Chery TIGGO tiggo tiggo 9 was launched globally on may 30th, with a price of 155,000-175,000 yuan.

On May 29th, Chery Automobile announced that TIGGO Tiggo 9 will be listed globally on May 30th.

IT House obtained from the official that the length, width and height of Tiggo 9 are 4820×1930×1699mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2820mm;; Equipped with height-adjustable electric LED headlights, two-color suspended roof, hidden door handle and penetrating taillights at the tail.

The new car is equipped with a 24.6-inch curved screen, a 50-inch AR-HUD, 14 speakers, a C-PURE Chery net cubic green cockpit, NAPA textured seats, 84 stepless adjustment of leg rest and 123 adjustable backrest. Equipped with L2.9 intelligent driving assistance system, it has 21 basic ADAS functions and 11 advanced intelligent driving functions, and supports automatic adjustment of cruising speed and automatic parking service.

Tiggo 9 is equipped with Kunpeng Power 400T+7DCT/Aisin 8AT power combination, with the maximum power of 192kW and the maximum torque of 400N?m, and the fuel consumption of WLTC under comprehensive working conditions is 7.5L.

Solving the problem of power battery recycling in the world

  With the rapid development of electric vehicles, a large number of power batteries began to retire. How to recycle these batteries to reduce environmental pollution has become an urgent problem facing all countries. At the same time, with the increasing shortage of raw materials such as metals needed to produce power batteries, many large automobile manufacturers and start-ups are also paying close attention to the layout, hoping that the recycling of power batteries can become an effective way to cope with the supply shortage, and all parties hope that related industries can accelerate their development.

  The capacity of power batteries has expanded rapidly.

  With the rapid growth of electric vehicle sales and the increasing pressure on automobile manufacturers to change from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, many countries and regions around the world are accelerating the layout of power battery production capacity.

  At present, the United States is planning to convert most American-made cars into electric vehicles by 2030, and completely eliminate fuel vehicles by 2040. According to a report by the European environmental protection group Transport and Environment Organization, if the EU introduces stricter greenhouse gas emission regulation policies and provides sufficient support for the construction of charging piles, all new car sales in Europe will be converted into electric vehicles by 2035.

  According to the data of MarketsandMarkets, the demand for lithium batteries has increased rapidly in the past five years. In 2025, the related market size is expected to increase from 44.2 billion US dollars in 2020 to 94.4 billion US dollars, and the development of electric vehicles will be the main driving force.

  European governments are now stepping up efforts to support the development of power battery projects to ensure that they can still maintain their dominant position in the field of automobile manufacturing in the future. According to Agence France-Presse, according to the data of the Transportation and Environment Organization, Europe is currently planning to build 38 new super battery factories, with an annual production capacity of 1,000 GWh and an investment of 40 billion euros (about 48 billion US dollars). The planned production capacity will be realized from 2029 to 2030.

  Many large automobile manufacturers are also increasing their investment in power batteries. According to Agence France-Presse, Volkswagen has recently invested 2.3 billion euros in Swedish startup Northvolt, and plans to build five other power battery factories. The new automobile giant Stratis is currently building two power battery factories. Tesla, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, also plans to build a new power battery super factory in Berlin. It is estimated that the production capacity will reach 250 GWh before 2030.

  The supply of raw materials may be short.

  A large number of power battery factories will put forward higher requirements for the supply of raw materials such as metals, and automobile manufacturers must try their best to ensure the supply of raw materials necessary for the production of batteries. It is understood that power batteries account for most of the cost of electric vehicles, while major metals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt account for most of the cost of power batteries. The European Commission predicts that by 2030, the demand for lithium will increase by 18% and the demand for cobalt will increase fivefold.

  Considering the sharp increase in demand, some international organizations have been warning that related mineral raw materials will face shortages in the future. The International Energy Agency said recently that governments need to ensure the supply of key mineral raw materials needed for clean energy technology, otherwise they may face supply bottlenecks and damage the development of electric vehicles, wind power generation and other projects. According to the report of the International Energy Agency, clean energy requires many kinds of raw materials, from lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and graphite to rare earth elements for the production of electric vehicle engines and wind turbines, and each mineral raw material faces different problems. According to the International Energy Agency, in general, the demand for key mineral raw materials in the energy sector will increase sixfold before 2040, and the increasing global response to climate change is increasingly disproportionate to the supply of key mineral raw materials.

  The report of the International Energy Agency suggests that national policy makers should take actions to ensure the stable supply of key mineral raw materials and set long-term emission reduction targets. The agency also suggested that governments should promote the development of new technologies and invest more in recycling areas to alleviate the main supply pressure.

  The White House recently made it clear that we must work with our allies to ensure the supply of raw materials such as metals needed for the production of electric vehicles, and environmental protection and other factors should also be taken into account when dealing with them at home. According to Reuters, relevant measures include expanding investment in electric vehicle metal projects through the United States International Development Finance Corporation and taking new measures to support the supply from battery recycling. The Biden administration will also set up a working group to determine where minerals used in power batteries can be produced and processed. The US Department of Energy has been approved to invest $17 billion through the "Advanced Technology Vehicle Production Loan Project" to support related projects, which will focus on battery manufacturer financing, key mineral recovery and treatment. According to the report, ensuring the supply of raw materials for power batteries such as copper and lithium is one of the main obstacles that Biden’s huge electric vehicle development plan is currently encountering. At present, mining projects in the United States are facing extensive regulatory obstacles and environmental resistance.

  Maros Shevcovic, Vice President of the European Commission, said in March that Europe should strive to achieve strategic independence in the production of power batteries, hoping that Europe can achieve self-sufficiency by 2025. According to Agence France-Presse, a new generation of power battery technology is being developed in Europe, hoping to reduce the dependence on lithium-ion battery technology. In January this year, the European Commission has invested 2.9 billion euros to support related research and development. Europe also hopes to build a more environmentally friendly battery factory, and EU officials are currently formulating relevant standards to regulate the extraction of battery raw materials and how to recycle used batteries.

  However, Oliver Montick, an analyst at Fitch Consulting, believes that Europe may not establish a "complete closed-loop supply chain covering the extraction, refining, processing and production of most battery raw materials in Europe" until 2040. Montick said that although Germany and the Czech Republic have sustainable lithium metal reserves, the EU should still obtain supplies from reliable partners to ensure supply security.

  Battery recycling needs to be accelerated.

  Power battery is considered to be one of the key factors that determine the mileage and performance of electric vehicles. However, with the increase of service life, its performance will obviously decline, the required charging time will be extended and the mileage will be shortened. Some insiders said that the recommended service life of power batteries is generally 5 to 10 years. As a large number of electric vehicles have been put into use, the number of power batteries that need to be replaced will soar rapidly in the near future, and the demand for environmental protection and resource reuse will increase rapidly.

  Some experts said that some power batteries that can still be used can be used in other scenes with reduced requirements, such as energy storage systems (ESS). For power batteries that can’t be used any more, we can consider recycling them and reuse the resources such as metal elements. At present, the metals such as lithium, cobalt and nickel needed for mining and processing electric vehicles often need to span several continents, and the transportation distance often exceeds 2,000 kilometers. Therefore, recycling and utilizing the raw materials in waste batteries is a more efficient and sustainable way, which can effectively reduce the burden in the fields of mining new mines, mining and processing.

  Automobile and battery manufacturers and some start-ups have been exploring various ways to deal with waste power batteries, and some new industries and business models are taking shape.

  According to CNBC, Straubel, former CTO of Tesla, founded Redwood Materials Company in 2017, which focuses on the disposal of electronic waste, and its business includes recycling used batteries, and then providing raw materials extracted from them to automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers. The company’s first recycling plant in Nevada, USA, has started operation, which can recycle 95% of nickel, cobalt, aluminum and graphite, and more than 80% of lithium in used batteries. Straubel said that in the face of the rapid growth of demand for power batteries, the current supply of raw materials will be difficult to meet the demand, and it is necessary to speed up the investment in "top areas of the food chain", such as the development and recycling of raw materials, and recycling is a very efficient way. On the issue of profitability, Straubel said that the company is still in the initial stage of development, and it still needs to consume a lot of capital to invest in equipment and technology, but in the long run, with the continuous improvement of technology and scale, the company’s business will achieve considerable profits.

  According to media reports, Ultium Cells, a joint venture between LG Energy Solutions and General Motors, will cooperate with Li-Cycle, a battery recycling company, to recycle batteries from this year. Li-Cycle said that its recycling technology can achieve 80% to 100% recycling of all materials in lithium-ion batteries.

  According to Yonhap News Agency, South Korean automaker Kia Motors and its battery supplier SK Innovation will jointly develop a power battery recycling project. It is reported that SK Innovation provides lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles such as EV6 of Kia Motors. As early as March, 2020, the two companies have begun to cooperate in the utilization of waste power batteries, and said that they will cooperate in the treatment and reuse of waste power batteries through energy storage systems, or recycle the metals in waste power batteries, which will help reduce production costs. SK Innovation also said that in addition to the potential economic benefits, recycling waste power batteries can also reduce the number of buried waste batteries, thus reducing the pollution of soil and groundwater.

  The market related to raw material recycling in power batteries is expected to usher in rapid growth in the next few years. According to CNBC, data show that the global lithium recycling market will increase from $1.5 billion in 2019 to $18.1 billion in 2030.

  Some experts said that if the power battery recycling industry wants to accelerate its development, it needs closer cooperation between the electric vehicle industry and the government to help collect batteries with different models and performances, accelerate relevant scientific research projects, formulate relevant standards, simplify the recycling and utilization procedures of used batteries, and reverse the current situation of low recycling rate of used batteries at an early date.

  Some governments are also supporting related innovation activities in various forms. According to Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean government is now partially relaxing the supervision of used batteries by way of "supervision sandbox", so as to allow automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers to use these batteries to innovate products, services, marketing and business models. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea plans to invest 1.3 billion won (about 1.5 million US dollars) before 2024 to conduct experiments on the utilization of used batteries, such as renewable energy projects.

  Jin Shizhen, a researcher at the Korea Automobile Technology Association, said that with the accelerated popularization of electric vehicles, a large number of power batteries will be retired in South Korea from 2026, and by 2030, about 100,000 electric vehicles will need to be replaced. Jin Shiyi said that in order to accelerate the development of the battery recycling industry, it is necessary to speed up the establishment of standards such as waste battery collection, speed up the research and development of related processing technologies, and refine the requirements for battery quality and performance.

The 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference launched a high-end dialogue on smart cities, and provinces and cities accelerated the construction of pilot cities | Smart City Weekly

Original title: 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference launched a high-end dialogue on smart cities, and provinces and cities accelerated the construction of pilot cities | Smart City Weekly

On September 18th, the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference and Edge Intelligence Theme Forum was held in Shanghai. The theme of the forum was "Edge Computing, Smart Future" and it was one of the important theme forums of the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

Yu Kai, founder and CEO of Horizon, stressed in his speech that human beings are moving from the era of big data to the era of big computing, and the trend of edge computing is the result of the global Internet technology trend "long-term integration and long-term separation".

"In the PC era, all calculations are on computers, not local calculations. With the development of the Internet, data is increasingly transferred to the cloud and the center, and computing is slowly concentrated from the edge to the cloud. From the beginning of the mobile Internet to the arrival of the Internet of Things era, we have gradually seen another trend-more computing has migrated from the center to the edge. "

At the same time, he also predicted that by 2025, the computing power that every thousand dollars can buy is equivalent to 1000 T, which is enough to support the computing needs of five-level driverless driving. If we continue to develop the matching software system based on this, it is predicted that by 2030, the real five-level unmanned driving will become possible. The interesting thing about the technological trend is that the computing power of 1000 T’s is just equal to that of human brain, which is also a development result worth pondering. (Source: Lei Feng Net)

Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone may become a pilot project for the construction of smart cities.

As the "10+1" zone in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone has always been concerned by the outside world. At the two sessions of Guangdong Province held at the beginning of this year, the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Agricultural Workers’ Party put forward the Proposal on Accelerating the Integrated Development of Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone and Shenzhen. The reporter was informed that the Shenzhen Municipal Government recently responded to the proposal, revealing that it will speed up the establishment of a rapid transportation network in Shenzhen and Shantou, and create an innovative experimental zone in the "enclave" of the cooperation zone in the fields of smart city construction, marine management, talent management and institutional reform, so as to promote the integrated development of the "10+1" zone and Shenzhen.

It is understood that according to the "Adjustment Plan of System and Mechanism of Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone" approved by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, it clearly supports the recent construction of a high-speed railway with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour in the Shenzhen-Shenzhen special cooperation zone (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen-Shantou Railway"). In its reply, the municipal government revealed that Shenzhen has proposed the Shenzhen-Shantou Railway Station (Xili-Pingshan-Huizhou-Cooperation Zone, which connects with the Guangzhou-Shantou Railway at the Shenzhen-Shantou Station in the Cooperation Zone). The initial planned length of the line is about 130 kilometers, and the investment is estimated at 23.5 billion yuan. At present, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission has entrusted the design unit to carry out the pre-feasibility study of the project. (Source: Shenzhen Business Daily)

The automatic parking service technology jointly developed by Daimler and Bosch is based on the L4 stage of automatic driving, but it has little requirements for the whole vehicle and sensors, so it is a black technology with universal value. To some extent, Bosch, as a supplier, will be the biggest beneficiary, but Mercedes-Benz must be the leader of this technology.

Chen Ming, president of Bosch Intelligent Networking Division in China, said: "The automatic parking service technology jointly developed by Bosch and Daimler is another effort made by both parties towards intelligent and connected transportation in the future. This new technology will make traditional manual parking a thing of the past, helping drivers save parking time and relieve anxiety. "

It is worth noting that this technology has low requirements on the vehicle itself and sensors, which on the one hand reduces the use cost of the owner, and consumers do not need to pay for too many sensors. On the other hand, it is more convenient to calculate when multiple vehicles use the automatic parking service system at the same time, so as to reduce the accident probability. (Source: Travel Finance)

On September 12th, the unveiling ceremony of the Key Laboratory of Smart City Modeling, Simulation and Intelligent Technology of China Electric Power Branch and the first meeting of the academic committee were held in the Wisdom Institute, marking the official establishment of the Key Laboratory of Smart City Modeling, Simulation and Intelligent Technology of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. This is another important achievement in the construction of a new smart city in China Electric Examination Banner.

Relying on the construction and operation of Smart City Modeling, Simulation and Intelligent Technology Laboratory of China Electric Power Department, facing the great demand of the country and the group in the field of new smart city construction and management services, aiming at leading the future urban development concept, driving the application of urban data fusion and improving the application level of urban wisdom, the key laboratory conducts new concept research, new technology research and new application transformation around the two major directions of urban modeling, simulation and urban intelligent technology, and strives to build a city-level simulation deduction platform and a perception and cognition platform to support the formation and promotion of "urban hub".

The Key Laboratory consists of the Urban Modeling and Simulation Research Center and the Urban Intelligent Technology Research Center. It has a professional research team of nearly 30 people, bringing together talents from many disciplines in smart cities. The overall research team has a reasonable structure, clear levels and certain innovation ability. In terms of scientific research projects, the laboratory participated in the national key R&D plan, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the special action of the new generation artificial intelligence of China Electric Power Department, the science and technology application demonstration of Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission, and the open fund project of big data national engineering laboratory, etc. In terms of practical exploration, the laboratory participated in the smart city planning of xiong’an new area through the group, and studied and practiced the smart community construction, smart transportation construction and government big data analysis in Futian, Shenzhen, striving to practice the concept of "city laboratory". (Source: National Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense)

On September 17, Siemens signed an agreement with Jiangsu Wisdom Xinwu Information Technology Co., Ltd. under the witness of the leaders of Wuxi Xinwu District to cooperate in the field of smart cities. According to the agreement, Siemens plans to provide 100 embedded urban IOT terminals (ECB) for Wuxi Xinwu District within five years, which will be used to collect urban data, sense the basic environment and traffic flow. In addition, Siemens also participated in the "2018 World Internet of Things Expo" held in Wuxi from September 15 to 18, and exhibited its advanced technology in the fields of industrial Internet of Things and urban Internet of Things.

"Siemens is committed to providing digital solutions for the sustainable development of cities, with a complete IoT business model from consulting, hardware implementation, data analysis to industrial cloud." Dr. Zhu Xiaoxun, Executive Vice President of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and Dean of Siemens China Research Institute, said, "With advanced intelligent sensing and edge computing technology, Siemens will actively integrate into Wuxi’s urban construction in the field of Internet of Things to help Wuxi become a world-class smart city." (Source: Sohu Technology)

Recently, Ant Financial launched the "Digital Economy China Tour internet plus Public Transport Visit", and took the No.113 bus in Hangzhou, from Rainbow City Station to Baby Lane Station, which was 14 minutes faster than taking the subway under normal driving conditions; At the subway station of Shanghai South Railway Station, users can not only use Metro Metropolitan APP to scan the code for payment, but also use voice to purchase tickets.

Support buses and subways to achieve smart travel. Ant Financial uses big data to reconstruct bus operation capabilities, realize two-way interaction with users, and realize digital travel in smart cities.

Jin Tao, director of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Rail Transit Information Management Center, said that Ali and Ant Financial helped Shanghai Metro successfully resolve two super cyber attacks. Non-inductive payment and palm recognition are the research directions of the two sides on the future payment methods of public transportation. Metro Metropolitan APP will be combined with cloud ticketing to provide passengers with a variety of payment channels to use at will and improve services. For Shanghai Metro, Metro Metropolis APP is the entrance to urban life, which means changing "passengers" into "users", changing "subway ride" into "Internet travel" and upgrading subway service into "O2O life". It is reported that Shanghai Metro is working with some bicycle companies to study the Internet travel mode and the co-governance of bicycle environment around subway stations. It is expected to take the lead in realizing the demonstration operation of subways and bicycles before the opening of the first China International Import Expo by using Metro Metropolitan APP. (Source: Xinhuanet)

On the morning of September 18th, the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference launched a high-end dialogue on international smart cities. City representatives from all over the world spoke freely, shared successful experiences, discussed the trend of global cooperation, and looked forward to the bright future of smart city construction.

How many elements does a smart city need? Wu Zhiqiang, academician of China Academy of Engineering and vice president of Tongji University, summed up four "meetings". He pointed out that smart cities should be able to perceive, judge, reflect and learn. Smart cities should serve people and people’s urban life, such as medical care, schooling, employment, transportation, culture, etc.-everyone should participate and serve. (Source: Dongfang. com)

Recently, the second Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Service Outsourcing Collaborative Development Forum "Smart City and the Development of Main Urban Area" sub-forum was held in arcadia Hotel. The purpose of this forum is to publicize and promote the new image of the investment environment in the harbor area, boost the new engine of industrial development in the harbor area, discuss new opportunities for service outsourcing development with more than 100 business representatives, discuss friendship and discuss cooperation.

Feng Guolin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the District Party Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech.

Chen Yanbao, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, and Feng Zhiyong, deputy mayor, attended the signing ceremony, and Yin Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and executive deputy head of the district, attended the event.

During the activity, the guests watched the propaganda film "Rhyme of the Harbor" together. Tian Xueqing, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and deputy head of the district, signed strategic cooperation agreements with representatives of Petrochemical Yingke Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Aerospace Titan Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinshan Safety Management System Technology Co., Ltd. on behalf of the people’s government of Haigang District. Hebei Softcom Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Yanshan University National University Science Park. (Source: Hebei Provincial People’s Government website)

Recently, the public service version of urban brain and intelligent transportation jointly launched by Gaode Map and Alibaba Cloud was unveiled at the 2018 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference. Dong Zhenning, vice president of Gaode Map, said at the conference that the urban brain aims to achieve the optimization of urban traffic efficiency through the "Tao" of wisdom and the "technique" of calculation, so as to achieve a beautiful vision of smart traffic life.

At the same time, in addition, Gaode Map announced the driving behavior risk index for the first time at the Yunqi Conference. In the future, the index will be applied to urban brain-smart transportation to serve road traffic safety.

At present, the urban brain faces difficulties and challenges in data aggregation, fusion and calculation, and it encounters bottlenecks in achieving accurate management and control. Mainly manifested in: there are defects in data quality, and the signal control system that has been developed for nearly 30 years still has shortcomings and deficiencies in traffic flow collection; The storage computing power needs to be solved urgently, which is manifested in the lack of ability to store the returned unstructured image data and calculate it effectively; The wisdom of data engineers, traffic management business backbones, traffic engineering basic theory and application experts needs to be integrated urgently, so that the developed algorithm can be put into practical application. (Source: techweb)

During the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Horizon, an artificial intelligence startup with embedded artificial intelligence technology, announced that it had settled in Shanghai Lingang and formally signed a contract with Shanghai Lingang Development and Construction Management Committee.

According to reports, Shanghai is one of the most modern cities in China, and the richness of application scenarios and the demand for intelligence are at the forefront of big cities. Horizon firmly believes that the application scenario of artificial intelligence processor has broad prospects in Shanghai. Previously, Horizon has participated in the Lingang Haichang Park project to help the comprehensive management of smart security, intelligent transportation and smart cities.

When it settled in Lingang this time, Horizon expressed its hope to promote the landing of artificial intelligence in various application scenarios in Lingang through AI underlying computing, and further promote the landing application of edge computing in the field of urban intelligence. (Source: Netease Intelligence)

Recently, sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Chengdu Investment Promotion Committee and jinniu district Municipal People’s Government jointly hosted the "New Economy and New Kinetic Energy" Chengdu Smart City Development Investment Promotion Conference, which was held in Chengdu. Representatives from more than 80 well-known new economic enterprises and financial institutions from all over the country gathered together to seek opportunities for cooperation and create a better future.

The meeting also held a centralized signing ceremony for major projects, and the Sri Lankan Investment Promotion Office in China officially signed a contract to settle in jinniu district, which will build a bridge between Chengdu, China and South Asia to develop economy and trade, further strengthen the economic and trade exchanges between Jinniu and South Asia, and in the future, Jinniu will cooperate more closely with South Asia to write a new chapter in the international trade of Jinniu South Asia.

In addition, seven major industrial projects, such as Moban Science and Technology West Operation Center Project, Tiantie Industrial West Operation Center Project, Shanyouke New Retail Project and Zotye Time-sharing West Operation Center Project, have been signed with the jinniu district Municipal Government, with a total investment of 6.1 billion yuan. (Source: People’s Daily Online)

On the morning of September 20th, the press conference of the smart life convenience service platform "Nehe on the Code" was officially launched.

The project of "Nehe River in Code" is an Internet-based reform that benefits urban and rural social public services. Through the cooperation with Qiqihar Branch of China Construction Bank, the online business of government services and public services can be realized, which can make people run less errands and more data, and make enterprises and people more convenient, faster and more efficient. "Nehe on the Code" will also be stationed in various businesses covering cities and villages such as catering and retail, and create an integrated Internet business circle for local businesses to facilitate people’s lives. At the same time, it will also build a credit integrity system integrating urban and rural areas, and develop HP financial services such as credit loans and credit purchases.

The "Nehe River on the Code" project includes four business segments: smart government service, smart public service, smart business service and smart financial service. The "Nehe River on the Code" project was launched in three phases. On September 15, 2018, six businesses in the first phase of the "Nehe on the Code" project, such as collecting party fees, China Unicom, mobile phone bills, traffic violation fines and kindergarten fees, were officially put into operation. It marks the official operation of the "Nehe River on the Code" project. (Source: People’s Daily Online)

On September 20th, China’s first comprehensive exposition with the theme of digital economy-"2018 International Digital Economy Expo" officially kicked off in Shijiazhuang. As one of the important activities of this Expo, the "2018 Smart City and Digital Economy Summit" attracted more than 500 participants. Focusing on the theme of "gathering industrial ecology and sharing the future of the city", this summit invited representatives from government, production, learning and research institutions.

Ma Shujie, Secretary-General of China Smart City Industry and Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Ye Yuping, Member of China Digital Economy committee of 100, Dean of Softcom Power Innovation Research Institute, Yao Jiankui, Chief Engineer of Huawei BG China Smart City Research Institute, Wei Yongsen, Chief Technology Officer of Inspur Group Smart City Research Institute, Liang Manchun, Assistant Dean of Tsinghua University Public Security Research Institute, Yin Qinghua, Vice President of Taihua Smart Industry Group, Weng Nandao, Chairman of Ego Group and other expert leaders attended the forum. (Source: Great Wall Network)

The launch conference of "Changde Express Loan" was held in Changde City, Hunan Province. Chen Huiqing, member of the Standing Committee of Changde Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, Li Qin, director of Hunan Rural Credit Union, Tang Xixin, party secretary and director of Changde E-government Office, Lu Hua, chairman of Changde Rural Commercial Bank, and Zhang Youguo, senior vice president of Iflytek Co., Ltd. and other leaders attended the conference. More than 300 people attended the conference, including the Finance Office of Changde Municipal Government, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, Changde Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China, Changde Banking Supervision Branch, heads of district governments and news media.

"Changde Express Loan" has made remarkable achievements since its trial operation on August 8. As of September 19th, "Changde Express Loan" has received loan applications from 20,085 customers, with a total signed credit of 481.71 million yuan and a total credit of 202.06 million yuan. Among the 20085 applicants, there are 11428, accounting for 56.89%. 1552 small and micro customers, accounting for 7.73%; There are 7,105 public officials, private enterprise employees and VIP customers, accounting for 35.38%. The success of "Changde Quick Loan" has also promoted the innovation of smart city applications such as "My Changde" and government big data, and achieved the synergistic effect of "1+1+1>3". (Source: People’s Daily Online)

The cell detection sub-platform of Shanghai biomedical industry technology functional platform has obtained CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate and CMA qualification certification from the Natio

As an important part of Shanghai Biomedical Industry Technology Functional Platform, Shanghai Jinjian Testing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Jinjian), a third-party cell preparation testing company invested and built by Shanghai Biomedical Science and Technology Development Center, recently received a happy report, successfully passed the audit of China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment (hereinafter referred to as CNAS) and was awarded a laboratory accreditation certificate. Prior to this, Shanghai Gold Inspection has successfully passed the on-site review by CMA Expert Committee and obtained CMA qualification certificate, which indicates that Shanghai Gold Inspection has established a quality management system and testing capability that conforms to domestic and international recognition.

In the future, Shanghai Gold Inspection will further strengthen the standardization of laboratory testing system, always take "scientific, fair, accurate and satisfactory" as the quality policy, actively empower the research and development of cell therapy, jointly promote the development of the industry, benefit patients and protect health.

About CNAS

China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) is the authoritative laboratory accreditation body in China, which undertakes the ISO/IEC 17025 standard accreditation of all laboratories in China. CNAS is a member of mutual recognition agreement between international laboratory accreditation cooperation (ILAC) and Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC). According to the international practice, all the data provided by the ISO/IEC 17025 standard laboratories have legal effect, and the test data results issued within the CNAS accreditation scope have international authority and credibility, which can be recognized by more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

About CMA

CMA, the abbreviation of China Metrology Accreditation, is a comprehensive certification and evaluation of the testing ability and reliability of testing institutions by relevant government departments according to the provisions of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Metrology Law. CMA certification targets at product quality supervision and inspection institutions and other laboratories that provide fair data to the society. Testing institutions that have obtained the national metrological certification certificate are allowed to use CMA marks on their inspection reports. Inspection reports marked with CMA marks can be used for product quality evaluation, achievements and judicial appraisal, and have legal effect.

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Original title: "Shanghai Biomedical Industry Technology Functional Platform Cell Detection Sub-platform has obtained CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate and CMA Qualification Certification from the National Accreditation Committee! 》

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Huawei P70 King Return! In addition to rolling images, it is also equipped with a new Kirin 9010 chip.

Recently, a blogger said that Huawei’s new vertical folding still uses Kirin 9000S, and Huawei P70 has already tested Kirin 9010.


It is understood that Kirin 9010 is an upgraded version of Kirin 9000S, and its internal name is tentatively "Kirin 9010". Although the specific parameters of Kirin 9010 have not been announced yet, according to the previous rumors and naming rules of Kirin, we can infer that Kirin 9010 may have been optimized and adjusted on the basis of Kirin 9000S, and the manufacturing process may be changed, focusing on optimizing performance and power consumption. Huawei’s hyper-threading technology will continue to be used.


According to netizens, the measured running score of Kirin 9010 chip has reached the level of 8 Gen2 in Snapdragon. Some people speculate that the chip is a 3nm process and the foundry is TSMC, but it should be false news in the current situation of Huawei. Moreover, Xiao Bian also found that rumors about Kirin 9010 chip had appeared as early as 2021, and it is said that the manufacturing process was 3nm, which means that several bans in the United States disrupted Huawei’s original rhythm when mass production was about to begin, so it was necessary to switch to Qualcomm’s 4G chip.


Since the launch of Kirin 9000, every generation of flagship new products after Huawei will always be speculated whether it will go to Kirin 9010. This is also a kind of expectation for Huawei. It is always thought that it can come up with stronger products to surprise everyone in the sanctions. It may not be possible before, but after watching the performance of Mate 60 this year, everyone thinks that Kirin 9010 will have a chance on Huawei P70.


If it is as stated in the news, Huawei P70 will officially return with Kirin 9010 chip, indicating that Huawei has once again created a miracle. In addition, the main camera of Huawei P70 will use Sony IMX989 1-inch outsole sensor. The overall lens layout is not much different from that of the previous generation P60, but the lens deco has changed from "long strip" to "approximate square", and it is still designed for three lenses. The largest main camera is located in the middle, the telephoto and wide angle are distributed on both sides of the main camera, and the flash is on the far left.


As the latest masterpiece of Huawei’s flagship mobile phone series, P70 series will also usher in a major breakthrough and promotion in hardware configuration, video experience and localization of supply chain. All kinds of revelations alone have been able to make consumers blind, which also reflects Huawei’s influence and competitiveness. We also have reason to believe that Huawei will once again boost the overall smartphone sales in China with P70 series.

Symposium on "Sino-Russian Civil Aviation Cooperation and Financial Support" Held in Beijing

  CCTV News:The symposium on "Sino-Russian Civil Aviation Cooperation and Financial Support", a series of seminars on "Sino-Russian Industrial Investment Cooperation" jointly sponsored by Silk Road Planning Research Center, CITIC Reform and Development Research Foundation, China Russian Friendship Association and Qinhuangdao Municipal People’s Government, was successfully held in Beijing yesterday. More than 220 guests from more than 130 units of Chinese and Russian industrial and commercial circles gathered together. Chen Yuan, Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of Silk Road Planning and Research Center and President of Russian Friendship Association in China, delivered a keynote speech. Dmitry fyodorovich Mezentsev, member of the Russian House of Lords, president of the Russian China Friendship Association and former Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, attended the seminar and delivered a speech.


  Chen Yuan first expressed warm congratulations on the success of the seminar and extended warm welcome and cordial greetings to all the guests present. He said that in the past 20 years, Sino-Russian relations have become increasingly close, and friendly and extensive cooperation has been carried out in many economic fields such as energy industry, equipment industry, commerce and trade, light industry, agriculture, etc., and a good trend of promoting each other and learning from each other’s strengths has been achieved. Russian aviation industry has long been an important force in the world aviation industry. In recent years, the establishment of United Aviation Manufacturing Group indicates that Russian aviation industry has returned to the normal road of orderly development, new products are constantly emerging, and foreign cooperation has also achieved fruitful results, trying to return to the first group in the world aviation manufacturing industry. These are all reliable foundations for future cooperation between China and Russia in civil aircraft industry.


  Chen Yuan emphasized that looking forward to the future development prospect of Sino-Russian cooperation, on the basis of continuing to develop the traditional energy economy such as oil and natural gas, China and Russia need to increase cooperation and promote common development in the field of non-energy economy. Under the pattern of cooperation in the field of non-energy economy, it is the best way to select specific industries for complementary development. The most prominent and urgently needed complementary advantages between China and Russia are in the field of civil aviation industry, joint research and development and joint manufacturing of major aircraft projects. At present, China and Russia have begun to promote large-scale wide-body passenger aircraft and heavy helicopters in the field of civil aviation industry. The joint development of civil aviation industry between China and Russia is a natural complementary pattern, and the basic industrial conditions can form a mutually beneficial pattern.

  Chen Yuan believes that China’s civil aircraft industry is currently facing an industrial leap from single-aisle passenger aircraft to wide-body passenger aircraft, and China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. C919 will complete its first flight in 2017 and move towards the engineering development stage of airworthiness and evidence collection. The Sino-Russian joint working team of C929 is being set up, and the planning of engineering development has begun. China’s cooperation and promotion model in the field of civil aircraft industry can refer to and draw lessons from the historical successful experience of the establishment and development of EADS, a European Airbus Group, with clear strategic objectives. At the same time, it can take the lead in making innovative breakthroughs from financial support and support Sino-Russian cooperative enterprises to jointly develop a number of aviation branch technologies. With incubation and investment, we will guide the potential supplier enterprises of China and Russia to quickly match the models and parts of products with wide-body passenger aircraft and heavy-duty helicopter projects. We hope that both China and Russia can follow the pattern of joint development of airframe composite materials of Airbus in Europe and establish priority financial support projects for cooperation between Chinese and Russian enterprises.

  Mezentsev highly agreed with Chairman Chen Yuan’s speech and conveyed Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Manturov’s concern and support for this seminar. He hoped that the seminar could start from the aspects of trade, equipment and civil aviation, and strive to reach the plan to be implemented in cooperation, forming new achievements and new standards for cooperation between the two sides.


  Emelianov Sergey Fraki milovic, Director of Aviation Industry Department of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Lobov Ollego Gennadiyevich, Director of International Cooperation Department of United Aviation Manufacturing Corporation, Petrov Victor Fraki milovic, Head of Aviation Integrated Facilities of Russian National Technology Corporation, Parkin Vladimir Anatolievich, General Manager Advisor of baranov Central Aeroengine Research Institute, and other representatives of Russian enterprises spoke at the plenary meeting in the morning.

  He Dongfeng, Vice Chairman, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., Pang Zhen, Minister of Civil Aircraft Industry of aviation industry corporation of china, Gong Haiping, Director of Civil Aircraft Office of China Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd., and leaders and experts from leading Chinese civil aircraft manufacturing enterprises spoke at the conference. Yang Yu, Vice President of CITIC Bank, and Si Xinbo, Deputy General Manager of Silk Road Fund delivered speeches on behalf of financial institutions. Jiang Zhigang, vice chairman of Silk Road Planning and Research Center, presided over the morning meeting.


  In addition, more than 50 important leaders and well-known experts from the political, business, financial and academic circles of China and Russia, as the main speakers, expressed their unique opinions at the group discussion in the afternoon to discuss major issues such as Sino-Russian civil aviation cooperation and financial support.

Equation Leopard Car: Leopard 5 is expected to be launched in November, and the price information circulating on the Internet is not true.

On October 12th, BYD’s Equation Leopard Automobile issued a message through the official Weibo yesterday evening, replying to some users’ recent "most concerned" questions about the first model Leopard 5.

According to the official, Leopard 5 benefits from the space utilization rate of DMO super hybrid off-road platform, and the rear seat space and head space "far exceed the same level products", which supports the rear seat to be put down.We have developed suitable mattresses and airbags, the maximum length of which can exceed 1.9 meters and the width is close to 1.4 meters, which can lie down for two people..

Regarding the delivery of new cars, the official response said that the first batch of stores in China opened for trial operation at the end of October.Leopard 5 real cars will also arrive in the store one after another, and the first batch of exhibition cars will be the Feiyun version.. The new car is expected to be officially launched in November, and the orders are arranged in order. However, in terms of selling price, Equation Leopard only responded that "the official selling price has not been released".None of the information circulated on the Internet is true, and the official selling price will be announced at the time of listing..

In terms of configuration, Leopard 5 will launch three versions: Exploratory Edition, Pilot Edition and Yunqi Ultimate Edition. Different versions will "have a certain degree of functions and experience focusing on configuration to better meet the diverse needs of different consumers".

IT House previously reported that the first production car of Equation Leopard 5 was officially launched on September 28th. According to the officially released configuration information, the new car will launch three models: the exploration version, the pilot version and the Yunqi flagship version, with the length, width and height of 4890 (including the spare tire) *1970*1920mm and the wheelbase of 2800 mm.

In terms of power, Leopard 5 is equipped with BYD’s new hybrid platform DMO and Yunqi -p intelligent body control system. It uses 1.5T+dual motor power, as well as a classic off-road combination of three locks, and it is also a vertical engine.

Relying on the DMO platform, the comprehensive maximum output of this model can reach 505 kW, the peak torque is 760N?m, the zero acceleration time is 4.8s, and the CLTC battery life is 125 km.

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The first production car of BYD Equation Leopard "Leopard 5" is officially off the assembly line: three models will be launched and expected to be delivered within this year.

[News Tracking] A white off-road vehicle was salvaged from the collapse of Zijin Bridge in Guangdong.

       CCTV News:We continue to pay attention to the bridge collapse accident in Heyuan, Guangdong Province. The day before yesterday, at 2: 12 am on June 14th, the Dongjiang Bridge, also known as Zijin Bridge, located on the Dongjiang River in Heyuan, Guangdong Province collapsed, causing two vehicles crossing the bridge to fall into the water, and three people fell into the water. One of them was rescued and the other two were thrown into the search and rescue.

       Yesterday (15th), many rescue forces, such as Nanhai Rescue Bureau, locked the position of the drowning vehicle in the continuous search and rescue of two drowning people. After many efforts, at 13: 05 today, this white off-road vehicle was salvaged ashore, and there was no one inside.


       The reporter saw at the scene that the Dongjiang River was still muddy and the water level dropped by about 30 cm. Two sea patrol search and rescue vessels are preparing to search and rescue the downstream of the bridge again. Members of the Blue Sky Rescue Team took several small boats to search for the collapsed bridge.

       In addition, the salvage team also launched a side-scan sonar to search and rescue. It is understood that the main task at present is to conduct search and rescue. The cause of the bridge collapse is still being identified and analyzed.


       It is understood that the collapsed Dongjiang Bridge is located in the suburb of Heyuan City. It was completed and opened to traffic in 1972 and has a history of 47 years. The bridge spans Dongjiang River and runs from northwest to southeast. It is a six-hole arch bridge and is also called "Zijin Bridge" by local people. Two people fell into the water in this bridge collapse accident, and we will continue to pay attention to the relevant search and rescue progress.

       On June 14th, on the same day that the Dongjiang Bridge in Heyuan, Guangdong collapsed, the traffic police squadron in Longjiang, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province also issued a notice that the local Longjiang Bridge was closed due to settlement. Traffic on roads and waterways at the scene was interrupted.

       Yesterday morning (15th), when the reporter arrived at the Longjiang Bridge in Shunde, Foshan, he saw that both ends of the Longjiang Bridge, which is about 1 km long, had been enclosed. In the middle of the bridge deck, an expansion joint had been dislocated, and the rubber and iron pipes in the joint were exposed, and the dislocation height of the bridge guardrail could put down an adult’s palm. Due to the closure of the bridge, everyone’s travel has been affected a lot.


       According to a staff member of Shunde Highway Administration at the scene, Longjiang Bridge was built earlier. Usually, the Highway Administration will repair and maintain the bridge pavement, but it is the first time for them to encounter such settlement.

       At present, the navigation channel where Longjiang Bridge is located has also been closed. Relevant departments are monitoring and evaluating the structure and safety of the bridge, and the specific situation has not been announced yet. Although it has a certain impact on travel, fortunately, security risks were discovered in time to avoid accidents.

Using mobile APP to spread obscene articles for profit was solved. The suspect taught himself to develop mobile phone applications.

  CCTV News:Not long ago, the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province and the Cultural Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Zhoushan Cultural Bureau cracked a case of spreading obscene articles for profit by using mobile APP, which was listed as a case supervised by the National Leading Group Office for Combating Pornography, and arrested Li, the producer of the mobile APP of Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting, Yu, Shi and Ren, and found more than 7 million obscene video files in the mobile APP of Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting.

  In July this year, Liu Haibo, a grass-roots grid member of Zhoushan New Town Management Committee, found in his daily visit that many people were watching obscene videos using a mobile APP called "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting", which aroused his vigilance.

  After mastering and fixing the relevant evidence, the Cultural Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Culture immediately launched the joint disposal mechanism for eliminating pornography, provided relevant clues to the Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau, and cooperated with the Netan Detachment to investigate related cases.

  Access to overseas obscene websites is hidden.

  After receiving the relevant clues, the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau immediately filed an investigation. During the investigation, it was found that the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" APP was extremely confusing and concealed in the process of spreading obscene pornographic videos.

  The police investigation found that the main page of the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" App is no different from the normal film and television App. Users can watch a large number of legal film and television works as long as they install it, but when they click on the sub-pages such as classification and search on the page, obscene pornographic video pages will pop up on the mobile phone. By purchasing the registration code and registering as a member, you can browse and watch these obscene video contents.

  Gu Zhoutao, Deputy Team Leader of Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau: "The criminal suspect made this mobile APP, and its communication route is mainly through his QQ group, WeChat circle of friends, or website. To watch obscene videos, you must first get an invitation code on your mobile phone and send a part of the invitation code to the card issuing website. "

  After careful investigation, the police found that most of the registered users of this mobile APP purchased the "registration code" from a place in Huanggang, Hubei Province, and there are more than 1,500 registered members from all over the country, and the actual owner and maintainer of this mobile App is Li, a native of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. Li made the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" App, rented the Internet data cloud to set up a server, and finally accessed more than a dozen overseas obscene websites and more than 7 million obscene video resources.

  Through further investigation, the police also found that 16 other people, such as Shimou from Yuyao, Ningbo and Renmou from Deqing, Huzhou, also bought apps from Li or purchased obscene video resources to access their own apps, and then spread them for profit. After mastering sufficient evidence, Zhoushan Public Security Bureau police rushed to Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Huanggang, Hubei, Yuyao, Zhejiang, Huzhou and other places, and successfully arrested suspects such as Li, Shi and Ren with the cooperation of local police.

  Self-taught mobile phone application development is involved in pornography and is in jail.

  Different from the previously uncovered cases of spreading obscene articles on the Internet, the case of "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" spreading obscene articles for profit by using mobile App has the characteristics of fast spread, wide spread and large audience. The four people involved in "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" arrested by the public security organs are all very young, and three of them are post-90 s. What is even more surprising is that Li, the developer of the mobile APP "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting", has only a first-year junior high school education.

  Gu Zhoutao, deputy detachment leader of the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau, said that it is difficult to block obscene videos spread by the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" mobile APP.

  Gu Zhoutao, Deputy Team Leader of Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau: "This software is very concealed. The cases encountered in the past spread through the cloud disk and are easily blocked by the public security organs. Connected through the mobile APP, it is very concealed and difficult to block, so these obscene video data quickly spread to the whole country. "

  The registration code used by registered members of this APP is also very cheap online. The registration code is divided into day card, month card, half-year card, year card, permanent card, etc. The online price of permanent card is 98 yuan, and the cheapest day card only needs 2 yuan. From March this year, the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" went online for only six months until the incident, tens of thousands of people across the country have registered as members, and the relevant personnel have illegally made more than 100,000 yuan.

  Because of his poor family, Li began to work after dropping out of school in the first grade of junior high school, and later taught himself the mobile APP method online. In the face of police interrogation, Li realized that his mistakes were irreparable. At present, four suspects have been transferred for prosecution.

E-commerce problem: please merchants or please users?

Original receiver Tech studio

Wen | Rao Yan

Editor | Brother Cai

To do a good job in e-commerce platform, should we pay more attention to merchants or users?

This is a controversial topic, and it is also a problem that is deeply confused by major e-commerce platforms. It seems that there is no standard answer.

Some people think that e-commerce platforms should pay more attention to merchants, because merchants can directly bring benefits to the platform; Some people think that we should pay attention to users, because users are customers who pay for money, "God" and traffic.

Some people think that both users and merchants should pay attention to it, but as a platform, e-commerce will treat merchants and users differently from a strategic perspective or from a specific implementation level, and it will inevitably focus on it.

For a long time in the past, both Ali and JD.COM, as established e-commerce platforms, and Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, as emerging live e-commerce platforms, have consistently put businesses at the strategic core.

Compared with pleasing users, these e-commerce platforms pay more attention to pleasing merchants. After all, merchants can bring advertising, commissions and other service fees to the platform, which is also an important part of the existence of e-commerce platforms.

However, in the last two years, this concept has undergone a major change, and e-commerce platforms have begun to pay more attention to users.

In 2023, Ma Yun set the theme of "returning to Taobao, returning to users and returning to the Internet" for Ali’s transformation. One of the three themes is returning to users, emphasizing the importance of users.

In fact, Ali paid more attention to merchants in his early years, and "valuing merchants and neglecting users" was even regarded as Ali’s own gene. But now, while regaining the low-price strategy, Ali emphasizes paying attention to users and interprets e-commerce with his own experience. More attention should be paid to the laws of users.

JD.COM has repeatedly emphasized the importance of users in the process of pushing forward the low-price strategy. On March 29th, Liu Qiangdong, the founder of JD.COM, issued a letter to all employees, announcing that the corporate culture of JD.COM has been upgraded, and the core values of JD.COM have been upgraded to: customer first, innovation, hard work, responsibility, gratitude and honesty. Customer first has been used and put in the first place.

As a rising star of e-commerce, Pinduoduo has emphasized the importance of users since its establishment. Both its simple and direct "10 billion subsidy" and its harsh "only refund" model show the fact that Pinduoduo cares more about users than merchants.

As the latter, Pinduoduo can snatch food from other e-commerce platforms and develop rapidly. Paying attention to users is undoubtedly one of the secrets, which is also the real practice of the idea of "turning capitalism upside down" put forward by the founder of Pinduoduo in his early years.

At the end of last year, Taobao and JD.COM also launched a "refund only" service; At the beginning of this year, Tik Tok e-commerce also launched a fast refund service after delivery, which is aimed at all small shop merchants in the Tik Tok platform; At about the same time, Aauto Quicker e-commerce also upgraded the refund function after merchants agreed to reject it.

At this point, "refund only" has become a standard in the e-commerce industry, which means that the e-commerce platform finally chooses to lean towards consumers in the balance of interests of merchants, brands and users, and the e-commerce platform competes for users again.

In fact, the essence of retail is to provide users with better goods at lower prices and better services. In this sense, the e-commerce platform attaches importance to users, which is not only a transformation, but also a return, or a subversion of traditional production relations.


How do merchants and users view e-commerce platforms?

Consumers and businesses have different views on how e-commerce should be done and what kind of e-commerce the market needs.

Wang Li is a middle-level manager of an Internet giant. In the past years, he has been advocating all kinds of luxury goods. Many salespeople of big brands are his "WeChat friends". The annual shopping expenses range from hundreds of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

However, in the last three years, Wang Li’s consumption concept has changed. He is no longer obsessed with big brands, but pays more attention to adaptability. He usually shops through e-commerce platforms. "The quality of fruits that are killed by e-commerce platforms in a limited time is not worse than that of boutique merchants.; Daily necessities can also be purchased on the e-commerce platform. "

"Some daily necessities don’t need to pursue quality too much, as long as they can meet the demand. As for whether it is a brand or not, it is not that important on which platform to buy it." Wang Li told "handset tech (ID: tingtontech)".

Like Wang Li, more and more consumers are no longer loyal to an e-commerce platform, but choose the products they need to buy on different e-commerce platforms. They choose according to their needs, instead of blindly pursuing quality, they pay more attention to cost performance.

So what kind of e-commerce platform are businesses more willing to settle in?

The ultimate pursuit of merchants is to maximize profits. Which e-commerce platform can make merchants realize greater benefits, merchants are willing to cooperate with which platform. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal, which requires the cooperation between merchants and platforms, involving advertising services, commissions, platform policies, platform logistics, and promotional activities.

Liu Ming, the head of the manufacturer of clothing, shoes and hats in Guangzhou, told Earphone Tech that he was more willing to settle in Taobao and Tmall in his early years, because Ali paid more attention to the support and protection of merchants, and the platform brand was well-known and the traffic was large. "But in recent years, the traffic of Taotian was not as good as before, and our income was also affected."

In recent years, Liu Ming has changed his strategy and adopted a multi-platform operation mode. According to the characteristics and differences of various e-commerce platforms, he has promoted different product lines and diversified price systems. At the same time, he has increased cooperation with live broadcast e-commerce companies such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker.

Feng Li, a small and medium-sized manufacturer of towels, recently told "Earphone Tech" that "we have cooperated with different e-commerce platforms, and went to stock through Pinduoduo and 1688, and mainly made brands in Tmall."

Feng Li said that although the profit margin of low-priced platforms is not high, the sales volume is good. Although the profit margin of quality products is high, the investment is also more. "For example, the cost of Tmall stores is much higher and the operating costs are relatively large."

Feng Li calculated that compared with other e-commerce platforms, the profit rate of towels on Pinduoduo was at least 2 points higher, because of a large number of orders. "We also broadcast live in Aauto Quicker, and the price is also very cheap, and the sales volume is not bad." Feng Li said that the main income for one year now comes from two platforms: Pinduoduo and Aauto Quicker.

For businesses, it will cost more to be a brand. In the current economic situation, large sales volume and low cost are the pursuit of all businesses, and they are also the common requirements of a large number of small and medium-sized businesses for e-commerce platforms.

In recent years, with the return of mass consumption to rationality, the sales of many high-premium brand products have declined. In order to save the market, some high-premium brands have begun to cut prices sharply.

This is also an important reason for the rapid rise of Pinduoduo and Aauto Quicker in the past two years. In a rational consumption channel, excessive pursuit of brand premium won’t work, and high cost-effective goods have a way out. The surge in sales of white-brand goods in the past two years is also this logic.


Should e-commerce please merchants or please consumers?

Should the e-commerce platform pay more attention to merchants or consumers? There seems to be no standard answer, but time and reality give the final answer.

As a veteran e-commerce, Ali paid more attention to merchants in his early years, and "emphasizing merchants and neglecting users" was also regarded as a major feature of Ali. Ali emphasized in his early years that "there should be no difficult business in the world".

In the early days of e-commerce, many merchants didn’t understand e-commerce and wouldn’t sell online. Taobao put forward such a concept in those years, but now the times are different and e-commerce has matured. The platform should not only focus on how merchants sell good goods, but should pay more attention to letting consumers buy good goods.

For a long time in the past, Taobao Tmall’s platform grew bigger and bigger, and its business developed faster and faster, but users did not feel better service.

Sometimes there is a contradiction between users and merchants. When merchants can’t solve users’ problems, the platform customer service either can’t contact or doesn’t solve the problems. The customer service efficiency is very low, and many users have complained about such problems.

In those years, during the annual promotion activities, users finally enjoyed some preferential prices, and the e-commerce platform also vigorously promoted preferential prices. However, what the end users felt was not real cheap, but various words and routines, and the algorithms were also very complicated. In order to enjoy the preferential prices, users had to meet various requirements.

What is even more unacceptable to consumers is that even if users place orders in this way, they finally find that it is not much cheaper. Moreover, the e-commerce platform has been playing in this way for many years until consumers are bored with it.

In 2023, just as Ali’s market value was once surpassed by Pinduoduo, Ali employees left messages on the intranet, bluntly saying that Taotian should "simply buy, simply return, less routines and more benefits", which spoke out the voices of many users and also showed that Ali began to realize the problem.

In fact, Taobao’s early positioning was similar to that of Pinduoduo, and it grew up with low prices and small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, Ali later abandoned many small and medium-sized businesses on his own initiative.

A few years ago, Ali firmly believed that an era of consumption upgrading was coming. Therefore, Taobao constantly upgraded its brand, introduced a large number of brands to settle in, and the annual technical service fee and default bond of the store also increased, causing some small and medium-sized businesses with weak competitiveness to leave Taobao.

This wave even spread to AliExpress, a cross-border e-commerce platform owned by Ali at that time. Around 2016, AliExpress more aggressively promoted brand transformation, requiring merchants to have corporate qualifications and brand authorization, and comprehensively cleaned up individual sellers.

In this way, not only small and medium-sized businesses have left Taotian and AliExpress, but also users have begun to choose other e-commerce platforms. The impact on Ali is that the development of Taotian has slowed down, the traffic has been separated, and the frequency and retention time of users have become less and less.

About ten years ago, AliExpress had almost no China rivals in the cross-border e-commerce field at that time, and it was very convenient for merchants to sell goods. With one click, the product information on Taobao could be transported to AliExpress. However, the departure of small and medium-sized merchants made AliExpress develop slowly after its initial success. In the last two years, the cross-border e-commerce fire broke out, and AliExpress started early but caught up with a late episode.

When Ali realized all this, the Internet had already bid farewell to the high-growth era in the past and entered the moment with the theme of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. At this time, Ali had to face not only Pinduoduo, a rapidly rising opponent, but also the impact brought by live e-commerce on short video platforms, and the original advantages of Taobao and Tmall were weakening.

To this end, Ali launched the largest organizational change since its establishment in 2023, and then made personnel adjustments. Zhang Yong’s position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group was handed over to Cai Chongxin, and the CEO position was taken over by Wu Yongming. The CEO of Taotian Group, the core e-commerce business, was also replaced at the end of last year.

Ma Yun thinks that the situation of Taotian Group is very serious, and asks Ali to return to Taobao, users and the Internet.

If Ali started to return to users after a long walk, then Pinduoduo, as a rising star, decided to put users first from the beginning.

Unlike Ali, who pays more attention to businesses, Pinduoduo cares more about users. Ali emphasizes "no hard business in the world", while Pinduoduo makes users feel that "there is no hard goods in the world".

In fact, low price is a universal demand. No matter the rich or the poor, there is a demand for "what they want" at an "affordable price", and Pinduoduo attracts people who are looking for high cost performance.

People in this group may spend a lot of money on an expensive brand-name watch or spend 9.9 yuan on a towel, and Wang Li is one of them.

When Pinduoduo was founded, data showed that about 90% of China adults had never drunk Starbucks, 1.3 billion people had never been abroad, and 1 billion people had never been on an airplane, and low-and middle-income people still accounted for the vast majority.

What Pinduoduo needs to do is matching, so that the right people can buy the right things in the right scene, which can not only provide the consumers in the sinking market with the right goods, but also provide the consumers in the first-and second-tier cities with the matching goods categories.

This is not a consumption downgrade, but a consumption classification. Pinduoduo’s approach also has its own unique business logic.

The founder of Pinduoduo once wrote an article called "Turn Capitalism upside down", which mentioned that as the ultimate representative of capitalism, the essence of insurance is that the poor spend money to buy a product that "seeks stability in an uncertain future" from the rich, so as to strengthen their ability to resist risks, and eventually wealth will flow from the poor to the rich.

The article puts forward a hypothesis, can the rich buy "insurance" from the poor in reverse, that is, buy a kind of stability, so that wealth can flow from the rich to the poor?

"Everyone’s wishes, their needs and plans at some point in the future are often much clearer than others. Moreover, this kind of everyone’s planning and willingness, as well as the individual’s certainty of a certain behavior, are often valuable to the supplier who meets the demand. It can reduce the uncertainty of organizational production and help achieve more effective allocation of resources and capital. "

Based on this concept, the article believes that if there is a platform that can get enough customers to buy a certain product, integrate the customers’ needs and send an order to the factory, the factory will sell the products to these customers at a price lower than the market price.

Moreover, because this order pays a certainty to the factory, the factory can reduce the risk of market research and forecasting the production direction of the market, and also reduce the inventory cost.

In a sense, this is a new type of relations of production, which was really realized by Pinduoduo later, and became the underlying logic of Pinduoduo.

Perhaps many people once resented Pinduoduo’s "cutting a knife", but they have to admit that Pinduoduo’s "reverse capitalism" has succeeded. In the past two years, while most Internet giants have experienced a trough, Pinduoduo has been growing substantially.

This is not so much a victory of the new e-commerce model as a victory of embracing users in the Internet age.


How does the e-commerce platform please users?

How should the e-commerce platform please users? The first is low price.

The essence of retail is to provide users with better goods at lower prices and better services. Low price is the big killer, and cheap is the last word, which is also the truth confirmed by the development of domestic e-commerce.

Domestic e-commerce has developed for so many years, and the competition has never stopped, and the means of competition are also varied. However, the most powerful means of competition has never changed, and it is still a price war.

On June 1st, 2019, Pinduoduo entered the "618 Promotion" for the first time in an all-round way, and announced that in the form of "10 billion yuan cash subsidy", joint brand merchants would make substantial profits on 10,000 items with the highest popularity in the whole network.

Compared with the subsidies of other e-commerce platforms with complicated algorithms, Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies are simple and straightforward, either directly subsidizing or directly reducing prices, and there is no need to make a bill or play "full reduction", which also makes Pinduoduo, which was originally dominant in the sinking market, win more shares and uses.

According to the data in the early years, during the period of June 18, 2019, the number of orders in Pinduoduo exceeded 1.08 billion, and GMV increased by over 300% year-on-year. Since then, the subsidy of 10 billion yuan has become a long-term strategy of Pinduoduo and a powerful means to attract users. By this means, Pinduoduo artificially created a price depression and snatched a large number of user orders from Tmall and JD.COM.

In fact, in the early years, Taobao also defeated offline retail by relying on low prices, and began the prosperity of e-commerce; JD.COM also defeated Dangdang, the dominant book e-commerce company at that time, and Suning, the leading retailer of traditional household appliances, through low prices, thus winning a relatively stable market position.

Only later, with the continuous development of Taobao and JD.COM, the advantage of low price was lost. Until 2023, these two platforms began to pay attention to low price again.

In fact, since 2023, almost all e-commerce platforms have launched low prices. Besides Taotian and JD.COM, there are also live e-commerce platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker. Like Pinduoduo, e-commerce in Aauto Quicker is also based on the sinking market, and in 2023, it ushered in a rapid growth in performance.

In addition to low prices, another way for e-commerce platforms to please users is to improve service quality and improve user experience. Since 2023, almost all e-commerce platforms have been working hard to improve the user experience.

Ali determined the theme of returning to e-commerce and returning to users, and established the strategy of building a big amoy. Facing the future, Taotian has determined three directions of "innovation and innovation", upgrading new scenes, new ecology and new technologies, among which the first one is user priority.

At the end of 2023, after Ma Yun shouted "Ali will change", Liu Qiangdong also replied to employees’ comments on the company intranet that JD.COM must change, otherwise there is no way out. "I believe we will definitely get out of the trough. Anyone and any company will experience several peaks and valleys to achieve greatness. "

Xu Ran, CEO of JD.COM, also responded that JD.COM has made some progress in price competitiveness, platform ecological construction and supply chain advantages. While the number of merchants has further expanded, the increase in the number of users has also proved the optimization of platform ecological construction.

Xu Ran said, "In the long run, JD.COM will resolutely pursue the ultimate user experience to maintain its core competitive advantage".

When e-commerce platforms begin to pursue low prices and changes, they all begin to emphasize user experience, which also means that e-commerce companies are changing their business philosophy and paying more attention to users’ needs.

Why are a large number of industrial belt enterprises willing to dig deep into the white-brand track? When the business model is based on "maximizing the unit consumption benefit", businesses can provide consumers with the products that best meet their actual needs at the lowest cost and price, and thus survive and develop.

In the future industrial world, whoever controls consumers will control manufacturing. If you can’t directly connect with consumers, you can’t win consumers, and you are doomed to have no longer-term future.

This is the future of retail and the long-term doctrine of e-commerce.

(Wang Li, Liu Ming and Li Feng are all pseudonyms. )

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