Guangzhou Auto Show closed, welcoming 800,000 passengers for the first time.

  Original title: Guangzhou Auto Show closed, welcoming 800,000 passengers for the first time. The favorable policy and other effects appeared, driving the production and sales of Guangdong automobile industry to flourish.

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Guangzhou Auto Show came to an end on 26th, and the popularity in the exhibition hall was high. Nanfang Daily reporter Wang Juntao photo

  On November 26th, the 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, which lasted for 10 days, came to an end. The number of visitors exceeded 800,000 for the first time, reaching 847,000, an increase of 11.4% compared with 760,000 in 2019. At the same time, the organizing committee announced that the next auto show will be held from November 15th to 24th, 2024.

  On the closing day, due to the weekend, the exhibition ushered in a peak passenger flow, and many consumers rushed to place orders. Near the end of the year, the effects of new car listing, favorable policies and promotion of car companies are gradually emerging, and the automobile circulation is more "alive" and the automobile consumption is more "prosperous", which promotes the development of the automobile industry in terms of quantity and quality and injects new vitality into the high-quality development of Guangdong.

  Upward quality Intelligentization drives the change of consumption concept

  Guangzhou Auto Show is the last large-scale auto show in China this year. Around the year-end closing battle, major manufacturers have tried their best to increase terminal promotion and stimulate consumers’ enthusiasm of "buying in buy buy".

  BYD booth, the audience jostled shoulder to shoulder. In the exhibition area on the first floor, many people got into the new car and learned more about the control details such as intelligent driving from the staff. In the negotiation area on the second floor, staff members can talk with interested consumers everywhere. "BYD just cut the price again, and now it can be shot." Zhang Yi, a prospective car owner from Shunde, Foshan, said.

  With the accelerated transformation of automobiles to intelligence and electrification, the "wide goods" represented by BYD are favored by consumers. The data shows that BYD’s sales of new energy vehicles reached 1.86 million in 2022, and it is expected to exceed 3 million this year.

  At the same time, in order to meet the consumer’s mentality of "buying a car to go home for the New Year", the official selling prices announced by many first-time models are lower than market expectations, even lower than the previous generation models. For example, the delivery price of Polar Star 4 released during the Guangzhou Auto Show dropped by about 50,000 yuan compared with the price displayed at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

  "The popularity of new energy vehicle booths is significantly higher than that of fuel vehicles, and the rise of domestic brands has triggered a change in consumption concepts." Zhou Fatao, secretary-general of Guangdong New Energy Automobile Industry Association, noticed during the exhibition that with the continuous improvement of domestic brands’ manufacturing power and strong competitiveness in vehicle design, core technology and service, the price-performance ratio of products has been steadily improved, and even differentiated competition has been formed with luxury cars. "But low price is not synonymous with low quality. The development of new energy automobile industry has been gradually scaled up, and the cost of bicycles is constantly decreasing, which has further opened up enterprises ‘ Price war ’ The space. "

  The technological advantages of new energy vehicles are being transformed into real money orders. The pre-sale of Zhijie S7 was opened for 4 days, and it was set to exceed 10,000 units; Haobo HT36 hours orders exceeded 10,000, and the cumulative orders exceeded 30,000 units … … During the auto show, major car companies released "transcripts" one after another, showing great enthusiasm of consumers. 

  Policy assistance Car sales are expected to hit a new high.

  As a mass consumption, automobile consumption is an important starting point for stabilizing the economy and promoting consumption at present.

  Just a few days ago, the general office of the provincial government issued "Several Measures to Further Boost and Expand Consumption in Guangdong Province", and put forward a number of measures to further promote automobile consumption. For example, Guangzhou and Shenzhen further relaxed the application qualification for car purchase indicators, and this year Guangzhou increased the quota of 50,000 unplanned energy-saving fuel vehicles.

  The introduction of a series of measures has further released the consumption potential. "Taking advantage of Guangzhou’s increase in energy-saving fuel vehicle indicators, I plan to buy a hybrid car, and I don’t have to worry about queuing for charging on the expressway when I return home." Mr. Liu from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province went straight to GAC Toyota, and his "Heart Water" model was a hybrid version of Toyota Lei Ling.

  During the auto show, Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, said that the new energy vehicle market continued to grow this year. Among them, compared with pure electric vehicles, energy-saving vehicles such as extended range and plug-in have a faster growth rate. Facing the emerging market demand, GAC has long been laid out, and energy-saving and new energy vehicles are gradually becoming a new growth point of GAC Group’s business. In the first half of the year, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 20.3%, and the total penetration rate of energy-saving and new energy vehicles was 38.7%, up by 16.4 and 24.6 percentage points respectively compared with 2020.

  The rise of energy-saving and new energy automobile industry is a microcosm of the high-quality development of Guangdong automobile industry. Driven by various consumption promotion policies, automobile marketing activities and a large number of new models, Guangdong’s automobile industry has shown a pattern of booming production and sales. According to the statistics of Guangdong Automobile Industry Association, this year is 1-mdash; In September, the production and sales of automobiles in the province were 3,558,100 and 3,504,300 respectively, up by 14.9% and 15.1% respectively.

  After years of continuous decline, car sales are expected to rebound and hit a new high this year. China automobile dealers association predicted that with the "Double Eleven" activities and the year-end sales of car companies and dealers in December, the domestic retail sales of passenger cars in 2023 is expected to be close to 22 million, achieving a 5% growth.

  Lin Jiang, a professor of economics at Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University, said that domestic brands seized opportunities such as intelligence and electrification in the changing situation, and let the outside world see the resilience and charm of Guangdong’s automobile industry. At the same time, good products, in turn, further promote automobile circulation and expand automobile consumption. The supply side and the demand side simultaneously exert their strength, influence each other and promote each other, which is of great significance for Guangdong to adhere to the manufacturing industry as the master and promote high-quality development. (Nanfang Daily reporter Yan Xiaoping Wei Yuquan)

Kaifeng Wang Po, or lost to "Ceng Liu" online celebrity.


Author | Guo Hongyun


Editor | Li Yi


The limelight has overwhelmed Tianshui Mala Tang in Gansu, and with Kaifeng, Henan "soaring" to become another city with a big traffic explosion, the stage plot has begun to move towards magic.Wang Po, who invited online celebrity to step down and sucked powder, finally lost to online celebrity.


The incident that made the "Wang Po Matchmaking" program start to become uncontrollable was that a married man, Liu, "ran for love" stepped on the stage for a blind date, and expressed his willingness to "quit his job in Zhengzhou and go to Sichuan" for the blind date female guest. After successfully adding it to the woman’s WeChat, it became a good conversation, and his wife who was far away from Japan saw it and went back to China in anger to prepare for a divorce.


This dramatic scene became a turning point in the stage of "Wang Po Matchmaking". No netizens paid attention to the humor of handsome guys and beautiful women and foster mother "Wang Po" on the blind date stage, but instead began to criticize and falsify "love rat", denouncing online celebrity’s unscrupulous behavior.


Just today (April 3), the topic of "police responding to Wang Po’s media saying that married male wife is suspected of suicide" once again rushed to the hot search of major social media platforms, and his wife Xiao Xue sent a video crying late at night: "Maybe I am too fragile, I really can’t hold back." Some netizens speculated that they might do something stupid and call the police. The staff of Yinchuan Public Security Bureau responded that the police had contacted Xiao Xue’s father and learned that Xiao Xue was fine after asking.


Among the voices urging Xiao Xue not to do anything wrong, some netizens questioned that she was speculating, and there was a script that wanted to be online celebrity from the moment when a married man went on a blind date.


And "Wang Po" himself had to stand up and respond publicly because of the storm of public opinion, once again emphasizing the initial intention of the stage, calling on "those who bring their own scripts not to join in the fun, and leave the opportunity to those who really want to make friends".


And her troubles are not limited to this. According to Tianyancha APP, "Kaifeng Wang Po" has been registered as a blind date marriage service company, and its business scope includes marriage introduction service and wedding etiquette service. In the eyes of the uninformed public, the actor himself is not satisfied with matchmaking only on the scenic stage, but wants to transform into a company and become a "matchmaker" completely.



This misunderstanding forced "Wang Po" to stand up and refute the rumor again. On April 2, she posted a video on her Tik Tok account @ Kaifeng Wang Po, saying that she didn’t and didn’t authorize anyone to start a matchmaking company. She also said that she had some physical and mental problems recently, especially her voice, so she needed to rest for a while and wanted to go out and have a look.


Prior to this, Long Live Mountain Martial Arts City has officially announced that Tomb-Sweeping Day can welcome tourists in a fuller state. Teacher Zhao, the actor of "Wang Po", will rest on April 2 and April 3, and the performance of "Wang Po Matchmaking" will be temporarily performed by another actor "Li Po". After "Wang Po" indicated that it would take a break for a while, the scenic spot announced again that Zhao Mei, one of the actors of "Wang Po", would take a month off from April 3, 2024 due to health reasons. During this period, other actors, such as Li Li, would perform "Wang Po Matchmaking" for tourists and add a related talent show.



This also means that "Wang Po" will be absent from the Qingming holiday activities in the Wuxia City of Longevity Mountain. According to the data from the US Mission, as of March 28th, the number of advance tickets in Kaifeng Scenic Area has increased by more than three times week-on-week, and many tourists have taken "blind date" in Kaifeng, Henan Province as their holiday play plan. This sudden change may disappoint tourists who want to go to Kaifeng to meet "Wang Po".


As for the program "Wang Po Matchmaking", even if "Wang Po" played by teacher Zhao Mei can return smoothly one month later, the popularity is still there, but it is still difficult to completely put an end to the online celebrity who have been rubbing traffic, and rumors about herself may still reappear.Fired by the flow, but trapped in the flow,For the 61-year-old actor teacher, without a strong heart and plenty of energy, it is hard to escape the next time after this time.


It has been reported that,"Wang Po" has considered resigning and retiring, and wants to live an ordinary life.


As a scenic spot, I definitely don’t want to lose such a "drainage" baby. In order to solve the problem of online celebrity’s traffic and the hype of non-singles, Longevity Mountain Martial Arts City has also re-adjusted the program rules and made new changes, such as implementing the offline advance reservation system, and dividing the scene into single male guest area, single female guest area and tourist viewing area. Male and female guests invited to interact on stage need to ensure that they are single and take photos in the dating declaration area.


Most importantly, for the sake of the order of the scene, online celebrity, who is not sincere in making friends, is required not to stay in the venue of "Wang Po Matchmaking", and the anchor with live broadcast equipment (such as microphones, speakers, stereos, banners, etc.) should be allowed to bypass the venue.


justIt is easy to make a request, but difficult to implement it.. The blind date stage, which has been regarded as "stale" by netizens, and the "Wang Po", which is exhausted both physically and mentally, make it uncertain whether this program can persist and whether it can continue to be popular.


In order to better undertake the first wave of predictable peak passenger flow, the scenic spot has made a lot of preparations in advance besides betting on "Wang Po". According to the relevant person in charge, the parade of Qingming Cultural Festival will be the most brilliant chapter of Long Live Mountain. In addition, there will be more than 10 Song Chao art interest spots in the park, including not only interactive experiences such as script killing of ten thousand people, blessing of the old moon, flying flowers and throwing pots, but also an interactive area for praying and an atmosphere festival with water lanterns.



However, it is undeniable that no matter how wonderful other programs are, the biggest expectation of tourists to visit the scenic spot must be to see "Wang Po" and meet the legendary foster mother. Without "Wang Po", it will undoubtedly be a pity.


To a certain extent, the scenic spot and even Kaifeng Wenlv don’t want "Wang Po" to really resign and retire, but Wenlv also mentioned it before.The traffic of NPCs in scenic spots is more intense, so it is risky and challenging to make the best use of it to drain themselves.


As far as the present situation is concerned, Longevity Mountain Martial Arts City has worked hard enough. Whether listening to netizens’ advice or understanding and protecting the actors themselves, it is doing its best. However, by the time of "Kaifeng Wang Po" IP fever, there has been a turning point in the downward trend, and there are not many official voices and actions. How to undertake the "splashing wealth" brought about by the hot topic of single-point out of the circle, Kaifeng Cultural Travel seems to be less rapid and active than Gansu Tianshui Cultural Travel.


The latest available news is that on March 29th, Kaifeng held a special conference on the work of cultural tourism in the whole city, sayingIt is necessary to take advantage of the situation, promote the formation of more outstanding boutique cultural tourism projects to attract more tourists to visit, and do everything possible to continue the good situation and make Kaifeng cultural tourism change from "bursting red" to "long red".


Before that, some netizens who had been to Kaifeng and recognized the experience of local culture and tourism projects were "anxious" online. Look at Luoyang, a neighbor who has made the marketing of Hanfu popular. Why don’t you use "Wang Po" to market in Kaifeng?


So is Kaifeng Wenlv slow to respond, or is there really no shortage of "Wang Po" traffic?


According to the ranking of tourists received by cities in Henan in the Spring Festival of 2024, according to the statistical data of "Hot Ranking of Eighteen Cities in Henan during the Spring Festival of 2024" published by Wenlv Sports Studio of Zhengzhou Newspaper Group with the technical support of Micro-hotspot Research Institute, Kaifeng entered the top three list after ranking Zhengzhou and Luoyang.


Specifically, during the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s cultural tourism in Kaifeng received a total of 9.335 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 30.7%; The comprehensive income of cultural tourism was 6.47 billion yuan, an increase of 85.9% year-on-year; In the same period, Luoyang received a total of 11.1353 million tourists, with a total tourism revenue of 8.293 billion yuan, up by 87.51% and 156.88% respectively compared with 2023.


A glimpse of the whole leopard, for Kaifeng, which focuses on Song Wenhua and attaches importance to the development of cultural tourism,Traffic is very important, and a chance to get out of the circle is even more rare.Failure to promote the city’s tourism with the help of the popularity of "Kaifeng Wang Po" is a missed opportunity to market tourism resources and enhance the brand awareness of the city’s cultural tourism.


Let’s take Luoyang as an example. According to the data of Meituan, the search volume of "Hanfu" in Luoyang has been in the top three in China since March, and the search volume of "Flower Appreciation" has increased by 110% week-on-week. The upcoming Qingming holiday coincides with the Peony Festival, which makes Luoyang one of the top ten popular destinations in China. "Hanfu Flower Appreciation" has become the most distinctive feature label of Luoyang in tourism.


It is said that red depends on life, and the heat of breaking the wall once can’t be met. Although everyone is saying that the official marketing of Tianshui, Gansu Province is "too fierce", it is a bit too much for some netizens to grow "anti-bone" and not buy it.But after all, from the results, Tianshui, Gansu Province has achieved a circle in brand recognition of tourist cities. In the long run, the tourist season will only come in the summer in the northwest cities, and the "wealth" that Tianshui, Gansu Province will harvest ahead of schedule will inevitably double.


At a time when major cities are eager to get out of the circle with the help of hot spots, the question of new media communication and topic marketing needs the destination governments to work harder, study hard and dare to try, in order to give high scores.


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Exclusive spoiler! What did Lectra 09 steal from Volvo?

How much blood relationship does Geely Link have with Volvo? This question has been a tacit question since Geely bought Volvo passenger cars. In recent years, Geely seems to emphasize the "kinship" with Volvo more and more in product announcement, such as the CMA platform and DriveE powertrain used by Xingrui (parameter picture), Xingyue L, Lectra 01 and other models.

But in the user’s mind, after all, it is still powershift, and it may be a bit far-fetched to say that Xingyue L is the replacement of XC60. And this Lingke 09 from SPA platform, which will be listed in the fourth quarter, can undoubtedly say with confidence: I am the shell replacement of XC90.

We don’t need to say much about the internal and external design, materials and intelligent configuration of the Lectra 09. Everyone can see these things. As the flagship of Lectra, Geely will never let us down in this respect. Today, we will focus on talking about what unique attributes Volvo SPA platform has given Link 09 in three major areas.

Volvo SPA Extensible Architecture Technology

Volvo SPA scalable architecture technology was first applied on XC90, and it was also from the new generation XC90(2015 model) that Volvo began to fully expand the diversified powertrain of Drive E series. In fact, the platform only gave birth to Volvo’s mid-to high-end SUVs, cars and station wagons, which laid the unique positioning of the brand flagship from the bloodline.

Drive E powertrain: inverted layout, compatible with exhaust gas turbine+mechanical pressurization.

Of course, the powertrain is the first to bear the brunt. In fact, this is not the first of the Lectra 09. The active Xingrui, Xingyue, Lectra 01, etc. are all "stealing" from Volvo in a large area, including this Drive E engine that originated from the SPA platform, but it has always been a T-series version.

48V light mixing system (BMW)

According to the official introduction, the 2.0T+8AT powertrain used in the fuel version of Lectra 09, like the new XC90 and XC60, adds a 48V light mixing system, which is a serious "B series" Drive E. The author has always insisted that the 48V light mixing based on the radial flux motor (BSG) motor is of little significance to fuel economy, but at least in hardware, the Lectra 09 is really a complete replica of the Volvo XC90.

In addition, the Lectra 09 continues to offer a 2.0T plug-in hybrid version, which also "steals" Volvo, and uses the Drive E series T8 power system with a high probability to provide power for the rear wheels through the P4 bridge. However, the official has not released the specific data for the time being, and it is not clear whether its front axle uses a 2.0T T6 engine (turbo+mechanical double pressurization).

The front/rear independent T8 system can only be mixed.

The 2.0T hybrid version of petrol-electric vehicle is a new gadget created by Lectra 09. Volvo T8 plug-in hybrid system can’t be "magic change" into a hybrid system of petrol-electric vehicle, because the P4 bridge is not in P2 layout, and the front/rear axle power systems do not interfere with each other, so it is impossible to achieve effective electromechanical coupling, which is essentially different from Toyota THS and BYD DM-I.

Aisin 8AT is not compatible with P2 oil-electricity hybrid.

In fact, the announcement for the hybrid version of Lectra 09 only emphasized the 2.0T engine, and kept silent about the Aisin 8AT transmission. The core reason is that the horizontal Aisin 8AT is not compatible with the P2 hybrid module at all. With the current technical reserve of Geely Volvo, it is impossible to build a planetary gear transmission with integrated motors in a short time. Personally, I guess that the hybrid version of Lectra 09 will probably use a 7-speed powershift with P2 layout.

The blade spring rear damping of XC90

Link 09 rear suspension

Finally, the chassis system, which is the most significant difference between SPA and CMA, is also the original creation of Volvo. XC90, S90 and Lectra 09, which originated from SPA platform, all use lightweight aluminum alloy lower swing arm, and are equipped with the combination of leaf spring and damping shock absorber. This thing has the function of a stabilizer bar, and it may be that Lectra 09 will also make a version of an air shock absorber.

● Summary:

As the flagship SUV of the Lectra brand, Geely Automobile really invested heavily in this Lectra 09, which not only inherited the original power chassis system of XC90, but also introduced a more compatible hybrid version of oil and electricity from more innovative. These are the core technologies that are not available in Xingrui and Xingyue of CMA platform.

From the user’s point of view, the Lectra 09 is a medium and large SUV with 6 seats /7 seats, and its price is likely to be controlled at around 300,000, regardless of the hard power of the three pieces or the static experience of the product. Isn’t this thing better than Toyota Highlander and Volkswagen at the same price?

The original Song Xiaofeng apologized for jumping "Subject 3" in the Spring Festival Evening and told the creative process, which was different from the director’s statement.

Original title: Song Xiaofeng apologized for jumping "Subject 3" in the Spring Festival Evening and told the creative process, which was different from the director’s statement.

Just today

As the Spring Festival approaches, the recording scene of the Spring Festival Gala has set off a sensational "Subject III" storm, and Zhao Benshan’s disciple Song Xiaofeng has become the focus! On the sketch of anhui tv Spring Festival Evening, the funny artist suddenly danced the controversial "Subject Three" dance, which made the audience and the Internet fall silent, and this move also caused a fierce controversy.

How did this Spring Festival Evening storm ferment? Let’s unveil the mystery of this Spring Festival Gala and discuss the story behind the stars.

First of all, looking back at the recording scene, Song Xiaofeng, as a disciple of Zhao Benshan, is good at humor. However, when he learned that he needed to jump to "subject three", his first reaction was to refuse! He thinks this dance has been "out" in the Spring Festival Evening, and he is no longer suitable for this kind of young people’s dance at his age. This view has sparked a heated debate between the director and the screenwriter. The director thinks that "Subject III" can enhance the atmosphere of the sketch, while the screenwriter thinks that this is an outdated stalk.

In the end, Song Xiaofeng gave in and learned this dance. He thinks that as an actor, it is most basic to respect the director, although he has doubts about this decision. This heated discussion adds a lot of drama to a simple dance.

This incident triggered thinking about the relationship between innovation and tradition in the Spring Festival Gala. Director Gao Hailong believes that the modern Spring Festival Gala needs to be younger and more fashionable, and "Subject III" is the element that can attract young audiences. His persistence makes the whole sketch more lively and energetic on the stage.

However, Song Xiaofeng’s response has complicated the dispute. In his response, he said that he didn’t expect to cause trouble to everyone, and wished everyone a happy New Year in advance. However, unlike the director’s statement, he revealed that he knew nothing about "Subject III" when he saw the script, and he had doubts about dancing this kind of dance at his age. This makes people think more about the differences and compromises between actors and directors in the creative process.

This "subject three" storm made the audience see that the Spring Festival Evening is no longer just a machine to create paragraphs, but is constantly trying to innovate. The conflict between actors and directors and the audience’s expectation for the innovation of the Spring Festival Gala all make this year’s Spring Festival Gala more interesting.

Generally speaking, this Spring Festival Gala is like a wonderful drama, with fierce conflict between actors and directors, real emotional expression, and more laughter and tears expected by the audience. Whether it is for or against "Subject Three", this controversy has become a highlight of the Spring Festival Evening. Looking forward to the future Spring Festival Evening, we can continue to present more exciting programs for the audience. Let’s look forward to more surprises and touches on the stage of the Spring Festival Evening. On this stage full of collision between traditional culture and modern elements, we have witnessed the gorgeous transformation of Spring Festival Gala again and again.

Thank you for watching ~

Editor in charge:

All-round SUV extremely krypton x 189,800 yuan compact luxury sets a new benchmark in the market.

   On April 12, 2023, at the press conference in Chengdu, the new luxury all-around SUV was officially launched, with a price of 189,800 yuan. From now on, users can order through Krypton APP, Krypton official website, Krypton Center and Krypton Space in major cities in China.

  At the press conference, Extreme Krypton X showed the first five configurations in the industry, the only 20 configurations at the same level, and more than 100 standard systems. An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology, said that based on the luxury experience needs of users around the world, Extreme Krypton X has completely subverted the five core areas of design, performance, safety, space and configuration, aiming at the compact luxury market with the largest volume in China and even the world, creating a new standard for the compact luxury market and setting a new benchmark for the industry.

  Led by the world-renowned designer Steve Sielaff, Extreme Krypton X adheres to the design attitude of "originality is justice" that the Group has always adhered to, and combines the design concept of "unbounded city" with forward-looking scientific and technological innovation technology to interpret the original innovative luxury beauty of the compact luxury car market. For the first time in history, Krypton X applied the forward-looking design of the concept car to a compact luxury car. The frameless door design, frameless electric exterior rearview mirror, hidden electric charging flap, and even the water cut on the window glass were "smoothed" by the designer at any cost. You can also choose an electric door without a door handle and the technology of an ultra-luxury brand like aston martin to create an extremely pure body profile. The simple logo of micron electroforming process is only half the original thickness, and the metal relief texture is more refined and the artistic texture is sublimated again.

  Extreme Krypton X has designed the industry’s first intelligent B-pillar interaction system, which integrates ToF 3D camera and a multimedia touch screen. Users can easily unlock and lock the vehicle through facial recognition, and the display content on the B-pillar screen can also be directly related to the scene mode, which can easily and quickly complete the intelligent interaction inside and outside the vehicle. Later, more personalized functions can be created through OTA.

  In order to better meet the needs of compact users, Krypton X starts from the space pain point of target customers, breaks the traditional bondage and realizes space super-transformation. According to the survey, the utilization rate of the rear row space of the original compact model on the market is less than 11%. Krypton X has transformed the rear middle seat used at low frequency to create the first four-seat model in the compact luxury market. Through electric adjustment, the rear row seat can be folded up with one button, and the fixed central armrest has also been transformed into an imaginative and intelligent island, so that the limited space can be completely opened and the space flexibility can be further improved.

  Zero-speed 3.7s, 5.7L large-capacity embedded refrigerator, the first 14.6-inch electric sliding smart screen and 4D cloud zero-gravity seat of the same class, and nearly 100,000 delivered batteries with zero fire & HELIP; … The new luxury of Krypton X debuted, creating a new market standard with the highest standard of Krypton safety in the industry and becoming a representative model leading the compact luxury car market.

Is BYD Han a C-class car?

Byd Han is a C-class car with excellent performance and design. As a C-class car, BYD Han offers both pure electric and plug-in hybrid versions.

BYD Hanchun Electric Edition: All models of Han EV adopt blade batteries. The ultra-long battery life model with rough test drive has a battery pack of 76.9kWh, which can achieve a battery life of 605km. In addition, the fast charging time of all models is 0.42 hours. The measured rough surface is about 530 kilometers, and it is no problem at all. In the fast charging mode, it takes about 25 minutes from 30% to 80%.

BYD Chinese plug-in hybrid version: The plug-in hybrid version uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 141kw and a maximum torque of 320 Nm. This engine is equipped with in-cylinder direct injection technology and uses aluminum alloy cylinder head and cylinder block. Using aluminum alloy cylinder head can reduce the weight of the engine, which can improve the maneuverability and fuel economy of the car.

Suzhou area krypton 007 is on sale! The lowest price is 229,900, and the promotion is limited.

In the promotion channel in Suzhou, car home, preferential activities are being carried out, and consumers in Suzhou can enjoy a maximum discount of 10,000 yuan. The minimum starting price of this model is 229,900 yuan. If you want to know more preferential information, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

The design of Krypton 007 is very futuristic, the front face design is simple and atmospheric, and the air intake grille is closed, which shows its identity as a new energy vehicle. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is fashionable and dynamic, which shows the sense of science and technology of Krypton 007. The front of the car adopts a unique split headlight design, which is unique in shape and highly recognizable. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the hub adopts a multi-spoke design, which adds a sense of movement. At the rear of the car, Krypton 007 adopts a unique through taillight design, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also improves the recognition. Generally speaking, the design of Krypton 007 is excellent, which fully shows its sense of science and technology and sports, which is impressive.

Extreme Krypton 007 is a medium and large SUV with a size of 4865*1900*1450, with a wheelbase of 2928mm, a front track of 1635mm and a rear track of 1650 mm. The lines on the side of the car are smooth and simple, showing the sense of fashion and movement of Krypton 007. Tyre size is 245/45 R19, and the front and rear wheels all adopt the same specifications, which provides more stable driving performance for the vehicle. The rim adopts black multi-spoke design, which highlights the sports style of Krypton 007. Generally speaking, Krypton 007 is a medium and large SUV with both fashion and sports, with excellent driving performance and stable driving experience.

The interior design of Krypton 007 is very fashionable and full of science and technology. The 15.05-inch central control screen is large and clear, equipped with voice recognition control system, which can control multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning functions, making drivers more convenient. The steering wheel made of leather feels comfortable, and the electric up and down+front and rear adjustment function allows the driver to adjust according to his own needs. There are two Type-C and USB interfaces in the front and rear rows, which is convenient for charging. The front seats are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions, and both the driver’s seat and the co-pilot seat have electric seat memory functions. The backrest of the second row of seats can be adjusted, and the rear seats support proportional reclining, which is very practical. In short, the interior configuration of Krypton 007 is rich, which allows people to enjoy a comfortable ride experience while driving.

Extreme Krypton 007 is equipped with a powerful engine, with a maximum power of 310 kW and a maximum torque of 440 N m. This makes the vehicle perform well when accelerating, and can quickly reach high speed and maintain stability. In addition, the engine also has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which provides excellent handling performance and driving experience for drivers. Whether on urban roads or highways, Krypton 007 can easily cope with all kinds of road conditions, showing excellent performance.

In the word-of-mouth evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he is full of praise for the interior design of Krypton 007. He especially likes the use of oval steering wheel and big screen, and thinks they are very beautiful and silky. In addition, the fur-turning decoration near the roof and door handle also makes him feel very advanced. He also believes that the black sports seat is not only outstanding in appearance, but also first-class in comfort. The owner believes that the exquisiteness of Krypton 007 is much higher than that of BBA model, and the price is much cheaper. It can be seen that Krypton 007 has brought a very good experience to the owner in the interior design.

Zhiji LS6 landed at Haikou Auto Show in 2024, and it was sold at 217,900 yuan.

On January 5th, Zhiji LS6, a super explosive product of the intelligent pure electric SUV owned by Zhiji Automobile, shocked and landed at the 2024 (6th) Haikou International New Energy and Intelligent Networked Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Haikou Auto Show). With the only full-line equipment at the same level equipped with "Laser Radar +OrinX Chip", the world’s first "Quan Huafu Digital Cabin Screen" and the industry’s original "One-button Ai Driving", At the same time, two flagship models of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji LS7 and Zhiji L7, the medium and large intelligent flagship SUV and the new world driving and control flagship, also jointly appeared at the auto show to jointly demonstrate what a smart auto time should look like.

According to the sales data from December 25th to December 31st, 2023, the weekly sales volume of Zhiji LS6 reached a new high with 2,460 units, which led the list of two new energy vehicles; it won the title of "China Brand of All-category Pure Electric Vehicles with more than 200,000" for four times; and it was the first in the list of "Medium and Large Pure Electric SUVs" for eight consecutive weeks. In December, Zhiji Automobile’s monthly sales exceeded 10,000, with a cumulative sales of 38,253 units in the whole year, which surged by 665% year-on-year, and won the three most valuable firsts in the pure electric track of medium and large SUVs, such as "the first brand sales", "the first number of championships" and "the first half-year growth".

All "Lidar +Orin X Chip", you can enjoy advanced intelligent driving when you get started.

The Zhiji LS6, which appeared at this year’s auto show, is equipped with more than 100 cutting-edge technologies, and the entry is full of high-level software and hardware integrated intelligent configuration. LS6 is the only one in its class equipped with "ultra-long-range high-precision laser radar +OrinX high-computing power chip", which is naturally equipped with urban NOA capability. In December, the IM AD expressway NOA only took 8 months to achieve nationwide coverage, radiating the expressway sections of 333 cities (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and covering the elevated sections of 59 cities. The NOA applicable roads for the expressway viaduct totaled 389,000 kilometers, allowing users to start the intelligent driving of "all the countries can open and all the countries are easy to open" with one click.

It is expected that this month, the IM AD city NOA will also start user push; this year, more intelligent driving in IM AD urban scenes, commuting mode, Pilot+, one-button Ai driving 2.0, and high-precision automatic parking will all come one by one, providing users with a higher-order, easier and safer intelligent driving experience.

The world’s first "Quan Huafu digital navigation screen", the future intelligent cabin leapfrog experience.

Another secret of Zhiji LS6, which is favored by users, is its world-first "Quan Huafu Digital Cab Screen", which takes the lead in laying out the "future smart cabin" form. LS6 is equipped with the function of "global digital visual field blind compensation", which creatively realizes the functions of A-pillar intelligent blind compensation, rear-side intelligent blind compensation, rear-view intelligent blind compensation, etc.; it opens up the full-scale visual field, helps users solve hidden dangers in blind areas with high technology, brings a brand-new intelligent experience, and greatly improves driving safety. The original "rainy night mode" clearly presents the road information on both sides of the screen when the line of sight is extremely blocked, such as rainy night, to avoid the security risks caused by blurred vision and make travel safer.

In addition, Zhiji LS6 "Future Smart Cabin" also took the lead in carrying the industry’s first vertical GPT big model "Zhiji Generative Big Model" and the brand-new intelligent function "SHUA" to create a multi-dimensional smart cockpit that is more in line with the new pursuit of the city and bring users a richer and more diverse travel social experience.

The industry’s original "one-button Ai driving" makes driving never so simple.

Zhiji LS6 also created a unique "one-click Ai driver’s drive" in the industry, including functions such as "one-click welting", "one-click extrication" and "one-click tracking", and handed over certain pain scenes of urban travel to AI for help, greatly alleviating users’ driving anxiety and making users "one-click" fall in love. For example, when parking sideways, just "one-click" to easily attach the edge, not far from it, just right; straying into a crowded and narrow parking space, "one-click to get out of trouble" and "one-click to follow" to return along the original road and get away with it.

One-button Ai driving helps users to easily solve the driving problems encountered in the last 50 meters of driving, such as "difficult parking, difficult reversing and difficult parking"; subsequently, new functions such as one-button walking have been launched one after another, making driving never so simple.

In addition to leading the three cheats of high-level intelligence, Zhiji LS6 is the first in the industry to build a "quasi-900V super performance platform", and the zero-speed acceleration reaches 3.48s, making it the first China brand SUV to break through the 300km/h mark. Not only has strong performance, LS6 maximum working voltage is 875V, and the peak charging power is 396kW, which can realize charging for 5 minutes and replenish energy for 200 kilometers, so that users can bid farewell to charging anxiety.

From January 5th to 8th, welcome to the booth of Zhiji Automobile in Hall 4 of Haikou International New Energy and Intelligent Networked Automobile Exhibition in 2024 (6th), and have a zero-distance tasting of this intelligent pure electric SUV "super explosive" Zhiji LS6. Log in to the "IM Smart Car" APP or applet, and you can make an appointment for a test drive experience; immediately make a decision and lock the order for the LS6, and enjoy the leapfrog charm of "Future Smart Car" at an attractive limited-time interest price.

(Photo: Haikou Zhiji Delivery Service Center Wu Shubin)

The first in the industry, full firepower! LI’s delivery in 2023 has exceeded 300,000 vehicles.

  The first in the industry, full firepower! LI’s delivery in 2023 has exceeded 300,000 vehicles.

  A few days ago, LI announced through Guanwei that the cumulative delivery volume in 2023 exceeded 300,000 vehicles. It is reported that this is the first luxury brand in China with a sales volume of 300,000 vehicles this year.

Image source: LI official micro screenshot

  In addition, LI also mentioned that the cumulative delivery of the ideal L series exceeded 350,000 vehicles. Among them, the delivery volume of single models has exceeded 100,000.

  The ideal L9 will be delivered on August 30th, 2022, and will exceed 10,000 in the first complete delivery month in September, 2022, and the delivery of the 100th vehicle will be completed on August 30th, 2023. As of October 2023, it has been the champion of large SUV sales for 14 consecutive months.

  The ideal L8 will be delivered on November 10th, 2022, with the delivery volume exceeding 10,000 in December, and the delivery of the 100th vehicle will be completed on October 20th, 2023.

  Ideal L7 started delivery on March 11th, 2023, and delivered over 10,000 in April, 2023. In October 2023, from the first delivery month, it has been the champion of medium and large SUV sales for 8 consecutive months. On November 7, 2023, the delivery of the 100,000th vehicle was completed.

  LI emphasized that the six-seat layout of Li ONE, Ideal L9 and Ideal L8 has unlocked more possibilities for the space of home SUVs. Ideal L7 with five flagship SUVs for families will attract more young families of three and prospective families to join the user family in LI.

  In addition, LI also said that LI’s extended-range electric solution, which was not optimistic at first, has become an energy form that more and more China families yearn for today. Extending the journey is to increase the mileage of happiness for your family. Up to now, Li ONE, which has the longest mileage, has traveled nearly 400,000 kilometers, and the ideal L9, which has the longest mileage, has traveled nearly 110,000 kilometers.

  In terms of intelligence, the data also shows that since 2023, Li Xiang has helped his family to effectively execute instructions for more than 1 billion times, and the successful wake-up rate has reached 98%.

  In terms of safety, in addition to the test items specified by C-NCAP and China Insurance Research Institute, LI’s self-developed ideal fortress safety body TM also includes 212 vehicle and subsystem verification, including more than 40 vehicle collision test items in all scenarios and working conditions. The safety of all models in LI has obtained the highest safety rating certification in many tests.

Image source: LI

  It is worth mentioning that LI has broken the pain point of slow delivery of new models in the automobile industry during the period of capacity climbing, and created the industry trend of "release means listing, listing means quantity, and quantity means high quality". With the intensification of competition in the domestic new energy vehicle market, the market share of head enterprises has been increasing. In the third quarter, the penetration rate of LI in the new energy vehicle market of more than 200,000 yuan reached 15.4%, up 4.5 percentage points from the first quarter.

Image source: LI

  LI is also constantly introducing new models. On November 17th, the opening day of Guangzhou Auto Show, the ideal flagship model MEGA officially opened the reservation, and the official price was locked in the range of 500,000-600,000 yuan. After opening the reservation for 1 hour and 42 minutes, the reservation volume exceeded 10,000 vehicles. The new car will be delivered in late February next year, and the listing price will be announced in December this year.

  Not long ago, LI released its financial report for the third quarter of 2023, with both quarterly delivery and financial data hitting record highs. In the third quarter, it delivered 105,108 vehicles, up 296.3% year-on-year. In the third quarter, it won the sales champion of SUV models with a price of over 300,000 yuan and new energy vehicles with a price of over 300,000 yuan. The strong market demand boosted the revenue growth, and the quarterly revenue was 34.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 271.2%. In the same period, the operating profit and net profit were 2.34 billion yuan and 2.81 billion yuan respectively, achieving four consecutive quarters of profit.

  (This article is from Gasgoo, Gasgoo)

E-commerce problem: please merchants or please users?

Original receiver Tech studio

Wen | Rao Yan

Editor | Brother Cai

To do a good job in e-commerce platform, should we pay more attention to merchants or users?

This is a controversial topic, and it is also a problem that is deeply confused by major e-commerce platforms. It seems that there is no standard answer.

Some people think that e-commerce platforms should pay more attention to merchants, because merchants can directly bring benefits to the platform; Some people think that we should pay attention to users, because users are customers who pay for money, "God" and traffic.

Some people think that both users and merchants should pay attention to it, but as a platform, e-commerce will treat merchants and users differently from a strategic perspective or from a specific implementation level, and it will inevitably focus on it.

For a long time in the past, both Ali and JD.COM, as established e-commerce platforms, and Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, as emerging live e-commerce platforms, have consistently put businesses at the strategic core.

Compared with pleasing users, these e-commerce platforms pay more attention to pleasing merchants. After all, merchants can bring advertising, commissions and other service fees to the platform, which is also an important part of the existence of e-commerce platforms.

However, in the last two years, this concept has undergone a major change, and e-commerce platforms have begun to pay more attention to users.

In 2023, Ma Yun set the theme of "returning to Taobao, returning to users and returning to the Internet" for Ali’s transformation. One of the three themes is returning to users, emphasizing the importance of users.

In fact, Ali paid more attention to merchants in his early years, and "valuing merchants and neglecting users" was even regarded as Ali’s own gene. But now, while regaining the low-price strategy, Ali emphasizes paying attention to users and interprets e-commerce with his own experience. More attention should be paid to the laws of users.

JD.COM has repeatedly emphasized the importance of users in the process of pushing forward the low-price strategy. On March 29th, Liu Qiangdong, the founder of JD.COM, issued a letter to all employees, announcing that the corporate culture of JD.COM has been upgraded, and the core values of JD.COM have been upgraded to: customer first, innovation, hard work, responsibility, gratitude and honesty. Customer first has been used and put in the first place.

As a rising star of e-commerce, Pinduoduo has emphasized the importance of users since its establishment. Both its simple and direct "10 billion subsidy" and its harsh "only refund" model show the fact that Pinduoduo cares more about users than merchants.

As the latter, Pinduoduo can snatch food from other e-commerce platforms and develop rapidly. Paying attention to users is undoubtedly one of the secrets, which is also the real practice of the idea of "turning capitalism upside down" put forward by the founder of Pinduoduo in his early years.

At the end of last year, Taobao and JD.COM also launched a "refund only" service; At the beginning of this year, Tik Tok e-commerce also launched a fast refund service after delivery, which is aimed at all small shop merchants in the Tik Tok platform; At about the same time, Aauto Quicker e-commerce also upgraded the refund function after merchants agreed to reject it.

At this point, "refund only" has become a standard in the e-commerce industry, which means that the e-commerce platform finally chooses to lean towards consumers in the balance of interests of merchants, brands and users, and the e-commerce platform competes for users again.

In fact, the essence of retail is to provide users with better goods at lower prices and better services. In this sense, the e-commerce platform attaches importance to users, which is not only a transformation, but also a return, or a subversion of traditional production relations.


How do merchants and users view e-commerce platforms?

Consumers and businesses have different views on how e-commerce should be done and what kind of e-commerce the market needs.

Wang Li is a middle-level manager of an Internet giant. In the past years, he has been advocating all kinds of luxury goods. Many salespeople of big brands are his "WeChat friends". The annual shopping expenses range from hundreds of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

However, in the last three years, Wang Li’s consumption concept has changed. He is no longer obsessed with big brands, but pays more attention to adaptability. He usually shops through e-commerce platforms. "The quality of fruits that are killed by e-commerce platforms in a limited time is not worse than that of boutique merchants.; Daily necessities can also be purchased on the e-commerce platform. "

"Some daily necessities don’t need to pursue quality too much, as long as they can meet the demand. As for whether it is a brand or not, it is not that important on which platform to buy it." Wang Li told "handset tech (ID: tingtontech)".

Like Wang Li, more and more consumers are no longer loyal to an e-commerce platform, but choose the products they need to buy on different e-commerce platforms. They choose according to their needs, instead of blindly pursuing quality, they pay more attention to cost performance.

So what kind of e-commerce platform are businesses more willing to settle in?

The ultimate pursuit of merchants is to maximize profits. Which e-commerce platform can make merchants realize greater benefits, merchants are willing to cooperate with which platform. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal, which requires the cooperation between merchants and platforms, involving advertising services, commissions, platform policies, platform logistics, and promotional activities.

Liu Ming, the head of the manufacturer of clothing, shoes and hats in Guangzhou, told Earphone Tech that he was more willing to settle in Taobao and Tmall in his early years, because Ali paid more attention to the support and protection of merchants, and the platform brand was well-known and the traffic was large. "But in recent years, the traffic of Taotian was not as good as before, and our income was also affected."

In recent years, Liu Ming has changed his strategy and adopted a multi-platform operation mode. According to the characteristics and differences of various e-commerce platforms, he has promoted different product lines and diversified price systems. At the same time, he has increased cooperation with live broadcast e-commerce companies such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker.

Feng Li, a small and medium-sized manufacturer of towels, recently told "Earphone Tech" that "we have cooperated with different e-commerce platforms, and went to stock through Pinduoduo and 1688, and mainly made brands in Tmall."

Feng Li said that although the profit margin of low-priced platforms is not high, the sales volume is good. Although the profit margin of quality products is high, the investment is also more. "For example, the cost of Tmall stores is much higher and the operating costs are relatively large."

Feng Li calculated that compared with other e-commerce platforms, the profit rate of towels on Pinduoduo was at least 2 points higher, because of a large number of orders. "We also broadcast live in Aauto Quicker, and the price is also very cheap, and the sales volume is not bad." Feng Li said that the main income for one year now comes from two platforms: Pinduoduo and Aauto Quicker.

For businesses, it will cost more to be a brand. In the current economic situation, large sales volume and low cost are the pursuit of all businesses, and they are also the common requirements of a large number of small and medium-sized businesses for e-commerce platforms.

In recent years, with the return of mass consumption to rationality, the sales of many high-premium brand products have declined. In order to save the market, some high-premium brands have begun to cut prices sharply.

This is also an important reason for the rapid rise of Pinduoduo and Aauto Quicker in the past two years. In a rational consumption channel, excessive pursuit of brand premium won’t work, and high cost-effective goods have a way out. The surge in sales of white-brand goods in the past two years is also this logic.


Should e-commerce please merchants or please consumers?

Should the e-commerce platform pay more attention to merchants or consumers? There seems to be no standard answer, but time and reality give the final answer.

As a veteran e-commerce, Ali paid more attention to merchants in his early years, and "emphasizing merchants and neglecting users" was also regarded as a major feature of Ali. Ali emphasized in his early years that "there should be no difficult business in the world".

In the early days of e-commerce, many merchants didn’t understand e-commerce and wouldn’t sell online. Taobao put forward such a concept in those years, but now the times are different and e-commerce has matured. The platform should not only focus on how merchants sell good goods, but should pay more attention to letting consumers buy good goods.

For a long time in the past, Taobao Tmall’s platform grew bigger and bigger, and its business developed faster and faster, but users did not feel better service.

Sometimes there is a contradiction between users and merchants. When merchants can’t solve users’ problems, the platform customer service either can’t contact or doesn’t solve the problems. The customer service efficiency is very low, and many users have complained about such problems.

In those years, during the annual promotion activities, users finally enjoyed some preferential prices, and the e-commerce platform also vigorously promoted preferential prices. However, what the end users felt was not real cheap, but various words and routines, and the algorithms were also very complicated. In order to enjoy the preferential prices, users had to meet various requirements.

What is even more unacceptable to consumers is that even if users place orders in this way, they finally find that it is not much cheaper. Moreover, the e-commerce platform has been playing in this way for many years until consumers are bored with it.

In 2023, just as Ali’s market value was once surpassed by Pinduoduo, Ali employees left messages on the intranet, bluntly saying that Taotian should "simply buy, simply return, less routines and more benefits", which spoke out the voices of many users and also showed that Ali began to realize the problem.

In fact, Taobao’s early positioning was similar to that of Pinduoduo, and it grew up with low prices and small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, Ali later abandoned many small and medium-sized businesses on his own initiative.

A few years ago, Ali firmly believed that an era of consumption upgrading was coming. Therefore, Taobao constantly upgraded its brand, introduced a large number of brands to settle in, and the annual technical service fee and default bond of the store also increased, causing some small and medium-sized businesses with weak competitiveness to leave Taobao.

This wave even spread to AliExpress, a cross-border e-commerce platform owned by Ali at that time. Around 2016, AliExpress more aggressively promoted brand transformation, requiring merchants to have corporate qualifications and brand authorization, and comprehensively cleaned up individual sellers.

In this way, not only small and medium-sized businesses have left Taotian and AliExpress, but also users have begun to choose other e-commerce platforms. The impact on Ali is that the development of Taotian has slowed down, the traffic has been separated, and the frequency and retention time of users have become less and less.

About ten years ago, AliExpress had almost no China rivals in the cross-border e-commerce field at that time, and it was very convenient for merchants to sell goods. With one click, the product information on Taobao could be transported to AliExpress. However, the departure of small and medium-sized merchants made AliExpress develop slowly after its initial success. In the last two years, the cross-border e-commerce fire broke out, and AliExpress started early but caught up with a late episode.

When Ali realized all this, the Internet had already bid farewell to the high-growth era in the past and entered the moment with the theme of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. At this time, Ali had to face not only Pinduoduo, a rapidly rising opponent, but also the impact brought by live e-commerce on short video platforms, and the original advantages of Taobao and Tmall were weakening.

To this end, Ali launched the largest organizational change since its establishment in 2023, and then made personnel adjustments. Zhang Yong’s position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group was handed over to Cai Chongxin, and the CEO position was taken over by Wu Yongming. The CEO of Taotian Group, the core e-commerce business, was also replaced at the end of last year.

Ma Yun thinks that the situation of Taotian Group is very serious, and asks Ali to return to Taobao, users and the Internet.

If Ali started to return to users after a long walk, then Pinduoduo, as a rising star, decided to put users first from the beginning.

Unlike Ali, who pays more attention to businesses, Pinduoduo cares more about users. Ali emphasizes "no hard business in the world", while Pinduoduo makes users feel that "there is no hard goods in the world".

In fact, low price is a universal demand. No matter the rich or the poor, there is a demand for "what they want" at an "affordable price", and Pinduoduo attracts people who are looking for high cost performance.

People in this group may spend a lot of money on an expensive brand-name watch or spend 9.9 yuan on a towel, and Wang Li is one of them.

When Pinduoduo was founded, data showed that about 90% of China adults had never drunk Starbucks, 1.3 billion people had never been abroad, and 1 billion people had never been on an airplane, and low-and middle-income people still accounted for the vast majority.

What Pinduoduo needs to do is matching, so that the right people can buy the right things in the right scene, which can not only provide the consumers in the sinking market with the right goods, but also provide the consumers in the first-and second-tier cities with the matching goods categories.

This is not a consumption downgrade, but a consumption classification. Pinduoduo’s approach also has its own unique business logic.

The founder of Pinduoduo once wrote an article called "Turn Capitalism upside down", which mentioned that as the ultimate representative of capitalism, the essence of insurance is that the poor spend money to buy a product that "seeks stability in an uncertain future" from the rich, so as to strengthen their ability to resist risks, and eventually wealth will flow from the poor to the rich.

The article puts forward a hypothesis, can the rich buy "insurance" from the poor in reverse, that is, buy a kind of stability, so that wealth can flow from the rich to the poor?

"Everyone’s wishes, their needs and plans at some point in the future are often much clearer than others. Moreover, this kind of everyone’s planning and willingness, as well as the individual’s certainty of a certain behavior, are often valuable to the supplier who meets the demand. It can reduce the uncertainty of organizational production and help achieve more effective allocation of resources and capital. "

Based on this concept, the article believes that if there is a platform that can get enough customers to buy a certain product, integrate the customers’ needs and send an order to the factory, the factory will sell the products to these customers at a price lower than the market price.

Moreover, because this order pays a certainty to the factory, the factory can reduce the risk of market research and forecasting the production direction of the market, and also reduce the inventory cost.

In a sense, this is a new type of relations of production, which was really realized by Pinduoduo later, and became the underlying logic of Pinduoduo.

Perhaps many people once resented Pinduoduo’s "cutting a knife", but they have to admit that Pinduoduo’s "reverse capitalism" has succeeded. In the past two years, while most Internet giants have experienced a trough, Pinduoduo has been growing substantially.

This is not so much a victory of the new e-commerce model as a victory of embracing users in the Internet age.


How does the e-commerce platform please users?

How should the e-commerce platform please users? The first is low price.

The essence of retail is to provide users with better goods at lower prices and better services. Low price is the big killer, and cheap is the last word, which is also the truth confirmed by the development of domestic e-commerce.

Domestic e-commerce has developed for so many years, and the competition has never stopped, and the means of competition are also varied. However, the most powerful means of competition has never changed, and it is still a price war.

On June 1st, 2019, Pinduoduo entered the "618 Promotion" for the first time in an all-round way, and announced that in the form of "10 billion yuan cash subsidy", joint brand merchants would make substantial profits on 10,000 items with the highest popularity in the whole network.

Compared with the subsidies of other e-commerce platforms with complicated algorithms, Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies are simple and straightforward, either directly subsidizing or directly reducing prices, and there is no need to make a bill or play "full reduction", which also makes Pinduoduo, which was originally dominant in the sinking market, win more shares and uses.

According to the data in the early years, during the period of June 18, 2019, the number of orders in Pinduoduo exceeded 1.08 billion, and GMV increased by over 300% year-on-year. Since then, the subsidy of 10 billion yuan has become a long-term strategy of Pinduoduo and a powerful means to attract users. By this means, Pinduoduo artificially created a price depression and snatched a large number of user orders from Tmall and JD.COM.

In fact, in the early years, Taobao also defeated offline retail by relying on low prices, and began the prosperity of e-commerce; JD.COM also defeated Dangdang, the dominant book e-commerce company at that time, and Suning, the leading retailer of traditional household appliances, through low prices, thus winning a relatively stable market position.

Only later, with the continuous development of Taobao and JD.COM, the advantage of low price was lost. Until 2023, these two platforms began to pay attention to low price again.

In fact, since 2023, almost all e-commerce platforms have launched low prices. Besides Taotian and JD.COM, there are also live e-commerce platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker. Like Pinduoduo, e-commerce in Aauto Quicker is also based on the sinking market, and in 2023, it ushered in a rapid growth in performance.

In addition to low prices, another way for e-commerce platforms to please users is to improve service quality and improve user experience. Since 2023, almost all e-commerce platforms have been working hard to improve the user experience.

Ali determined the theme of returning to e-commerce and returning to users, and established the strategy of building a big amoy. Facing the future, Taotian has determined three directions of "innovation and innovation", upgrading new scenes, new ecology and new technologies, among which the first one is user priority.

At the end of 2023, after Ma Yun shouted "Ali will change", Liu Qiangdong also replied to employees’ comments on the company intranet that JD.COM must change, otherwise there is no way out. "I believe we will definitely get out of the trough. Anyone and any company will experience several peaks and valleys to achieve greatness. "

Xu Ran, CEO of JD.COM, also responded that JD.COM has made some progress in price competitiveness, platform ecological construction and supply chain advantages. While the number of merchants has further expanded, the increase in the number of users has also proved the optimization of platform ecological construction.

Xu Ran said, "In the long run, JD.COM will resolutely pursue the ultimate user experience to maintain its core competitive advantage".

When e-commerce platforms begin to pursue low prices and changes, they all begin to emphasize user experience, which also means that e-commerce companies are changing their business philosophy and paying more attention to users’ needs.

Why are a large number of industrial belt enterprises willing to dig deep into the white-brand track? When the business model is based on "maximizing the unit consumption benefit", businesses can provide consumers with the products that best meet their actual needs at the lowest cost and price, and thus survive and develop.

In the future industrial world, whoever controls consumers will control manufacturing. If you can’t directly connect with consumers, you can’t win consumers, and you are doomed to have no longer-term future.

This is the future of retail and the long-term doctrine of e-commerce.

(Wang Li, Liu Ming and Li Feng are all pseudonyms. )

(Image source network intrusion. )


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(Disclaimer: This article is only for information exchange and does not constitute any investment reference suggestions. )


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