Brief introduction of the crew members of the wrecked helicopter and their unknown stories

Special topic: Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan

  Xinhuanet Chengdu, June 10th (Reporter Zhu Yingtao) There were five crew members: Qiu Guanghua, Li Yue, Wang Huaiyuan, Chen Lin and Zhang Peng.

  Since May 12, Captain Qiu Guanghua, together with five crew members, including Li Yue, Wang Huaiyuan, Chen Lin and Zhang Peng, has continuously carried out the tasks of transporting injured people and delivering relief materials in areas with complex geographical and meteorological conditions, with a total of 63 flights, transporting 25.8 tons of materials, transporting 87 relief workers and transferring 234 affected people, including 54 injured people due to disasters.

  Their story

  1. Qiu Guanghua, born in April 1957, is a native of Maoxian County, Sichuan Province, and a Qiang nationality. He is the first generation of minority pilots trained in China. Helicopter captain, four kinds of weather flight commanders, special pilot. He has won second-class merit twice and third-class merit four times. Qiu Guanghua, 51, has more than 5,800 hours of flying experience. In this earthquake relief alone, he flew 63 sorties, and together with the crew, delivered 25.8 tons of relief materials to Wenchuan, Maoxian, Lixian, Wolong, Yingxiu, Gengda, Qingchuan, Beichuan, Pingwu and Anxian successively, transported 87 rescuers of various types, and transferred 234 people affected by the disaster, including 54 people injured by the disaster.

  After the 5.12 earthquake, Qiu Guanghua, who was about to be grounded, took the initiative to find the group leader and asked to go to the front line of disaster relief. Five days later, he learned that his house was destroyed and his parents, who were nearly 80 years old, lived in shacks. Since the day of the earthquake, Qiu Guanghua has flown to Maoxian County for six times, flying over his hometown every time. When rushing the wounded, the landing point was less than 800 meters away from home. While waiting for the lift-off, he still didn’t leave the plane to go home.

  2. Li Yue, born in 1980, is a leader among the young pilots of the Army Aviation Corps. Li Yue is the only child in the family. At the beginning of this year, she just got a marriage certificate. The young couple have a wish: when the task of the army is not tense, they will go out for a meaningful trip and get married. However, from the beginning of the year, the troops carried out the task of fighting against ice and snow disaster relief to the earthquake relief, and he volunteered to participate, and he was always busy, so that the wedding had to be postponed again and again. Li Yue likes photography, and his computer is full of photos of flowers, plants and animals he has taken. He wants to use the lens to leave the most beautiful honeymoon memory in the background of famous mountains and rivers.

  3. Wang Huaiyuan, born in 1961, has 3010 hours of flying experience and is a senior aircrew mechanic of the Army Aviation Corps. He was awarded the third class merit once and the second class merit once. Wang Huaiyuan used to be a fighter pilot, who was grounded because of a slight illness. But he never gave up and finally returned to the blue sky as an excellent aircrew mechanic. In this disaster relief, every time Wang Huaiyuan returned from the disaster area, he brought back a handful of telephone numbers written by the people in the disaster area with cigarette cases and paper shells. As soon as he got off the plane, he kept calling to help the people in the disaster area report peace to their loved ones, but he only called home for more than 10 days. Wang Huaiyuan, who will retire in a few years, has already made arrangements for his retirement-returning to his hometown in Luxian County, Sichuan Province, and planting oranges. His brother suffers from leg disease, which makes him unable to move. He promised his younger brother that he would take his younger brother to a big hospital for artificial limbs after carrying out this disaster relief mission.

  4. Chen Lin, born in 1980, is 28 years old. He is the deputy squadron leader and assistant aircrew mechanic of the Third Squadron of the Maintenance Brigade of the Army Aviation Corps.

  Chen Lin passed the examination in just four years after graduating from the military academy in 2001, and became an aircrew mechanic from a ground mechanic. He was the first technician in the same batch to "lift the air". At the end of each flight, he climbed into the airtight tail beam and carefully checked every part. His squadron has always been at the forefront of the whole regiment in terms of maintenance level. Since the earthquake, in order to let the pilots fly with peace of mind, the regiment has specially set up tents for family members to avoid disasters. But in order not to cause trouble to the group, Chen Lin resolutely refused to let his wife come to the team. At 11 o’clock noon on May 31, Chen Lin’s wife came to visit her father who had not met for more than half a month with her daughter who had just turned one year old. Unexpectedly, this became the last meeting between husband and wife, father and daughter.

  5. Zhang Peng, born in 1984, is a typical "post-80s" soldier and a second-class non-commissioned officer. In this earthquake relief, he volunteered to help each unit load and unload materials. He worked continuously at the airport for more than 12 hours every day and participated in 170 sorties of loading and unloading relief materials, totaling more than 60 tons.

  On the 21st, the Army Aviation Corps held a ceremony to pay special dues to the disaster area. party member was the only ordinary soldier in the long line, and Zhang Peng was the only one. In the first half of the year, the company just listed Zhang Peng as the development target of party member. After the disaster, Zhang Peng has donated money to 100 yuan. This time, he has to take part in the special membership dues activities. As he was in a hurry to start, he didn’t bring much money, so he handed over the only 80 yuan money in his pocket as a special party dues as a non-party member. Gao Yue, the administrator of the management unit of the Army Aviation Corps, said that Zhang Peng’s words suddenly increased since he participated in the earthquake relief. Sleep in the car, walk on the road, and tell your comrades from time to time about the people and things you saw in the disaster area. "I want to adopt an orphan." One night, Zhang Peng suddenly said this. Gao Yue smiled: "You haven’t grown up yourself!" "Growing up is not about age, but whether you know the responsibility and have the courage to take responsibility." Zhang Peng said.

  Their team

  Five crew members are from an aviation regiment in Chengdu Military Region. The regiment is an air force in the Chengdu Military Region. It performs various urgent and dangerous tasks under the complex weather and terrain conditions of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau all the year round. It has rich experience in altitude flight and strong emergency dispatch ability. Since the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake, the Army Aviation Corps has undertaken the most arduous, urgent and important tasks such as rushing the wounded, transporting materials and sending troops. Created a number of firsts in earthquake relief: the first one dispatched a helicopter to investigate the disaster; The first one arrived in Wenchuan, Maoxian, Yingxiu, Beichuan and other hardest hit areas from the air; The first to deliver food and medicine to the masses; The first to transport the wounded from the disaster area; The first team carrying a communication team flew to Wenchuan; The first to transport communication equipment to the disaster area …

  The earthquake disaster has a high magnitude and a wide affected area, which is extremely unfavorable to flight safety. The affected areas are all in mountainous areas, with small flight space and large airflow in the valley. The officers and men of the Army Aviation Corps braved the dangers and bravely broke into the restricted area. With rich flight experience and excellent flight technology, they successfully completed the task of airlifting relief materials and rushing the wounded in the case of serious landslides and the loss of some navigation signs. As of May 31st, the Army Aviation Corps had flown 1,658 sorties in the disaster area, successfully transported 1,111 wounded people, transferred 1,657 trapped people, delivered 2,119 relief workers and delivered 544.9 tons of materials. (End)

Editor: Li Xian