Beware! Blowing the air conditioner causes the body moisture to increase. These methods effectively remove moisture!

Blowing the air conditioner causes increased body moisture

The reason for the heavy moisture in the body is that if it is placed in summer, blowing the air conditioner is also the main reason. When the outdoor temperature rises, people are used to hiding indoors. Although the house is very comfortable, when they go out, they find that it is getting hotter and hotter and it is easy to get headaches. What is the reason?

In summer, the pores of the human body are originally open, and people have to go in and out indoors and outdoors every day. If they suddenly return to the air-conditioned place after sweating under the hot sun, the sudden drop in temperature will make the open pores suddenly close or even clog, and the cold air that invades the body will more easily damage the yang energy of the human body. In addition, in an air-conditioned environment, people stop sweating, which is conducive to detoxification and accumulation of toxins, which are then stored in the body.

How to blow the air conditioner to avoid getting wet?

  • It is important to use the air conditioner fan properly in summer. The temperature of the air conditioner should not be turned on too low, and it should be controlled above 24 degrees Celsius during the day

  • At night, it should be controlled at 28 degrees Celsius and accompanied by dehumidification, especially when sleeping at night, do not directly blow the fan and air conditioner.

  • In addition, the use of air conditioners must pay attention to ventilation, and the air conditioner should be turned off regularly every day, windows should be opened, and ventilation should be carried out to maintain a certain amount of fresh air in the room

  • It is best to clean the air conditioner every two weeks. Then there is a natural wind transition before basking in the sun, or it is not easy for the cold to invade.

  • If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, it is recommended to engage in outdoor activities and drink plenty of boiled water.

  • If there are elderly people or children at home, it is necessary to turn on less air conditioning.

Eat more of these foods to remove moisture in summer

In addition to the above methods to avoid heavy moisture, you can also try a diet to remove moisture, and eat more moisture-removing foods such as millet and red beans.

Red beans

Red beans can replenish blood and dehumidify. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, red beans are flat in nature, sweet and sour in taste; they have the functions of strengthening the spleen and water, clearing away heat and dehumidifying, reducing swelling and detoxifying. Boiling water with red beans can drain moisture from the body well.


Oats can smooth the intestines and laxative, promote the volume of feces, increase water, cooperate with fiber to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and play the role of laxative detoxification. It is a good choice to drink steamed oats into juice as a drink. When whipping, you can also add other ingredients, such as apples and grapes, which are nutritious and can promote defecation!


Barley can promote blood circulation and water metabolism in the body, exert the effect of diuretic and swelling reduction, and help improve edema-type obesity. Barley water is a good detoxification method. After boiling the barley directly with boiling water, add a little sugar to personal taste. It is a natural skin care product for skin whitening.


Millet is gluten-free and will not irritate the intestinal wall. It is a relatively mild fiber that is easy to digest, so it is suitable for consumption with detoxification meals. Millet porridge is very suitable for detoxification, has the effect of clearing away heat and diuretic, is rich in nutrients, and also helps whiten.

Ginger soup

Ginger can fight against air-conditioning diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger has three major effects: sweating and relieving the table, warming the stomach and stopping vomiting, and detoxification. People in an air-conditioned environment often drink some ginger soup, which can effectively prevent and treat air-conditioning diseases. Often in an air-conditioned environment, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it is easy to experience external cold. If you can eat a few slices of ginger or drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup in time, it will help to repel the cold and relieve the table, or soak your feet in ginger soup can also receive good curative effects.

The weather is hot, everyone should be careful to pay attention to the moisture when blowing the air conditioner!

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