56 competition venues of Hangzhou Asian Games completed "Big Lotus" bloomed along Qiantang River.

  The Asian Games in Hangzhou will be held from September 10th to 25th this year. Yesterday (March 31st), Shaoxing Baseball Sports and Culture Center and Shaoxing Ke Qiao yangshan Rock Climbing Base passed the functional acceptance of the competition. So far, after nearly five years of construction, 56 competition venues of Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games and Asian Paralympic Games have been fully completed and passed the comprehensive acceptance of the event functions. Among the 56 venues that have been completed and accepted by the competition, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, which hosted the opening and closing ceremonies and track and field events, has attracted much attention from the outside world. What is the current situation of this venue?

  First Prize of "Big Lotus" National Science and Technology Progress by Qiantang River

  The steel consumption of 28,000 tons is less than that of a stadium of the same size.

  Headquarters reporter Gao Wei:Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium looks like a "big lotus" from a distance. It consists of 28 petals of Da Lian and 27 petals of Nelumbo. In order to support this design, architects have made several rounds of optimization. After improvement, the steel consumption of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium is only 28,000 tons, which is one third less than that of the same size stadium. Thanks to this design, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium won the Luban Award, the highest award in the field of architectural design in China, and the first prize of national scientific and technological progress.

  It can accommodate more than 80 thousand people and will produce 48 gold medals here

  Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium can accommodate more than 80,000 people, where the opening and closing ceremonies and track and field events will be held. It is estimated that more than 700 athletes from 45 countries will participate here, and a total of 48 gold medals will be produced.

  The first batch of volunteers entered the venue for training.

  Today (April 1st), the "Big Lotus", which passed the functional acceptance of the competition, welcomed the first batch of volunteers to step on the spot and train. On the playground, volunteers are putting up street signs and run-up devices for track and field. In the audience, volunteers are practicing how to guide the audience to find their seats. Volunteers navigate through smart applets to help the audience find their seats accurately.

  Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium: Feel the wonder of "ice basket conversion"

  Green, intelligence, frugality and civilization can be said to run through all aspects of the construction of 56 competition venues in Hangzhou Asian Games. Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium is the venue for holding the basketball finals of the Asian Games. Let’s look for the "bright spot of wisdom" ↓

  A hockey game was held in this concrete field not long ago, and through one-click "ice basket conversion", ice events and basketball games can be seamlessly switched.

  From the concrete floor to the ice surface and then to the basketball court, the secret of realizing the "ice basket conversion" lies in the ice-making pipeline embedded in the underground of the venue. When ice is needed, the staff will install a circle of boundary wall in the site and continuously cool the ground inside the boundary wall through the ice-making pipeline.

  Liu Yang, a staff member of the Games Activity Department of Hangzhou "Asian Games Pavilion 3" operating company:The temperature of the concrete floor has dropped to MINUS 10 degrees Celsius or MINUS 8 degrees Celsius. As soon as water is spilled, it will freeze. The staff kept sprinkling water on it and then made ice. When the ice reaches the required thickness for the competition, the process of making ice is completed.

  When the ice competition is completed, the scene can quickly realize the "ice basket conversion" without melting the ice.

  Liu Yang, a staff member of the Games Activity Department of Hangzhou "Asian Games Pavilion 3" operating company:Just remove the boundary wall, then spread the thermal insulation carpet on the prepared ice surface, and then splice the basketball wooden floor on the thermal insulation carpet, so that this ice hockey venue can be transformed into a basketball competition venue, and the conversion can be completed in 6 to 8 hours.

  In addition to the efficient "ice basket conversion", the staff can also check the situation in every corner of the venue in real time through the visual operation and maintenance management platform system, understand the operation situation and adjust it at any time.