China Xingzhiqing -4-liter era leader makes fuel vehicles leap a generation.

  No frequency conversion, no energy saving, no performance and no subversion. China Star Intelligent Double Engine has officially entered the 4-liter era! On November 26th, the challenge plan of China Star Family Xingyue L and Xingrui L intelligent twin-engine Gemini Taiyuan was successfully concluded in Monet Valley. The "Jinkana Raceway Challenge", "Zero-Hundred Linear Acceleration Challenge" and "Intelligent Double Engine S-bend Racing" show the hard-core strength of a new generation of intelligent double engines, and further confirm the global leadership of the three intelligent double engine technologies of "1.5TD four-cylinder hybrid special engine+world-leading three-speed intelligent frequency conversion technology+X System intelligent control system", which are energy-saving, performance and intelligence.

  Early in the morning, the participants signed in at the designated place, and then took the bus to the Monet Valley. After arriving at the destination, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous lunch and exchanged their love for Geely brand during lunch.

  At 14: 00, the event officially began. First of all, Wu Jiabo, the urban operation manager of Shaanxi-Shanxi War Zone, delivered a speech. He said: "The Xingyue L and Xingrui L models of Geely China Star Family have won wide recognition in the market, and we are very happy to share the charm of these two cars with you here." Subsequently, the gold medal lecturer explained in detail the technical characteristics and using skills of Xingyue L and Xingrui L intelligent dual engines.

  Fast, tough and steady, China Star intelligent twin-engine entered the 4-liter era, making fuel vehicles leap to a new generation.

  Overthrowing the traditional hybrid technology, China Star Intelligent Twin Engine integrates the world-leading three core intelligent twin engine technologies of "a new generation of 1.5TD four-cylinder hybrid special engine+the world-leading three-speed intelligent frequency conversion technology+X System intelligent control system", which makes the power performance, driving experience and ultra-low fuel consumption of hybrid electric vehicles leap by one generation.

  In the on-site interactive session, participants actively participated and asked questions with lecturers, and discussed the intelligent dual-engine technology in depth. Then, the vehicle media test drive provided everyone with the opportunity to personally experience Xingyue L and Xingrui L. Although the journey was not very long, it experienced urban expressways, urban roads and country trails. Xingrui L gave a fuel consumption of 4.2L per 100 kilometers, and SUV Xingyue L 4.3L also gave amazing fuel consumption values! Everyone is full of praise for the excellent performance and ultra-low fuel consumption of these two cars.

  In the "Kinkana Raceway Challenge" project, small racetracks including line acceleration, emergency braking, emergency lane change, U-bend and figure-eight turn are arranged, which tests the comprehensive handling of vehicles. . The power advantage of China Xingzhiqing’s dual flagship is fully demonstrated. From the straight line area starting from the track, drivers can instantly experience its violent acceleration ability.

  Compared with the traditional oil hybrid vehicle of the same class with self-priming engine and single-gear electric drive, China Star Intelligent Double Engine comes standard with a special hybrid 4-cylinder engine with a thermal efficiency of 44.26%, which can release 120kW maximum power and 255N·m maximum torque. Matching with 3-speed DHT intelligent frequency conversion electric drive and P1+P2 dual-motor drive, it can output power in parallel in full speed domain, with the maximum output torque at wheel end of 4920N·m and the torsion mass ratio of 41 N m/kg, and the maximum transmission efficiency reaches the highest in the world of 97.5%, with almost no energy loss, so that Xingrui L Zhiqing and Xingyue L Zhiqing have the lowest fuel consumption of 4 upgrades and 100 kilometers at the same level. Realize "low speed fuel saving, high efficiency in the middle section, high speed and energy", saving fuel and not saving power!

  Thanks to Geely’s most powerful intelligent manufacturing system, the most advanced intelligent technology ecology and the empowerment of CMA world-class architecture technology, China Star Intelligent Shuangqingtiansheng has its own excellent genes such as high value, high safety and high technology, which far exceeds its peers in performance, handling and safety, bringing users a driving experience comparable to that of a 500,000-class luxury car. In the "straight-line acceleration challenge" which best reflects the zero-speed acceleration performance, Xingrui L Zhiqing sprints 100 meters with the fastest 7-second-class zero-speed acceleration and the highest speed of 200km/h at the same level, showing excellent acceleration performance with extremely strong explosive force and extremely fast response speed.

  "Fast" but also "tough"! In the "Smart Engine S-bend Racing", Xingrui L Zhiqing has achieved 75.9km/h in the actual measurement, relying on the natural foundation endowed by CMA architecture, the leading wire-controlled chassis at the same level, the torsional stiffness of 29 000 N m/deg, and the steering assistance of ZF DP-EPS, which shows the top handling performance, driving stability and agility.

  On the basis of fast power and tough chassis, China Star Intelligent Double Engine also inherits the top-level safety performance development technology and experience endowed by the world-class CMA architecture. With high-standard passive safety design, rich active safety functions and all-round health and safety protection, it not only meets the five-star standard requirements of China C-NCAP, Europe E-NCAP and American IIHS, but also pursues the ultimate safety and promotes the safety to a brand-new and global height.

  To build everyone’s smart boutique car, China Star Intelligent Double Engine makes the high-value experience jump by one generation.

  Adhering to the concept of "building everyone’s smart boutique car", China Star Intelligent Double Engine leads the fuel car to a new generation with new design, new intelligence, new technology and new value. This time, Xingrui L Zhiqing will launch three versions: Nebula Edition, Xinghe Edition and Tiangong Edition, and Xingyue L Zhiqing will launch two versions: Xinghe Edition and Tiangong Edition, which will bring users a more valuable, smarter and more comfortable luxury experience and reshape the new benchmark of China fuel vehicle value.

  In terms of intelligence, China Xingzhiqing Double Flagship is equipped with Geely’s new generation Geely Galaxy OS 2.0 system and the leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, which integrates driving information, online real-time map, audio-visual entertainment and voice interconnection, scene customization and other functions, and can continuously expand OTA upgrade in all aspects, with simpler interface, richer functions and smoother use. The system also has the function of car machine customization, which allows users to customize the car machine or choose their own nine scene modes, such as waking up, goddess and children, to create a personalized car machine that conforms to their own usage habits and aesthetic interests; And intelligent AI voice interaction is adopted to automatically scan the Chinese words on the screen, and click can be simulated immediately in one sentence, realizing the interactive experience of what you can see and say and millisecond response, and raising the experience to a new height again. In addition, the "Super Brain" Star Smart Computing Center built by Geely provides intelligent network connection and intelligent driving support.

  As the flagship family car of China Star Intelligence, Xingrui L Zhiqing is comparable to a luxury B-class car in terms of size, power performance and working materials. It is equipped with 13.2-inch high-definition central control panel +10.2-inch full LCD instrument, 24.3-inch giant screen AR-HUD head-up display, L2-level intelligent driving auxiliary system, 540 transparent chassis and other rich scientific and technological configurations, as well as smart car advanced fragrance system and 12-speaker Harman Infinity audio system (including headrest).

  As the flagship SUV of China Xingzhiqing, Xingyue L Zhiqing is equally versatile. It is equipped with 12.3-inch digital LCD instrument+touch HD central control screen+touch HD passenger dedicated screen, 25.6-inch AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display system, L2 intelligent driving assistance system, etc. It can also be equipped with NOA intelligent pilot-assisted driving, which is rich and avant-garde, making users’ travel life more convenient and more quality.

  In the KOL sharing session, auto media teachers shared their views on Geely China Star family and their understanding of intelligent dual-engine technology. The generation of ultra-low fuel consumption is also analyzed in detail. Finally, all participants took a group photo with the guests to record this unforgettable moment.

  This activity gave participants an in-depth understanding of the Xingyue L and Xingrui L intelligent twin-engine Gemini of Geely China Star Family, and let everyone know that the performance of ultra-low fuel consumption is not accidental. More mature technology, better training and matching days make Geely unique in energy saving and consumption reduction. In the future, Geely China Star Family will continue to provide consumers with better products and services and make greater contributions to the development of the automobile industry.

  Power, control, space, safety, styling and intelligence are six high-value leaders, which makes China Star’s product value and market value climb all the way, and the cumulative total sales volume quickly exceeds 800,000 vehicles, creating a high-value era for fuel vehicles in China. Today, China Star Intelligent Double Engine will continue to adhere to the mission of "fighting for the high value of automobiles". With new experiences such as more advanced hybrid technology, smarter technological safety, more luxurious vehicle quality, and driving and control power with both performance and energy saving, it will make fuel vehicles leap to a new generation, fully open the era of China Star Intelligent Double Engine, and continue to lead the brand value upward.