Photo News

GM’s "Hydrogen-powered No.3" fuel cell vehicle broke the record (Figure)
Top 100 Private Listed Companies Reveal the List Great Wall Motor ranks 10th (Figure)
The action in China is increasing. Is Skoda really made in China next year? (figure)
GM begins mass production of Hummer H2 in Russia (photo)
RUV: a new force in the automobile field (Figure)
Favorite romantic trip to appreciate French automobile culture (Figure)
10 models of Nissan Original Navigation (Figure)
Scene photo: "Astronaut" greets the rehearsal of "Spacecar"
Live photo: Inflatable version of Spacecar 4, the highlight of the conference.
Live photo: the inflatable version of the space car 1 with wonderful highlights of the conference
Create a win-win situation, SAIC seeks to merge with British Rover (Figure)
On a par-Toyota Corolla VS Hyundai Elantra comparative test run (Figure)
IKEA-Dongfeng Honda C-RV Classic Test Run (Figure)
Don’t wait-classic test run of Land Rover 2004 Freelander (Figure)
Huatai Bus brings new phenomena to China bus industry (Figure)
The embodiment of freedom-test drive of Land Rover’s new Freelander (photos)
"China Auto" is on campus-college students see Geely (Figure)
Hyundai Motor’s powerful lineup appeared in auto china (Figure)
Seven people ride the fashion space –Honda’s new Stream (figure)
Chery will bring a full range of models to Beijing Auto Show (Photos)
Automobile age-the elegant demeanor of girls (photos)
The famous soldier fell to Phoenix Ridge, and stopped the foreign aid for the time being (Figure)
Audi A4 DTM, a cutting-edge sports field, enters China (Photos)
Beijing: Traffic Law Punishment Regulations are promulgated and trial implementation begins (Figure)
2005 New Audi A6 (Photos)
Revealing the Eight Team Models of Auto Show and Showing the Style of Famous Cars (Figure)
Nanqi new car named Xinyatu wants to set a new benchmark for economical cars
BMW, Crown and Teana unveil new cars at Beijing Auto Show (Figure)
Land fresh air-test drive the new 2.0L land wind SUV (photos)
A number of Mazda classic models will be exhibited for the first time at Beijing Auto Show (Figure)
Ruifeng shows strong competitiveness, and Shouqi shares buy 78 sets (Figure)
ZTE Fuqi 6500 will be listed during the Beijing National Exhibition (Figure)