AITO asks M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the brand-new factory of Sailis automobile unveils mystery.

  Recently, the high-profile AITO industry M9 officially announced the design, and many media people in the car circle shouted, "Gone forever are the days when foreign luxury car brands could price whatever they wanted in China!" Although this statement sounds a little more modest than Yu Chengdong’s statement of "the best SUV within 10 million", just announcing the appearance can arouse such multimedia attention and market discussion, which fully shows how much the market pays attention to and expects this model, which is jointly built by Cyrus Automobile and Huawei and positioned as the flagship SUV of panoramic wisdom. The industry is also looking forward to whether this car can bring new changes to China’s new energy vehicle industry and even the entire automobile industry. According to the official announcement, this car will be officially launched at the end of the year, when it will achieve the same level of leadership in platform advancement, high-level intelligent driving ability and technical content.

AITO asks the M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the new factory of Sailis Automobile unveils the mystery _fororder_image001

  At the same time that AITO asked M9 to attract the attention of the whole industry, the Celestial Auto Super Factory, which is about to "make this model intelligently", also unveiled the mystery. In the recent Chongqing news broadcast, we also got a glimpse of its true colors. As can be seen from the name, compared with Tesla’s super factory, the local super factory built by Cyrus Auto has the ambition to lead the new changes in China’s new energy vehicle industry. If you are ambitious, you should have strength.

AITO asks the M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the new factory of Sailis Automobile unveils the mystery _fororder_image002

  It is understood that the Celestial Auto Super Factory is a cooperative project between Celestial Auto and Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. It is driven by digitalization and intelligence, combined with technologies such as big data and Internet of Things, and built by digital twin technology. It not only adopts advanced production technology and technical equipment in the industry, but also ensures the quality of vehicles through cutting-edge technologies such as digital total quality testing, and proactively applies environmentally-friendly technologies to ensure energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole production process. At present, the factory is accelerating construction, and when it is completed, it will be one of the largest intelligent manufacturing bases of new energy vehicles in the world.

AITO asks the M9 appearance to be officially announced, and the new factory of Sailis Automobile unveils the mystery _fororder_image003

  For a long time, as the leader of high-end brand of new energy steam, Sailis Automobile has been expanding the extension of industry model and technical level: the strong alliance with Huawei has become an industry model; The AITO series models jointly designed and built have become the industry benchmark. Recently, the new M7 has only been on the market for more than a month, and the large order has exceeded 6W. The two smart factories built with digitalization, intelligence and Internet of Things as the core represent the leading technical level of the new energy vehicle industry at present. The brand-new Celestial Super Factory, which is about to be put into production, is bound to lead the digital transformation of China’s new energy industry. (Photo: provided by Cyrus)