Yang Mifang made public all the details of his cooperation for the first time after "fraudulent donation", and it is suspected that he was deceived.

Yang Mi Studio sent Weibo

1905 movie network news Melon eaters must remember that a few weeks ago, the "Yang Mi Fraudulent Donation Incident" caused a stir, which caused a small storm in the entertainment industry about "what should be done to do charity", and Yang Mi was also pushed to the forefront of the trend. This morning (April 12), for the first time, Yang Mi Studio took the initiative to open a large number of screenshots of the dialogue during the cooperation with another responsible person – POC Li Meng of the "White Cane" public welfare activity to help the blind, showing netizens the beginning and end of the "Chengdu Special School Donation", and said that he was the real "deceived party".

Yang Mi starred as a blind girl in "I Am a Witness"

The description shows that before the release of "I am a Witness", Li Meng took the initiative to invite Yang Mi to participate in the donation of blind canes, calling the "White Cane" national public welfare activity for the blind, which aims to raise funds to buy blind utensils, and distribute them to blind people in need across the country for free, caring for the lives of blind people. After confirming his participation in the activity, Yang Mi donated 200 blind canes for the distribution of the "White Cane" activity. Li Meng expressed that as a thank you for Yang Mi’s support, he personally donated 300 blind canes in Yang Mi’s name.

After Yang Mi attended the "White Cane" Beijing press conference, Li Meng said that the blind canes donated by Yang Mi will be distributed to local blind people in the city of Yang Mi’s movie roadshow to increase the social influence of the public welfare for the blind. The roadshow cities inc**********du, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places, but in the end, because other local distribution companies could not arrange the corresponding public welfare link for the blind, only Chengdu did the relevant link. After Li Meng said that 500 canes were in place, and Yang Mi transferred 200 canes to the Beijing Youth Development Foundation, the "Red Dandan Fund".

In the first donation city Chengdu station, Li Meng said that as the first stop of the white cane distribution city Chengdu, because they have spent 400,000 arranged to donate the printer classroom, so the city’s white cane only issued 100, and arranged for student representatives to read a thank you letter, and Yang Mi only need to take a group photo on stage.

Then in front of the Shanghai station in the second donation city, Li Meng said that the issuer could not cooperate without cooperation, and asked the leadership to provide media publicity resources, cancel the Shanghai public welfare publicity, and the follow-up publicity was also interrupted. Li Meng asked many artists in the company about their willingness to participate in different public welfare activities, but did not mention the "white cane" Chengdu station and subsequent donations.

After the incident was exposed in March, Yang Mifang also contacted the recipient and made up for donations of white canes and Braille typewriters.

During this period, Yang Mifang took the initiative to contact Li Meng many times, and Li Meng made it clear: "We are all victims", saying that he was preparing explanatory materials, and would find witnesses, and would explain to Yang Mifang to prove his innocence.

After the "fraudulent donation" report came out, Li Meng said she would sue the Beijing News for false reporting.