Counting the ridiculous things of officials who have fallen off the horse: you can only be a "big official" if you drink 300,000 at a time.

  CCTV News:Recently, the General Office of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government issued the "Regulations on the Total Prohibition of Alcohol in Official Activities in Guizhou Province". The regulations are clear: from September 1, 2017, all official activities in the province are prohibited from providing any alcohol, and no alcohol provided by any unit or individual, including alcohol brought by private individuals, is allowed. Official activities within the province are prohibited from giving any alcohol from public funds. No alcohol is allowed during working hours and at noon on weekdays. In addition, if it is really necessary to provide alcohol and drinking in major foreign affairs activities and investment promotion activities, the organizer shall report it to the responsible comrades in charge of the unit or the work for approval according to the principle of one purchase and one approval, and report it to the Commission for Discipline Inspection at the same level for the record.

  Before Guizhou, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Anhui, Xinjiang, Hunan and many other places had introduced alcohol prohibition regulations.

  From the promulgation of the eight central regulations, to the Regulations on the Administration of Domestic Official Reception of Party and Government Organs issued by the General Offices of the General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council in 2013, it was clearly stipulated that high-grade drinks should not be provided for working meals, and then "prohibition of alcohol" was continuously issued everywhere. The strictness of the "prohibition of alcohol" has also been upgraded again and again: no alcohol is allowed at lunch on weekdays, and no alcohol is allowed during working hours and at noon on weekdays; From the official reception, it is forbidden to provide high-end drinks, and it is forbidden to provide any alcohol; In addition, Anhui and Hunan also banned alcoholic beverages.

  As soon as the "Prohibition Order" came out, although the phenomenon of drinking in official reception was greatly reduced compared with before, some officials still could not give up their addiction to alcohol and violated the discipline.

  The escalating "prohibition of alcohol" has to deal with the chaos of official drinking that is itself escalating.

  Not drinking is not enough meaning: "When the wine glass rings, there are two thousand pieces of gold" and "promotion requires assessment of alcohol consumption"

  "It should also be said that at the beginning, we were also disgusted with this luxurious thing. I don’t like wine either. I don’t drink a drop of wine at home during the New Year, and then it became a habit. Even when I invited someone, I didn’t drink as if I was not enthusiastic. Then when he invited me to eat, I didn’t drink as if it was not enough. " Yang Weize, former member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Committee and former secretary of Nanjing Municipal Committee, said.

  Yang Weize was once regarded as a "star official" in Jiangsu’s political circles. At the age of 36, he served as a departmental cadre. At the age of 44, he became the youngest member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee in China.

  A "lack of meaning" made his career slowly change, from accepting the dinner arranged by the business owner to accepting small gifts, then accepting red envelopes on holidays, and then evolving into a large amount of power and money transaction … When the glass rang, he not only gained two thousand gold, but also made him go to crime step by step. In the end, Yang Weize was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison for accepting bribes, and his personal property was confiscated by RMB 2 million.

  "Can drink eight liang to drink a catty, such comrades can rest assured; Can drink eight taels a catty, such comrades should be cultivated; Can drink white wine and beer, such comrades can’t stay; No one wants a comrade who can drink beer and drinks. " This reads like a jingle, but it is a true portrayal of some kind of officialdom.

  When "not drinking is not enough meaning" becomes the unspoken rule among officials, and "how much can you drink" becomes the assessment standard for selecting and employing people, the abnormal official culture has led more officials to the abyss of depravity.

  Yuan Junxiao, the former vice mayor of Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, who was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and fined 500,000 yuan for accepting bribes, is a typical case of "promotion by drinking". According to the previous report of "Integrity Outlook", Yuan Junxiao not only likes to go to dinner, but also likes to show his special "talent" at dinner. This special "talent" is to drink a lot. As early as when I worked as a designer in the Grinding Research Institute of Qinchuan Machine Tool Plant, Yuan Junxiao’s mass was well known. Taking advantage of this feature, Yuan consciously looked for leaders to drink. On the wine table, they called each other brothers. "Yuan’s contacts spread rapidly." After several years with the leaders of the Institute of Grinding Research, Yuan Junxiao was promoted and became the chief designer at the age of 26. At the end of 2001, Yuan Junxiao entered the official career as the executive deputy director of Baoji Economic and Trade Commission, and four years later, he became the sasac director of Baoji City.

  Drink the grade: ordinary Maotai is not allowed, and classic Lafite is free to taste.

  It can make officials feel that they don’t drink wine that is "not interesting enough", and naturally they can’t be "almost interesting".

  China discipline inspection and supervision newspaper mentioned in the article "How to talk about elegance if you don’t obey the rules": "Some corrupt officials still spend money in clubs and taste the so-called" classic Lafite "before being arrested; Some corrupt officials regard Maotai as elegant in the year of drinking and drink 300,000 yuan at a time. "

  CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website even issued a document denouncing officials’ extravagant enjoyment: "Some leading cadres drank high-grade wine and vintage wine, and almost drank the" Lafite "brand".

  In recent years, there are not a few officials who pour on high-grade wine. For many corrupt officials, high-grade wine is regarded as a symbol of status, and only by drinking the grade can it gain face.

  Yang Weize, who was a teetotaler, gradually developed into "I like to drink Maotai, preferably vintage Maotai".

  In April this year, the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection reported six typical spiritual problems that violated the eight central regulations and the ten provincial regulations. Among them, Luo Jianqiang, former member of the Standing Committee of Bijie Municipal Committee and former deputy mayor of the municipal government, has repeatedly accepted banquets from private entrepreneurs from the second half of 2014 to September 2016, and received 2 bottles of Maotai vintage wine and 24 bottles of state banquet Maotai. One month after the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection publicly notified, Luo Jianqiang was double-opened for serious violation of discipline.

  Zhang Jianjin, member of Tianjin Municipal Committee, former party secretary and chairman of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group, will achieve the ultimate goal of "drinking the grade". Before being censored from May 2013 to August 2015, Zhang Jianjin often went in and out of high-end restaurants in the name of business reception, organized and accepted public banquets. Maotai, Wuliangye and special health wine were required for every meal, and Moutai was generally not imported. If you want to drink it, you can drink it for 15 years or 30 years.  

  In 2013, a private business owner celebrated Zhang Jianjin’s birthday. When Zhang Jianjin saw that he brought ordinary Maotai, he disdained to ask for a 15-year Maotai brought by others. When a boss who had been humiliated by Zhang Jianjin ate and drank with him again, he took the initiative to bring the 30-year-old Maotai a "revenge".

  Try your best to drink: bottled mineral water, hidden in the trunk, and high-end wine put on vest and appeared again

  The details of Zhang Jianjin’s violation of discipline of "bottling Maotai with mineral water" have been reported many times. In the anti-corruption feature film "Always on the Road", he said: "If people take a film for you with their mobile phones, then there will be evidence on the Internet, so pour the Moutai into the mineral water, and then take the mineral water bottle and share it backwards when everyone shares the wine."

  Around Zhang Jianjin, there are a group of private business owners with related interests all the year round. In order to cater to Zhang Jianjin’s drinking hobby, there are all kinds of Maotai and various wines in the trunk of their cars for a long time, including Maotai in 15 or 30 years.

  Zhang Jianjin made great efforts to drink, private enterprise bosses prepared for offering wine for a long time, and merchants also resorted to tricks to sell wine.

  In 2015, a reporter went to many places to investigate and found that high-end wines that had been silent for a period of time warmed up again under the banner of "special supply", "customization" and "special edition". In the showcase of a tobacco and liquor store, the reporter saw a kind of Maotai liquor marked with special words for a state organ. The owner of the store said that the wine was originally produced by Maotai Distillery, and it was specially designed for wine and internal wine; The "abstract" wine and "inscription" wine launched by Guizhou Jinsha Group are very concerned by some public officials and business owners. A sales manager said that a bottle of "abstract" wine with a specification of 650 ml sold for 1,800 yuan, and sold for 50 million yuan in the first year of listing.

  Drinking chaos is thought-provoking: control greed and don’t let the wine table become the intermediary of corruption.

  Zhang Jianjin, as a typical person who ignored the party discipline and rules and changed the pattern to engage in "four winds", once said this when he reflected on himself: "What led me to commit a crime today, I think it was also caused by eating and drinking in this kind of interaction with them. After eating and drinking together for so many years, I think that these are all buddies and friends, so I will no longer defend them, so I say that in the end, it will become a kind of withdrawal. "

  The People’s Daily once commented that there is only one reason for the corruption of cadres in the final analysis, and they have failed to control their greed. Once the string of discipline and rules is loosened on the wine table, greed will grow with it, and then all kinds of edge balls will be played, even taking risks. A small wine table has thus become an intermediary for corruption. Once cadres believe in vulgar officialdom philosophy, regard banquets as a stepping stone to seek benefits, and design dinner as a channel to expand contacts, few people can resist not reaching out. Only when officials and cadres draw a red line in their hearts and strictly demand themselves, can they stay away from the trap of corruption and prevent a misstep from becoming an everlasting regret. (Text/Chen Xin)