[News Tracking] A white off-road vehicle was salvaged from the collapse of Zijin Bridge in Guangdong.

       CCTV News:We continue to pay attention to the bridge collapse accident in Heyuan, Guangdong Province. The day before yesterday, at 2: 12 am on June 14th, the Dongjiang Bridge, also known as Zijin Bridge, located on the Dongjiang River in Heyuan, Guangdong Province collapsed, causing two vehicles crossing the bridge to fall into the water, and three people fell into the water. One of them was rescued and the other two were thrown into the search and rescue.

       Yesterday (15th), many rescue forces, such as Nanhai Rescue Bureau, locked the position of the drowning vehicle in the continuous search and rescue of two drowning people. After many efforts, at 13: 05 today, this white off-road vehicle was salvaged ashore, and there was no one inside.


       The reporter saw at the scene that the Dongjiang River was still muddy and the water level dropped by about 30 cm. Two sea patrol search and rescue vessels are preparing to search and rescue the downstream of the bridge again. Members of the Blue Sky Rescue Team took several small boats to search for the collapsed bridge.

       In addition, the salvage team also launched a side-scan sonar to search and rescue. It is understood that the main task at present is to conduct search and rescue. The cause of the bridge collapse is still being identified and analyzed.


       It is understood that the collapsed Dongjiang Bridge is located in the suburb of Heyuan City. It was completed and opened to traffic in 1972 and has a history of 47 years. The bridge spans Dongjiang River and runs from northwest to southeast. It is a six-hole arch bridge and is also called "Zijin Bridge" by local people. Two people fell into the water in this bridge collapse accident, and we will continue to pay attention to the relevant search and rescue progress.

       On June 14th, on the same day that the Dongjiang Bridge in Heyuan, Guangdong collapsed, the traffic police squadron in Longjiang, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province also issued a notice that the local Longjiang Bridge was closed due to settlement. Traffic on roads and waterways at the scene was interrupted.

       Yesterday morning (15th), when the reporter arrived at the Longjiang Bridge in Shunde, Foshan, he saw that both ends of the Longjiang Bridge, which is about 1 km long, had been enclosed. In the middle of the bridge deck, an expansion joint had been dislocated, and the rubber and iron pipes in the joint were exposed, and the dislocation height of the bridge guardrail could put down an adult’s palm. Due to the closure of the bridge, everyone’s travel has been affected a lot.


       According to a staff member of Shunde Highway Administration at the scene, Longjiang Bridge was built earlier. Usually, the Highway Administration will repair and maintain the bridge pavement, but it is the first time for them to encounter such settlement.

       At present, the navigation channel where Longjiang Bridge is located has also been closed. Relevant departments are monitoring and evaluating the structure and safety of the bridge, and the specific situation has not been announced yet. Although it has a certain impact on travel, fortunately, security risks were discovered in time to avoid accidents.