The original tens of millions of online celebrity small groups are suspected of being arrested, and they will be jailed for 8 years and face huge fines because of the fighting fish incident.

Original title: Ten million online celebrity small groups are suspected of being arrested, and they will be imprisoned for 8 years and face huge fines due to the fighting fish incident.

As a well-known anchor of the platform for fighting fish, online celebrity Tuantuan is afraid of being sentenced to 6-8 years in prison for being suspected of participating in money laundering activities on the platform, and the amount involved is as high as 48 million, and about 11 people in the whole trade union have been arrested. In fact, before this, there was a warning that she had announced that she had stopped broadcasting because of "involuntary" and went online after the first stop, saying that she had to continue to stop broadcasting because of "involuntary". Although she did not disclose the specific reasons, she mentioned that she had experienced many bad things in the last month. She hasn’t been seen since it was announced in November last year.

Well-known gossip anchor cold wind also said during the live broadcast:

It is very likely that the small group will be eight years. Maybe the assistant of the small group will take five to six years, and her assistant has not come out yet. If the assistant has no income, it may be delayed. It seems that the problem of Xiao Tuan Tuan is still quite big.

However, these revelations have not been officially confirmed, and their authenticity is still difficult to verify for the time being.

The Betting Platform has been thoroughly investigated for money laundering before, and its owner, Li Shaojie, was arrested for opening a casino. Betta has various forms in this respect, such as opening casinos, money laundering and smuggling activities with northern Myanmar, and organizing activities by lottery in live broadcast rooms.

The most popular "card lottery" game is the most popular in the live broadcast rooms of major anchors. The form is that the audience spends money to buy props, gifts, open cards to participate in the lucky draw, and the anchor usually gives the bonus to the audience privately. Take the betta anchor "Jiujijiu Outdoor" as an example. He has more than 3 million fans on betta. By the time he was arrested, the live broadcast room had organized more than 4,200 lottery games, with more than 4.42 million people participating, and finally "attracted nearly 120 million yuan", which shows how violent it was!

In January 2021, the "Changsha Rural Death Squad" was selected as the top ten anchor of DouYu Platform. According to the Green Hornet, the "Changsha Country Death Squad" is the "biggest casino for fighting fish", with an annual flow of 177 million yuan and a daily flow of 13 million yuan. At 10 o’clock every night, the lucky draw activities suspected of gambling are started, and the public code "Ten-Point Economy Class" is also formed.

According to the news that China. com quoted the anchor of the platform, the Betting Platform may have been aware of the cash back of the anchor’s lottery, and 50% of the revenue from the anchor’s running water also goes directly to the platform. With the increasing business pressure, fighting fish or being driven by interests is "desperate", and the chaos of live broadcast reappears. This is also the reason why many anchors lost contact.


The above content is part of online news, so we should keep a rational and objective attitude until it is officially confirmed. At the same time, this incident also warned the live broadcast industry and the Internet platform that it is necessary to strengthen self-discipline and standardized management to avoid similar problems. For the majority of netizens, it is necessary to raise their awareness of self-prevention, stay away from illegal activities such as the Internet, and jointly maintain a healthy and harmonious network environment. Of course, we also expect relevant departments to give clear findings as soon as possible, so that the public can know the truth.

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