Jay Chou made data online for Hannah Quinlivan and gave Skyfire a "want to see"

1905 movie network news In the early morning of November 13th, Jay Chou updated his personal social account and released a screenshot of the movie he wanted to see on the ticketing platform. He boasted: "Everyone should know that I want everything first" and called on everyone to work together to make data for Hannah Quinlivan’s new film.

Immediately after Jay Chou’s "task" was issued, fans quickly followed Jay Chou’s pace and joined the team that made data for Hannah Quinlivan’s new films. Everyone has said that "I ate this wave of dog food" and "the data will be made immediately"! # Jay Chou does data for Hannah Quinlivan # This topic has even rushed to the fourth place in the hot search list of Weibo in a short time, causing a sensation in the whole network.

It is reported that this is not the first time that Jay Chou has promoted Hannah Quinlivan’s new film Skyfire. As early as the first concert of Jay Chou Carnival World Tour, he played the trailer of Skyfire in a loop before the opening ceremony, and even announced the news that the film was scheduled for December 12 during the concert.

After that, every gameBefore the opening of the carnival world tour concert, the trailer of Skyfire will appear on the big screen of the stage. Jay Chou confirmed his title of "wife-doting maniac" with his actions, but his efforts to promote Skyfire time and time again were not just a "wife-doting" operation.

As we all know, Jay Chou himself once served as a film director. His directorial masterpiece is quite classic and deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Although he has not directed any new films in recent years, he has been paying close attention to the development of Chinese films.

"Skyfire" is the first visual adventure action masterpiece with volcanic theme on Chinese screen. The film tells a wonderful story full of burning points and no shortage of tears: a sudden volcanic eruption made the beautiful resort Tianhuo Island instantly enter the "escape mode". Faced with this sudden crisis of life and death, geologist Li Wentao (Wang Xueyin) and his daughter Li Xiaomeng (Hannah Quinlivan) and others launched a race against time and danger … …

Due to the high difficulty and high investment in shooting and production, the visual blockbuster with volcano theme has never been seen on the big screen in China, and even Hollywood rarely touches it. As the pathfinder of China film heavy industry genre, Skyfire took five years to prepare for incubation, and it took two years to shoot and post-produce, which was created by the behind-the-scenes team.

From the previous exposure of a variety of notices, it can be found that the special effects scene of volcanic eruption in Skyfire is extremely shocking, the fireball magma is shocked and exploded, and the volcanic ash floating in the air creates a strong sense of atmosphere. It is reported that hundreds of kilograms of explosives and more than 20 tons of volcanic ash purchased from all over the world were used during the filming. The visual effects of the whole film account for more than 80%, and the special effects strive to be real and immersive, so that the audience has a hearty feeling! Presumably, the Chinese movies with such hard work must be the main reason that moved Jay Chou to promote hard.

"Skyfire" is directed by China film "behind the gold medal" Jennifer Dong as the chief producer & producer, and internationally renowned director simon west. Wang Xueyin, treasure girl Hannah Quinlivan, Shawn Dou, Jason Isaacs, a British national treasure actor, Bai An, Ma Xinmo, Ji Lingchen and others joined in the show.