How strong is the original Wanda boss lady? 200 billion save Wang Jianlin from adversity and throw 100 million to pay off the debt

In reality, many girls aspire to marry into a wealthy family and become wealthy.

But in fact, many rich, capable, mature and stable men have precisely the right match for their wives.

Although this concept is somewhat old feudal in the eyes of some people, it is an effective method of mate selection in reality.

At least for Wang Jianlin, that is indeed the case.

As the wife of the richest man, when a reporter mentioned that Lin Ning had married into a wealthy family, she changed her old style and said domineering:

Whether I marry the richest man or not, I am a wealthy family. "

Of course, Lin Ning’s words were not empty words. At the beginning, without him, I am afraid that my husband Wang Jianlin would have gone bankrupt and collapsed…

Perfect match, perfect match

As the saying goes: third-class couples manage their own money, second-class couples manage their money together, first-class couples… "

If not a first-class couple, Wang Jianlin and Lin Ning are at least a second-class couple.

The reason why couples who manage their own money are regarded as third-class couples is that they are too clear about the accounts and care too much about all kinds of petty profits.

Feelings are a muddle in themselves. Without impulses and feelings, it is difficult for two people to bond together.

But Wang Jianlin and Lin Ning obviously did not.

After getting married and having children, Wang Jianlin invested in the real estate industry and founded the Xigang District Residential Development Company, which is the predecessor of Wanda.

Lin Ning inherited the family business and presided over Lin’s Group.

The husband and wife each earn money and cooperate with each other, enjoying themselves.

In 2000, as his real estate career grew, Wang Jianlin began to have bigger ideas.

He began to shift Wanda’s strategic direction, from the former housing real estate to commercial real estate, and the famous Wanda Plaza was born.

Wang Jianlin is so confident in this transformation that he even proclaims loudly: "Wanda is the city center."

Unlike Wang Jianlin’s high-profile work, Lin Ning prefers to be low-key.

She comes from a famous family and knows very well that in order to make an enterprise bigger and stronger, connections are essential.

Therefore, Lin Ning invested and founded a high-end club called Oulante.

The name of the club is a business profit organization, but it is actually a network harvesting center.

Like what Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, are members of the club, with these business bosses as contacts, Wang Jianlin’s Wanda wants to rise is difficult.

Of course, as a visionary woman, Lin Ning knew that in addition to business connections, other connections were also indispensable.

Therefore, she also befriended Zhao Wei and Jet Li in the entertainment industry, He Chaoying, the daughter of gambling king He Hongmiao, and even Prince Charles and Prince Monaco overseas.

It is no exaggeration to say that with Lin Ning’s wrist and connections, even if Deng Wendi was present, she would give her three points.

We know that on the issue of mate selection, Wang Jianlin advocates that people should be well-matched and disdain those mediocre and vulgar fans.

However, on this issue, Lin Ning is no different.

Lin Ning was born into a wealthy family. His father, Lin Lianzhang, had joined the army, served as an official, and was also the founder of the Lin Group.

And Lin Ning himself was beautiful, beautiful, and very cultured, with high IQ and EQ.

For such a woman, men who want to marry her can naturally queue up.

This included many cadres’ children, rich sons, and beautiful men.

But Lin Ning was very picky. Not only did she not like any of them, but even when she was almost 30 years old, she still did not get married.

Seeing his daughter getting older, Lin Lianzhang was particularly anxious.

Just then, Wang Jianlin appeared.

Like Lin Ning, Wang Jianlin was also a high-ranking official. His father, Wang Quanyi, was an old Red Army soldier who participated in the Long March and the Anti-Japanese War.

Seeing this well-matched, young and capable guy, Lin Lianzhang was overjoyed and even intended to accept Wang Jianlin as his son-in-law.

Therefore, he could create an opportunity for his daughter Lin Ning and Wang Jianlin to meet alone.

As the saying goes: "We are destined to meet thousands of miles away", Wang Jianlin and Lin Ning are such destined people. They hit it off at first sight and soon became husband and wife.

With a good helper in hand, Wang Jianlin’s career is naturally thriving.

In 2015, Wang Jianlin’s wealth grew to 36.90 billion, making him the richest man in China.

In 2016 and 2017, Wang Jianlin maintained his position as the richest man.

In addition to soaring personal wealth, Wanda’s career is also booming.

In almost every city, you can see Wanda Plaza, even in some third-tier cities.

Not only that, as long as it is the place where Wanda Plaza is established, the surrounding area will inevitably be prosperous with offices.

Back then, Wang Jianlin’s so-called "let Wanda become the city center" remarks showed that there was no bragging.

However, no one can always go well with the wind and water, and Wang Jianlin is no exception.

Second-class couples become first-class couples

In 2017, Wanda Group’s profits suddenly fell from more than 10 billion to about 10 million.

At the same time, the state began to introduce policies to rectify the real estate and bank credit industries.

This caused Wanda’s cash flow to suddenly break down, and Wang Jianlin not only could not continue to borrow money from banks, but also had debts of more than 400 billion yuan, making China’s richest man suddenly become China’s first negative. "

Just when the all-powerful business boss was in a hurry, Lin Ning came.

Lin Ning understood that in order to stabilize Wanda’s situation, seizing power was the first priority.

In order to prevent others from taking advantage of Wanda’s chaos, she simply removed her position as a Wanda shareholder and handed over all the shares to her husband, Wang Jianlin.

Then, Lin Ning suggested that Wang Jianlin lose weight. "She believes that the reason for Wanda’s embarrassing situation today is not without the previous excessive expansion.

Wang Jianlin agreed with his wife’s suggestion, so he reluctantly gave up his love, not only giving 77 hotels to R & F Real Estate, but also giving Wanda Plaza in Nanchang, Jiujiang and other places to other companies.

After "slimming down", Wanda not only reduced its spending burden, but also received a sum of liquidity.

But the first loss "is the first loss after all", and only this money can’t fill his previous debt hole.

Just when Wang Jianlin was at a loss, Lin Ning saved the scene again.

As the saying goes: Husband and wife are birds in the same forest, and they fly separately when disaster strikes.

This sentence is very suitable for Xu Jiayin, another real estate tycoon.

This year, Xu Jiayin’s reputation took a nosedive because he was unable to pay off his huge debts.

As his wife, Ding Yumei not only did not save him, but also swept away the 23 million of the company and took the best plan. "

But Lin Ning and Ding Yumei are polar opposites.

Faced with the bottomless pit stabbed by her husband, Lin Ning thought to himself: Even if he lost his old money, he would also help him pay off his debts.

To this end, Lin Ning put his collection of calligraphy and painting, jewelry all off, with 2 years, to help her husband pay off the huge debt of 200 billion.

Therefore, Wanda was able to recover, and Wang Jianlin avoided the tragic fate of falling into Xu Jiayin.

It is said that second-class couples manage the money together. As for first-class couples, it doesn’t matter who manages the money.

If the previous Wang Jianlin and Lin Ning were only considered a second-class couple, in the process of solving the Wanda crisis, the two could be said to have already had the foundation of a first-class couple.

Especially Lin Ning, when helping her husband fill the loophole, he never thought about you and me. In his eyes, money is the money of the Wang family, and it is the same in anyone’s hands.

However, a good woman should not only be a good wife, but also a good mother.

So, does Lin Ning have this?

Send charcoal in the snow, save 100 million children

Unlike his father Wang Jianlin’s concept of pursuing a good domestic helper, Wang Sicong, who is the second generation of the rich, is obviously more like a playboy "and likes to dance in the minefield.

Until now, whenever Wang Sicong is mentioned, the first thing people think of is his affair with a bunch of Internet celebrities.

Wang Sicong used to be known as the national husband ", and the Internet celebrities around him changed one after another.

Although he often changed people, Wang Sicong spent a lot of money on these women.

As for sending cars, jewelry, and bags, these are all commonplace. When he is happy, he can even send luxury houses.

However, for Wang Sicong, not all Internet celebrities are just for fun, at least Wang Ying is an exception.

In Wang Sicong’s memory, Wang Ying was his own white moonlight. In his own words, his love with Wang Ying was his fantasy love.

Unfortunately, fantasy is ultimately fantasy.

Due to various issues such as lifestyle, Wang Ying was once pursued by online public opinion, and black materials were dug up one by one.

Seeing his beloved woman suffer, how could Wang Sicong sit idly by?

He immediately activated his resources, helped Wang Ying refute the rumors, and came forward to set up a person for Wang Ying.

But soon, the face came.

Wang Ying was a woman with a messy private life. Wang Sicong was naturally not the only boyfriend around him, but Wang Sicong did not know this at all.

There was no airtight wall in the world. As Wang Ying’s little boyfriends were exposed one after another, Wang Sicong, who was ashamed, could only leave the scene awkwardly.

Although he had learned this lesson, Wang Sicong did not stop his romance.

After that, his love for Internet celebrities did not decrease but increased, including Zhang Yuxi and Zhang Qian, until the later Sun Yining incident.

If it was just romance, then it didn’t matter. After all, the Wang family had plenty of money.

However, as his future heir and only son, Wang Jianlin had to consider allowing his son to invest in entrepreneurship and develop his business skills.

Unfortunately, the door "may not be able to come out of the tiger", Wang Jianlin gave his son 600 million go out to start a business, but the son did not earn a penny, but lost 150 million.

Coincidentally, at this time when Wanda was in crisis, Wang Jianlin could not protect himself, so naturally he could not take care of his son.

Because he had been unable to pay off his debts, the rich son who was a spender of money was directly restricted from spending.

At the critical moment, it was his mother, Lin Ning, who had to save the scene.

150 million huge debt, for ordinary people, eight lifetimes are not enough.

But this is a small project for Lin Ning. "

After all, my husband’s 200 billion have been replaced, what is this debt?

As soon as the expert makes a move, he will know if there is any.

Lin Ning took out a little pocket money "and easily helped his son sort out the debt.

It is said that a successful man must have a great woman behind him, which Wang Jianlin highly approves of.

When someone asked what kind of daughter-in-law he wanted in the future, Wang Jianlin said: "No star Internet celebrity can enter the door of our Wang family. If my son wants to marry, he must marry my wife Lin Ning as a good assistant."

In terms of wealth, there is a world of difference between us ordinary people and Wang Jianlin.

But whether you are rich or poor, whether you are Wang Jianlin or a worker, you have to make a living.

Rich and rich, poor and poor life, but no matter how you live, you must have someone to accompany you.

And the kind of person you choose to accompany you will directly determine the rest of your future.

Love is emotional, but it doesn’t mean that you can completely avoid material things.

The handling of the family’s material wealth tests the degree of affection between husband and wife.

First-class couples don’t care who manages the money; second-class couples manage the money together; third-class couples manage the money separately.

Now that you have formed a family, in your eyes, what kind of couple are you and your wife?

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