"2021 Physical Education Integration Healthy China" The 4th National College Students’ Skills Competition for Sports Rehabilitation and the National College Sports Rehabilitation Professional Construc

  On October 23-25, 2021, the 4th National College Students’ Skills Competition of Sports Rehabilitation Major and the National College Sports Rehabilitation Major Construction and Development Forum were held in Shanghai Institute of Sport. More than 200 teachers and students from 46 universities across the country met here to meet the professional challenges and competitions of sports rehabilitation skills, and dozens of experts and scholars in the industry gathered together to talk about the construction and development of sports rehabilitation specialty.

  Chen Peijie, Dean of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the event. He pointed out that in recent years, the Party and the country have placed health in a more prominent position and included "Healthy China" in the strategic layout of the country’s future development, and sports rehabilitation will certainly play an important role in the construction of a healthy China.

Sticking of skill operation

Sticking of skill operation

  Zhao Bin, chairman of the Professional Committee of Sports Health Care and Rehabilitation of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, mentioned that sports rehabilitation specialty is facing a period of rapid development with both strategic opportunities and challenges, and has great development space in talent supply and demand, professional appraisal and career planning. The purpose of this skill competition is to promote and promote the training of applied talents in sports rehabilitation, and to exchange and display the achievements of talent training in various schools. It is hoped that all participating teams can learn from each other, exchange experiences and share achievements.

  Wang Jiahong, head of the technical association group of the National College Physical Education Steering Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech. He mentioned that under the background of the integration of physical education and medicine, healthy China, the construction of a sports power and the construction of a socialist modernization power, a higher level of requirements have been put forward for training compound rehabilitation talents in the future. He expressed the hope that this conference will contribute the latest wisdom to the construction of sports rehabilitation discipline system, academic system, discourse system and personnel training system with China characteristics.

  Fang Guoen, president of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, pointed out at the event that this skill competition is large in scale, high in level, rich in content, lively in form and with many participants. He said that the special committee will, as always, pay more attention to and support academic exchanges, personnel training, scientific popularization and social services, build a high-level and international development platform for sports health care and rehabilitation, and make new positive contributions to sports health care and rehabilitation in China.

  The contest takes "theoretical written test+skill operation" as the competition mode, focusing on evaluating students’ professional basic theoretical knowledge and basic operation skills. The theoretical written test involves sports anatomy, sports physiology, rehabilitation assessment, sports injuries and related sports rehabilitation techniques. The skill operation is divided into two parts: personal operation skills and teamwork. The investigation contents include sports protection skills, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise prescription for chronic diseases. 46 teams from all over the country completed the competition on the same stage in an orderly manner.

Pre-competition discussion

Pre-competition discussion

  After two days of competition, 15 people won the first prize, 30 people won the second prize and 45 people won the third prize, and 80 instructors were awarded the "Excellent Guidance Award". Twelve universities including Shanghai Institute of Physical Education won the first prize, 17 universities including Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences won the second prize, and 17 universities including Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine won the third prize.

  During the event, a national forum on the construction and development of sports rehabilitation specialty in colleges and universities was also held. Twenty-five industry experts and scholars from all over the country, through conveying the latest industry trends and development trends, discussed with the teachers and students attending the meeting related topics of great concern, such as professional development, textbook construction, teacher level, talent training, professional qualification, social employment and so on, from the perspectives of specialty and curriculum construction, talent training and scientific and technological innovation, and gathered and exchanged the most advanced professional ideas together.

  The activity was sponsored by the Professional Committee of Sports Health Rehabilitation of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, undertaken by Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, and co-organized by the Technical Discipline Group of the National College Physical Education Steering Committee and the Shanghai Sports and Health Industry Collaborative Innovation Center.