators’ love for the story, through the strategy of high-quality, serialization, and seasonal broadcast, it has broken the previous dilemma of male-frequency IP adaptation, providing more diverse and innovative topics for the series market. After "Qingyu Nian Season 2", it has also been demonstrated that on the basis of respecting the core of the original novel, the original novel of millions of words can be effectively dismantled through seasonal creation, and the value of IP can be amplified through film and television.

After the success of "Qingyu Nian 1", Xinli Media also launched popular IP adaptations such as "Fatty Son-in-law" and "Sword in the Snow" according to different IP characteristics. The two works also broke a number of records on the broadcast platform, and also received market recognition.

At present, with the success of "Qingyu Nian", there are more film and television adaptations of male-frequency IP on the market. It is understood that the follow-up Xinli Media will also continue to cultivate in this track. The follow-up production and development works include "Dafeng Dangmen" and "Fatty Son-in-law Season 2" adapted from China Literature Limited’s Tencent animation IP. The movie "Under Inhumans" adapted from China Literature Limited’s Tencent animation IP will also be released this year.