Oscar Movie Handbook: Please Call Me by Your Name, Sweet or Tired?

Special feature of 1905 film network On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Oscars, 1905 Film Network and China Film Report, together with 12 senior film critics (11 were present in this issue), launched the Oscar Film Handbook, which gave exclusive and authoritative ratings and comments on the nine films nominated for the best film this year, so that fans of all departments could know and participate in the annual Oscar feast for the first time.

This manual will be continuously updated from February 27th to March 3rd, and the last issue will bring you scores and comments. If you want to know all the ratings of 9 nominated films by 12 senior film critics in China, please continue to pay attention to China Film Report WeChat WeChat official account.

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The 11 senior film critics invited by the Oscar Film Handbook (in no particular order) are:

Chen Shiya, Executive Editor of Global Screen

Zeng Nianqun, Executive Editor of Youth Film Handbook

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Content Department, Laoyang Time Network

Editor-in-Chief of Xiaoqi Iqiyi Film Channel

 Editor-in-Chief of A Lang’s Watching Movies magazine.

Huang Zhuo Sina Entertainment Film Team Leader 

Zhou Liming film critic

Sairen film critic

Cui ting film critic

Yabo’s Gun Draft

Qi Zheng’s China Film Report is an international senior editor.

Scoring rules: Each shortlisted film is divided into seven items: director’s technique, script, art direction, photography, editing/sound editing, soundtrack/sound effect and performance, with a total score of 35 points for each item.

Call Me by Your Name

Director: Luca Guadagnino
Screenwriter: james ivory/Andre Simon
Starring: Timothée Chalamet/armie hammer/michael stuhlbarg/amira casar/Esther Garrel
Type: Plot/Love    
      Language: Italian/French/German/English

Zeng Nianqun (Executive Editor of Youth Film Handbook):

This is not so much a story of transgender love as a budding fairy tale of youth. The film releases all kinds of beauty in youth with some kind of tolerant love, and explores the possible truth in the emotional world with some kind of tossing and turning, even if it is only a cross section of youth and a slice of life. There is no trace of any routine in the whole story. The director presents a warm and beautiful emotion with the brushwork of prose poetry. The scheduling of characters is smart and rich, and the grinding of emotions is delicate and touching. At that time, there were universal values in Ang Lee’s novels, and at the same time, there was no lack of emotional curiosity. The universal values presented in Please Call Me by Your Name were more peaceful and equal.

Zhou Liming (film critic):

There is almost no drama conflict in a small and fresh romantic film, but the advantage lies in the delicate description of the characters’ psychology, and the performance of this kind of juvenile feelings and small waves depends to a considerable extent on the temperament and performance of the actors. Of course, the openness of parents is also contrary to the routine. Although the film is full of youthful hormones, in fact, the attraction of the story mainly comes from IQ, the so-called "sapiosexual", which is popular in recent years.

Sai Ren (film critic):

It’s just a paradise. You’re so sweet, you’re so boring. It’s a film that relies too much on manners, emphasizing emotion and neglecting emotion.

Yabo (Gun Draft):

The film spent a lot of space to pave the way for the two, but it still failed to capture the natural state of emotional arrival. Too much trivial and useless space seriously affects the overall texture, and all kinds of soft sound paintings also make "Please call me by your name" like a glass ball soaked in a honey pot, which looks very sweet and even full of pure beauty, but in fact it is very illusory and fragile. That summer time in Italy was too sweet and greasy, as if it was just to complete an emotional dream of narcissism. On the contrary, the scene at the end is even more touching: the snow is falling, and a handsome boy is crying under the reflection of the fire. He doesn’t have to talk, but it is better than a thousand words.

Chen Shiya (executive editor of Global Screen):

I was lucky enough to watch "Please Call Me by Your Name" once on the big screen, and the effect was quite pleasing to the eye. In particular, the natural scenery and music in the Italian countryside brought out the best in each other, and the splendor, laziness and melancholy in the sun seemed to break out. Among the nine nominated films, Please Call Me by Your Name stands out for its freshness and sweetness, but it is also like a mini swimming pool where two leading men play. The story and theme are small and shallow. It is not as heartbreaking and bitter as Brokeback Mountain, but with "beauty"+"beauty"+"music", the audience secretly breeds pity and sympathy for the leading role.


A Lang (editor-in-chief of Watching Movies):

As far as the film is concerned, "Please call me by your name" is only as good as the general level. What’s really good about it is that it depicts emotions as accurately as Swiss watches. The body is an adult, but the heart is still a child. "When we think we are already quite important to the world, in fact, the world is just ready to forgive our naivety."

Seed of love is the most beautiful time in my life, but it is just the soft light of time. The real seed of love is not beautiful, but asymmetrical distortion everywhere.

Emotionally for the first time, many things are the opposite. The act of love is not closeness, but alienation. Love, pain, and sweetness are only accidental gifts. But the occasional sweetness outweighs all the pain. When you love, you are more timid and bolder than ever. He is the whole world, and the world becomes redundant.

By the fire that winter, Elio cried and laughed for a while. In these short minutes, he spent that summer again.

Xiao tuo (editor-in-chief of iqiyi movie channel):

Summer pure love movies, love as beautiful as fairy tales, even beyond gender, like all the first love stories in the world, full of temptation and collision, beauty and nostalgia. The story was built in Italy in the 1980s. In the utopian spiritual world of middle-class intellectuals, there was no outbreak of AIDS, no worldly annoyance, no ethical discussion. In the summer sunshine, people stopped to eat and drink, and talked about love leisurely. The story was far from the world, so it was beautiful and convincing, and the audio-visual language was perfect, such as watching the clean stream.

Lao Yang (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Time Network Content Department):

The film’s interpretation of first love, memories, adolescent growth and family education is free from the bondage of sexual orientation. Oliver, an American college student, met Elio, a 17-year-old Italian boy, and a feeling worth remembering for a lifetime grew wildly this summer. The audio-visual of the film is both simple and aesthetic, which accurately captures the delicate psychology of the teenager who yearns for love with hormone generate.

The film capture a deep sense of nostalgia in that 1980s, and vaguely reveals the metaphysical intellectual inter. At the end of the film, the words of the hero’s father are universal: "If there is pain, take care of it; If there is a flame, don’t put it out. "

Huang Zhuo (head of Sina Entertainment Film Group):

There is not much dialogue in many places, but the lens design is very painstaking. A hazy first love of a teenager, a balance between unspeakable shyness and passionate emotion, mobilized the audience’s emotions to rise and fall with the development of the plot through the performance, editing and soundtrack of the actors.

The small town in Italy in summer is also very eye-catching in the camera, and everyone in the movie is very cute and everything is very beautiful.

Cui Ting (film critic):

Please call me by your name is a very beautiful film, the story is relaxed and relaxed, the characters perform hard, the script, performance and editing are all good, but not the best, that’s the problem. Because it is so excellent, other films always expose their shortcomings at once, and they can only feel that they are born with Yu and He Shengliang. The film itself is good, but the opponent is too strong.


Qi Zheng (international senior editor of China Film Report):

Director Luca Guadagnino has created a very romantic dream town, where there are throbbing first love, hot youth, painful parting and growing bitterness. Everything is reverie and yearning. The use of the lens and the choice of the soundtrack make the film full of spirituality. Although the pattern of the story is very small, and there is no deeper discussion like similar topics in the past, perhaps Luca Guadagnino wants to express his pure love for the film art, just as the film name is gentle.