Tsinghua responded to disabled candidates’ request to bring their mothers to school: the prepared dormitory fee is free.

  On June 26th, Wei Xiang, a disabled and poor Gansu examinee who scored well in the college entrance examination, sent a request to Tsinghua University through WeChat, hoping that Tsinghua would help solve the accommodation difficulties and enable him to take his mother who lived alone with him to go to school in Tsinghua. This request not only got a response from Tsinghua at the first time, but also got a touching reply from Tsinghua. Together, the two letters touched many netizens at one time.

  Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Tsinghua University yesterday that many Tsinghua alumni have offered financial aid to Wei Xiang. According to the logistics department of Tsinghua, the school has prepared a single dormitory for Wei Xiang’s mother and son, and the accommodation for the mother and son is free during their study in Tsinghua. At the same time, Tsinghua yesterday announced the launch of the "Hongyan Plan" to support students from poor families to participate in overseas exchanges, with a view to providing strong support for the all-round development and growth of children from poor families.

  Have congenital diseases but never admit defeat.

  Simple and honest smile, handsome appearance and simple language are Wei Xiang’s first impressions. Wei Xiang, sitting in a chair, looks no different from ordinary people. But if you notice the crutches beside him, you will find that he is a teenager with congenital diseases.

  Wei Xiang is 19 years old. As early as he was 10 months old, he was diagnosed with congenital spina bifida with intraspinal cyst disease. Wei Xiang’s mother, Xia Ruiyun, said that the disease caused the loss of motor function of his lower limbs. When he was 10 months old and over 1 year old, Wei Xiang underwent two operations respectively, but his condition did not improve after the operation.

  Xia Ruiyun is a nurse in a local hospital. During the day, she has to take care of the patients in the hospital, and at night, she has to take care of the small patients at home. Fortunately, I was accompanied by my lover before, and life was hard, but each other had the other as the spiritual pillar, and they also survived. When Wei Xiang was three and a half years old, they decided to let their children receive education: "Be sure to go to school, and with knowledge, they will broaden their minds."

  Young Wei Xiangsheng can’t take care of himself. They go to kindergarten with their children in their arms or on their backs in the morning, pick them up for dinner at noon, and send them again in the afternoon. A family living alone doesn’t feel how hard life is. But fate seems to have been "competing" with them. In 2005, Xia Ruiyun’s lover died because of illness, leaving her helpless and physically disabled children.

  "At that time, I felt that the sky was falling, and I had a mental breakdown. I was completely in a depressed state. I can’t figure out why my life is so bitter? " But looking at the child’s innocent smile, she survived. After all, the child needs someone to take care of him. "If I fall, he will have no home."

  In the following time, Xia Ruiyun accompanied her children to study, while asking about good hospitals. In 2008, she took Wei Xiang to a hospital in Beijing for the third operation, but this operation failed to completely improve his physical condition.

  In order to enable children to study normally, from primary school to high school, rain or shine, she will become the "legs" of children. In elementary school, she was able to carry Wei Xiang. In junior high school, with his increasing weight, she couldn’t carry it, so she pushed a bicycle to pick him up. Summer is fine, but if it rains and snows in winter, mother and son will be worried. "Others want it to snow in winter, but we are just the opposite, because the road is slippery and easy to fall." Wei Xiang said that he couldn’t remember how many times he and his mother fell in the rain and snow.

  For more than ten years, Xia Ruiyun accompanied her children to school, accompanied them to exercise, and used her nursing knowledge to help them carry out rehabilitation training and exercise their walking ability. Over time, with the encouragement of his mother, Wei Xiang gradually learned to walk short distances with crutches.

  "My mother and I didn’t think I was any different from normal people, not as hard as everyone thought. Difficulties that can be overcome must be overcome by yourself. Although I have physical problems, I can still live a wonderful life. " Faced with the injustice of fate, they recognize a truth: instead of complaining, it is better to be more optimistic and open-minded.

  The "Xueba" college entrance examination in the eyes of teachers ranks 83rd in science in Gansu.

  In the eyes of teachers and classmates, Wei Xiang is a veritable "schoolmaster". He is good at thinking and helpful. Whenever students encounter problems in mathematics, they will ask him for advice, so he becomes a "problem library".

  Wei Xiang said that since he grew up unable to move, he could only sit, so he was quiet, fond of thinking and thinking. After a long time, I especially like math and physics. In learning, a problem can’t be solved, and sometimes he will think about it for four or five days until it is finally solved.

  Sheng Shulan, the principal of Dingxi No.1 Middle School, said that Wei Xiang has a tenacious spirit, as long as he can do whatever he wants. The school regards Wei Xiang as an ordinary student, which will not make him feel different from other students, but the facilities that the school should provide will be provided without reservation. Wei Xianggang was assigned to the third floor of the teaching building with barrier-free access when he was a freshman in high school. At that time, the class teacher took the initiative to propose to the school that he should be transferred to the second floor, which is the lowest floor with a classroom to facilitate him to go upstairs and downstairs. "I’m so lucky. None of the people I met discriminated against me, laughed at me and helped me. " Speaking of which, Wei Xiang’s eyes are red, holding back his tears.

  Wei Xiang lived up to expectations and scored a high score of 648 points in the national college entrance examination in 2017, ranking 83 rd in science in the province. At present, he has filled in Tsinghua University.

  Send a message begging Tsinghua to "solve a humble room"

  After getting a high score in the exam, Xia Ruiyun added another sadness with joy. After all, the child is inconvenient to move and has weak self-care ability. She had a bold idea: to accompany her children to study in Beijing.

  To this end, on June 26th, Wei Xiang published the article "Request of a examinee with high score (648 points) in Gansu" on WeChat WeChat official account. Wei Xiang mentioned in the article that because he can’t live without someone to take care of him, he hoped that Tsinghua could help his mother and son "solve a humble abode for the two girls to help themselves".

  A few days ago, Xia Ruiyun and Wei Xiang reflected their family situation to relevant people in Tsinghua University. On June 27th, Tsinghua’s official WeChat WeChat official account "Qingxiaohua" wrote a letter to Wei Xiang with the title "Life is hard, but please believe enough". The letter reads: "I believe you already have the quality of Tsinghua people’s self-improvement and virtue … … Living has become something that we all respect and worship. " This public reply also mentioned that Tsinghua was aware of Wei Xiang’s situation. Qiu Yong, president of Tsinghua, and Chen Xu, secretary of the school, immediately called the relevant departments of the school, demanding that the worries of their mother and son be properly solved. Tsinghua Admissions Office and Student Financial Assistance Management Center have contacted Wei Xiang, and once he is admitted, he will immediately start the financial assistance procedures, including providing travel expenses to Beijing, reducing tuition fees and accommodation fees. According to the relevant person in charge of the Tsinghua Gansu Admissions Team, with Wei Xiang’s achievements, he is promising to be admitted to Tsinghua.

  Tsinghua can provide a single room for all sectors of society to lend a helping hand

  Cong Zhentao, Minister of Student Affairs of Tsinghua University, said that if Wei Xiang can be admitted to Tsinghua University, the relevant funding will start immediately. "Generally speaking, the financial aid for students is limited to their own life and study. However, Wei Xiang’s situation is quite special. He can’t take care of himself. We can consider letting him live in a single room with his mother. "

  WeChat official account’s WeChat Education Roundtable, a subsidiary of Beiqing Daily, reported this story for the first time yesterday, and it has been read more than 5 million times so far.

  The relevant leaders of Dingxi Municipal Government also expressed their condolences to Wei Xiang for the first time, and said that the municipal party committee and the municipal government will definitely urge relevant departments to implement each assistance policy and coordinate and solve the difficulties in going to school. After learning about this, the person in charge of an enterprise in Gansu donated 20,000 yuan to Wei Xiang in the name of the enterprise.

  Xia Ruiyun doesn’t have too many ideas and demands. He just wants to have a small house for children to study and live in. They will overcome what they can economically. She hopes that Wei Xiang can be self-reliant and live happily under any circumstances.

  Text/Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Wenjing Sun Qi

  Our reporter Lei Jia


  Every walker who challenges difficulties deserves praise.

  Wei Xiang, a candidate from Gansu Province, asked for Tsinghua University’s support and Tsinghua University’s reply, which has exploded the circle of friends in recent days. Wei Xiang was disabled but didn’t give up. He was in a difficult situation and didn’t feel depressed. With his tenacity and unremitting diligence, he despised difficulties and "lived in a respectable and admired way", which set an example for many young people and provided life thinking for the majority of adults: everyone who faced difficulties deserves respect and praise.

  The touching thing about Wei Xiang’s deeds lies in his contempt for difficulties and his strong will to overcome them. I believe that when a door is closed, another window will be opened. In the face of physical disability, if there is an attitude of not being afraid of difficulties, there will be another function or will to compensate. In his request to Tsinghua University, Wei Xiang said, "For 12 years, I tried my best to overcome my physical disability and study hard." Although it was only a few words, almost all people walked through the road with different degrees of difficulty, knowing how difficult it was for children from poor families to walk through that long and arduous journey. Wei Xiang’s unyielding will hit people’s inner softness, inspired people to think about how to choose in the face of difficulties, and activated people’s inner sleeping motivation.

  Tsinghua University’s touching response is also memorable. In the process of handling this case, it is not simply limited to how to respond to Wei Xiang’s request, but deeply explores the spirit behind Wei Xiang’s deeds, and incorporates the spirit of Tsinghua University’s school motto of "self-improvement and morality", which reflects the mature and generous demeanor, respectable behavior and moving feelings of helping the disabled and the needy in a top university.

  In fact, there are many people who have suffered misfortune in life, but perhaps not many who have been fortunate in Wei Xiang. How many people have never given up, struggled and struggled on that arduous and tortuous road, but unfortunately, how many people have not crossed the high limit erected by hardship and have not survived that arduous journey, which is the impermanence and ruthlessness of fate and life. There is no denying that there are countless such individuals, such as Wei Xiang, who are unfortunate and lucky at the same time. By silently honing and moving forward, they finally ignited the light of life, refreshed the existence of life and injected powerful positive energy into our society.

  Wei Xiang’s deeds are inspiring, and Tsinghua University’s response is respectable. We should also see that how to make more difficult cases like Wei Xiang find support and help in the lonely journey may not be completely dependent on the helpless request of the parties. For people who have been in trouble for a long time, it takes great courage to open their mouths for help like Wei Xiang. Obviously, we can’t just wait for how to make the network of relevant national support policies more dense and really play a good role. There should be more initiatives and more perfect detailed measures.

  Text/Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Daixiang