Zhiji LS6 landed at Haikou Auto Show in 2024, and it was sold at 217,900 yuan.

On January 5th, Zhiji LS6, a super explosive product of the intelligent pure electric SUV owned by Zhiji Automobile, shocked and landed at the 2024 (6th) Haikou International New Energy and Intelligent Networked Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Haikou Auto Show). With the only full-line equipment at the same level equipped with "Laser Radar +OrinX Chip", the world’s first "Quan Huafu Digital Cabin Screen" and the industry’s original "One-button Ai Driving", At the same time, two flagship models of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji LS7 and Zhiji L7, the medium and large intelligent flagship SUV and the new world driving and control flagship, also jointly appeared at the auto show to jointly demonstrate what a smart auto time should look like.

According to the sales data from December 25th to December 31st, 2023, the weekly sales volume of Zhiji LS6 reached a new high with 2,460 units, which led the list of two new energy vehicles; it won the title of "China Brand of All-category Pure Electric Vehicles with more than 200,000" for four times; and it was the first in the list of "Medium and Large Pure Electric SUVs" for eight consecutive weeks. In December, Zhiji Automobile’s monthly sales exceeded 10,000, with a cumulative sales of 38,253 units in the whole year, which surged by 665% year-on-year, and won the three most valuable firsts in the pure electric track of medium and large SUVs, such as "the first brand sales", "the first number of championships" and "the first half-year growth".

All "Lidar +Orin X Chip", you can enjoy advanced intelligent driving when you get started.

The Zhiji LS6, which appeared at this year’s auto show, is equipped with more than 100 cutting-edge technologies, and the entry is full of high-level software and hardware integrated intelligent configuration. LS6 is the only one in its class equipped with "ultra-long-range high-precision laser radar +OrinX high-computing power chip", which is naturally equipped with urban NOA capability. In December, the IM AD expressway NOA only took 8 months to achieve nationwide coverage, radiating the expressway sections of 333 cities (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and covering the elevated sections of 59 cities. The NOA applicable roads for the expressway viaduct totaled 389,000 kilometers, allowing users to start the intelligent driving of "all the countries can open and all the countries are easy to open" with one click.

It is expected that this month, the IM AD city NOA will also start user push; this year, more intelligent driving in IM AD urban scenes, commuting mode, Pilot+, one-button Ai driving 2.0, and high-precision automatic parking will all come one by one, providing users with a higher-order, easier and safer intelligent driving experience.

The world’s first "Quan Huafu digital navigation screen", the future intelligent cabin leapfrog experience.

Another secret of Zhiji LS6, which is favored by users, is its world-first "Quan Huafu Digital Cab Screen", which takes the lead in laying out the "future smart cabin" form. LS6 is equipped with the function of "global digital visual field blind compensation", which creatively realizes the functions of A-pillar intelligent blind compensation, rear-side intelligent blind compensation, rear-view intelligent blind compensation, etc.; it opens up the full-scale visual field, helps users solve hidden dangers in blind areas with high technology, brings a brand-new intelligent experience, and greatly improves driving safety. The original "rainy night mode" clearly presents the road information on both sides of the screen when the line of sight is extremely blocked, such as rainy night, to avoid the security risks caused by blurred vision and make travel safer.

In addition, Zhiji LS6 "Future Smart Cabin" also took the lead in carrying the industry’s first vertical GPT big model "Zhiji Generative Big Model" and the brand-new intelligent function "SHUA" to create a multi-dimensional smart cockpit that is more in line with the new pursuit of the city and bring users a richer and more diverse travel social experience.

The industry’s original "one-button Ai driving" makes driving never so simple.

Zhiji LS6 also created a unique "one-click Ai driver’s drive" in the industry, including functions such as "one-click welting", "one-click extrication" and "one-click tracking", and handed over certain pain scenes of urban travel to AI for help, greatly alleviating users’ driving anxiety and making users "one-click" fall in love. For example, when parking sideways, just "one-click" to easily attach the edge, not far from it, just right; straying into a crowded and narrow parking space, "one-click to get out of trouble" and "one-click to follow" to return along the original road and get away with it.

One-button Ai driving helps users to easily solve the driving problems encountered in the last 50 meters of driving, such as "difficult parking, difficult reversing and difficult parking"; subsequently, new functions such as one-button walking have been launched one after another, making driving never so simple.

In addition to leading the three cheats of high-level intelligence, Zhiji LS6 is the first in the industry to build a "quasi-900V super performance platform", and the zero-speed acceleration reaches 3.48s, making it the first China brand SUV to break through the 300km/h mark. Not only has strong performance, LS6 maximum working voltage is 875V, and the peak charging power is 396kW, which can realize charging for 5 minutes and replenish energy for 200 kilometers, so that users can bid farewell to charging anxiety.

From January 5th to 8th, welcome to the booth of Zhiji Automobile in Hall 4 of Haikou International New Energy and Intelligent Networked Automobile Exhibition in 2024 (6th), and have a zero-distance tasting of this intelligent pure electric SUV "super explosive" Zhiji LS6. Log in to the "IM Smart Car" APP or applet, and you can make an appointment for a test drive experience; immediately make a decision and lock the order for the LS6, and enjoy the leapfrog charm of "Future Smart Car" at an attractive limited-time interest price.

(Photo: Haikou Zhiji Delivery Service Center Wu Shubin)