Scientific running and healthy life

  This year is a highlight year in the history of marathon. On October 12, Kenyan male athlete Kipkog broke the human limit in Vienna and successfully ran into the two-hour marathon. On October 13th, Kenyan woman Bridget Koschi broke the world best result in the women’s marathon, which has been maintained for 16 years, in Chicago. In the 39th Beijing Marathon, which ended on November 3rd, the men’s race record was also refreshed again.

  In recent years, the number of marathon events and various road running events has been blowout. With the participation of more and more people, road running has gradually become an urban culture that leads the national fitness trend.

  According to the Business Value Report of Sports Industry in China, among the sports that people often participate in, running ranks among the best with 43% participation. Road running, represented by marathon, has become one of China people’s favorite fitness exercises and an important platform for national fitness. In 2018, the total number of participants in the national marathon and related events was 5.83 million, an increase of 4.33 million over 2015.

  A group of statistics on amateur runners and runners around the world released by IAAF in June this year show that in the past 10 years, only about 12% of all runners participated in the marathon (the marathon duration is 42.195 kilometers), while the number of people who participated in the half marathon (hereinafter referred to as "half horse") kept increasing, accounting for about 30%. The "5 km" has the largest number of participants, accounting for about 35% of all runners. In China, the scale of road runners is also growing.

  So "5 km", "10 km", "half horse" and "whole horse", which event is suitable for you and how to run healthier? On November 2nd, more than 50 people, including leaders of more than 20 national road running/marathon trade associations and runners from Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Jilin, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Jiangxi, gathered in Beijing to participate in the symposium on "Marathon and Great Health" jointly held by "Healthy China" edition of China Youth Daily and Beijing Marathon Association. Participants discussed the relationship between road running and personal health, marathon and industry health, and marathon and social health atmosphere from the perspectives of education, medicine, media communication and the development of road running industry, so as to convey the concept of scientific fitness to fitness enthusiasts.

  Marathon is an extreme sport, and every participant should treat it with caution.

  There are probably the following motivations for people to participate in road running: at the physiological level, in order to keep healthy or lose weight; On the psychological level, in order to increase self-confidence, pursue the meaning of life and cope with negative emotions, gain a sense of accomplishment in competing with others and achieving personal goals; At the social level, I hope to associate with others and get recognition.

  From illness to running 59 marathons (including 22 "all horses"), Wen Caifeng, a runner over 50 years old, started running for health. Because of encephalitis, she was once "immune" in college. After graduation, she went from sub-health to minor illness, and then she was hospitalized almost every year. Wen Caifeng realized that hospitals can only treat diseases and only exercise can make herself healthy, so she started running and ran into the marathon. Wen Caifeng’s running goal for himself is "no injury, longer, faster and healthier".

  How to know the marathon, and what are the misunderstandings of the public about the marathon? Zhao Fuming, president of Beijing Marathon Association, said that people who never run talk about "horses", while some enthusiasts will excessively pursue personal best (PB). "First of all, we should realize that as amateur runners, we are far away from competitive sports. Even those who have the best performance among runners should also realize the gap and not aim too high; Secondly, it should be Do not forget your initiative mind. When running, ensuring health is the top priority, without affecting normal work and life, scientific fitness, and enjoying a healthier life through exercise. " Zhao Fuming believes that the marathon itself is an extreme sport, and every participant should be treated with caution.

  Sports medicine experts teach you how to run safer.

  Zhu Jingxian, a medical supervisor and sports physician in Peking University Institute of Sports Medicine, started with the case of sudden death in a marathon and analyzed who was not suitable for running a marathon. She warned everyone to run scientifically and safely, and to keep running for health.

  "Marathon is a typical extreme challenge project, and its first finisher died suddenly at the finish line, which is enough to show us the risks of this sport. However, it is also a sport full of challenges and enjoyment. Regular running will make the brain secrete more dopamine and endorphins, which will make people happy and even ‘ Addiction ’ 。” Zhu Jingxian said.

  According to incomplete statistics, since 2014, more than 20 runners in China have died suddenly in the "Half Horse" or "All Horse" race or after the race. Foreign literature statistics show that the incidence of sudden death in marathon is 0.6/100,000-1.9/100,000, while in China, the incidence of sudden cardiac death in the whole population is 41.84/100,000, which is much higher than that in horse racing. Zhu Jingxian believes that "we can do more work to further avoid tragedies, and nip in the bud is the key."

  Zhu Jingxian said that people with cardiopulmonary diseases and potential heart diseases are not recommended to participate in the competition. How to find potential heart diseases, such as congenital heart disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, is the key to reduce sudden cardiac death during or after the game. "We suggest that the contestants go to a regular hospital for the following examinations before the competition: electrocardiogram, echocardiography and cardiopulmonary exercise experiment. Physical examination before the game is very important. " Zhu Jingxian said.

  Secondly, the contestants need to run step by step before the race, and regular running habits are the basis to ensure the completion of the marathon. "Generally speaking, people who have never run for a long distance, even if their physical fitness is good, are not recommended to participate in the marathon. For the first time, a strange sports event is prone to sports rhabdomyolysis, and in severe cases, renal failure may occur. " Zhu Jingxian said that for the first-time marathon runners, only after completing the running training equivalent to the whole marathon distance before the competition can they better play their level in the official competition, and at the same time reduce the risks of sports injuries and sudden death. Amateur masters who have participated in many marathons should also pay attention not to blindly pursue achievements. "You should pay attention to your feelings in the race. If you are unwell, stop the race in time and seek medical support. If you stay up late, catch a cold and are in poor health before the game, it is recommended to give up the game. "

  "The most prone to cardiac arrest is the runner whose pace (a concept often used in marathon training, which refers to the time required for a runner to run 1 kilometer) is between 5 minutes and 6 minutes and 30 seconds, that is, ‘ Quanma ’ The competition takes 3.5 -4.5 hours ‘ Amateur master ’ . 52% of cardiac arrest occurred in the last 10 kilometers of the marathon. " Zhu Jingxian said.

  The common sports injuries in running are mostly concentrated in hips, knees and ankles. Dr. Zhu reminded runners to do what they can. "For short-term injuries, they can be cured through rest and physical compensation; Reversible long-term damage can be cured by drug therapy+physical factor therapy+rehabilitation training; However, for irreversible long-term damage, surgery is needed, and it may also cause permanent functional loss. "

  Dr. Zhu Jingxian reminded runners: nutritional supplements at ordinary times, before, during and after the game should be paid enough attention; Running equipment should be based on ensuring safety, and it is not expensive to be right. Finally, she particularly emphasized that muscle strength training is very important for runners. "Muscle strength is the armor that protects joints and the cornerstone of PB."

  The road running industry is in its infancy and full of opportunities.

  Zhu Donghui, secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing No.3 Middle School, is also a marathon runner. Together with the headmaster of No.3 Middle School who is also a runner, he has formed a 70-person teachers’ running group and has participated in several events organized by Beijing Marathon Association. At the same time, the school also designed a 3 km -10 km running training plan for students of different ages. "The sense of accomplishment of students holding special medals after the game is more effective than any kind of verbal mobilization. It is our ultimate goal to cultivate students’ healthy habits through the guidance of teachers. Running is a lifelong benefit, and I believe that running students can also influence parents and friends around them. " Zhu Donghui said.

  Road running industry associations and various running groups all over the country are grass-roots organizations that undertake and lead the vast number of road running people. Zhao Fuming believes that at present, the road running industry is in its infancy and has good development opportunities.

  In this year’s National Day mass parade, Beijing Marathon Association organized more than 200 members to participate in the first set-up running group phalanx. Up to now, Beijing Marathon Association has hosted, undertaken and co-organized 13 events, conducted 1,140 public welfare trainings and 20 certification trainings, with about 58,000 participants, covering the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

  How should local trade associations achieve healthy development? Zhao Fuming believes that the nature and positioning of industry associations should be clarified; Form a work team with common goals; Implement valuable work items; In line with the national strategy of healthy China, it is the key to actively cooperate with government policies and requirements.

  Create a social atmosphere of scientific movement and healthy life

  Hou Pengcheng, director of the Beijing Sports Federation Office, said that one of the functions of the Beijing Sports Federation is to strengthen the function of social organizations to lead the national fitness and activate the vitality of social organizations. As the organizer of the half-horse race in Beijing Park, the Beijing Sports Association is most concerned about the running safety and the health problems caused by it. The social atmosphere of healthy running is created by every runner. "The theme of this conference is to make scientific fitness the top priority in every runner’s mind. Don’t just throw yourself into a sport with cool fashion or beautiful equipment, but slowly integrate into it on the basis of fully understanding the risks, advantages and disadvantages of the project."

  Hou Pengcheng suggested that runners should be responsible for their own health, combine their own characteristics and learn from others’ experience in running, and form the habit of lifelong exercise.

  Xu Zhengbiao, deputy head of Huai ‘an Running Group in Jiangsu Province, and Lei Huashou, chairman of Nanchang Athletics Association, shared local experience in carrying out activities at the meeting. Cen Chuanli, honorary president of Beijing Marathon Association and former editor-in-chief of CCTV Sports Channel, made an analysis from the perspective of media promotion of running and great health. He thought, "Create a ‘ Scientific movement and healthy life ’ A good atmosphere is the responsibility of the media to serve the public. "

  China Youth Daily China Youth Network reporter Lei Zhang