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It’s getting cold, do you want to hide at home in your pajamas and not go out to know what’s new in the movie industry? Just find a girl with materials~ The new things that have happened in the movie industry in the past 24 hours, the girl with materials will offer it with both hands!

The trailer is a fresh look. "The Crowd" is set for the first day of the new year in 2021. "Home at One Point"


Produced by Andy Lau, directed by Rao Xiaozhi, and starring Andy Lau, Xiao Yang, and Wan Qian, the movie "Crowd" was officially announced on October 12, 2021, and a poster was released.

The movie "Crowd" tells the story of "Cold-blooded Killer" Zhou Quan (Andy Lau, played) and the down-and-out dragon set Chen Xiaomeng (Xiao Yang, played), who exchange identities in an accident, leading to a series of humorous stories by mistake. This is the director Rao Xiaozhi’s challenge to the absurd comedy genre after the reputation masterpieces such as "Hello, Crazy!" and "The Nameless Generation". At the same time, it is also the first time that the director himself has brought his work into the Spring Festival schedule. Let’s look forward to it together!

After watching the exciting trailer of the movie, let’s have a bowl of non-greasy "chicken soup"! Produced by Chen Kexin and directed by Xu Hongyu, starring Liu Haoran, Peng Yuchang, and Yin Fang, starring Tan Zhuo and Zhang Qi, and starring Li Jiaqi in "One Point to Home", once released, the praise continued. Warm, fresh, and hot-blooded became word-of-mouth labels. The scheduling and attendance rate rose against the trend and became the most popular film with the highest proportion of young ticket buyers in the National Day file. In addition to the film’s hot-blooded core and the beautiful scenery of Yunnan, the selection of film music also made people clap their hands. "The morning is for work, and the evening is for life. Day by day, it is boring, empty and lonely…" The soundtrack "9 to 5" mocks the monotonous drudgery of urban work, and also depicts the tacit numbness and struggle of young people caught in urban anxiety.

In the movie "Home at One Point", such songs float on the green shades all over the mountains, and the camera follows the three protagonists walking lightly up the mountains and down the ground. The three of them are comfortable and eat with the lyrics. The audience of social animals under the screen yearn for such a "farming culture" life. Ordinary social animals, extraordinary dreams, "Home at One Point" tells such a simple story. Chasing dreams can be bitter and sweet, the singing can be high and low, the movie touches every you and me who strive to live with laughter and tears, and maps it to the widest crowd with ordinary stories. The film is being screened, and the stories and music are available here. Remember to come to the theater for an appointment~

The trailer continues! With Qu Meng as the chief producer, Jin Yimeng as the producer, new director Zhang Linzi as the director, Guan Xiaotong and Huang Jingyu as the lead actors, Guan Hong’s romantic comedy movie "Half of the Moon Alice" sweet online movie theme song MV of the same name. The theme song "Half of the Moon Alice" is sung by "Queen Queen Singer" Zhang Shaohan, the soothing melody of the song, the moving lyrics are matched by Zhang Shaohan’s gentle but powerful voice, which tells the story of the feelings that the childhood sweethearts in the film have been afraid to say for many years, so that the audience can feel the beauty of love.

The singer of the theme song this time, Zhang Shaohan, is an all-round artist. Her voice is cool and thorough, very explosive, and her pure and clean voice gives people a feeling of penetrating the clouds. The theme song of the same name of the movie "Half Moon Alice" invites the famous music producer Yu Fei, the well-known composer Jerry C, the songwriter Lin Qiao, etc., and the arranger Zhang Xiaozhen to join forces to create this golden song. Under the backing track of the piano and the big band, the song recalls the sweet fragments of Lin Xiaoxi and Han Bing accompanying each other. Coupled with Lin Xiaoxi’s shy teenage monologue and Zhang Shaohan’s clear voice, a sweet story of a dusty "two-way secret love" is gradually being uncovered, which makes many audiences moved. The movie "Half of the Moon Alice" has been scheduled for October 30, and audiences are welcome to come to the theater to experience the romantic love fairy tale performed by "Happy Fat CP".

Wang Junkai’s photo romance and literature in the rain, the texture of the film is full of cold and handsome


Yesterday, Wang Junkai Studio released a set of magazine photos of behind- the-scene. Text: Film images revolve around memories, light rain walks and stares into the distance, a new week has begun, with Boss Kai, freeze frame every experience into a ritual-filled look~

In the photo, Wang Junkai is wearing a blue trench coat, with a blurry and clear film texture, cold and handsome. The graceful teenager walks in the continuous autumn rain with an umbrella, and the breeze blows up the curled hair that cannot cover the slender eyelashes. Holding an umbrella with one hand shows a beautiful profile. With the misty and rainy scenery, it is gentleman and romantic, and full of literary sense!

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