Hot spots of the week | work together to curb the chaos of auto loans; It is estimated that car sales will reach 29.5 million units in 2023; A wide-temperature lithium battery that can also be used at

1. Goldman Sachs and UBS released reports optimistic about China’s economic growth prospects.

Foreign financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and UBS recently released their respective reports on China’s economic outlook in 2024, predicting that China’s economy is expected to continue to pick up and improve in 2024. From the perspective of the troika, consumption has maintained recovery, investment has continued to increase, and exports have improved. (Xinhua News Agency)

2. The latest voice of the Ministry of Commerce on new energy vehicles

The spokesperson said that the Ministry of Commerce will do a good job in three upgrades in the fourth quarter to further promote the stability and quality of foreign trade: First, enhance the efforts of enterprises to expand market services, give full play to the trade promotion role of exhibition platforms, and increase support for enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, facilitate cross-border business personnel exchanges, and ensure the efficient and smooth transportation of foreign trade goods; The second is to improve the level of foreign trade innovation and development.Promote the introduction of special policies to promote trade cooperation in new energy vehicles and improve the development level of processing trade., carry out the assessment and evaluation of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, and give full play to the demonstration and leading role of excellent cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area; The third is to improve the level of foreign trade financial services, promote the increase of import and export credit support, increase support for small and medium-sized micro-foreign trade enterprises, expand the underwriting scale and coverage of export credit insurance, and escort enterprises to explore the market. (Cailian)

3. Economic Daily: Work together to curb the chaos of auto loans.

The frequent occurrence of automobile loan fraud cases has become a major problem in the automobile industry. Similar cases are common, and some cases even cost more than 100 million yuan. This behavior not only brought huge losses to auto financing companies, but also seriously affected the healthy development of the auto market. Auto financing companies and auto dealers need to be more strict and meticulous in customer qualification examination and loan approval process. For any abnormal trading behavior, there should be more acute vigilance and strict review mechanism. For consumers, when buying a car, they should know the information of the car in many aspects, including the source, price and quality of the car, and try to choose a car dealer with brand guarantee. Don’t blindly trust some unreliable merchants because of the greed for cheap. In addition, government departments should strengthen the supervision of the auto finance industry and establish a cross-departmental and cross-regional cooperation mechanism. (national business daily)

4. In 2023, it is estimated that the car sales will reach 29.5 million units, a record high.

Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the Association, issued a document saying that in 2023, the automobile market in China is facing a gradual improvement trend. In January and February, the automobile market was greatly affected by the Spring Festival factor and the withdrawal of subsidies. From March to May, driven by last year’s low base, the overall year-on-year surge; Strong export and domestic demand from June to October promoted high growth. The recovery of commercial vehicles in China automobile market is strong, and the passenger car market continues to improve due to the fall of real estate. With the increase of policy guidelines for the automobile industry at the national level and the further stabilization and expansion of automobile consumption, the growth of the automobile market in October exceeded expectations. Recently, the domestic consumption and export of passenger cars have contributed a lot, and the overall automobile market has continued to strengthen. It is expected to reach 29.5 million units in the whole year, a record high. (Multiplication Association)

5, "China Intelligent Networked Automobile Technical Regulations" automatic driving evaluation rules released.

Recently, the Automobile Evaluation Management Center of China Automobile Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. released the automatic driving evaluation rules of China Intelligent Networked Automobile Technical Regulations. The automatic driving evaluation rules released this time mainly include two parts: "real road performance" and "realizable function". "Real road performance" mainly evaluates three aspects: safety guarantee, driving experience and traffic efficiency. "Realizable function" mainly evaluates basic scenes and complex scenes during the use of autonomous driving, and comprehensively considers the safety, comfort, efficiency, takeover time and minimum risk strategy of autonomous driving system. China Intelligent Networked Vehicle Technical Specification will be implemented step by step, and a complete evaluation system is expected to be launched in 2025. (Xinhua News Agency)

6, waste lithium battery recycling to be standardized

In recent years, with the rising price of metal raw materials such as lithium, the recycling industry of waste lithium batteries has become a "hot" track. Experts and enterprises interviewed said that the recycling of waste lithium batteries can not only solve the environmental problems brought by retired lithium batteries, but also help to make up for the shortage of key mineral resources such as lithium, cobalt and nickel in China. On the occasion of the "retirement tide" of power batteries in new energy vehicles, efforts should be made to standardize recycling channels, formulate industry standards and strengthen supervision to promote the benign development of waste lithium batteries recycling industry. (Economic Information Daily)

7. Tsinghua and other 985 universities offer HarmonyOS courses.

21 985 colleges and universities including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Harbin Institute of Technology have all offered courses on Huawei’s HarmonyOS system. From the courses offered, the main contents are HarmonyOS principle and application development course, Web programming technology course based on HarmonyOS, intelligent system new engineering course integrating HarmonyOS technology, etc. It is reported that this kind of course is a collaborative education project of industry-university cooperation between Huawei and universities under the guidance of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. (First Electric)

8. The production line of the world’s first 256-line gauge lidar will be put into mass production soon.

Dr. Li Yuan, CEO of Beixing (Beijing) Photonic Technology Co., Ltd. recently revealed that the world’s first production line for mass production of 256-line car gauge lidar jointly built by Beixing and Jabil has been basically completed and will be officially put into production in the near future. This means that the mass-produced car gauge lidar with the highest number of lines in the industry is about to usher in mass production. According to Dr. Li Yuan, this is a highly automated production line with digital control, which can realize the automated production of more than 100 laser radar core processes, and meet the mass production requirements of multi-model high-precision laser radars, with a total annual production capacity of more than 300,000 units. (First Electric)

9. Guangzhou will restrict the passage of electric bicycles in some sections.

From December 15th, Guangzhou will restrict the passage of electric bicycles in some sections. If the initial plan is fully implemented, the daily needs of residents such as take-away delivery and picking up children from school will be affected in the restricted area, so this plan is controversial. (Caixin. com)

10. OpenAI confirmed the development of GPT5, which may have super intelligence.

OpenAI has started to build the next generation artificial intelligence model ChatGPT 5. Sam Altman, CEO of the company, confirmed the news and claimed that this model may have super intelligence, but to achieve this goal, it needs further investment from its long-term partner Microsoft. Altman also said that technically, it is difficult to accurately predict what new functions and skills the model may have. (First Electric)

11、NVIDIA releases new generation chip H200.

On the evening of November 13th, Beijing time, NVIDIA released a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) processor H200. This is a graphics processor (GPU) designed to train and deploy various artificial intelligence models. The new H200 GPU is an upgraded product of the current H100, which integrates 141 GB of memory. When used for reasoning or generating answers to questions, the performance is improved by 60% to 90% compared with H100. (Sina Technology)

12. US solid-state battery developers have delivered the first batch of samples to BMW.

Recently, Solid Power, Inc, an American developer of solid-state battery technology, announced in the company’s third-quarter financial report that its first batch of sample A batteries had entered the stage of loading verification. According to the press release, Solid Power has delivered the first batch of A-1 electric vehicle batteries to BMW, and revealed that the delivery of BMW’s demonstration car project is on the right track, which means that the company’s solid-state batteries have officially entered the stage of loading verification. (Cailian)

13. BYD looks up to the official map of the Yi Sifang concept car.

BYD’s Lookup Auto will release the Yifangfang concept car at this Guangzhou Auto Show. In terms of appearance, this test drive is modified on the basis of Lookup U8. The whole body adopts hollow design, even the front windshield is omitted, and the center console and other configurations are removed inside, and the rear row is covered with roll cages. According to reports, this concept car is mainly to show the special features of the easy square technology. The steering column and brake calipers are removed, and the steering and braking of the vehicle are completely realized by the precise control of the four motors by the easy square platform. (First Electric)

14. The life of zinc battery is greatly increased, and it is expected to be comparable to lithium battery.

Compared with lithium-ion batteries, zinc-ion batteries have the ability to store a lot of energy and the risk of fire is lower. However, repeated charge and discharge cycles often lead to the formation of dendrites on the surface of zinc, thus reducing the life of the battery. The research team combined the biopolymer xanthan gum with the ionic conductive polymer to form the protective film of the battery electrode. The protective film is rich in oxygen functional groups, which can make zinc evenly deposited on the electrode surface, and the dendrite problem is obviously alleviated. Even after repeated charge and discharge for 200 days, the film shows remarkable stability. (First Electric)

15. China’s first lithium battery with wide temperature range appeared at the Hi-Tech Fair.

The 25th China International Hi-tech Fair, or Hi-Tech Fair, is being held in Shenzhen. At this high-tech fair, the research team of China Academy of Sciences brought a wide-temperature lithium battery that can be used normally in the range of minus 70 degrees Celsius to plus 80 degrees Celsius, providing technical support for the use of new energy vehicles in extreme temperatures such as winter. (First Electric)

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Xu Jiayin is going to build a super-run, Baiteng no longer has the position of president, and Xpeng Motors has increased its price | Weekly of New Forces for Building Cars.

  Guoneng established a joint venture with Koenigsegg, Weilai planned to issue 650 million US dollars of convertible bonds, Weimar signed a cooperation with Meituan by taxi, Baiteng announced that it would no longer set up the post of president, and the price of Tucki G3 increased by 20,000-34,000 yuan.

  Guoneng establishes joint venture with Koenigsegg.

  On January 29th, US time, Koenigsegg Automotive AB, a Swedish supercar company, sold 20% of its shares to NEVS. NEVS, a Swedish electric vehicle company controlled by Evergrande, acquired Saab in 2012.

  Recently, Evergrande invested US$ 172 million to establish a joint venture with Koenigsegg, in which Guoneng Electric Vehicle Sweden Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Evergrande, holds 65% and Koenigsegg holds 35%.

  Christian Von Koenigsegg, CEO of Koenigsegg, said: "Koenigsegg is using our unique technology to explore new areas and explore and develop new products. This partnership will create excellent conditions for the development of the Koenigsegg supercar market, and at the same time enable us to enter an undeveloped market together with NEVS. "

  On the same day, Koenigsegg announced that Guoneng Electric Vehicle will set up a joint venture with it to produce cars by using the Saab automobile factory previously acquired by Guoneng Automobile. Guoneng Automobile will invest 150 million euros (US$ 172 million) in Koenigsegg.

  Weilai plans to issue $650 million convertible bonds.

  On January 30th, Weilai issued $650 million in convertible bonds.

  Convertible bonds are a cheaper financing method, because coupon rate is low, and bondholders can choose to convert bonds into company stocks at a set price in the future. This stock mechanism provides investors with fixed income and is expected to profit from the rise of the issuer’s share price.

  Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and UBS are the joint bookkeepers of the transaction.

  Wei Lai said that according to market and other conditions, it is planned to issue convertible bonds due in 2024 with a total amount of 650 million US dollars. The company intends to grant first-time bond buyers a 30-day option to purchase up to an additional $100 million in bonds.

  The proceeds from the sale of convertible bonds are planned to pay for cost-limited call transactions and zero-strike call option transactions, while the remaining funds will continue to be used for research and development of products, services and technologies, production facilities and promotion of supply chain, sales and marketing and other working capital needs.

  As one of Weilai’s shareholders, Tencent Holdings Limited and Gaoyao Capital Management Limited are expected to purchase convertible bonds of up to US$ 30 million and US$ 10 million respectively.

  Weilai issued a statement saying that the convertible bonds issued this time are priority bills. It can be converted into American Depositary Receipts (ADSs) of the company, which will expire on February 1, 2024, and it is stipulated that unless certain events happen in the company, the purchaser shall not repurchase, redeem or convert according to its terms before this date, and the company shall not redeem the notes in advance.

  At the same time, it is stated that under certain conditions of the enterprise, the bill holder can ask the company to buy back all or part of the bill in cash, and the bill holder can convert his bill according to his option from the second business day before receiving the redemption due date.

  After the conversion, the company will deliver ADSs to the converted holder and pay cash instead of interest rate. The interest rate, initial conversion rate and other terms of the bond will be determined at the time of pricing.

  Weimar and Meituan signed cooperation by taxi

  On January 30th, Weimar Automobile and Meituan took a taxi to reach a strategic cooperation. This cooperation has built a perfect new retail system, covering many consumption scenarios including car purchase, car use and car rental.

  In this regard, Meituan said that Meituan taxi and Weimar have already started cooperation in Shanghai. Since January 21st, Meituan taxi users in Shanghai have been able to hit the cooperative Weimar car. This cooperation is the first time that Meituan has taken a taxi to join hands with a car host manufacturer, and the two sides will jointly explore a better user travel experience.

  Since 2018, the travel brand of Weimar Automobile, namely Guest Bank, has gradually begun to lay out travel services including public charging, urban shared car rental, travel shared car rental and online car rental. Through this cooperation, Weimar Automobile introduced its first mass-produced pure electric SUV EX5 to Meituan taxi platform, trying to introduce new retail into the online car consumption scene.

  Meituan taxis open up traffic, big data and product operation capabilities, provide users with connections, and pre-position Weimar cars from low-frequency new retail experience links to users’ high-frequency daily travel scenarios.

  Baiteng announced that he would no longer set up the post of president.

  On January 29th, Baiteng Automobile announced the latest resolution of the board of directors on the adjustment of corporate governance structure.

  The company will set up the positions of chairman and CEO, instead of the position of president. The chairman will be Dr. Carsten Breitfeld and the CEO will be Dr. Dr. Daniel Kirchert.

  As the co-founders of the company, Dr. Bi Fukang and Dr. Daniel Kirchert will work closely together to lead the company’s strategy formulation and achieve this year’s core goal, that is, to achieve the high-quality mass production of the first pure electric SUV Batten M-Byte as planned. The appointment takes effect from now on.

  Under the new corporate governance structure, the chairman’s main responsibilities are to coordinate all shareholders to support the company’s development, preside over the formulation of medium and long-term business development plans and product strategies, and preside over board meetings and shareholders’ meetings; The main responsibility of the CEO is to preside over the daily operation of the company and implement the decisions of the board of directors.

  The price of Tucki G3 increased by 20,000-34,000 yuan.

  According to the official news of Xpeng Motors, the price of Xpeng Motors G3 after subsidy has been adjusted from February 1st, and the unified price after subsidy has been adjusted from 135,800 to 165,800 yuan to 155,800 to 199,800 yuan. The price increase range is 20,000-34,000 yuan.

  Tucki G3 is positioned as a pure electric compact SUV, equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a total power of 145kW, and uses ternary lithium battery as the driving power supply. According to official information, the 0-50km/h acceleration time of Tucki G3 is 3.7 seconds, the cruising range of constant speed is 550km, and the cruising range of NEDC is 365km.

  At the same time, Xpeng Motors has also made great efforts to lay out infrastructure such as charging stations. By the end of 2018, Xpeng Motors has signed contracts to lay out more than 100 charging infrastructure facilities called "super charging stations" in more than 10 first-and second-tier cities such as Beishangguangshenhang.

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Chery TIGGO tiggo tiggo 9 goes global.

On May 31st, the global launch conference of Chery TIGGO Tiggo 9 was held in Beijing, and five models were launched, including the leading version, the deluxe version, the distinguished version, the ultimate version and the flagship version, with an official guide price of 152,900-203,900 yuan.

Tiggo 9 is the first model built by Chery Automobile based on the Mars architecture-super hybrid platform, which integrates the most advanced product technology and configuration points of the Tiggo family. Its launch is an important node for Chery to start a new global journey in the new era.

Since the listing of the first generation of Chery Tiggo, it has always reflected the development and evolution of domestic automobile brands and is a witness to the rise of domestic brands. The brand-new Tiggo 9 listed this time will bring users a higher quality and higher value life experience through the global upgrade with the strength of "9 leapfrog comforts +3 flagship qualities".

As one of the earliest global car companies in China, Chery Automobile has been the export champion of China passenger car brand for 20 consecutive years, and has become the "China business card" loved by users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. As the pioneer and forerunner of self-owned brand SUV, the Tiggo series has achieved the brilliant achievement of "300W+ global users" since its birth 18 years ago.

Wuhu Daily reporter Zhao Dandan

All-round SUV extremely krypton x 189,800 yuan compact luxury sets a new benchmark in the market.

   On April 12, 2023, at the press conference in Chengdu, the new luxury all-around SUV was officially launched, with a price of 189,800 yuan. From now on, users can order through Krypton APP, Krypton official website, Krypton Center and Krypton Space in major cities in China.

  At the press conference, Extreme Krypton X showed the first five configurations in the industry, the only 20 configurations at the same level, and more than 100 standard systems. An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology, said that based on the luxury experience needs of users around the world, Extreme Krypton X has completely subverted the five core areas of design, performance, safety, space and configuration, aiming at the compact luxury market with the largest volume in China and even the world, creating a new standard for the compact luxury market and setting a new benchmark for the industry.

  Led by the world-renowned designer Steve Sielaff, Extreme Krypton X adheres to the design attitude of "originality is justice" that the Group has always adhered to, and combines the design concept of "unbounded city" with forward-looking scientific and technological innovation technology to interpret the original innovative luxury beauty of the compact luxury car market. For the first time in history, Krypton X applied the forward-looking design of the concept car to a compact luxury car. The frameless door design, frameless electric exterior rearview mirror, hidden electric charging flap, and even the water cut on the window glass were "smoothed" by the designer at any cost. You can also choose an electric door without a door handle and the technology of an ultra-luxury brand like aston martin to create an extremely pure body profile. The simple logo of micron electroforming process is only half the original thickness, and the metal relief texture is more refined and the artistic texture is sublimated again.

  Extreme Krypton X has designed the industry’s first intelligent B-pillar interaction system, which integrates ToF 3D camera and a multimedia touch screen. Users can easily unlock and lock the vehicle through facial recognition, and the display content on the B-pillar screen can also be directly related to the scene mode, which can easily and quickly complete the intelligent interaction inside and outside the vehicle. Later, more personalized functions can be created through OTA.

  In order to better meet the needs of compact users, Krypton X starts from the space pain point of target customers, breaks the traditional bondage and realizes space super-transformation. According to the survey, the utilization rate of the rear row space of the original compact model on the market is less than 11%. Krypton X has transformed the rear middle seat used at low frequency to create the first four-seat model in the compact luxury market. Through electric adjustment, the rear row seat can be folded up with one button, and the fixed central armrest has also been transformed into an imaginative and intelligent island, so that the limited space can be completely opened and the space flexibility can be further improved.

  Zero-speed 3.7s, 5.7L large-capacity embedded refrigerator, the first 14.6-inch electric sliding smart screen and 4D cloud zero-gravity seat of the same class, and nearly 100,000 delivered batteries with zero fire & HELIP; … The new luxury of Krypton X debuted, creating a new market standard with the highest standard of Krypton safety in the industry and becoming a representative model leading the compact luxury car market.

Huawei Zhang Wenlin: Digital technology accelerates the transformation and upgrading of media industry.

  On May 20th, the 2021 China International Intelligent Communication Forum, with the theme of "Intelligent Communication in the New Era", hosted by the Central Radio and Television General Station and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, kicked off in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Vice Minister Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Shen Haixiong, Deputy Secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee and Governor Wu Zhenglong attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered speeches. Huang Qin, secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, and Du Xiaogang, deputy secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and mayor, delivered a keynote speech. A number of industry experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and representatives of Chinese and foreign media gathered in Wuxi to talk about the new future of intelligent communication. Zhang Wenlin, President of Huawei’s Strategy Department, attended the main forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Digital Technology Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Media Industry".

  Zhang Wenlin, President of Huawei’s Strategy Department, delivered a keynote speech on "Digital Technology Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Media Industry" in the main forum.

  First, the era of ultra-high-definition video has arrived, and it is accelerating towards 4K/8K and richer experiences.

  On March 1, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television and the Central Radio and Television General Station jointly issued the Action Plan for the Development of Ultra HD Video Industry (2019— 2022). The overall goal of the action plan is to vigorously promote the development of ultra-high-definition video industry and its application in related fields in accordance with the overall technical route of "4K first and 8K second". In September, 2020, HDRVivid, the key technical standard of ultra-high definition video industry in China, was officially announced. In the Spring Festival Evening of 2021, the world’s first 8K ultra-high-definition TV live screen was fresh in memory. The era of ultra-high definition is coming. The penetration rate of family 4K TV in China has exceeded 70%, and the number of families with 4K receiving ability has reached 200 million.

  Technological changes have driven the development of the industry, and the requirements for efficiency, quality and computing power in film and television production have been greatly improved. Driven by the demand for accelerated remote collaboration in the epidemic, it is accelerating the overall cloud. Taking film and television works as an example, from Avatar in 2009 to Alita in 2019, the number of special effects shots doubled, and the requirements for calculation and storage increased by more than four times; There are also super variety shows, the number of shots is increased by 10 times, the quality is required to start at 4K, the production time is required to be shortened, and the parallel computing is required to be improved by 10 times. Starting from supporting the efficient production of content, AI will completely change the future creation and production mode, from the production end to the consumption end. There are a lot of pain points that need to be solved by AI intelligence in the whole process of current content production, and the changes in the future film and television industry need innovative technical support.

  Second, the ultra-high-definition industry will be scaled up to promote technological innovation and industrial transformation.

  Throughout the 14 th Five-Year Plan, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating, and the deep integration of virtual reality technology and digital technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G is having a profound and extensive impact on the economic and social development process. In recent years, the policies and plans of the General Administration of Radio and Television and the Film Bureau have clearly put forward the requirements for technology and industrial development, and the core points to four aspects: open innovation, deepening development, all-round promotion and industrial upgrading.

  Huawei is deeply involved in video media technology and continues to innovate: In the past 25 years, from multimedia communication to video products serving radio and television/operators, it has gradually built the video development capability of the whole process and industry, and through in-depth and comprehensive research on audio and video basic technologies, it has been actively contributing to and promoting the formulation of open and innovative industrial standards and international standards with innovative technologies, and promoting industrial upgrading.

  The key basic technology of ultra-high-definition video is firstly HDR. Since the release of the HDR standard by the Ultra-high-definition Alliance, the HDRVivid industry has become increasingly mature: commercial products in all sectors of the industry have been fully launched, and all mainstream manufacturers in all sectors will launch products and contents supporting this technical standard during the year, greatly enhancing the visual experience of consumers; Then there is DRM, the key guarantee technology of ultra-high-definition industry: multilateral enterprises in the industrial chain jointly build a trust center DTA, creating an open standard, transparent and credible service model for global multilateral cooperation; Domestic and foreign manufacturers have participated in it, and the ecosystem has become increasingly mature, escorting the security of ultra-high-definition content.

  At CCTV main station ‘ 5G+4K/8K+AI’ Driven by the strategy, the whole industry is accelerating the comprehensive technological upgrading and transformation such as IP and cloud. The ultra-high-definition video production and broadcasting platform built by CCTV will form an ultra-high-definition program production capacity with an annual output of 10,000 hours (including new media and TV terminals), which will greatly promote the large-scale application of ultra-high-definition content, and then promote new business models such as live broadcast of ultra-high-definition TV theaters, support unified distribution for various end users, and accelerate the development of industrial integration.

  Three, industrial change to stimulate technological breakthroughs, business innovation chain reaction

  With the advent of the 5G era, the audio and video industry will realize digitalization, networking and intelligent upgrade. The access of 5G technology will bring new changes to film and television shooting. Media shooting can be made directly on the cloud. Since the National Day military parade of CCTV in 2019, the technology of 5G back transmission after shooting has taken the lead. At present, the technology has gradually matured. Huawei can provide more than 500M of stable bandwidth through 5G super uplink capability, and at the same time, it can provide 1G uplink capability next year, which can be widely used in all kinds of media shooting and live event scenes. By shooting the production scheme on the cloud through live broadcast, the cost of single live broadcast can be reduced by 60%. At the same time, because the live shooting brought by 5G jumps into the cloud, virtual shooting will redefine the shooting mode: by constructing a three-dimensional digital twin space of film and television content, the background of the calculated content can be combined with the physical image of the real shot, which will greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency in the early and late shooting. AI drives motion capture/voice/digital twins/light/spatial positioning and other functions to comprehensively improve the efficiency and quality of film and television content creation.

  The key to upgrading the 4K/8K content production and broadcasting is IP transformation. The media matrix will lead the IP transformation of TV station production and broadcasting, and support 2000 channels of 4K/8K content production and broadcasting in the traditional SDI mode, which requires 32 cabinets and 4 tons of heavy copper cable. The MediaFabric jointly innovated by Huawei and CCTV can complete the same task with two cabinets and about 100 kilograms of optical fiber, and support flexibility and scalability, and support future-oriented evolution.

  The application of technologies such as 5G, IP, cloud and AI in the process of ultra-high definition has contributed to the chemical reaction of business innovation. For example, the free viewing angle in the ultra-high-definition field is becoming a bright spot and hot spot in the industry. The Spring Festival Evening "Heroes of Heaven and Earth" has a high-quality image quality and a full-time 4K free viewing angle, bringing a new viewing experience and rich application scenarios.

  Fourth, cloud-based technologies and services have brought about changes in production, processing and distribution models.

  There will be three revolutionary services on Huawei Cloud:First, digital content is fully produced on the cloud, and various tools such as modeling interaction are efficiently scheduled and operated on the cloud through large-scale flexible computing power; Huawei and its eco-partners are steadily advancing the innovation of cloud production process services, which were officially released together with their partners at the Shanghai Film Festival in June this year. The second is the production on the 4K variety cloud. Based on the production practice of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", Huawei Cloud can realize the simultaneous editing and processing of hundreds of video streams through mature technologies such as real-time processing of proxy files and original files, which greatly accelerates the production efficiency in the later stage of variety. Third, making real-time generation services on the digital people cloud, which will produce film-and-television digital people with anthropomorphic characteristics and real digital twin figures, will be applied to the field of TV variety for the first time, and more innovative scenes such as lifelike digital twin program hosts will greatly enrich the content creation mode. There will be a famous host’s digital twin in the year, so please look forward to it.

  The mature services on Huawei Cloud are also constantly innovating and promoting the development of ultra-HD industry;Intelligent repair function, with accurate AI algorithm to help high-quality, efficient content repair and quality improvement, while improving video quality, enhance users’ willingness to watch. More than 500 films and videos have been restored.

  Explore a new mode of publishing on the cloud;Support the film distribution field to quickly enter the digital service era from the hard disk mailing era. In the field of distribution, there are still many difficult problems in the distribution of the film industry. At present, the distribution for urban cinemas still adopts the mode of hard disk delivery, which is high in cost, easy to damage, low in security and unable to be flexibly scheduled. The cloud service based on timely error correction and security guarantee of Huawei Cloud greatly improves the flexibility, timeliness and security of film distribution.

  5. New market space: integrating innovation and providing the ultimate experience for more users in a timely manner.

  The second live mode is about to provide services in a normal and large scale. It is expected to provide users with more and better enjoyment in cinemas, theaters and various venues that can provide the ultimate experience of film and television content.

  The new home theater will create the second largest cinema market. Through revolutionary experience upgrading, convenient and flexible installation and civilian price, it provides a brand-new video business experience for home users. The AiMax business operation practice of Huawei video and smart screen proves that high-quality home theater experience will stimulate three times the viewing volume, increase the willingness to pay by two times, and incite huge commercial value.

  Generally speaking, under the general trend of the accelerated development of ultra-high-definition industry, various technologies have been iteratively developed, which has spawned various business innovations and business model innovations, and constantly opened up new markets. This will promote the chain reaction of innovation in all aspects of the industry, which requires the joint efforts of the entire industrial ecological partners and the government to provide necessary conditions and convenience for the cluster development of the industry. In this process, Huawei will focus on technological innovation, join hands with partners, actively promote the development of ultra-high-definition technology and industry, and create full-process technological innovation with the support value of 5G, IP, cloud and AI to help the digital transformation and industrial upgrading of the film and television industry in the ultra-high-definition era.

Revealing the live broadcast with goods in close encounter of mahjong! Brush flow with rhythm routines.

  "There is so much meat in it, and the meat pieces are big. It’s really great value." In the live broadcast room, a female anchor gulped a fast food product at the camera; In the comment area, fans also brushed out praises and prepared to place orders; Outside the live broadcast room, zhangxin (pseudonym), a commodity operator, was extremely excited, expecting to sell out 60,000 products prepared through this live broadcast.

  But contrary to expectations, the live broadcast only sold less than 1500 items. Tens of thousands of yuan in membership fees and 60,000 pieces of stock, zhangxin paid nearly 900,000 yuan. After this campaign, he lost confidence in the live broadcast.

  Recently, a number of stars live broadcast goods "overturned", and it was revealed that after charging high fees, the goods sold were pitiful. Zhangxin is the epitome of many merchants who are looking for live broadcast to bring goods, hoping to sell goods through live broadcast. However, in the end, it is not a sharp increase in sales, but a big pit of data fraud, rhythm of billing, membership fees, high sales volume and high return rate.

  Pay first

  A membership fee of 100,000 yuan does not guarantee sales.

  Holding a mobile phone to pay attention to the live delivery of goods on multiple platforms has now become the norm in zhangxin. The competing products sold nearly 9,000 items in the lively live broadcast, which once again stimulated zhangxin’s nerves. "Our products are more real than their materials, and the visual impact in the live broadcast will be even greater. I think it is definitely better than competing products, so I want to take a chance."

  Zhangxin found a number of e-commerce companies, many of which listed their experiences of cooperating with many big anchors, and told him that "the strength of the company need not be worried".

  In zhangxin’s view, the selection of the big anchor will certainly be very strict, and how to get the goods directly into the live broadcast room is his most concerned issue.

  "These are small things. In a word, if you give me the product, we can let them broadcast it." A staff member of a new media company doing live broadcast said. However, before the live broadcast, you need to pay a certain fee to become a senior member of the company. The annual membership fee is 100,000 yuan. After becoming a member, you can receive the big anchor.

  Several anchors listed by the staff made zhangxin excited, and his mind dreamed of the scene that the goods were sold out. The staff further said that many brands now find live broadcast companies, which is to sell a large amount of products. The purpose is to let dealers see the sales volume of products, or to attract the attention of the capital side, and then get financing.

  "The strength of our company is here, you have to believe us." When zhangxin asked whether the docking head anchor and the guarantee of a certain sales volume would be written into the contract, the reply he got brought him back to reality. "I almost took out 100,000 yuan, but trust and distrust are not a concept in the contract."

  The reporter contacted two small-scale live broadcast companies, all of which signed a number of anchors to broadcast live on different platforms. Instead of membership fees, they charged "pit fees" ranging from two to three thousand yuan. The reporter said that there are goods that need to be sold by live broadcast. After many times of communication, a live delivery company said that after paying the pit fee, it can carry out live delivery in its company account, and designed the development path of the goods for the reporter. "Live broadcast can’t be anxious. You can do live broadcast for half a year in the live broadcast room. After accumulation and word of mouth, when the brand is almost done, you can sell the brand. Then find the next outlet and make the next brand. How happy you will be then. "

  A merchant who used to bring goods in this way said that two or three thousand yuan is not much, which is nine Niu Yi hairs compared with the expenses of many big anchors, which often cost hundreds of thousands. "But after paying the pit fee, I found that I couldn’t sell the goods at all."

  Low sales volume

  Stock 60 thousand pieces and sell 1500 pieces

  After many searches, zhangxin thought he had found a reliable live delivery company. After doing market research, the live delivery company believes that there are inconveniences in the goods. This fast food product needs containers to eat, but it is not provided in the goods.

  The staff said that products can be sold through the company’s large size, and they should be warmed up first, but don’t expect a sharp increase in product sales. After the sales volume is good and the fans approve it, all the products will be sold through other accounts of the company. Zhangxin approved of this arrangement, and after finalizing the 60,000 yuan fee and some details, he brought two boxes of goods to the live broadcast company.

  Two hours before the broadcast, zhangxin fidgeted and kept brushing the live room of her mobile phone. "Many large anchors were broadcast live that night. I was under great pressure and worried that fans would be diverted."

  It was not until five minutes before the broadcast that Zhang Xin knew that his product was the last one in the live broadcast, and the company had promised him that it would be broadcast live in prime time. "Everyone spent all their money before, and at the end of the day, there was no money in their pockets, so they bought my products. This is not prime time. "

  Although very helpless, zhangxin has been unable to change. After the broadcast, he has been paying attention to the live broadcast content and found that four or five competing products appeared in this live broadcast room at the same time that day.

  More than two hours after the broadcast, the anchor took out the products from zhangxin and began to recommend them. He jumped up from his chair, applauded and shouted: "There are 20,000 people in the live broadcast room, come on."

  "There is a lot of meat and big chunks, which is too cost-effective." The anchor is eating his product and evaluating it. The comments in the live broadcast room were gradually brushed up. zhangxin became more and more excited outside the live broadcast room, gnashing his teeth and shouting: "Traffic, why can’t it be rushed?"

  The anchor began to count down to "3, 2, 1, on the shelf." 639 pieces and 763 pieces … … Until 1000 pieces, the final product sales were fixed at 1478 pieces. After the live broadcast, zhangxin sighed, and he prepared 60,000 items for the live broadcast. And he has invested nearly 900 thousand yuan in the process of finding live broadcast and stocking. "The live broadcast can’t be taken out. These goods are enough for my family to eat for ten years."

  Zhangxin’s experience is the epitome of many businesses looking for live delivery. Mr. Liu also carried goods through 9 anchors of 7 live delivery companies, but sold more than 60 goods in total. "For half a day, not only didn’t sell much goods, but also took a lot of ‘ Pit position fee ’ . From the beginning of self-confidence, I am exhausted now, and I don’t have so much hope for live broadcast. "

  There are many routines

  Comments with rhythm, brush the bill first and then return it.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, many live delivery companies have indicated that they can "create an atmosphere" in the live broadcast room. Control multiple mobile phones through a computer, and use many accounts to brush comments in the live broadcast room with rhythm. "After the fans entered the live broadcast room, they saw that the live broadcast room was so lively, and many fans had herd mentality, which would lead to large-scale purchases."

  A staff member of a live delivery company said that in the live broadcast, you can not only brush the comments with rhythm, but also drive fans through purchase behavior. As soon as the product is put into the live broadcast room, it will show how many people are buying, and this information display can also be operated. "Now some consumers don’t care whether the product is good or not, but only look at temporary needs and the price is right. When they see someone buying it, they will follow suit. These people are ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  It is not only fans who are regarded as "leeks", but also businesses looking for live broadcasts.

  In some live broadcast agreements, the number of goods sold in a live broadcast will be guaranteed after paying membership fees and pit fees. After meeting the sales volume, you can get this fee in full. Some companies will also sign a commission sharing agreement with merchants, which will be divided according to the amount of goods carried by the anchor. The higher the sales volume, the more it will be divided.

  However, during this period, there will often be a reversal of the plot, and many buyers will return the goods and refund them before, during and after delivery.

  "Some refunds can reach 40% or even more of sales. Among them, there are fans who are impulsive, and there are also bills brushed by live broadcast companies. At this time, the membership fee or pit fee has entered the pocket of the live broadcast company. " An industry insider who is familiar with live delivery said that merchants can only accept a certain return rate. The live delivery company received commissions and membership fees and completed the harvest of the enterprise. "If this industry goes on like this, no merchants are willing to find anchors to bring goods, and they don’t want to be harvested ‘ Leek ’ 。”

  Zhangxin has lost confidence in the fiery live delivery. After more than three months’ tossing, he found that there were many close encounter of mahjong in the live delivery. Live broadcast with goods is not the excitement in the live broadcast room, and the pit behind the false prosperity will engulf the merchants at any time. In the face of the goods prepared for live broadcast in the warehouse, zhangxin smiled helplessly. "Through this period of tossing, I also found out their routines. In the next step, I also plan to transform and become a live broadcast company." (Reporter Zhao Xibin Illustration Song Xi)

The supercomputer "Shenwei Taihu Light" is the fastest in the world.

  On June 19th, at the Global Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, China’s "Shenwei Taihu Light" topped the list of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. Since it came out in June 2016, this is the third time that it has been awarded the "fastest supercomputer in the world", thus achieving "three consecutive championships".

  "Shenwei Light of Taihu Lake" was developed by National Parallel Computer Engineering Technology Research Center, using China’s own chip. In the field of supercomputers known as "the heavyweight of the country", "Shenwei" indicates that China’s supercomputing technology has made many key breakthroughs, providing technical means for solving a series of major challenges such as economic and social governance, and has strategic significance for enhancing comprehensive national strength.

  How fast is Shenwei? It has three "world first" indicators: the peak performance of the system is 1.25 billion times per second, the continuous performance is 930 million times per second, and the performance-power ratio is 6.05 billion times per watt. It is understood that its one-minute computing power is equivalent to 7.2 billion people around the world using calculators for 32 years without interruption.

  Why is this so? It uses 40 computing cabinets and 8 network cabinets for "system operations". Pushing open a cabinet slightly larger than a household double-door refrigerator, four groups of super nodes consisting of 32 computing plug-ins contain 1024 high-performance processors; Each processor is equivalent to the computing power of more than 20 commonly used laptops. The whole "Shenwei Taihu Light" has a total of 40,960 processors, and the speed can be imagined.

  More importantly, the central processing unit "Shenwei 26010" of "Shenwei" was designed and produced by China independently, and the whole system realized full localization of the core components. In the past, foreign countries crowded out surveillance and restricted the sale of core parts for China supercomputer research. Nowadays, there are 260 computing cores, billions of transistors and more than 3 trillion calculations per second … … The 25-square-centimeter "Shenwei 26010" has not only become the fastest supercomputer "heart" in the world, but also broke the 30-year foreign core technology blockade and opened the "China Core" era with completely independent and controllable software and hardware.

  The speed is ahead of the world, and the application ability is also accelerating. The speed advantage of supercomputing is transforming into the application advantage. Last November, based on "Shenwei Taihu Lake Light", the application project of "Ten Million Approved Expansion of Global Atmospheric Dynamics Full Implicit Simulation" won the highest award in the field of international high-performance computing applications — — The "Gordon Bell Award" fills the gap of China’s supercomputing application in this award.

  At a deeper level, "‘ Shenwei Light of Taihu Lake ’ It plays a very important role in China’s scientific and technological innovation and economic development. " Fu Haohuan, deputy director of the National Supercomputing Wuxi Center, said. Relying on the "Shenwei Taihu Light", China completed the numerical simulation of the global 10 km high-resolution earth system with a scale of one million nuclear; Two weeks to complete the routine 10-month calculation of Shanghai drug screening and disease mechanism research … … It is understood that in the past year, "Shenwei" has been involved in 19 application fields such as climate and meteorology, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, high-energy physics, life sciences, etc., supporting hundreds of solving tasks in major national scientific and technological applications, advanced manufacturing and other fields, and completing more than 2 million homework tasks in total.

  Zhang Yue Song Xiaoliang Zhao Zhiran

E-commerce problem: please merchants or please users?

Original receiver Tech studio

Wen | Rao Yan

Editor | Brother Cai

To do a good job in e-commerce platform, should we pay more attention to merchants or users?

This is a controversial topic, and it is also a problem that is deeply confused by major e-commerce platforms. It seems that there is no standard answer.

Some people think that e-commerce platforms should pay more attention to merchants, because merchants can directly bring benefits to the platform; Some people think that we should pay attention to users, because users are customers who pay for money, "God" and traffic.

Some people think that both users and merchants should pay attention to it, but as a platform, e-commerce will treat merchants and users differently from a strategic perspective or from a specific implementation level, and it will inevitably focus on it.

For a long time in the past, both Ali and JD.COM, as established e-commerce platforms, and Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, as emerging live e-commerce platforms, have consistently put businesses at the strategic core.

Compared with pleasing users, these e-commerce platforms pay more attention to pleasing merchants. After all, merchants can bring advertising, commissions and other service fees to the platform, which is also an important part of the existence of e-commerce platforms.

However, in the last two years, this concept has undergone a major change, and e-commerce platforms have begun to pay more attention to users.

In 2023, Ma Yun set the theme of "returning to Taobao, returning to users and returning to the Internet" for Ali’s transformation. One of the three themes is returning to users, emphasizing the importance of users.

In fact, Ali paid more attention to merchants in his early years, and "valuing merchants and neglecting users" was even regarded as Ali’s own gene. But now, while regaining the low-price strategy, Ali emphasizes paying attention to users and interprets e-commerce with his own experience. More attention should be paid to the laws of users.

JD.COM has repeatedly emphasized the importance of users in the process of pushing forward the low-price strategy. On March 29th, Liu Qiangdong, the founder of JD.COM, issued a letter to all employees, announcing that the corporate culture of JD.COM has been upgraded, and the core values of JD.COM have been upgraded to: customer first, innovation, hard work, responsibility, gratitude and honesty. Customer first has been used and put in the first place.

As a rising star of e-commerce, Pinduoduo has emphasized the importance of users since its establishment. Both its simple and direct "10 billion subsidy" and its harsh "only refund" model show the fact that Pinduoduo cares more about users than merchants.

As the latter, Pinduoduo can snatch food from other e-commerce platforms and develop rapidly. Paying attention to users is undoubtedly one of the secrets, which is also the real practice of the idea of "turning capitalism upside down" put forward by the founder of Pinduoduo in his early years.

At the end of last year, Taobao and JD.COM also launched a "refund only" service; At the beginning of this year, Tik Tok e-commerce also launched a fast refund service after delivery, which is aimed at all small shop merchants in the Tik Tok platform; At about the same time, Aauto Quicker e-commerce also upgraded the refund function after merchants agreed to reject it.

At this point, "refund only" has become a standard in the e-commerce industry, which means that the e-commerce platform finally chooses to lean towards consumers in the balance of interests of merchants, brands and users, and the e-commerce platform competes for users again.

In fact, the essence of retail is to provide users with better goods at lower prices and better services. In this sense, the e-commerce platform attaches importance to users, which is not only a transformation, but also a return, or a subversion of traditional production relations.


How do merchants and users view e-commerce platforms?

Consumers and businesses have different views on how e-commerce should be done and what kind of e-commerce the market needs.

Wang Li is a middle-level manager of an Internet giant. In the past years, he has been advocating all kinds of luxury goods. Many salespeople of big brands are his "WeChat friends". The annual shopping expenses range from hundreds of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

However, in the last three years, Wang Li’s consumption concept has changed. He is no longer obsessed with big brands, but pays more attention to adaptability. He usually shops through e-commerce platforms. "The quality of fruits that are killed by e-commerce platforms in a limited time is not worse than that of boutique merchants.; Daily necessities can also be purchased on the e-commerce platform. "

"Some daily necessities don’t need to pursue quality too much, as long as they can meet the demand. As for whether it is a brand or not, it is not that important on which platform to buy it." Wang Li told "handset tech (ID: tingtontech)".

Like Wang Li, more and more consumers are no longer loyal to an e-commerce platform, but choose the products they need to buy on different e-commerce platforms. They choose according to their needs, instead of blindly pursuing quality, they pay more attention to cost performance.

So what kind of e-commerce platform are businesses more willing to settle in?

The ultimate pursuit of merchants is to maximize profits. Which e-commerce platform can make merchants realize greater benefits, merchants are willing to cooperate with which platform. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal, which requires the cooperation between merchants and platforms, involving advertising services, commissions, platform policies, platform logistics, and promotional activities.

Liu Ming, the head of the manufacturer of clothing, shoes and hats in Guangzhou, told Earphone Tech that he was more willing to settle in Taobao and Tmall in his early years, because Ali paid more attention to the support and protection of merchants, and the platform brand was well-known and the traffic was large. "But in recent years, the traffic of Taotian was not as good as before, and our income was also affected."

In recent years, Liu Ming has changed his strategy and adopted a multi-platform operation mode. According to the characteristics and differences of various e-commerce platforms, he has promoted different product lines and diversified price systems. At the same time, he has increased cooperation with live broadcast e-commerce companies such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker.

Feng Li, a small and medium-sized manufacturer of towels, recently told "Earphone Tech" that "we have cooperated with different e-commerce platforms, and went to stock through Pinduoduo and 1688, and mainly made brands in Tmall."

Feng Li said that although the profit margin of low-priced platforms is not high, the sales volume is good. Although the profit margin of quality products is high, the investment is also more. "For example, the cost of Tmall stores is much higher and the operating costs are relatively large."

Feng Li calculated that compared with other e-commerce platforms, the profit rate of towels on Pinduoduo was at least 2 points higher, because of a large number of orders. "We also broadcast live in Aauto Quicker, and the price is also very cheap, and the sales volume is not bad." Feng Li said that the main income for one year now comes from two platforms: Pinduoduo and Aauto Quicker.

For businesses, it will cost more to be a brand. In the current economic situation, large sales volume and low cost are the pursuit of all businesses, and they are also the common requirements of a large number of small and medium-sized businesses for e-commerce platforms.

In recent years, with the return of mass consumption to rationality, the sales of many high-premium brand products have declined. In order to save the market, some high-premium brands have begun to cut prices sharply.

This is also an important reason for the rapid rise of Pinduoduo and Aauto Quicker in the past two years. In a rational consumption channel, excessive pursuit of brand premium won’t work, and high cost-effective goods have a way out. The surge in sales of white-brand goods in the past two years is also this logic.


Should e-commerce please merchants or please consumers?

Should the e-commerce platform pay more attention to merchants or consumers? There seems to be no standard answer, but time and reality give the final answer.

As a veteran e-commerce, Ali paid more attention to merchants in his early years, and "emphasizing merchants and neglecting users" was also regarded as a major feature of Ali. Ali emphasized in his early years that "there should be no difficult business in the world".

In the early days of e-commerce, many merchants didn’t understand e-commerce and wouldn’t sell online. Taobao put forward such a concept in those years, but now the times are different and e-commerce has matured. The platform should not only focus on how merchants sell good goods, but should pay more attention to letting consumers buy good goods.

For a long time in the past, Taobao Tmall’s platform grew bigger and bigger, and its business developed faster and faster, but users did not feel better service.

Sometimes there is a contradiction between users and merchants. When merchants can’t solve users’ problems, the platform customer service either can’t contact or doesn’t solve the problems. The customer service efficiency is very low, and many users have complained about such problems.

In those years, during the annual promotion activities, users finally enjoyed some preferential prices, and the e-commerce platform also vigorously promoted preferential prices. However, what the end users felt was not real cheap, but various words and routines, and the algorithms were also very complicated. In order to enjoy the preferential prices, users had to meet various requirements.

What is even more unacceptable to consumers is that even if users place orders in this way, they finally find that it is not much cheaper. Moreover, the e-commerce platform has been playing in this way for many years until consumers are bored with it.

In 2023, just as Ali’s market value was once surpassed by Pinduoduo, Ali employees left messages on the intranet, bluntly saying that Taotian should "simply buy, simply return, less routines and more benefits", which spoke out the voices of many users and also showed that Ali began to realize the problem.

In fact, Taobao’s early positioning was similar to that of Pinduoduo, and it grew up with low prices and small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, Ali later abandoned many small and medium-sized businesses on his own initiative.

A few years ago, Ali firmly believed that an era of consumption upgrading was coming. Therefore, Taobao constantly upgraded its brand, introduced a large number of brands to settle in, and the annual technical service fee and default bond of the store also increased, causing some small and medium-sized businesses with weak competitiveness to leave Taobao.

This wave even spread to AliExpress, a cross-border e-commerce platform owned by Ali at that time. Around 2016, AliExpress more aggressively promoted brand transformation, requiring merchants to have corporate qualifications and brand authorization, and comprehensively cleaned up individual sellers.

In this way, not only small and medium-sized businesses have left Taotian and AliExpress, but also users have begun to choose other e-commerce platforms. The impact on Ali is that the development of Taotian has slowed down, the traffic has been separated, and the frequency and retention time of users have become less and less.

About ten years ago, AliExpress had almost no China rivals in the cross-border e-commerce field at that time, and it was very convenient for merchants to sell goods. With one click, the product information on Taobao could be transported to AliExpress. However, the departure of small and medium-sized merchants made AliExpress develop slowly after its initial success. In the last two years, the cross-border e-commerce fire broke out, and AliExpress started early but caught up with a late episode.

When Ali realized all this, the Internet had already bid farewell to the high-growth era in the past and entered the moment with the theme of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. At this time, Ali had to face not only Pinduoduo, a rapidly rising opponent, but also the impact brought by live e-commerce on short video platforms, and the original advantages of Taobao and Tmall were weakening.

To this end, Ali launched the largest organizational change since its establishment in 2023, and then made personnel adjustments. Zhang Yong’s position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group was handed over to Cai Chongxin, and the CEO position was taken over by Wu Yongming. The CEO of Taotian Group, the core e-commerce business, was also replaced at the end of last year.

Ma Yun thinks that the situation of Taotian Group is very serious, and asks Ali to return to Taobao, users and the Internet.

If Ali started to return to users after a long walk, then Pinduoduo, as a rising star, decided to put users first from the beginning.

Unlike Ali, who pays more attention to businesses, Pinduoduo cares more about users. Ali emphasizes "no hard business in the world", while Pinduoduo makes users feel that "there is no hard goods in the world".

In fact, low price is a universal demand. No matter the rich or the poor, there is a demand for "what they want" at an "affordable price", and Pinduoduo attracts people who are looking for high cost performance.

People in this group may spend a lot of money on an expensive brand-name watch or spend 9.9 yuan on a towel, and Wang Li is one of them.

When Pinduoduo was founded, data showed that about 90% of China adults had never drunk Starbucks, 1.3 billion people had never been abroad, and 1 billion people had never been on an airplane, and low-and middle-income people still accounted for the vast majority.

What Pinduoduo needs to do is matching, so that the right people can buy the right things in the right scene, which can not only provide the consumers in the sinking market with the right goods, but also provide the consumers in the first-and second-tier cities with the matching goods categories.

This is not a consumption downgrade, but a consumption classification. Pinduoduo’s approach also has its own unique business logic.

The founder of Pinduoduo once wrote an article called "Turn Capitalism upside down", which mentioned that as the ultimate representative of capitalism, the essence of insurance is that the poor spend money to buy a product that "seeks stability in an uncertain future" from the rich, so as to strengthen their ability to resist risks, and eventually wealth will flow from the poor to the rich.

The article puts forward a hypothesis, can the rich buy "insurance" from the poor in reverse, that is, buy a kind of stability, so that wealth can flow from the rich to the poor?

"Everyone’s wishes, their needs and plans at some point in the future are often much clearer than others. Moreover, this kind of everyone’s planning and willingness, as well as the individual’s certainty of a certain behavior, are often valuable to the supplier who meets the demand. It can reduce the uncertainty of organizational production and help achieve more effective allocation of resources and capital. "

Based on this concept, the article believes that if there is a platform that can get enough customers to buy a certain product, integrate the customers’ needs and send an order to the factory, the factory will sell the products to these customers at a price lower than the market price.

Moreover, because this order pays a certainty to the factory, the factory can reduce the risk of market research and forecasting the production direction of the market, and also reduce the inventory cost.

In a sense, this is a new type of relations of production, which was really realized by Pinduoduo later, and became the underlying logic of Pinduoduo.

Perhaps many people once resented Pinduoduo’s "cutting a knife", but they have to admit that Pinduoduo’s "reverse capitalism" has succeeded. In the past two years, while most Internet giants have experienced a trough, Pinduoduo has been growing substantially.

This is not so much a victory of the new e-commerce model as a victory of embracing users in the Internet age.


How does the e-commerce platform please users?

How should the e-commerce platform please users? The first is low price.

The essence of retail is to provide users with better goods at lower prices and better services. Low price is the big killer, and cheap is the last word, which is also the truth confirmed by the development of domestic e-commerce.

Domestic e-commerce has developed for so many years, and the competition has never stopped, and the means of competition are also varied. However, the most powerful means of competition has never changed, and it is still a price war.

On June 1st, 2019, Pinduoduo entered the "618 Promotion" for the first time in an all-round way, and announced that in the form of "10 billion yuan cash subsidy", joint brand merchants would make substantial profits on 10,000 items with the highest popularity in the whole network.

Compared with the subsidies of other e-commerce platforms with complicated algorithms, Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies are simple and straightforward, either directly subsidizing or directly reducing prices, and there is no need to make a bill or play "full reduction", which also makes Pinduoduo, which was originally dominant in the sinking market, win more shares and uses.

According to the data in the early years, during the period of June 18, 2019, the number of orders in Pinduoduo exceeded 1.08 billion, and GMV increased by over 300% year-on-year. Since then, the subsidy of 10 billion yuan has become a long-term strategy of Pinduoduo and a powerful means to attract users. By this means, Pinduoduo artificially created a price depression and snatched a large number of user orders from Tmall and JD.COM.

In fact, in the early years, Taobao also defeated offline retail by relying on low prices, and began the prosperity of e-commerce; JD.COM also defeated Dangdang, the dominant book e-commerce company at that time, and Suning, the leading retailer of traditional household appliances, through low prices, thus winning a relatively stable market position.

Only later, with the continuous development of Taobao and JD.COM, the advantage of low price was lost. Until 2023, these two platforms began to pay attention to low price again.

In fact, since 2023, almost all e-commerce platforms have launched low prices. Besides Taotian and JD.COM, there are also live e-commerce platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker. Like Pinduoduo, e-commerce in Aauto Quicker is also based on the sinking market, and in 2023, it ushered in a rapid growth in performance.

In addition to low prices, another way for e-commerce platforms to please users is to improve service quality and improve user experience. Since 2023, almost all e-commerce platforms have been working hard to improve the user experience.

Ali determined the theme of returning to e-commerce and returning to users, and established the strategy of building a big amoy. Facing the future, Taotian has determined three directions of "innovation and innovation", upgrading new scenes, new ecology and new technologies, among which the first one is user priority.

At the end of 2023, after Ma Yun shouted "Ali will change", Liu Qiangdong also replied to employees’ comments on the company intranet that JD.COM must change, otherwise there is no way out. "I believe we will definitely get out of the trough. Anyone and any company will experience several peaks and valleys to achieve greatness. "

Xu Ran, CEO of JD.COM, also responded that JD.COM has made some progress in price competitiveness, platform ecological construction and supply chain advantages. While the number of merchants has further expanded, the increase in the number of users has also proved the optimization of platform ecological construction.

Xu Ran said, "In the long run, JD.COM will resolutely pursue the ultimate user experience to maintain its core competitive advantage".

When e-commerce platforms begin to pursue low prices and changes, they all begin to emphasize user experience, which also means that e-commerce companies are changing their business philosophy and paying more attention to users’ needs.

Why are a large number of industrial belt enterprises willing to dig deep into the white-brand track? When the business model is based on "maximizing the unit consumption benefit", businesses can provide consumers with the products that best meet their actual needs at the lowest cost and price, and thus survive and develop.

In the future industrial world, whoever controls consumers will control manufacturing. If you can’t directly connect with consumers, you can’t win consumers, and you are doomed to have no longer-term future.

This is the future of retail and the long-term doctrine of e-commerce.

(Wang Li, Liu Ming and Li Feng are all pseudonyms. )

(Image source network intrusion. )


1. "E-commerce volume to" refund only ",how to balance users and businesses? 》, source: Zijin Finance;

2. "The Great Change of E-commerce in 2023", source: "Hui Tan".

(Disclaimer: This article is only for information exchange and does not constitute any investment reference suggestions. )


Original title: "E-commerce problem: please merchants or please users? 》

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Car damaged houses run water … Who will "pay" for property losses after the rainstorm?

Reading tips

Recently, heavy rains have occurred frequently, and meteorological departments and other relevant departments have issued early warning information in time to remind the public to take preventive measures. Who will be responsible for the property loss? How to defend rights? Three court cases belong to rain-related disputes, and the judge interpreted the case to provide useful guidance for the prevention of disputes and the resolution of contradictions.

The sudden rainstorm caused the courier to be soaked. Should the courier company pay for it? The rain rushed into the living room and bedroom, and the furniture was damaged. Should the property be held responsible? Is it legal for the insurance company to refuse to compensate for the car stall caused by water accumulation on the road?

Recently, extreme weather such as heavy rain has occurred frequently, and people are faced with rain-related disputes. How should we protect our rights? Who will be responsible for the property losses? A few days ago, the Fangshan District People’s Court of Beijing issued a set of typical cases and interpreted them in order to provide useful guidance for effectively preventing disputes and resolving contradictions in time.

Who will pay for the damage caused by the rainstorm?

In June, 2022, Zhao mailed ten mobile phones through a courier company. When the mobile phones were not delivered after they were delivered to the destination, the rainstorm caused the express storage point to be flooded, and the mobile phones sent by Zhao were damaged by water immersion. Due to unsuccessful negotiations on compensation, Zhao appealed to the court and asked the courier company to compensate for the loss of the mobile phone.

The courier company argued that the rainstorm caused the drainage system around the warehouse to be blocked, and the water was poured backwards. A large number of couriers were flooded, including the mobile phone mailed by Zhao. Therefore, Zhao’s loss was caused by an irresistible natural disaster. The company did not have any fault in the mail transportation process and should not be liable for compensation.

The court held through trial that the so-called force majeure refers to the unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective situation. In this case, the courier company did not provide evidence to prove that the rain was an unexpected natural disaster such as rainstorm or flood, and the courier company could completely foresee and avoid the damage of the courier. Therefore, it claimed that the reason for the damage of Zhao’s mobile phone was force majeure and had no factual and legal basis. Accordingly, the court ruled that the courier company compensated Zhao for the loss of the mobile phone.

Article 832 of China’s Civil Code stipulates that the carrier shall be liable for the damage or loss of the goods during transportation. However, the carrier shall not be liable for compensation if it proves that the damage or loss of the goods is caused by force majeure, the natural nature or reasonable wear and tear of the goods themselves and the fault of the shipper or consignee.

In this case, before the rainstorm, the relevant government departments have issued an early warning to remind the public to take preventive measures. The rainstorm belongs to the weather conditions that the courier company can meet. For special weather, the courier company should prepare emergency equipment in advance to avoid the courier being soaked. Therefore, the courier company cannot claim exemption on the grounds of force majeure, and should be liable for Zhao’s losses.

How to protect the rights when the house furniture runs away?

In March 2017, Wang bought a set of commercial housing. After checking in, every time it rains or storms, Wang’s master bedroom balcony will run water. In July, 2022, after a night of heavy rain, the flood rushed directly into the master bedroom and living room, soaking the clavichord and cashmere carpet in the house. After this large-scale running water, the property company where the community is located began to thoroughly investigate the reasons for running water, and finally found that the rainwater drainage pipe built in the balcony was blocked, which led to running water. Since then, the property company has installed a drain on the balcony of the house. When it rains again, there is no water running. However, due to many previous runs, Wang has suffered property losses. The two sides failed to reach an agreement on compensation, so Wang sued the property company to the court.

The property company argued that the problem of poor balcony drainage pipes was a long-term accumulation, and Wang did not prove that the property company failed to fulfill its management responsibilities and caused water leakage. In addition, the property management company believes that the drainage pipeline here belongs to a common part. Although it is within its management scope, it has passed the inspection and acceptance, and after a large-scale water run, a drain has been installed on the balcony, so it has fulfilled its maintenance and management obligations and should not be held responsible.

As a service provider, the property management company should have the obligation to repair and maintain the public drainage pipeline belonging to the floor drain with water leakage and reflux in the community. After trial, the court held that the house where Wang lived had run water many times, and the property company should promptly investigate the reasons after the first discovery of water leakage to avoid similar situations. Adding a drain on the balcony of the house involved can solve the drainage problem in extreme weather, which can completely avoid the loss in this case. Therefore, the court ruled that the property company failed to fulfill its obligations and should compensate Wang for the loss.

Who is responsible for the bad car caused by flooding?

In August, 2020, a sudden rainstorm caused serious water accumulation on a certain road surface. Liu’s vehicle turned off during driving, and then he reported the case to the insurance company, and the vehicle was towed to the repair shop for damage assessment and maintenance. Since then, the insurance company refused to claim compensation on the grounds that "the engine damage of the insurance vehicle due to flooding or wading is an exemption clause", and Liu appealed to the court. The insurance company argued that the damage to the vehicle was not caused by heavy rain, but by the driver wading. According to the insurance clauses, the insurance company has the right to refuse to pay for the losses suffered by the insured vehicle due to flooding or wading.

According to Article 496 of China’s Civil Code, standard clauses are clauses drawn up by the parties in advance for repeated use, and they were not consulted with each other when concluding a contract. Where a contract is concluded by standard terms, the party providing the standard terms shall follow the principle of fairness to determine the rights and obligations between the parties, and take reasonable measures to remind the other party of the terms that are of great interest to the other party, such as exempting or reducing its responsibilities, and explain the terms according to the other party’s requirements. If the party providing the standard terms fails to fulfill the obligation of prompting or explaining, so that the other party fails to pay attention to or understand the terms that have a significant interest in it, the other party may claim that the terms will not become the content of the contract.

The court held that although the notice column of the motor vehicle insurance policy was printed with "Please read the insurance clauses in detail, especially the exemption of liability and the obligations of the insured and the insured", the font, font size and color of the above-mentioned format clauses were not different from other clauses, and the insurance company failed to provide evidence to prove that it made a prompt on other insurance documents that was enough to attract the attention of the insured, so the exemption clauses involved in the case were not legally binding on Liu. During the insurance period, the insurance company shall be responsible for compensation for the loss of the insured vehicle caused by lightning, rainstorm, flood and other reasons during the use of the insured vehicle by the insured or its permitted legal driver.

"This heavy rainfall has caused many vehicles to be soaked or washed away. For car owners who are insured for car damage insurance, insurance claims can minimize losses." The judge suggested that when signing an insurance contract, we should pay attention to the relevant exemptions, especially the clauses that are unfavorable to ourselves. The majority of car owners should contact the insurance company to report the damage as soon as possible after the vehicle is soaked or washed away. (Liang Jianghuan)

Used cars usher in a big market (new economic orientation)

  Not long ago, Mr. Jin, who works in a chemical company in Yangzhou, successfully completed the registration procedures for the transfer of used cars. "I found a joint venture brand car with Qingdao license in 2015 on the second-hand car trading platform, and the hand price was 33,500 yuan." Mr. Jin said that in Jiangsu, from June 17, foreign used cars that meet the national five emission standards can move in normally.

  Mr. Jin is just one of the many beneficiaries of the favorable policy for used cars. On June 22, the executive meeting of the State Council decided that the restrictions on the moving-in of small non-operating used cars will be completely lifted from August 1, and the automobile sales enterprises will implement separate endorsement management and issue temporary license plates when applying for transfer registration from October 1. Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, said that favorable policies will further enliven the used car market, promote the renewal of automobile consumption and release the consumption potential.

  Favorable policies help the market to accelerate development.

  "The circulation of used cars is actually convenient and smooth." Chen Ji, general manager of Suzhou Lexuan UCAR, told the reporter that the company has collected more than 10 used cars with foreign licenses after Jiangsu province lifted the relocation restriction in mid-June. "The cancellation of the relocation restriction not only allows more foreign car sources to enter Suzhou, but also the second-hand cars with the national five emission standards that cannot be digested locally can be sold to various places more conveniently." Chen Ji said.

  Wang Xiaoyu, co-founder of Guazi used car, believes that the cancellation of the relocation restriction policy has opened up the blocking points and card points in the circulation of used cars, which will activate the trading of used cars in different places and drive the continuous growth of the trade scale. "Since June 1, Hebei, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places have successively implemented the policy of canceling the national five emission standards for second-hand cars. The range of optional car sources for users in these places has expanded by about 6 times, and the proportion of off-site car sources on the platform has also increased from the previous 35% to 80%, which has driven the growth of platform car dealers’ sales." Wang Xiaoyu said.

  "The policy of separate endorsement management and issuance of temporary number plates for second-hand car transfer registration implemented nationwide since October 1 is a big plus for second-hand car circulation enterprises in cities with limited purchases." Guo Jian, general manager of the famous car in Beijing No.1 Station, said, "In the past, in order to transfer and register used cars in Beijing, it was necessary to occupy the index of car purchase, and circulation enterprises could only rent number plates. After Beijing promoted the temporary license plate policy in advance, it reduced the company’s operating expenses, and the acquired used cars entered the company’s name, which can be treated as ‘ Inventory goods ’ Accounting has also opened the door to social financing. "

  Feeling the huge development potential of the used car market, SAIC-GM launched a brand-new "Buick officially certified used car" brand last year. "Since 2020, especially since the first half of this year, a series of policies and measures to encourage the development of the used car market have been intensively introduced." Yao Fu, head of marketing department of SAIC-GM Buick, said that the favorable policies cover all aspects, such as encouraging to speed up the elimination and renewal of old vehicles, completely canceling the relocation restriction policy, and lowering the value-added tax rate of used cars. Combined with the implementation of the new policy, the company will open up the new and used car business chain through active car source repurchase, realize the three-dimensional sales model of national circulation, and gradually plan a standardized service system equivalent to the new car type to enhance the service experience of used car owners.

  Branding and digitalization to enhance the transparency of transaction information

  At the beginning of July, Mr. Ju, the owner of a restaurant in Shanghai, bought a Buick Angkewei in 2019 through the "Buick Official Certified Used Car". "I bought a new car with a car age of 3 years in the early 100,000 yuan, and I have been driving for more than 20 days. It feels really good." Mr. Ju said that he considered a new car, ran through the used car market, brokerage companies, and saw the online platform, and finally chose an officially certified used car.

  "Quality and service are the two core competitiveness of used car distribution enterprises, and they are also an important way to build consumer trust and enhance consumer experience." Luo Lei believes that the official certification of used cars by car companies is guaranteed by high-quality first-hand car sources, standardized testing and evaluation processes, original factory warranty, after-sales service, etc., plus the endorsement of car brands, which solves the pain point of information asymmetry of consumers buying used cars.

  In recent years, the booming second-hand car e-commerce platform has also contributed new solutions to improve the transparency of second-hand car trading information.

  "Entering the platform and empowering the platform digitally is an effective way for traditional used car circulation enterprises to enhance their competitiveness." Chen Ji said that platform enterprises can carry out digital and standardized management of used cars in different ways. Consumers can see at a glance whether the vehicles have collided, to what extent, and which side has been painted, which is what most used car circulation enterprises cannot do. In addition, remote delivery, door-to-door delivery, seven-day unreasonable return, etc. are inseparable from the platform enterprises’ strong logistics system, financial support and remote after-sales maintenance.

  "Digital means allow enterprises to reach potential customers nationwide." Wang Yong, general manager of Nanjing Qihang Famous Car, said that today, they have sold local car sources to more than 20 cities outside Nanjing, and the turnover efficiency of car sales has increased by three times.

  Take precautions and standardize the development of new energy used car market

  "In Shanghai, buying new energy used cars is not restricted by licenses, but I gave up after thinking about it again and again." Mr. Ju said that consumers have no way to verify the data related to safety and directly affecting the charging and driving performance of vehicles, such as the number of times of vehicle charging and discharging, the degree of battery attenuation, and whether the batteries are overheated and out of control.

  "Since last year, China’s new energy vehicles have continued to double, and the annual sales volume this year is expected to exceed 5.5 million. How to standardize the development of the new energy used car market has become a problem that the industry must seriously face. " Luo Lei said that last year, the Technical Specification for Appraisal and Evaluation of Second-hand Pure Electric Passenger Cars, which was researched and compiled by china automobile dealers association for three years, was released, providing a set of scientific and practical appraisal and evaluation standards for second-hand cars suitable for new energy vehicles for the domestic market.

  "Since the second half of last year, the market price of pure electric used cars factory in 2017 has almost doubled. This not only shows that the market’s recognition of new energy used cars has greatly increased, but also means that the previously underestimated hedge ratio is returning rationally. " For example, Shen Wenjun, the founder of Beijing Che Yi De New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that the EV150 of Beiqi New Energy, which has a driving range of about 100 kilometers and is six years old, sold for about 10,000 yuan last year, and now it is close to 20,000 yuan.

  The second-hand car industry of new energy not only undertakes the replacement of new cars in the upstream, promotes the sustainable development of the new energy vehicle market, but also connects the cascade utilization and recycling of waste power batteries in the downstream, which is an important link in the whole life cycle management of new energy vehicles. Although the current appraisal and evaluation standards, new testing equipment, etc. have made quality identification no longer a problem, in Shen Wenjun’s view, the sustainable development of the industry is still facing challenges without a breakthrough in traceability management of power batteries.

  All new energy vehicles are equipped with power battery monitoring system, which can monitor and upload key data in use, and even notify the owner in advance before the battery thermal runaway occurs, but this information cannot be shared. "We have been discussing whether to install a set of similar equipment on the used car for sale and record the operation data of the vehicle’s three electric systems." Shen Wenjun said that this move not only improves the safety of vehicles and user stickiness, but also contributes to the later cascade utilization and recycling.

  "The standardized start of the new energy used car market is conducive to the healthy development of the entire used car market." Luo Lei introduced that in 2019, China’s used car trading volume exceeded half of new car sales, and in 2021 it reached 2/3 of new car sales. "With the obvious effect of the policy, in 2025, the transaction volume of used cars will be expected to be the same as that of new cars." Luo Lei said.